Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 45, If You Continue To Follow Me Then, I Will No Longer Be So Polite

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“It’s because I was beaten by someone.” Confronted by his sister’s inquiries, Su Mu didn’t dare to refuse to answer. As he answered, he also secretly went to measure up Su Yan’s facial expression.

The latter’s face was still apathetic, “Why did you get beaten by them?”

“My skill wasn’t up to par……” Su Mu lowered his head a bit more.

“Why wasn’t your skill enough?” Su Yan continued to question, in order to get to the root of the problem.

Su Mu could only honestly answer her, “I didn’t practice diligently enough.”

Su Yan lightly nodded her head. “You still have a bit of intelligence! Then you know what to do in the future?”

“I know…”

“Remember your words today, so if later in the future you want to go and play around then it will not be someone else who will beat you, instead I will do it personally.”

Su Mu’s face paled as he repeatedly swore he would diligently practice and cultivate so as to meet his elder sister’s expectations.

After she finished lecturing Su Mu, Su Yan finally lifted up her head to look at the people behind him. Sweeping across them, her gaze landed on Yang Kai and a trace of astonishment flashed across her eyes. She asked, “was it you who defeated Cheng Shao Feng?”

Yang Kai thought that this Senior Sister’s information network was quite fast. Although she trained here, she was still able to receive information regarding matters occurring outside in a timely fashion. “Yes.”

“You’re a bit better than Su Mu.” Su Yan was indifferent, and Yang Kai looked like he wasn’t that old, about fifteen-sixteen. He was only at the Tempered Body Eighth Stage. Thus, his natural talent shouldn’t be that good, so he was naturally unworthy in her eyes. The only reason why she spoke to Yang Kai was that he had saved Su Mu.

“I’ll give you a word of advice.”

“Please say it, Senior Sister.” Yang Kai’s expression remained impassive.

“Stay away from Su Mu, if you continued to stay close to him, then your cultivation will stop and stagnate around this level.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly but didn’t bother to reply. She could belittle Su Mu, but Yang Kai couldn’t.

Su Mu was smiling but his face fell quickly when he heard this, but even he didn’t dare say anything.

“Leave now, I want to train.” As soon as Su Yan finished speaking, she closed her eyes.

The group of people quietly exited and closed the door behind them. Looking at each other, they all simultaneously let out a breath of relief. The pressure inside was all too great, and although she was a beauty and as such pleasing to the eye, if they had stayed any longer inside, then they felt that both their bodies and hearts would be frozen.

“I’m going to look for some of the refined pills that everyone was taking a couple of days ago.” Li Yun Tian announced before taking his leave.

“I’ll also go.” A couple of people called out immediately.

Not long after, everyone had dispersed, each going to do their own business leaving Su Mu and Yang Kai behind.

Yang Kai saw that Su Mu looked like he had some things to do so he said, “Junior Brother, you look like you have some things to do, so go complete them. I’ll just go around and browse.”

Su Mu nodded his head as he spoke. “Okay, and if you find anything you like, tell me and I’ll keep a look out for you. Although the majority of people here are not bad, there are still treacherous people who love to trick and swindle others.”

After he separated from Su Mu, Yang Kai leisurely strolled around the Black Wind Trade area.

Here, Disciples from the three Sects were causally situated everywhere, with their booths set up to present the things which they wanted to sell or put up signs saying what they wanted to purchase.

Each booth was different; each resident with a stall was calling out in a loud voice making it appear similar to a busy food market, full of warmth and enthusiasm with everyone busily promoting their wares. Some were portraying an arrogant if you want to buy then buy attitude, some were acting indifferent in a bid to attract customers, some appeared bored and were cultivating unafraid that others would steal their goods. There were numerous styles of attracting customers, each effective in their own way.

After walking around, Yang Kai found out that it wasn’t just buying and selling; there were also some booths which were for the making of immortality pills to aid in cultivation, a service they did without charging a single penny.

He thought that they were doing something akin to a good deed, but in reality, they were just using others in order to perfect and refine their techniques. That was because these Alchemists didn’t have enough experience, eight out of ten pills they made were bad, so their booth fronts were deserted.

However, this type of stall wasn’t common as Alchemist were few and far between.

Yang Kai was paying careful attention to Yang attributed products before he even entered the trade area, the Origin of Yang in his chest had started to react wildly, showing that there were numerous Yang attributed treasures.

But after his little stroll, the things which he came across, their ranks were all rather low. The Yang attribute herbs he saw couldn’t even match up to the Yang Qi emitted by the Coiling Dragon Stream, so he naturally wouldn’t pay any attention to them.

He had found a couple of things that interested him, but after he asked about the price, he could only shake his head and sigh. Those prices were far too high and not something he could afford.

(Erza: you should ask your buddy ling dong for some money advice, not chu feng tho. he’s a true beast when it comes to spending money. I pretty sure he has already spent like a couple trillion dollars.)

(Ben: All stolen money though, so it doesn’t really count.)

(Erza: Still, it’s still $$$)

After walking around for about another half hour, he was finally clear about the true price of the small returning pellets.

Since the small returning pellets were only applicable to those at the Tempered Body Seventh to Ninth Stages, this type of immortality pill was only worth around fifty-two dollars.

The bottle that Su Mu gave him held ten of these pills, so all up they were worth about five hundred dollars.

Five hundred dollars, it really wasn’t enough to do anything with.

In the middle of one booth, there was a fiery coloured stone from which Yang Kai could feel a blistering amount of Yang Q inside. But, he couldn’t determine exactly how many times more dense the Yang Qi it emitted was compared to the Yang Qi from the Coiling Dragon Stream. However, Yang Kai was certain that if he absorbs the energy within that stone, then he would be able to condense at least two-three drops of Yang Liquid. This was equivalent to many days of hard cultivation if he relied on just the Yang Qi from Coiling Dragon Stream.

Even though he knew this, this booth owner was not easy to get along with and would certainly not sell it at a low price; Yang Kai was unwilling to give up and squatted down.

The booth owner’s cold face looked like someone owed him money; he only took one glance at Yang Kai and then proceeded to ignore him.

Yang Kai picked up some other things feigning great interest and asked for their prices. The owner, with gold glinting in his eyes, casually said some prices and Yang Kai then inadvertently asked the price of that red stone. “How much is this?”

The booth owner laughed out loud and said a couple more words. “That is this booth’s most expensive item, three thousand dollars.”

(Silavin: If you do the conversion rate of his sweeper job to this bullshit, it would take him years! to afford a single stone.)


Yang Kai was completely out of ideas, for this was a truly sky-high price. This was far and away from Yang Kai’s upper limit, so how was he supposed to haggle for it?

Just as he put it down and prepared to leave, Yang Kai’s shoulder was tapped by someone. He turned his head around and saw a cute and lovable smile directed towards him.

“It really is you.” Hu Mei Er said with in a surprised tone.

“Do you need something?” Yang Kai’s eyebrows creased, and to tell the truth, he didn’t have a good impression towards this morally loose woman. Although she was currently dressed properly, her wanton actions that day had already left a bad impression in Yang Kai’s mind.

Sensing Yang Kai’s indifference, Hu Mei Er’s eyes displayed her displeasure and she cutely declared, “Nothing, I only came over to greet you. That’s all.”

“Alright. Nice meeting you and good bye!” Yang Kai softly replied before turning around to leave.

(Erza: Yang Kai, you da man! Thumbs up!)


“Hey…” Hu Mei Er called out as she closely followed behind him. Whether it was unintentional or intentional, her body stuck closely to Yang Kai and as she walked, she also went to observe Yang Kai’s reaction.

After walking around for the time it talks to burn an incense stick, Yang Kai became a bit gloomy. He didn’t know what to do about this woman’s flirtatious behavior. [Her skin was really thick…] He had already clearly shown that he was not interested in her, yet she still persisted and stuck close to him.

“Why are you following me?” asked Yang Kai as he stopped in his steps, clearly unhappy.

“I’m not following you. In Black Wind Trade, I am only strolling around leisurely. What, do you I make you a little uncomfortable?” Hu Mei Er smiled adorably, nonstop.

“Don’t follow me anymore. Or else, I won’t be so polite.” Yang Kai said angrily.

Not only was Hu Mei Er unafraid, on the contrary, she looked eager to try his patience. “How will you not be polite? Will it be like last time?”

(Bluerazbeary: yang kai be like ¿(❦﹏❦)?……….(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻)

Erza: Okay, what was with that goddamn ending?! DMR, do you still think is she smart? I call that plain shameless now, -_-. I mean even her name means enchantress/charmer. I get a headache from that girl, Ben can’t even remember her name, *shakes head*.  Anyway, just a heads up, since it’s my holidays, my sleep pattern will be very irregular so posting times may be all over the place. Regarding the martial rank names, I was lazy and only put the pinyin up. I will go back and name them in English so don’t worry.

Erza: Haha, thanks for the complement Zero, and you all other readers. I’m happy that you enjoy the chapters.


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  1. Since the small returning pellets were only applicable to those at the Tempered Body Seventh to Ninth Stages, this type of immortality pill was only worth around fifty two dollars.

    The bottle that Su Mu gave him held ten of these pills, so all up they were worth about five hundred dollars.

    The booth owner laughed out loud, and said a couple more words. “That is this booth’s most expensive item, three thousand dollars.

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