Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 156.5, Indulgence

Writter – Silavin

Proofreader- Skoll

Silavin: Do note that this chapter is entirely fan-made!



“Su Yan…” Yang Kai’s eyes opened up once again to stare at the majestic woman in front of him.


Hearing his subtle voice made Su Yan’s heart skip a beat. Without her notice, the cultivation between them had caused each other’s heart to connect. Their souls slowly blended, intertwining with one another. Now, his thoughts and desires were directly transmitted to her.

“…” Su Yan’s face turned ruddy from his call. She nipped her lips as her body started to sway from side to side. Her eyes started to glisten as her hands started to trace Yang Kai’s chest.


“Ahhh…” Both of them simultaneously let out a soft moan in unison. Yang Kai’s arms stretched out to hug her back as his lips traced her slender neck.


The tender and subtle touch caused Su Yan to moan, as her arms hugged the boy’s head in anticipation. Her heart raced once again as her hips started to move more violently. Sounds of soft pounding could be heard as her hips now moved up and down; combined with her moans, it made Yang Kai’s Iron Spear harden even more.


Feeling the excitement within her lover’s heart, Su Yan’s breathing got heavier but it cannot be compared to Yang Kai’s hot breath caressing her neck. Very slowly, Yang Kai’s lips moved to Su Yan’s ear.

[Here?]  Yang Kai could feel Su Yan’s heart transmit a strong yearning. His tongue quickly started to trace the back of Su Yan’s ear, causing her whole body to turn numb. She let out a loud “Ahhh,” as Yang Kai could feel his Iron Spear coated with warm liquid.

Su Yan’s mind turned blank for a moment due to the sudden orgasm but her hips continued to move as though she welcomed more. The proud woman has completely forfeited her pride to Yang Kai and was now blatantly seeking pleasure!


“Yang Kai…” Su Yan called out his name with her gentle voice. She could feel that Yang Kai’s lust had not disappeared. Instead, it was stronger than ever.


Yang Kai could no longer control himself. He pushed the beauty down, under him and started to move his hips.

“Ahhhh!” Su Yan’s whole body trembled and she felt a hot spear entering the deepest parts of her body. Her gaze was locked onto the man that was infatuated with her. She reached out her arms, and wrapped her legs around his waist, wishing to twine their bodies even more.


Yang Kai understood Su Yan’s longing and bent down. With her arms around his back, he started to tease Su Yan’s twin peaks. “Aaaahhhh! No…” Watching her lover play with her body with such pleasure made her cry out in disapproval. However, Yang Kai knew that she was seeking for more.


The second orgasm came and Su Yan’s whole mind turned white. She let out a loud moan as her hands on Yang Kai’s back dug into him. With her whole body twitching, Yang Kai could feel the tight flesh wrapping around his spear suddenly tightening. With a few more thrust, he could feel that he was about to cum as well.


Noticing the sudden urge within his heart, Su Yan’s muddled eyes gazed onto her man as she moved her arms to his head and brought it forward. Their lips connect as Su Yan’s tongue entered his mouth. Yang Kai gladly reciprocated with his tongue twining with hers. Both of them wished to let out moans of joy but with both their mouth sealed, they enjoyed each other’s taste.


Finally, Su Yan could feel an immense heat pouring into her womb. The sudden heat made her whole body jolt, as she nipped on Yang Kai’s lips in pure ecstasy. Her whole body shivered again as she experienced her third climax. [Ah… its over…] Su Yan thought as she could feel Yang Kai’s lust slowly diminishing.

Suddenly, the thick iron rod started to ram into her womb again. [!!!]

(Silavin: I’m not going to be at fault for any lost of blood or miniature lives…)

(Silavin: please pray for the health of theunfetteredsalmon, after he gone through the great tribulations of reading this piece of mine… bitch wasn’t able to do a final edit for this piece D:)


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