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Martial Peak – Chapter 80, Immovable Will

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Su Xuan Wu was squinting his eyes as he looked at Yang Kai, who was currently being beaten up, and remarked. “He looks like he is trying to understand something.”

“What do you mean?” Su Mu didn’t understand.

Su Xuan Wu only shook his head slowly and didn’t bother to explain further.

In his eyes, although Yang Kai was very pitiful, he could tell that he was currently trying to understand something; that something could be a mental understanding or it could be a Martial Skills. Wrapped within that cold hurricane of air, shivering due to the cold piercing him to the core of his body, he could see a flaming hot energy within his core spreading its warmth. When this fiery energy burst outwards, perhaps he would be able to step into a new level.

[If he were to succeed, then his future accomplishments definitely would not be ordinary!] Su Xuan Wu had truly never seen a martial practitioner who while in such a sorry state, would actually be able to enter such a deep state of enlightenment. This was nothing short of a miracle.

“Grandpa, I’m afraid that if Elder Sister continues like this, then Senior Brother Yang Kai will die.” Su Mu cried out urgently.

Su Xuan Wu replied with a shake of his head. “Yan-er knows how to control the strength of her attacks properly, and within her attacks, there are no killing attacks; after all, she doesn’t want Yang Kai’s life.”

Finishing this statement, he then whispered to himself. “But, it’s still strange… why would Yan-er punish him like this?”

If not because Su Xuan Wu was mature and sophisticated, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to guess as to what had just happened between Su Yan and Yang Kai.

When the ice storm died down, Su Yan continued to float in the air, while Yang Kai fell towards the ground. His entire body was battered all over; his clothes torn and where you could see his skin there were signs of frostbite.

Just as he was about to hit the ground, Yang Kai suddenly did a flip and landed firmly on the ground and opened his eyes to look around.

Under the starlight, Su Yan’s white clothes fluttered about with the night breeze, she was like a fairy descending with the full moon hanging behind her.

Her grand and clean aura made people become more modest for no apparent reason.

*Ka cha cha…* could be heard from all directions as ice started to form all over Yang Kai’s body. Soon, he had become an immense ice block.

The smoothness of the ice block was obvious, it was also as clear as glass. It was so clear that every single strand of Yang Kai’s hair could be seen; even his attitude and feelings could be clearly seen on his face.

Su Yan didn’t say a word, only turning to look at Yang Kai mysteriously before turning around and returning to her room.

The scene of her leaving was clearly seen by Yang Kai.

“Look after him, once he breaks free from the ice it will be the start of his success!” Su Xuan Wu solemnly told Su Mu.

Su Mu was nervous to the point that he started perspiring. “Grandpa, Senior Brother Yang won’t be frozen to death, will he?”

Su Xuan Wu gently laughed. “He won’t, this is his good fortune!”

After reassuring Su Mu he turned and left.

Only then did Su Mu’s group walk up quietly and softly to the ice block containing Yang Kai. Each and every one of them surrounded that enormous ice block, tapping away at it. But with Su Yan’s comprehension of the ice arts, would they be able to break it?

“This is bad, this is bad! Senior Brother is already injured, and now that he is frozen, I’m afraid that his little brother may also become frozen and fall off. How is this good?” A fellow member didn’t have any sort of filter, so as soon as he thought of it he said it and was glared down at by Su Mu. “Didn’t you hear my grandfather say, this is Senior Brother Yang’s good fortune, huh? Everybody don’t move, if this ice breaks and hurts Senior Brother Yang, it won’t be good. We’ll just stand guard here.”

“Yes.” The group of people chorused.

Guarding until the fifth bell toll of the night (3-5 am in current time), there had still been no movement from the ice block and Yang Kai continued to stay in it like the living dead. His breath shallow, he could only continue to look at the place where Su Yan disappeared to.

Su Mu’s group considered the situation for a while before deciding to leave two people behind to guard Yang Kai while the rest returned to do whatever they needed to do.

This continued for an entire three days. Within a small attic was a large ice block, and inside that was a living person. Looking at it, it was as strange as strange could get.

During these past three days, they had rotated their shifts countless times and yet the ice still showed no signs of breaking. This caused the group to become so anxious that their lips were blistered.

During these three days, Yang Kai was unable to feel the flow of time. Even with his eyes were open, he couldn’t see anything.

All of his focus was on comprehending the changes occurring within his body.

Sensing the energy within his bones, sensing that unyielding warmth the energy brought along with it and sensing how that warmth would boost his strength each and every time.

The ice that Su Yan left behind for him provided him with the perfect place to comprehend what was happening accurately. The energy contained within the ice block left behind constantly released cold air that permeated him to his core.

This cold was something that the current Yang Kai could not resist, but he managed to resists every time. Each time, he relied on the mystical properties of the Golden Skeleton.

Resisting hundreds of times, thousands of times, allowed Yang Kai to understand the mysteries of the Golden Skeleton and why it could amplify his abilities.

Within his body, a small flame had started to burn hotter and hotter, and it would do so until the day he finally comprehended what was occurring. This flame continued to burn peacefully until it finally started to send heat waves out of Yang Kai’s body.


Su Mu and Li Yun Tian who were currently on the guarding shift were startled but they quickly turned their heads around.

They only saw small numerous cracks appearing all over the ice block, with the cracks resembling the strands of a spider web.

“Senior Brother Yang is about to come out!” Su Mu cried with enthusiasm and certainty.

Sure enough, as soon as he said those words, the ice block exploded and the shards melted in the light before disappearing.

Yang Kai remained standing in his previous position, his bloodstained upper body did look a bit weak, but his eyebrows were creased showing he was still deep in thought.

Su Mu and Li Yun Tian didn’t dare to disturb him, so they quietly waited off to the side.

After a good half an hour, Yang Kai’s worried looked disappeared and he stated in a cheerful tone. “Since it’s so, I will call you Immovable Will.”

Immovable Will was the thing that Yang Kai had gained an understanding of during these three days. This skill was not one you could use to attack, but rather one that helped to strengthen one’s body.

This was the skill that he had learned from the Golden Skeleton, so this skill was closely related to the skeleton.

Only when one has an unyielding spirit, is unwilling to surrender to any adversary, will they be able to unlock this type of skill. As soon as he activates it, the Golden Skeleton will give him energy to temporarily increase his strength and fighting ability.

Although previously he was unknowingly activating this Immovable Will skill he didn’t have any understanding of it, with this type of skill, there is a big difference in the power it displayed once it was understood.

In other words, he could now say that he had completely grasped this secret skill with his own hands. It could be also said it was a skill exclusive to him.

It was no longer the same as before, when he was in a battle and/or receives injuries, he no longer needs to rely on his stubbornness to activate the skill.

Although his harvest this time was great, Yang Kai was still a bit unsatisfied, because he could sense that there were still secrets hidden within the Golden Skeleton. Yet since he couldn’t see through them he couldn’t claim them, thus he couldn’t help but feel regret.

The days are long, and one shouldn’t care over one lost hour, Yang Kai consoled himself.

Only when Yang Kai started to move, did Su Mu and Li Yun Tian walk up to him, asking worriedly. “Senior Brother Yang, are you alright?”

“Me? I feel excellent!” Yang Kai moved his limbs around and found that all these past injuries had all healed.

“I shall help you put your clothes on; otherwise if Elder Sister were to see you again, I’m afraid she might beat you again.” Su Mu said with a voice filled with worry.

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