Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 51, The Seed’s Mutation

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Arriving at Coiling Dragon Stream, Yang Kai sat down and prepared to start his training but suddenly thought of something.

Hands searching his pockets, after feeling around for a long time, from his chest he took out a seed. This seed was the one given to him when he had brought the Bright Yang Stone from the Blood Battle Gang booth’s owner.

It was said to be the Earth Grade, Lower Level, Three Sun’s Fruit’s seed.

Yang Kai wanted to plant it, even though he didn’t know how many years it would take for it to bear fruit, it wouldn’t take much energy. Also, there were abundant amounts of Yang Yuan Qi in the surrounding area which undoubtedly made it the most suitable place to plant this fruit.

But just as he took out the seed, Yang Kai felt there was something wrong.

Earlier that day, when he saw this seed, he didn’t see or sense any abnormalities within it. It only had a faint, almost imperceptible, trace of Yang Qi within it.

But currently, the seed had become bright red and translucent, like a red gemstone. Holding it in his hand, Yang Kai could feel the seedling emitting a steady pulse.

It was like… It was like a human’s beating heart, surging with vitality.

Not to mention, that the seed currently held a much larger amount of Yang Yuan Qi when compared to earlier.

He was in a daze for a good while before waking up from that stupor! He had finally realized where that third drop of Yang Liquid from within his Dantian had disappeared off to.

Clearly it had been absorbed by this seed! If this was not the case, how could this ordinary seed possibly undergo such change in just a few hours? One drop of Yang Liquid, if there were no outside influences helping, it would take Yang Kai several days of hard work to condense.

Yang Kai nearly went to reabsorb the Yang Qi within that seed!

Despite thinking about it, Yang Kai didn’t do it. This seed had clearly undergone a huge change; so, if he went to plant it, what type of fruit would it bear?

A youngster’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge were incomparable. It was just like the curiosity Yang Kai held regarding the changes a precious drop of Yang Liquid would have on the seed.

Carefully considering it, Yang Kai started to move and first went to find a patch of relatively soft earth. Carefully, he dug a hole to put the seed inside and then went to find some water to water it.

After this task as completed, Yang Kai then sat down to activate his True Yang Secret Arts.

He doesn’t yet know whether or not this drop of Yang Liquid he has invested in the tree will be worthwhile.

The night passed by, after training all night he could clearly feel that his absorption speed had become faster again. Thanks to training all night, the Yang Qi within his meridians was replenished.

By his estimation, it would take another two-three days before he could condense another drop of Yang Liquid. Compared to the time it took to condense his drop, his cultivation was far more efficient now.

The morning of the second day, Yang Kai practiced the Tempered Body Record for half an hour.

As for Tempered Body Record’s training, he had never skipped a single day of it. The only thing that he needed to do every day, apart from sweeping the grounds, was practicing the Tempered Body Records and looking for a Junior Disciple to bully a bit to earn some contribution points while the rest of his time was spent non-stop training.

Half an hour later, Yang Kai stopped his work! By accident, he walked to the place where he had planted that Three Sun’s Fruit seed yesterday evening and when he saw it, he couldn’t help but be startled.

(Erza: opop seed growth~:D)


On that patch of soft soil, grew a foot long sapling! The sapling was slender with plump and tender looking leaves along with a slender stem with dark red veins faintly crisscrossing it. Although the sapling was small, it possessed a vitality that could not be ignored, trying to break free of the shackles of earth that were binding it, in order to mature.

[That’s not right…] Yang Kai thought his brain wasn’t working properly. Only one night had passed, yet the Three Sun’s Fruit Tree had already grown this big? For a moment, Yang Kai even thought that he had lost track of time and more than a few days had passed already.

Thinking carefully, he realized this couldn’t be. The Yang Yuan Qi within his body had not increased by a large amount, indicating that only one night had passed. Thus, he came to another conclusion. [Could all of this be caused by that drop of Yang Liquid that had seeped into the seed?]

This was quite likely, within Yang Kai’s knowledge was information that said the Yang Liquid’s use was plentiful and enormous and it didn’t say it could only be used in battle.

If it really was the Yang Liquid that caused the seed’s mutation, it could explain the scene before his eyes.

[If it grew top a foot in one night, it might be possible that after a couple more days, it could bear fruit!] Thinking about this, Yang Kai’s spirits rose, for the Three Sun’s Fruit was an Earth Grade, Lower Level, spirit fruit and was a priceless treasure that could greatly aid in his cultivation of the True Yang Secret Arts. One of these fruits would definitely be able to equal at least several days of practice.

When he thought of this, Yang Kai thought that his investment was priceless. What he currently needed to do was to wait for confirmation and see how many days it would take for this fruit tree to blossom.

This was next to Coiling Dragon Stream, and ordinarily, no one would pass by. Yang Kai had cultivated here for many days, and apart from meeting that Eleventh Elder, he had not seen another. That’s why he wasn’t too afraid that this fruit tree would be discovered by others.

(Silavin: Um… doesn’t that mean that it is still exposed? Did you also forget those suicidal lovers that would jump off the cliff on rare occasions?!)


Returning to the wooden hut, Yang Kai wanted to complete his assigned work for today. But after looking around for a while, he still couldn’t find his broom, making him puzzled.

After waiting for a while, a sweating High Heaven Pavilion Disciple came back and in his hands was Yang Kai’s broom.

Yang Kai also recognized this person, he was one the people who were part of Su Mu’s group and was at the Tempered Body Fifth Stage. He was called **.

(Erza: gg author, couldn’t come up with a name so named them **.)

(Silavin: Have to admit that this is pretty hilarious.)


Seeing Yang Kai standing there, ** immediately walked up and greeted him. “Senior Brother, you have returned.”

“*En!*, what did Junior Brother Zheng ask you to do? Why did you take my broom too?”

** laughed, “I want to help you sweep and from now on you no longer need to worry about such trifles. From our group of Disciples, every day, one of us will come and complete this task for you, so you can concentrate solely on your training.”

(Erza: srsly, ** is getting bad, he even names him then goes back to **.)


“This isn’t too good.” As Yang Kai listened, he swiftly waved his hands, although sweeping wasn’t too important, and it used a lot of energy; if it wasn’t because he wanted to remain in High Heaven Pavilion, he would have long since resigned from this job. But as a Trial Disciple, if he didn’t go receive some work to do, he wouldn’t be able to survive in High Heaven Pavilion.

** comforted him, “What is Senior Brother saying? We Junior Brothers should always strive to help you. Last time, if it wasn’t for you teaching Cheng Shao Feng a lesson, our anger wouldn’t have been vented. Not to mention, there are many of us, if one person came each day in the rotation, each person would only come here twice or thrice a month. There will no longer be any need for Senior Brother to wake up early each morning, and waste his time like this. Senior Brother, you can’t refuse, think of us, your Junior Brother’s faces, allow us to do this. But if you truly despise this, then forget it.”

If it was presented in such a way, could Yang Kai really decline? Promptly he conceded. “Then I shall ask this of my Fellow Junior Brothers. Please come inside to drink some water.”

“No need. Young Master Su issued an order that everyone must cultivate bitterly. If anyone dares to slack off, they won’t be considered as Fellow Brothers any longer. I will leave now. Senior Brother, you must also work hard.” As ** said this, he put down the broom and jogged out.

Looking at his back, Yang Kai’s heart warmed up, saving Su Mu that day was a good decision. This person was a true villain, if you obstruct him once, he would obstruct you ten times.

It looks like he would no longer need to worry about wasting his time sweeping the grounds. Happy, Yang Kai walked out and went to catch a Disciple at the Tempered Body Seventh/Eighth Stage. He cupped his hands and greeted his opponent. “Junior Brother, please enlighten me!”

That person’s face immediately became bitter, “Senior Brother Yang… there are many others, why did you choose me of all people?”

These days, Yang Kai went out to duel every day and had long since fought his way to fame. Now, High Heaven Pavilion Disciples that were in the Tempered Body Stage, when they saw Yang Kai they would be afraid. He was no longer the treasure that lost every battle, giving out free contribution points, the current him had already won countless consecutive battles. Not only this, he had won each battle cleanly.


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