:D Welcome

Hey guys, welcome to the new site Divine Dao Library. It currently has the same theme as silavin.wordpress.com and I am planning to change it in the future.

New things on the site   – Donations and Patreon for bonus chapters.

– Forum pages that allow registered users to create new topics.

– Discord for group chats.

Please do place down remarks or criticisms down below or 0n the forum pages for me to improve the site. Since this is a brand-new site and I’m new to website hosting, I need as much support as possible. Thanks.

I do know that the website is slow but being in Singapore, I can’t tell if it’s due to the distance or not… (the server hosting is in Canada, so I need readers close to the States for feedback.)


BTW, this is mostly just an intermittent page that I’ve set-up from the WordPress site to Divine Dao Library. You can head to the index and click on the novel and then chapter you wish to read from. We currently host Martial Peak, Martial Family and Omni-Magician on this site. Also, I would like to apologise for suddenly pulling you away from your indulging read.


Alright. Go and read some more!