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Huge Team Announcement  

During the long week with only 1 chapter release, there were many back-end matters to be dealt with. Also, many thanks to the kindness from the community!!

There were 4 people who applied for an editor’s position and all of them got accepted!!

Readers: (WTF? 4 Editors?)

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Urgent Christmas Announcement!

Hello guys! Happy Christmas!  ヾ(⌐_)ノ


A big and warm welcome to Matosz, and those who came from reddit!

(ノ)ノ*:・゚ ゚・: *ヽ(ヽ)

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Major Announcement!

Hey guys, some of you may be wondering if it’s your birthday! Why are there so many releases? And maybe it is so Happy Birthday 😀 whoever you are.


Ok, so the bad news for the readers.

I’m going on holiday for a week so I’m releasing 4 chapters just to make up for it. I’ll be back on the 17th Dec and will be continuing translating.


More bad news. (Maybe)


I’m going to be taking my ‘A’ levels next year. Btw, I’m 19 this year and will be retaking as a private candidate. If you have spare resources for me to study, I don’t mind if you send it to me by email.


Don’t start crying!

I know that Martial Peak had some trust issues with releases over the previous translators and it’s a series that although many are hoping to see constant releases, they are still weary that I may stop. Likewise, I know that there are many readers who had quit or dropped this series due to the irregular Hiatus and release dates.


Being well aware of this made me hesitate translating this series. After all, all I really wanted to do was write Martial Family and post it online for fun. However, after seeing that this series would fade out from a lot of people’s memories, I decided what the heck might as well go for it.


Don’t worry, I can still translate in my free time as always (although it will be lesser next year) and will have the regular chapter releases 4 per week. (Not confirmed on which days. Will most likely be on the weekdays.)


Good News (1)

Ok, so I already know I’m going to be busy so isn’t it all bad news?

Well, not exactly.

If anyone had when to the donations tab (Happy that you’ve tried), they would have noticed that I’m not accepting any at the moment. That’s simply due to me stacking all the chapters I’ve translated up till now. Currently, I have translated all the way till chapter 136 for Martial Peak and wrote till chapter 61 for Martial Family.

(It’s harder to write than translate I began writing these 3 months ago and only began translating for 2 weeks XD. But, I still enjoy writing Martial Family more than translating.)


Good News (2) (Love and more LOVE! Oh YeaaAAHHHH!)

Most of you should know that Martial Peak will have some sex scenes. I’ll also confess now that Martial Family will also have some sex scenes but like Martial Peak, it’ll take a long time till we get there.


Alright, so I have a serious conundrum now! More serious than all the previous news!

How would you guys like me to translate and write the sex scenes!

Btw, the “Plot” can be enjoyed by both men and women, so everyone should be free to enjoy these. I’m only tell you this because I’m soon going to reach the mark where Yang Kai is going to do some *ahem* to some *ahem*.


Because I’m translating for Martial Peak, whatever I write will not go beyond what the Author wished it to originally convey. It may just be more erotic than what he wrote but there will certainly be no changes to the character relationship and so on.


Ok, type in the comments:

MP1E – I want the erotic scene to be split up, and be more erotic.

MP2E – I want the erotic scene to be on the same page just with a warning heading because I need to explain to my stalking parents. But, I also want it to be more erotic XD

MP1O – Split up erotic scenes but same erotic level as the story wants it to be.

MP2O – All on the same page and I want it to be the same erotic level because I wish my children to read this in the future.

(I’m serious with this post!)


As for Martial Family, the erotic scenes will definitely be there as mostly love making and not simple sex. These scenes will have some lingering of emotions to it that is used to highlight the characters. I will have to do more research on making it fap worthy though…

(Probably the only time when someone can say that they are serious reaching an erotic content!)

BTW, I intend to make Martial Family’s erotic content something both genders could enjoy.


So, I’m sure everyone is having their blood boiling whether it’s below or above. Just make sure you comment to have your pick expressed. I’ll count the votes after my holiday (again, 17 Dec 2016) so you guys have one week to share and vote.


I’m gamed for whatever outcome.


Anyways, Happy December and with Christmas coming soon, we are all in for a surprise :D!

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