Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 39, Battle!

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Su Mu’s gazed back at Cheng Shao Feng with venomous eyes. Without batting an eye, he spat out! “Cheng Shao Feng! If you don’t kill this young master today, then this young master will never let it go!”

“You are still so foul-mouthed!” The last remaining bit of guilt Cheng Shao Feng possessed was now overshadowed by his rage, as he ruthlessly slammed the stone downwards. This time, if the stone managed to land on his head if Su Mu didn’t die, then at the very least he would be heavily injured.

“Young Master Su!” Li Yun Tian and the others cried out helplessly as they lay on the ground clutching their heads, they resigned themselves to their fate of having the Disciples from Storm House viciously kick their bodies,

A flash of amazement passed through Hu Mei Er’s eyes, her heart couldn’t help but throb continuously. It had only been a disagreement between Junior Disciples but for a Disciple to bash another’s brain in, was different, she hadn’t imagined that things would escalate to this level. If Su Mu really died here, with his status, then High Heaven Pavilion and Storm house would be at each other’s throats in enmity.

Everyone’s thoughts were different, but they were all conjugated at the stone in Cheng Shao Feng’s hand.

As they watched the stone slowly approach Su Mu’s face, an extremely thin hand suddenly shot forward and blocked the stone’s path. That hand didn’t seem all that strong, it even looked thinner than average, and as the tip of the stone collided with that hand, it split the hand open and a stream of blood gushed out.

With the stone’s path obstructed by that hand, it ensured that Su Mu suffered no further harm from it.

With this near fatal strike stopped, the tense hearts of Li Yun Tian and the others immediately released a breath of relief. Anxiously, they lifted up their heads, as they wanted to see who it was that had managed to stop that stone at such a crucial moment. But, when they saw that person’s face, their expressions turned into those of shock and embarrassment.

“Senior Brother Yang?” Li Yun Tian cried out, for out of all the possibilities, he would never have imagined that the saviour was, in fact, Yang Kai; the person they had previously planned to ambush and beat up. At that moment, Li Yun Tian was ashamed and unable to show his face.

The ruckus quickly settled down, the Storm House Disciples stopped their kicking, and the victims, the High Heaven Disciples, took the opportunity to recover.

Standing to the side, Hu Mei Er’s small mouth was left open. She was somewhat in shock as she stared at Yang Kai. She discovered that even though this thin figured young man’s hand was overflowing with blood, his brow hadn’t even crinkled nor had his expression changed from the pain. On the contrary, his face showed signs of excitement and anticipation, his pair of sparkling eyes held a savage glint.

Not knowing why Hu Mei Er suddenly felt that this person was dangerous.

*Drip drip………..drip drip……..*.

The dark red blood dripped down his fingers towards the ground, breaking the ensuing silence.

Cheng Shao Feng’s expression was concentrated fully on Yang Kai, coldly he asked, “Are you a Disciple from High Heaven Pavilion?”

“Yeah.” Yang Kai nodded while the familiar stabs of pain stimulated him further and made the blood throughout his body boil in excitement – itching to battle and causing him to be impatient as he tried to calm down the surges of adrenaline.

“What is your motive in meddling in other people’s business?” Cheng Shao Feng spoke with a condescending tone, while the other Storm House Disciples smiled arrogantly, and slowly enclose and trap Li Yun Tian and the others.

“Other people’s business?” Yang Kai grinned lazily, “I’ve already said that I was a Disciple of High Heaven Pavilion, so how is this considered meddling? Even if that doesn’t count, they still call me Senior.”

“Good, another one has delivered themselves.” Cheng Shao Feng heartily laughed: “Even Laozi, can’t bear to watch you High Heaven Pavilion Disciples!”

(Erza: Laozi is a Chinese Philosopher and founder of Taoism. A pacifist type person, who influenced future politicians to be more like him, helping the weak, but Cheng Shao’s saying that even this miserable state would make Laozi feel pity.)


“Leave quickly Senior Yang!” Crawling on the ground, Li Yun Tian cried out loudly, “They have too many people so you aren’t their match, leave quickly…..”

Li Yun Tian was quite unfortunate, for his current position was closer to the Disciples from Storm House. And since he was making such a ruckus, a bored Storm House Disciple walked up and chopped down on his neck and silenced him.

While Cheng Shao Feng and Yang Kai were exchanging words, they were bickering with their words and also with that stone. Cheng Shao Feng forcibly used all his strength, but it was like the stone had grown hands, and was clutching onto Yang Kai’s hands.

Cheng Shao Feng had already reached the Initial Element Stage, while the figure in front of him was skinny and lanky; a simple breeze could blow him over and to top it off this High Heaven Pavilion Disciple was only at the Tempered Body level, there was no way such a person could win against him. This caused his mind to flare up in anger.

Immediately he released his hold and called out. “Beat him up for me!”

The surrounding Storm House Disciples heard the command and threw themselves towards Yang Kai. Promptly Yang Kai moved his body, still clutching the stone that was dyed blood red and threw the stone towards a nearby Storm House Disciple.

No matter what, Yang Kai’s fist couldn’t match up to a weapon, but even though he only held a stone, it was still mightier than a simple fist. Taking the opportunity, before the Storm House Disciple reached Yang Kai, he was assaulted viciously on the head by that stone. It cut open the side of his head, revealing the red flesh beneath, while he fell to the ground.

Even though he had hit a person, Yang Kai didn’t stop there. In fact, his movements became sharper and sharper. Like a hawk closing in on a rabbit, he did to same to another Storm House Disciple.

Yang Kai’s strikes were very fierce, and his methods cruel; far from what anyone could have imagined.

In an instant, he had dealt with four Storm House Disciples. Meanwhile, the stone had now crumbled to pieces. Throwing out another fist, the stone bits flew out like hidden weapons, dense and closely packed; the stone bits flew out in all directions.

A wave of miserable cries rang out from the Storm House Disciples clutching their cheeks, for no small number of people had been injured as they hissed and cried out in pain.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Yang Kai threw out two more kicks and sent two more Disciples flying away, but he had also started to be drowned by the remaining people.

The number of Storm House Disciples was not a small number, and although Yang Kai had dispatched a couple of people, it was still difficult to match up against enemies from all four directions.

*Ping pang ping pang* the strikes collided, Yang Kai seemed to stumble, meanwhile a few more Storm House Disciples collapsed, their bodies scalding with red hot pain. The True Yang Secret Art that Yang Kai had cultivated had finally, at that moment displayed its might. All of his fists and kicks were enveloped in Yang Qi, so how could they, at the Tempered Body Sixth-Seventh Layers, resist?

Not to mention, these were only ordinary strikes that didn’t even utilise the Yang liquid. If he had used the Yang liquid, Yang Kai’s strength would be even more powerful. It was just that over these past few days, he had only condensed one drop of Yang liquid, so how could he bear to use it here?

The number of Storm House Disciples that were defeated by Yang Kai was no small amount, but he didn’t have an easy time either. After all, he was only at the Tempered Body Seventh Stage. Furthermore, he had yet to cultivate any bodily movement martial skills. How could he possibly avoid all of the attacks rain down upon him by this hoard of people?

Dripping down the side of Yang Kai forehead, his blood flooded, this scene was replicated on his arms and legs with bruises appearing all over his body. But not only were these injuries unable to impact Yang Kai’s fighting strength, they actually made him more and more difficult to attack and caused his strikes to become more and more ruthless.

From his bones, a warm feeling seeped out, causing Yang Kai to have an endless amount of power. Accompanied by this warm feeling, not only was his strength replenished but it also caused his attacks to become slightly more powerful and also gave him a burst of speed.

Yang Kai really didn’t know the mystery behind the Golden Skeleton, but every time he sustained injuries, every time he got hurt, they would stimulate the Golden Skeleton’s healing effects. Injuries and pain would thus only make him even stronger.

The observing Hu Mei Er was subjected to extraordinary scenes again and again; her small cherry coloured lips had yet to close. Originally she thought that this High Heaven Pavilion Disciple would be speedily dealt with, and then brutally beaten by Cheng Shao Feng’s people. But the current battle results were vastly different from her battle forecast, there were about ten collapsed Disciples from Storm House’s side, not to mention the first couple who were rendered unconscious by the stone, the rest were all lying on the ground rolling about in pain. Their skin steamed and was fire red in colour.

Is this person using Yuan Qi to battle? Hu Mei Er was shocked beyond compare, for those Tempered Body practitioners to use their Yuan Qi, the more they used it, the less they had; it was far too hard to recover at the Tempered Body Stage. This was equivalent to digging one’s grave, wasn’t he afraid that his current actions would impact his future development?

(Erza: Haha, I was a bit too angry over Hu Meir Er. But DMR, the reason why I didn’t like her not because of her using her natural assets but because she was acting all cutesy and adorable but in fact, she’s cruel and calculating. I hate women like that, I have no problem with cute girls but if you fake it, (ugh) then I can’t stand them. Also please join me in saying thank you to Suood K. (If you don’t want your name to be used, just put a note. ^.^)


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