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Martial Peak – Chapter 33, Origin of Yang

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But the True Yuan Secret Art was different. When you cultivated your Yang Yuan Qi to the limit, your Yang Yuan Qi would condense into a liquid form and stored within your Dantian. This would cause your meridians to empty, thereby allowing you to continue to cultivate Yuan Qi. In other words, if you practised this Cultivation Technique, there would be no limit to the amount you could cultivate, however you needed Yang Qi to be able to practise it without any limit.

This was the second difference. With these differences and the origin of the True Yuan Secret Art, it clearly displayed how this skill was far from ordinary.

When he started to cultivate his Yang Qi, he would be able to use his liquefied Yang Qi to attack.

Contemplating for a while, Yang Kai decided to cultivate the True Yuan Secret Art.

Firstly, he had no other alternatives; due to the lack of contribution points, he was unable to obtain any Cultivation Technique from the Main Gate. Secondly, it was because he had great confidence in anything that came from the black book. The skills obtained from the Main Gate might not even be comparable to the True Yuan Secret Art.

As for the training environment, it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. The sun also had a Yang attribute, so as long as there was sunlight, he would be able to cultivate the True Yuan Secret Art. However, the efficiency would be quite low.

After all, the sun had to shine over an enormous area of land and given it was providing this in the form of an equally large expanse of light. How much of this could a human possibly absorb?

With his decision finalised, Yang Kai walked out of his hut and found a patch of ground bathed in sunlight. Sitting down, he closed his eyes and imagined the path within his Meridians for the True Yuan Secret Art. Concentrating, he began to focus and control the thin strand of Yuan Qi within in his Dantian and direct it according to the path from the True Yuan Secret Art.

For everything, the beginning was the most difficult part; this saying was not wrong at all. Yang Kai could connect himself to that thin strand of Yuan Qi, but to take it and let it travel through his Meridians was difficult beyond measure.

Under the blazing sun, he trained for the entire day and only increased the thin strand of Yuan Qi by a tiny bit. Not to mention, the travelling speed of his Yuan Qi was as slow as a turtle. But in the end, it was the first time he attempted it; so, the results had already left Yang Kai to be very pleased.

This was a cumulative type of training and was not something that could be completed overnight. But in regards to this, Yang Kai was in no way lacking patience.

After three days of hard work, Yang Kai finally managed to guide his Yuan Qi from his Dantian to his chest Meridian. With a single thought, the small and considerably weak strand of Yuan Qi surged up from within his chest and surged around his chestal acupoint.

Following the black book, he knew he must first establish his Origin of Yang. This was the first step to cultivating the True Yuan Secret Art.

The Origin of Yang had no other use apart from assisting him in sensing the Yang Qi around him. All in all, Yang Kai’s strength was far too low and he still had yet to form his own Divine Sense, thus he was completely unable to probe the area around him to find a dense Yang Qi area.

(Silavin: Divine Sense is achieved late in cultivation – about the same levels elders would be in)


However, with his Origin of Yang established this would no longer be a problem. As long as this was created, then within a certain area, he would be able to pick up even the faintest hints of Yang Qi.

With his strand of Yuan Qi moving non-stop within his chest area, Yang Kai’s face became tense; he could not allow the slightest carelessness. To form his Origin of Yang was a very complicated and meticulous task if there were any errors in the forming process than all his previous work would go down the drain and Yang Kai would need to start over again.

One hour passed, two hours passed and Yang Kai who had been sitting under the sun the entire time was soaked from head to toe in his sweat. Given the length of time he had been sweating for his body naturally began to show signs of dehydration; his lips had even turned pale, but Yang Kai’s face remained firm. He continued to spur that strand of Yuan Qi to revolve around his chest acupoint with no signs of irritability or discouragement.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Yang Kai suddenly felt a strange sensation from his chest and a piercing pain followed like a red-hot iron had been pressed to his skin.

Abruptly, Yang Kai opened his eyes and clenched his teeth.

This pain came fast and left just as fast. It only occurred for the time it took you to blink, then his chest returned to normal. In fact, it even felt cool and refreshed, but his brain was still reeling from the severe pain and wouldn’t allow him to forget about it that easily.

Faintly, Yang Kai felt that something external had appeared in his chest, but when he looked down there was nothing there.

[Has the Origin of Yang been formed?] Creasing his eyebrows, Yang Kai began to contemplate. [The Origin should have been successfully formed, but I can’t see it physically.] [If the Origin of Yang had been formed, then it should have some reaction with the Yang Qi. But why is it that there doesn’t seem to be anything? Could it be that in this area, there was no dense Yang Qi?]

Keeping this thought in mind, Yang Kai stood up and walked towards the centre of High Heaven Pavilion. As he walked, he paid careful attention to any movement within his chest.

He hadn’t been walking for long when a warm feeling spread out from his chest. Yang Kai’s expression jolted in surprise!

It seems that this was the case. The Origin of Yang had been successfully formed and the reason why it had displayed no reaction earlier was that there was hardly any Yang Qi around. Now there was a reaction, it meant that there was the area with dense Yang Qi in the vicinity.

Yang Kai’s face revealed his excitement, in order to cultivate the True Yuan Secret Art, there were very harsh requirements. If the density of Yang Qi was high, then the speed you would be able to cultivate would also be faster. Looking back at how Yang Kai had relied on the sun’s Yang Qi, the speed would inherently be slow due to the low density.

Follow his Origin of Yang’s perception, Yang Kai madly ran and soon entered a room.

As soon as he entered, a very familiar voice sounded: “Eh, little Yang Kai, why did you come over here at such a time?”

Lifting up his head, Yang Kai saw that it was Treasurer Meng behind his counter looking at him strangely.

I turned out that this place was the Contribution Hall!

Glancing at Treasure Meng, then glancing over at the back hall, Yang Kai rolled his eyes! The origin of the Yang qi was clear, it was most definitely originating from something Yang attributed in the Contribution Hall’s stock.

But……but this was the Contribution Hall, so if he wanted that object, then he could only obtain it by exchanging contribution points for it. Yang Kai’s current balance was zero, for all of his points had been exchanged for the Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and the Dead Jedi Tree Grass herbs!

Understanding this point, Yang Kai became very disappointed. He didn’t even bother to answer Treasurer Meng’s question and only lowered his head dejectedly and trudged out.

“What’s your problem?” Old man Meng also became gloomy.

Walking aimlessly around High Heaven Pavilion, the Origin of Yang would occasionally have a reaction and lead him to Yang Qi dense areas. But these Yang Qi dense areas were either a domain of powerful person or they were already in someone’s bag.

Yang Kai even thought about disguising himself to steal the Yang filled object from them, but when he looked at his small and weak physique, and then looked at their strength, Yang Kai could only dispel such thoughts.

Although he was unable to obtain these Yang attributed treasures, Yang Kai was not left without some gain. Through his many experiments and constant use, Yang Kai’s Origin of Yang could now sense any Yang Qi within five hundred feet of himself.

Once his search range reached the distance of five hundred feet, he could no longer increase it. It was probably related to his own strength. Once he stepped into the next stage, this area would most likely increase again.

After two or three hours of walking hurriedly around High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai had almost visited all the places, apart from some forbidden areas. Yang Kai had come up with no results, but thinking back, anything that the Origin of Yang could sense was most likely quite valuable. [Since they were so valuable, I doubt that I could manage to find one just lying on the ground right?] Yang Kai thought of his initial childish optimism to be too hilarious.

[Should I just make another trip to Black Wind Mountains? The mountain range should have some Yang attributed items right?]

Just as he was considering the feasibility of this idea, the Origin of Yang within his chest heated up again. As though he was following his Origin of Yang almost by reflex, Yang Kai began walking in that direction.


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