Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 67, You Can’t Compare to Him

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At that moment, you could even say that Wei Zhuan was in deep regret.

He was shocked that his Embroidered Cloud Locking Mail was unable to block even a single blow from his opponent, and was crying over the destruction of his Defensive Artefact.

He was extremely angry. Turning his body around, Wei Zhuan jumped towards Yang Kai and bellowed, “You dared to break my Defensive Artefact! I want you to die!”

Wei Zhuan was also at the Initial Element Third Stage, so when his strength burst out, it didn’t lose to Yang Kai’s. But, unfortunately for him, when Yang Kai was still at the Tempered Body Stage, he could already kill someone at the Initial Element Fifth Stage. How could an insignificant person at the Initial Element Third Stage gain any advantage?

When Wei Zhuan reached Yang Kai, the blood red blade crisscrossed through the air, slashing Wei Zhuan multiple times, leaving various wounds.

Wei Zhuan’s body immediately froze, his fist stopping three inches away from Yang Kai. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t move a step further because he felt a scalding hot feeling.

Shuddering, his eyes turned to face the ground. Only to see the blood red blade in Yang Kai’s hand, like a quick snake attacking incessantly.

“A Defensive Artefact isn’t all it’s made out to be.” Yang Kai sneered as his eyes swept over the Embroidered Cloud Locking Mail on Wei Zhuan’s body; it was full of holes and tears.

Yang Kai was also shocked because he also hadn’t predicted that his Yang Liquid blade would be this powerful and this sharp.

Speaking of which, Yang Kai really wanted to fight Wei Zhuan. Originally he thought he would have to use some power, but currently he had only used one drop of the Yang Liquid, to dominate him.

Since the opponent used the Embroidered Cloud Locking Mail, why couldn’t he use Yang Liquid?

“Come and try to injure me!” Wei Zhuan’s cheeks trembled, looking at Yang Kai with a bit of resentment. Even though his life was in the hands of Yang Kai, he wasn’t the least bit afraid because he was the grandson of the Grand Elder! With a person holding such an honourable position backing him, no one in High Heaven Pavilion would dare injure him.

“Brat, you probably don’t know but my grandfather is the Grand Elder so if you dare injure me, you are looking for death!” Full of confidence, Wei Zhuan looked over at Yang Kai threateningly.

Yang Kai did have a reaction when he heard this, the blood red blade between his fingers becoming more menacing and the red glint in his eyes appeared more ferocious than before.

“I don’t know whether it’s you who dies first or me?” Yang Kai said to Wei Zhuan, his voice full of interest. On his face was a strange smile, and he slowly exerted strength with his fingers.

Slowly, a trickle of dark red blood dripped down from Wei Zhuan’s chest and he couldn’t help but let out a groan. In the moment that he got injured, Wei Zhuan felt a rush of boiling hot Yang Yuan Qi enter him, burning his skin and flesh painfully.

“You actually dared………” Wei Zhuan looked at Yang Kai in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that there were still people in High Heaven Pavilion who dared to injure him.

“Whether I dared or not, I have already done it. Do you say I don’t dare?” Yang Kai continued to exert strength and pushed the blade half an inch deeper, causing the blood to continuously flow out. Showing his cowardly inside Wei Zhuan cried out, “Aren’t you afraid that my grandfather will kill you!”

“In the comparing of notes between Disciples, one is responsible for their own life and death!” Yang Kai sneered out coldly, “If you can’t compare to others, you can’t blame others for killing you. What can the Grand Elder do? High Heaven Pavilion does not belong to him.”

Wei Zhuan, was frantic by the craziness of this Disciple, he felt shivers and cold all over.

Just as he was about to speak, Yang Kai suddenly interrupted him, “If you say I concede, these two words, I will kill you. So don’t even think about it.”

Wei Zhuan became deathly white because he had just thought of conceding. In a battle between Disciples, if one felt that they were unable to match up against their opponent, they were able to concede. Then their opponent could not pursue them or attack them any further.

But now he didn’t dare to say these two words because he couldn’t see any hint that Yang Kai was joking in his crazy but serious eyes.

“What do you really want to do?” Wei Zhuan clenched his teeth as he asked this.

“I don’t want to do anything. I’m just thinking how you can’t compare to Su Mu because you relied on your Defensive Artefact to win against him!” Yang Kai said as he slowly shook his head.

“I can’t compare to him?” Wei Zhuan was like a cat that had its tail stepped on. Lowly shouting, “How can I not compare to him? My strength is higher than his, my status is also higher, so how am I not comparable to him?”

Yang Kai shifted his head to the side, “You don’t believe me? I’ll show you.”

Stopping his words, Yang Kai exerted some strength with his fingers causing Wei Zhuan face to contort and shiver uncontrollably.

Yang Kai turned around to size up Wei Zhuan’s underlings. Previously they were fighting against Li Yun Tian and the others with all their might. But as soon as they saw Wei Zhaun fall, they stopped fighting and didn’t dare to do anything other than stare stupidly.

“Do you want to save your Young Master Wei Zhuan?” Yang Kai asked them.

No one dared to reply because they were all terrified at Yang Kai’s craziness. After his display of ferociousness, how could any of the ten or so young men dare to confront him?

“If you want to save him, then obediently kneel down and admit you were wrong! If I feel merciful, I will spare him!” Yang Kai coldly laughed out.

Their faces paled, this……didn’t Wei Zhuan just say this to Su Mu’s underlings?

After Su Mu’s underlings heard this, they had kneeled without hesitation and kowtowed to Wei Zhuan. Did that mean they had to do the same?

These people just stared, because if they kneeled, then they would lose a great amount of face. Without face, how could they continue to stay in High Heaven Pavilion? But if they didn’t kneel and Wei Zhuan blamed them, what would they do?

Each person’s face was different, each contemplative and unsure as to which decision to make.

“It looks like you want him to die.” Yang Kai sighed out softly, and pushed the blade a bit further into Wei Zhuan’s body.

Wei Zhuan cried out in fright, because he could feel that if the blade in Yang Kai’s hands were to penetrate even deeper, then it would stab his heart.

That was a fatal attack!

Wei Zhuan didn’t want to die and shouted out in desperation with a hoarse voice at his underlings, “Why are you still dawdling? Hurry up and kneel down! If I am to die, then none of you shall be spared!”

Only then did the underlings under Wei Zhuan shake their bodies and kneel down.

Watching this scene, Li Yun Tian and the others were overwhelmed with emotions, because the previous injustices they had suffered were being washed away by their actions. They were much more carefree.

Yang Kai turned back to Wei Zhuan, enthusiastically saying, “Now do you know the difference between you and Su Mu?”

Wei Zhuan looked on blankly before his face suddenly changed and he looked at his underlings with a gaze full of malice.

In order to save Su Mu’s life, Li Yun Tian and the others threw away their pride. But how about his underlings? Only when he had bellowed out and threatened their lives, did they grudgingly obey Yang Kai’s request.

When comparing the two, the difference between Wei Zhuan and Su Mu became clear. In personal charisma, Wei Zhuan couldn’t compare to Su Mu.

“Are you satisfied now?” Wei Zhuan asked, looking at Yang Kai coldly.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, his expression unreadable.

Wei Zhuan turned pale with fright and said in a shrill voice, “You can’t possibly…..”

But before Yang Kai could reply, from afar, a voice bellowed out in rage: “Detain them all!”


Erza: Ho ho ho! I wonder which powerful guy has come over in a fit! Is it Su Mu’s elder? Or is it Wei Zhuan’s granddaddy? Or is it Yang Kai’s potential backer??? Hmmmmmm??? Anyway, please thank Joseph G. again for sponsoring this chapter!

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