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Martial Peak – Chapter 40, You Are Such A Powerful Person

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The high tension battle continued with Storm House Disciples continually collapsing, but for every Disciple that collapsed, Yang Kai gained a new injury. With his constant battling, Yang Kai’s robes had long since been dyed red with blood, gasping out for breath, the veins on his neck protruded out distinctly; with bloodshot eyes, his entire being seemed to have turned into one of a bloodthirsty beast.

Su Mu, who lay on the ground in pain, was staring blankly at Yang Kai’s mind shaking battle; each time he knocked down an enemy another would rise, leaving an inexplicable feeling within Su Mu’s heart. Today’s affair was caused by him, but Yang Kai was also his enemy. Yet, he had still come to help him avoid certain death.

Although he was determined to help, his strength had been exhausted due to the beating he had received from Cheng Shao Feng.

*Peng!* Sounded out, as another Storm House Disciple was sent flying to the ground when he landed he howled in immense pain. The energy produced from the True Yang Secret Art had entered his body, causing him feel a scorching heat and painful aching.

Yang Kai’s bloodshot eyes glanced over to the stunned Cheng Shao Feng, on his face was a cold and mysterious smile.

Cheng Shao Feng’s heart was in turmoil, for Yang Kai’s savagery left him panic-stricken. Now that his gaze was towards him, his entire body felt like it was frozen to the ground.

Hu Mei Er’s laugh full of scorn sounded out.

This laugh made Cheng Shao Feng feel embarrassed, he straightened himself up and looked to Yang Kai coldly. Calmly, he spoke. “I couldn’t tell that you actually had that much skill.”

Step by step, Yang Kai just walked over, his steps steady, his skinny body emitting a crazy torrent of pressure.

Cheng Shao Feng’s breathing slowly became ragged, his expression changing he suddenly called out. “You are courting death, so don’t blame me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled out a sabre from his belt. When he was dealing with Su Mu and the others, he didn’t use his weapon at all because he didn’t want there to be any casualties; the stone was only used because blood had rushed to his head and he wasn’t thinking clearly. But now, if he didn’t have a weapon in hand, Cheng Shao Feng held no confidence.

This blood covered High Heaven Pavilion Disciple was simply too fierce.

“Be careful! He had already reached the Initial Element Stage!” Su Mu begrudgingly informed Yang Kai, albeit unclearly.

“Initial Element Stage…” Muttering, Yang Kai stopped in his tracks.

Cheng Shao Face became pleased, immediately gaining arrogance, he yelled out, “brat, you are only at the Tempered Body level, so how are you my match? Since you have used such a large amount of your Yuan Qi, you would need at least a few months before being able to recover it all. If you continue to battle, it will affect your foundations and don’t even think about breaking through anymore. Now be a good child and kneel for forgiveness, I……”

Without any hesitation, Yang Kai had already rapidly charged forward.

“You…..” Cheng Shao Feng was greatly alarmed. [is this person an idiot? He already knew he was at the Initial Element Stage, yet he still dared to charge over.]

Although he was astonished, Cheng Shao Feng didn’t dare be negligent. Gripping the sabre, he stabbed towards Yang Kai.

In response to this direct attack, Yang Kai did something that no one would have imagined; he opened up his palm and motioned to catch it.

Although this sabre was only an ordinary ranked weapon, it was still a sharp weapon. How could a corporeal human body possibly withstand such a weapon?

Cheng Shao Feng’s expression was pleased, thinking that he was walking down the path to his own demise. Increasing the speed of his long sabre, he went to greet Yang Kai’s open palm.

*Pu* sounded out, it seemed to go exactly how everyone imagined it would go, with the sabre impaling Yang Kai’s hand and blood spurting out everywhere.

Hu Mei Er’s was startled, when she had seen Yang Kai’s confidence and how he welcomed it with grandeur and power, she thought he had some unimaginable and amazing method. But now when she saw that he was so easily injured by Cheng Shao Feng, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

[In the end, the person didn’t amount to much. He is just too foolish!]

Before Hu Mei Er’s thoughts were finished, they were changed by one hundred and eighty degrees. Even though Yang Kai’s hand had been pierced, he didn’t stop and still closed in towards Cheng Shao Feng.

In a blink of an eye, the two people were within reach of each other while the sound of flesh on the sabre made others cringe.

*Pa!* Yang Kai’s skewered hand went to grip onto Cheng Shao Feng’s sword hand and the handle.

With the frenzied Yang Kai in front of him, Cheng Shao Feng could no longer hide his fear. As he tried to pull back his sabre, his opponent held on firmly for dear life.

Laughing maliciously, Yang Kai’s pair of bloodshot eyes glinted with a bloodthirsty lustre while he threw a bloody fist towards Cheng Shao Feng’s face.

Frantically Cheng Shao Feng raised his arm to block while also hastily using his Yuan Qi to assist in his defence.

But Cheng Shao Feng had only just entered the Initial Element Stage, how much Yuan Qi did he have within him? Ruthlessly, Yang Kai’s fist smashed into his face, dislodging one of his teeth and his cheek immediately started to swell. The scalding that he felt afterwards was like boiling water was constantly being poured onto his face.

[Such tyrannical Yuan Qi!] Cheng Shao Feng was finally frightened. He discovered that even though he was at the Initial Element Stage, the Yuan Qi inside of him could not block this fiery invasion; in a few moments, he was burnt into dizziness.

Distracted, Yang Kai’s second fist arrived, causing Cheng Shao Feng’s mind to become unclear.

Another fist caused his entire body to become limp, causing him to kneel in front of Yang Kai with his head bent and a dazed expression.

Moving his leg back, Yang Kai kicked out and sent him flying away.

In the midst of the ensuing silence, Hu Mei Er was shocked beyond belief. It seemed that this person wasn’t foolish, the reason why he went to grab that long sabre was that he had something planned. Only once he caught the sabre, would Cheng Shao be unable to move or properly attack.

The dozens of Storm House Disciples, even the Initial Element Stage Cheng Shao Feng were completely wiped out!

Turning his head, Yang Kai looked over to Hu Mei Er. Focusing his blood red eyes on her, Hu Mei Er unconsciously shivered.

She had never met such a savage person at only the Tempered Body stage. After all, it was bloody battles that shaped the younger fighters, she had never really experienced such things before,

*Chi Chi…* The noise of people’s aching teeth rang out, meanwhile Yang Kai just calmly took out the sabre that had pierced his hand, letting a river of warm blood flow out.

Throughout the entire process, not even his eyebrows had creased in pain. And after he threw the sabre to the side, he unhurriedly walked over to Hu Mei Er.

This flirtatious to the bone girl shuddered on the spot and panicked. To hide her fear, she forced out a hollow laugh.

As she smiled, Yang Kai had already reached her and had her slender, white neck within his bloody grip.

As her feet were lifted off the ground, she let out a muffled cry. From within Hu Mei Er’s throat, came a fiery cry, and a groan that seemed to be lost in her daydreams.

Leaning over, Yang Kai looked at Hu Mei Er, all the while laughing coldly.

Nervously Hu Mei Er’s heart thumped, and quickly she went attempted to explain. “I’m not together with them! I also have not raised my hand against the High Heaven Pavilion Pavilion’s people.”

“Really?” Yang Kai smiled meaningfully.

*En!* When Hu Mei Er saw that she could still talk with this person, her heart calmed down. Although she was female, she was stronger than Cheng Shao Feng, but she had no real dominance.

(Erza: like powerful aura)

(Silavin: I believe it’s more of courage. Someone like her typically pulls the strings from the back so she doesn’t have to do the dirty work herself.)


That was because of their difference in physique!

“You are……..are such a powerful person.” Picking up her courage, Hu Mei Er extended one green, white, jade-like hand and placed it on Yang Kai’s stomach. Shortly, a few of drops of blood landed on her hand and she didn’t go to wipe them away. She unexpectedly put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it.

In that moment, those ruby red lips appeared thrilling and alluring to touch, her mesmerising erotic eyes flashed with a mysterious light.

(Erza: This was a very hmmm chapter. I mean it was great and questionable, the end was very hmmm mmm. But enjoy it, :D! I’m getting way to biased too.)


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