Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 59, The Mining Site

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After leaving the bustling Black Wind Trade area, under Hu Mei Er’s guidance, the two people walked towards the north side of the Black Wind Forest. Hu Mei Er appeared joyous and within her pair of charming eye’s you could catch glimpses of delight, which made her more attractive when contrasted with her slightly flushed cheeks.


“That day’s affair, I am sorry!” Yang Kai suddenly apologized. His actions that day was really over the top and now that he had come to ask her for help, he felt a bit two faced.

Hu Mei Er pursed her lips before smiling. “It’s okay. Also, you didn’t curse me or anything. These few years, I have heard even worse words and I’m still living well aren’t I?”

“You don’t hate me?” Yang Kai asked astonished.

“What’s the use in hating you?” Hu Mei Er smiled. “Actually, I hated you quite a bit but… one of your actions made me unable to hate you.”

“What action?”

“*He he,* that day when Cheng Shao Feng and Niu Tao appeared, you went and stood in front of me. Perhaps that was a subconscious action, but these past few years, that was the first time someone sincerely and with all their heart wanted to protect me.”

“I don’t remember it, but you must have suffered quite a lot.” Yang Kai sighed. A perfectly good female intentionally sullied their own reputation in order to find some talented Disciples for the Blood Battle Gang. Although the methods were good, it still contained filial piety within.

*Ge ge…* Hu Mei Er chuckled. “It wasn’t too hard. Don’t you know that putting on a show or act is a women’s specialty? ”

“*He he,* I have never interacted with women.”

“Really?” Hu Mei Er’s eyes brightened.

“*En.* So these past few days I have been exhausted and toyed around with thoroughly by you two sisters.” Yang Kai said seriously.

A streak of anger flashed in Hu MeI Er’s eyes as she spoke. “What you said is too bad! Fortunately my older sister’s not here, otherwise, you would be guaranteed a beating from her!”

“Your older sister…..”

“is a True Element First Boundary Cultivator!” Hu Mei Er said with some pride.

“Strong!” He praised.

Su Yan was at the True Element Third Boundary, Hu Mei Er’s sister was slightly weaker than Su Yan, but nonetheless, it wasn’t a big difference.

(Silavin: Yang Kai was being kind here. A two level difference is overwhelming!)


As soon as Hu Mei Er mentioned her sister, she thought about what Yang Kai had said again, causing her to throw her head back in laughter. During this flurry of actions, she didn’t stop laughing.

Yang Kai remained silent and stood in place waiting for her to recover her breath.

After laughing for a good while, Hu Mei Er finally recovered her breath and turned to him with a big smile. “I see that you have great courage. There has never been a man who dared to speak to my older sister like that. Her that place……is it true that one is bigger than the other?”

“It could be because of the clothes she was wearing, so you can tell her later not to worry about it?” Yang Kai gently laughed.

“Then how about mine? Is it really well portioned?” Her face bashful, Hu Mei Er asked boldly.

“Not only are they well portioned, they stick out smoothly and are well rounded.” Yang Kai nodded his head, “Your body figure excellent, so don’t sell yourself short.”

For a moment, Hu Mei Er thought it was a bit hard to bear. These frank and motiveless praises were the best words she had heard in a long time.

At that moment, she was secretly jumping with joy.

“How much longer will it take until we arrive?” Yang Kai didn’t want to continue discussing this topic, so he asked this question.

“There is still one hour’s worth of walking and although that place can be considered a part of Black Wind Forest, it is closer to the heart of the forest.” Hu Mei Er explained. “Over there, there is a vein that our Blood Battle Gang discovered a few years back. We sent over people to protect it and extract ores. The ore’s that are extracted from there are quite peculiar.”

“How are they peculiar?” Yang Kai asked.

“Over there, there are only stones of two attributes. One of them is the stone you had bought, the Bright Yang Stone while the other is the Bright Yin Stone. If you say it is peculiar, it is not but these two stones mutually suppress each other. So to find them appearing together is quite a mystery.”

“That is really strange.” Yang Kai’s interest was slightly piqued.

The Bright Yang Stone contained Yang attributed energy while the Bright Yin Stone contained Yin attributed energy, they were opposing attributes. Under normal circumstances, they definitely would not form together.

“Even the Elders in the Sect feel that something isn’t quite right with the mining vein, but even after years of investigation, they have yet to find anything out of the ordinary. Though, from this mine, we have earned no small amount of money.” Hu Mei Er didn’t seem to treat Yang Kai like an outsider and whatever she thought, she would say.

“This is your Blood Battle Gang’s good fortune!” Yang Kai chuckled.

Hu Mei Er replied with an *en* and then suddenly lapsed into a reign of silence before speaking again. “Actually, it is such a coincidence that you were looking for me today. If it was at a later date, then you probably wouldn’t be able to find me. So it should be your good fortune.”

“Where are you going?” Yang Kai understood the underlying hint in her words.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Hu Mei Er shook her head and as she explained, she secretly observed Yang Kai’s expression: “After your words last time, I suddenly thought that my actions these past years weren’t correct. When utilizing those underhanded methods, the roped in talents don’t care about the Blood Battle Gang, but rather only me! And since I cannot provide them with what they really want, naturally they won’t try their best for the Sect. That’s why I have decided to go into seclusion to train and become stronger so I can shoulder some of the burdens with my father, just like my sister!”

“The fact that you can think of this, is a good thing.” Yang Kai nodded his head in approval.

Not only was Hu Mei Er disappointed by his response she also saw that from the beginning till the end, Yang Kai’s face didn’t change much at all. Her words caused no fluctuations in his mood.

Feeling a bit of pain stinging her heart, Hu Mei Er didn’t have the mood to continue talking and only led the way at the front.

Since she didn’t speak, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t go find something to talk to her about. After walking for another hour, the two people arrived at the mining site of the Blood Battle Gang.

It was positioned at the center of Black Wind Forest. An area of roughly ten square kilometers was the size of the Blood Battle Gang’s mining area. In the surrounding area, a few houses had been erected to allow the Disciples to rest.

Because the ore vein was underground, when Yang Kai and Hu Mei Er arrived, they didn’t see many people and instead saw several large holes in the ground that lead underground.

Apart from the surrounding hundred meters or so, Yang Kai felt a weak reaction from his Origin of Yang in the center of his stomach area; a reaction to the underground Bright Yang Stones. Along with the growth of his strength, the area in which he could sense Yang energy also grew larger, but it didn’t increase by much.

Seeing the two people entering the mining area, a Blood Battle Gang Disciple took notice of them. Then an old man suddenly dropped down from the sky and landed in front of Yang Kai and Hu Mei Er. Cupping his hands he said greeted, “Young lady!”

“Grandpa Long.” Hu Mei Er called out familiarly and pulled on Yang Kai to introduce him. “This is our Sect’s vice head, Grandfather Long, Long Zai Tian.”

Yang Kai hurriedly paid his respects. “Greetings, Senior Long.”

Long Zai Tian looked at Yang Kai in contempt and didn’t pay any regard to him. With his Immortal Ascension Boundary Level in Cultivation, and position as Vice Head of the Blood Battle Gang, was there any need to pay regard to Yang Kai’s little face?

Not to mention a youngster who relied on a woman! Long Zai Tian especially despised people like Yang Kai, and if it wasn’t for Hu Mei Er’s face, he would have long since slapped Yang Kai to death.

“Young lady, why did you come to the mining site?” Stroking his long white beard, Long Zai Tian kindly asked her, “It is both dirty and hot here so how is this someplace you can come to. Hurry and return, otherwise when your father learns of it, he will scold me.”

“It wouldn’t happen. Daddy wouldn’t have the guts to scold you because you are the third most powerful Elder in the Sect, in fact, he only respects you.” Hu Mei Er used her spoilt child act, causing Long Zai Tian to become quite joyful.

“Grandpa Long, my friend here wants to purchase some things from some of the Disciples here. Would you allow us to trouble you and enter to find them?” Hu Mei Er asked in a straight forward manner.


Erza: Mkai, so this is the first release for today. I will start to work on the second release later to make up for a long span of silence.  Also the new character Long Zai Tian, his name literally means “Dragon in the Sky”. What a powerful name, but his actions are ……….-_- well you guys can see. While tl-ing this I stopped to read ATG and oh my god, Yun Che gonna crack some bones and pulverize some brats. WOOOOO.  Until the second chapter release then.

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