Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 11, Do good and you will end up being sent to heaven

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Translator – Erza

Editor – Ben

Finalized Editor – Silavin



Suddenly the High Heaven Pavilion Disciple walked out to the crowd and circled around. His expression slowly turned to one of mockery and arrogance.

But the two Han men were not easily mocked and creased their forehead. “You little brat, walking around in circles has made this uncle dizzy. Do you want be the same?”

The youngster just snickered. Standing in front of the two men, watching the ‘poisoned’ man he spoke, “Your face is very pale. Looks like the poison you consumed isn’t so simple.”

“Of course it’s not.” He viciously responded: “If it were not, why would I be here and with my brother, instead of at the doctor’s. We’re here to reveal this boss’ black’ heart and his true colours! Hoping that no one will ever come back to buy from his store again, and have to suffer as we have!”

This made Boss He’s face pale, as he didn’t know what the aim of these two men was. If it was just extorting money then he would understand, but their motives were very puzzling and unclear.

Just when he was pondering, Yang Kai softly inquired: “Uncle He, did you offend anybody during this time?”

Thinking hard, Boss He miserably wailed: “No one.”

“Then could it be that your rice shop prevented someone from earning money?”  Even though Yang Kai was young, he had experienced many things. So this thought was not impossible.

“This is just a humble job to survive, how could I prevent others from their income?”

[How peculiar!] Staring at the ground, Yang Kai thought hard, but was still confused.

Then, the High Heaven Pavilion Disciple sneered and asked the two men a question. They shouted out: “Look, trickery!”

While shouting, the man resorted to a trick, to open the black heart of the poisonous apple.

(Erza: A saying for showing one’s true colours)


This surprised the people around, for the morning had been quite sluggish. The Han man was wildly hopping about, while his fists were clenched. Jumping, he went to expose the poisonous truth.

Moving like this, his once pale face became flushed and rosy.

This caused to crowd to gasp. Clearly they were shocked over this sudden change.

“Poisoned.” Looking that the two Han men, he sarcastically said: “Such skill. I respect them, respect.”

The two men couldn’t help but pale. Not only did the fallen man not turn white, he also looked like he wasn’t poisoned.

The surrounding people also started to boo. They weren’t stupid, how could they not be able to understand the situation? They didn’t know what motives these men had, but to slander Boss He’s Rice Stand was shameful. Luckily, that High Heaven Pavilion Disciple had uncovered the truth.

More and more people had started to despise the men and started to praise that young man. This young man was naturally easy to like and with this incident, his reputation sky-rocketed.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai was secretly confirming his suspicions that they were all acting. They were acting out the play of a honourable knight uncovering foul play and protecting the weak, in order to gain reputation! If he hadn’t seen them together earlier in the alley, he was afraid he would had also believed them.

[But why did they go to all that effort?]

The two Han men could no longer keep up the accusations. Staring fiercely at the young man they asked: “Brat, who are you to interfere in my brother’s issues!”

Gracefully he turned around and arrogantly replied: “I am High Heaven Pavilion’s Su Mu!”

Hearing those words, one of the men became afraid: “No wonder, you are a High Heaven Pavilion Disciple. A dragon is within here. Today, we two brothers admit defeat. If fate allows it, I hope we will meet again!”

This sentence felt like it was planned beforehand, making Yang Kai laugh.

Su Mu just laughed coldly: “Leave safely, for I won’t escort you!”

With the situation like this, and if it were indeed no accident like Yang Kai suspected. Then the two men would leave and ‘Su Mu’ would then seek out the audience’s praise. Especially Boss He’s.

But Yang Kai didn’t want Boss He to be fooled. Before those two men left, he quickly said: “You can’t let them go, they are too despicable. Today’s victim was He’s Rice Stand, but if we don’t teach them a lesson, they may target Liu Shi’s Clothes shop or Jiang Shi’s Grocery.”

Most of the crowd, who heard this, couldn’t help but notice that what he said was correct. How could they let these despicable villains leave so easily? If they let them go today then tomorrow they might target another shop and leave them destroyed. If it came to that, then they may not be as lucky as Boss He.

Thinking of this, the people started to block off the path in front of the two Han men.

From his position, Yang Kai could clearly see the panic in Su Mu’s eyes. This in turn, led Su Mu to source of the voice, to Yang Kai. While the two men exchanged glances and quickly readjusted their expressions.

Chuckling, Yang Kai added: “Fellow Disciple, there is a saying that goes; Good people follow through to the end. Just like how Buddha went to the west, why don’t you and I both arrest these two criminals?”

Seeing Yang Kai’s thin and fragile physique, Su Mu couldn’t help but burst out in annoyance: “Who’s your Fellow Disciple?”

Yang Kai replied: “I am also a High Heaven Pavilion Disciple. I entered the Main Gate three years ago.”

This made Su Mu speechless, for he really was a Fellow Disciple.

“Now, without further ado.” Yang Kai came forward and said: “Throughout the land, it is important to be reasonable. While one must also be chivalrous, so Fellow Brother, you must not let only me take the benefit. Let both of us arrest these two cowardly men and help Boss He claim justice, while also helping Black Plum Village. ”

With this statement, the surrounding people began to applaud. This filled Su Mu with anxiety, for he felt as if he was dragged upon a pirate’s ship by this unknown brother. Even he wanted to escape, he couldn’t.

Those two men were also glancing continuously at Su Mu looking for guidance/help/assistance. Looking at them, Su Mu couldn’t do anything for them.

“Brother, let’s go!” Pulling on Su Mu’s shoulder, Yang Kai rushed over.

[What is this!] Su Mu was in tears, wondering where did this Brother come from. [This really ruined my plans!] But it had already come to this point, so Su Mu could only charge over. While he was preparing to capture them, he was also signalling for them to look for an opportunity to escape.

The two men nodded, but Yang Kai saw the exchange and guessed what they were doing.

He was worried that Boss He would be tricked, so he took extra precaution and shouted: “Friends, fellow owners, don’t just watch. Come help us two brothers!”

Hearing this, Boss He also went to help. The rice stand’s youngsters joined in, their hands carrying empty rag bags. Boss He, who was previously abused by these two men, so naturally they would want revenge.

Seeing that Boss He had acted, the crowd couldn’t just watch and they all flocked towards the two men to capture them.

Previously the two men weren’t worried, but as they saw this scene, their faces paled. So they quickly yelled: “Don’t hit the face!” While protecting their face, they curled up on the ground.

(Erza: Tsk, tsk. You’re men, and you say “Don’t hit the face!”, appalling.)

(Ben: That’s their money maker. How will they make it as actors if they are beaten up. no mercy from you.)

(Silavin: Come on Erza, they could always be pretty boys you know? Delicious pretty boys! Btw, I’m not gay. So, don’t bother hitting on me guys.)


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