Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 89, Mysterious Crimson Yang Flower

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After walking through the Black Wind forest for several days, Yang Kai realized, to his surprise that, they hadn’t encountered any dangerous beasts.

This caused him to be filled with anxiety, because Black Wind Mountain was filled with formidable Demonic Beasts. Furthermore, if they happened to bump into any, due to his current cultivation, he would only be a burden for Xia Ning Chang.

But Xia Ning Chang had come prepared. Yang Kai didn’t know what method she used to avoid the Demonic Beasts in this forest, but it worked.

Their route often changed from east to west, sometimes they would circle around a place, or they would circle around a bigger place. But it was thanks to this circling that they had remained so safe. Occasionally they would bump into a beast of the second or third realm; however, they would be quickly dealt with by Ning Chang with minimal effort.

After carefully observing her for some time, Yang Kai discovered that Xia Ning Chang was able to discover the existence of formidable Demonic Beasts thanks to the deep coloured bracelet on her wrist.

Whenever this Little Senior Sister felt a high-level Demonic Beast obstructing their path, she activated her bracelet which then sent out a deep green ray.

This was a bracelet she hadn’t been wearing previously. From top to bottom her only accessory was the sapphire on her forehead. So this bracelet should have been prepared specially for their current expedition.

[This must be a rare treasure!] Yang Kai’s eye fell on the bracelet and from what he could see it looked like it was given to her by Treasurer Meng.

[Ultimately what was the background of Old Man Meng?] Yang Kai was truly puzzled, he was merely a Contribution Hall treasurer, yet he was able to get Xia Ning Chang, with her special physique, as a Disciple. Moreover, he has a rare treasure he can afford to give to her. This bracelet, if in a normal place, would be placed under the highest security and would not be carelessly given to anyone. Although he didn’t know its grade, he estimated that it should at least be an Earth Grade rare treasure. A treasure of this rank was rarely seen in High Heaven Pavilion.

While Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang were able to pass through easily, the people tagging behind suffered many bloody battles to the death.

During the past several days, small and large battles occurred several times. If it was not for the overall level of the Blood Battle Gang being so high, they probably would have become Demonic Beast food by now.

Although Wen Fei Chen was a True Element Fifth Boundary powerhouse, his luck wasn’t very good. Just that moment their group bumped into a peak Fifth Realm Demonic Beast, equivalent to a peak True Element boundary powerhouse; several levels above his present strength.

An incomparably difficult fight ensued. Through taking advantage of their numbers, they were able to deal with it. However, due to this battle, the Blood Battle Gang lost a master of the Separation and Reunion Boundary. This caused Wen Fei Chen to become extremely angry because a total of eight people had come, but he was the only True Element Boundary Cultivator. The Separation and Reunion Boundary group only had four people remaining, and rest were only at the Qi Transformation Mid Stage. Long Hui’s strength was the weakest of all, at the lower levels of the Qi Transformation Stage.

Originally they thought that as long as they followed Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang’s trail, they wouldn’t encounter any big dangers. But god only knows how those two were able to avoid these Demonic Beasts, while they, their followers, encountered battle after battle.

And now, they had lost a Separation and Reunion Boundary master. Why wouldn’t Wen Fei Chen get angry?

But it wasn’t the time to back down; not after losing so many people, how could they give up halfway? After taking a short break, Wen Fei Chen said to Nu Lang. “Go in front, we must get going!”

Nu Lang looked on the ground at an abandoned limb absentmindedly. Earlier, the Blood Battle Gang had lost some people, so how could their lowly Storm House Disciples stay safe?

Two Disciples from Storm House were swallowed into the belly of the Fifth Realm Demonic Beast, leaving only half an arm left on the ground.

He finally understood why he had felt something was not right that night, where were the good intentions of the Blood Battle Gang to help them look for Yang Kai? It just was to make the people from Storm House the pathfinders along the way!

But even if he understood in his heart, he wouldn’t dare to complain, not to mention revolt. Forging the way at the front, perhaps they could also have a chance to live. But if they revolted at this time, then there is only death awaiting them.

With a pale complexion, Nu Lang made a Disciple from Storm House walk in front. Behind him, Wen Fei Chen gave instructions; heading from the east towards the west, from time to time they also lost Yang Kai’s trail.

At this moment, Yang Kai, who was hurrying along with Xia Ning Chang, suddenly stopped in his step. Turning his head to look towards a direction, his eyes glittered with a joyful look.

“What is the matter?” Xia Ning Chang turned her head to ask while stopping.

“Is there any danger over there?” Yang Kai asked pointing to one side.

“Doesn’t have any danger, I haven’t felt any trace of a Demonic Beast. Xia Ning Chang lowered her head to look at own bracelet.

“Then let’s go.” Yang Kai moved rashly. Although Xia Ning Chang doesn’t know why he was so happy, so can only follow.

Although Xia Ning Chang was at a loss as to why Yang Kai was so happy, she still followed him.

Walking for a short distance of only a few meters, Xia Ning Chang suddenly felt steam on her skin. This caused her face to become red. Looking around the ground was Yang Type Qi and the ground was unexpectedly covered with a variety of palm sized, big, red flowers.

The quantity of flowers was not small; there were at least a dozen of them.

Yang Kai was unceremoniously quickly picking up these flowers, in total he managed to obtain eleven of these flowers.

After a short time, Yang Kai had reaped a great harvest and was walking happily, he asked, “What do you think these are?”

“Mysterious Crimson Yang Flower, Earth Low-Grade material. So you came here for these things.” Xia Ning Chang was suddenly enlightened.

“Earth Low-Grade material!” Yang Kai’s brows creased together, “Not bad.”

He could feel the Yang energy contained in each Mysterious Crimson Yang Flower was not inferior to the Three Sun Fruit. A moment ago the Yang Energy contained in his chest had reacted; he arrived at this place to look at what had caused it and in turn reaped a bountiful harvest.

Since they were in the Black Wind Mountain’s inner region, the valuables around should be few in number. But this time the goal was to help Xia Ning Chang, even if he had thoughts of searching all directions he couldn’t do it.

Delaying time like this would be taking a major risk.

But since it was in the vicinity of his senses, naturally it can’t be left alone.

“Want me to help you refine them?” Xia Ning Chang asked.

“You don’t have to right now. Let’s wait until evening, at that time we can refine them.”

The refining method for a pill of immortality from Little Senior Sister is superb, but refining will always consume Yuan Qi. Walking in this dense forest Yang Kai is still thinking to be careful every step of the way, if consumption of Yuan Qi can be avoided then it should be avoided.

“That is fine as well.” Xia Ning Chang nodded, “We are not far from that place, after walking for two-three more days we can reach our destination, we have got enough time.”

Yang Kai did not know whether it was luck or something else, walking for one day he was able to find several Yang energy treasures at a distance of only one day walk from the Mysterious Crimson Yang Flowers.

But this time his luck was not so good, these Yang energy herbal medicines, had a level three Demonic Beast protecting them.

Xia Ning Chang was able to deal with that Demonic Beast by exhausting some of her Yuan Qi so that Yang Kai could harvest them. After passing through the forest, they arrived at a giant mountain valley. Xia Ning Chang said in one long breath. “Junior Brother, we have arrived.”

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