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Dragon’s Soul Chapter 259: Invaders

With an eerie calm covering the land, a month quickly sped by as Zhang and his wives continued to make preparations for the arrival of what would most likely be the strongest enemy that they would have to face.

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Dragon’s Soul Chapter 258: Preparations

Hello folks! I’m back! Sorry about the lack of updates :(. Life has been busy, work has been taking it’s toll and school has been eating up my time. This chapter is a tad short compared to usual, however the next one will be packed with lots of things 🙂


After Di Li took a sip of the concentrated essence water, he proceeded to find a fairly clear spot to sit down and began meditating.

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Dragon’s Soul Chapter 257: An Arm A Friend

Will try to write another chapter in the morning, we will see how busy work is 😀


“First off I would like to congratulate you all for turning misfortune into fortune and overcoming the inevitable. I congratulate all of you on becoming saints and joining the ranks of the Blood Scale Army!” Zhang said as he stood in front of a handful of individuals who had recently ascended into sainthood.

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Dragon’s Soul Chapter 256: Miners

With a mind, full of wandering thoughts, Zhang continued to watch the countless workers contributing to the expansion of the Dragon’s Lair, following the rhythmic sound breaking rocks and churning soil, time passed by like a gentle breeze.

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Dragon’s Soul Chapter 255: Dragon’s Lair

Sorry for the slow releases guys, just finished finals weeks T_T I will try to do a chapter every other day or at least every two days. As for Ascending the Heavens, I will begin to update that after I finish a few more chapters of this story.


Gathered within a large decorative hall, hundreds if not thousands of finely dressed individuals could be seen sitting behind small tables brimming with food and drink.

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Dragon’s Soul Chapter 254: Prisoners

Following their master’s example and thirsting to obtain more heavenly energy to empower themselves, Zhang’s subordinate saints quickly closed in on Liu Bang’s men from all direction.

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Dragon’s Soul Chapter 253: Misunderstanding?

Hello people, hello lurkers of the library, I too will be lurking here o_o, will transfer over the chapters to this story later.


Soaring through the sky in front of a force of thousands of saints and gazing down upon familiar landscapes, recalling past battles fought and hardships overcome, Zhang felt a sense of pride in his achievements. A sense of pride that was quickly overwhelmed by a sense of anger and rage.

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