Dragon Hermit

Dragon Hermit – Chapter 89, After You’ve Sung Your Part, I’ll Take the Stage


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“Second Uncle Liu, who is the old man following Xie Zheng?” Xia Yan looked at the robed old man who went to the sofa and sat down alone. He couldn’t help but furrow his brows and raise a question.


“His surname is Shi, and the Xie family’s members call him Elder Shi. He’s a bodyguard invited by Xie Zheng recently, and it’s said that he’s very strong, but we didn’t get any detailed info about him. We didn’t even manage to uncover his full name and birthplace.” The Xie family was already an enemy of the Liu family, and they had obviously investigated them thoroughly, thus why he stated the old man’s identity right away.


“Is he just a bodyguard?”


“That’s what the investigation’s results say. What about it? Is there anything strange about Elder Shi?” Liu Hai asked in surprise.


“I’m not sure of it, I’ll observe him further before making any verdict. By the way, Miss Xue’er mustn’t touch the gift sent by Xie Zheng,” Xia Yan said.


“I’ll tell her so,” Liu Hai’s expression turned grave. Old Master Liu and Liu Xue’er had been targeted repeatedly, and all of the Liu family’s members were nervous due to this. They wouldn’t even accept objects of unknown origins, let alone something sent by the Xie family.


Liu Hai had to greet the other guests, so he quickly left after he chatted with Xia Yan for a while. At this moment, Dong Feng and Yan Xiaoqing finally came back and Dong Feng said excitedly, “Xia Yan, that was so exciting. Your power is really great!”


“Hehe!” Xia Yan chuckled. He was a necromancer and didn’t really like to flaunt pure brute power without any skill behind it.


Yan Xiaoqing was still shocked and excited, and her gaze was locked onto Xia Yan’s face. The girl’s longing and admiration were apparent in her eyes. She had been thoroughly conquered by Xia Yan’s imposing manner, and she had also seen Liu Hai fawning over Xia Yan so she understood this student’s outstanding side.


“Miss Yan, your songs are pretty good!” Upon facing Yan Xiaoqing’s ardent gaze, Xia Yan was quite pleased inwardly, but he still couldn’t take it for long so he tried to change the subject.


“Huh… What did you say?” Yan Xiaoqing was taken aback.


“I said that your songs are pretty good.”


“Did you hear them?” Yan Xiaoqing said in delight.


“I got to hear them yesterday in Music Plaza,” Xia Yan nodded and replied.


“Were you there, too? Why didn’t you seek me?” Yan Xiaoqing blurted out, and her face soon turned flushed. He didn’t even know her, so why would he seek her?


“I had some business to deal with and had to leave early,” Xia Yan said with a smile.


“I will sing for you again next time, okay?” Yan Xiaoqing said.


“Xiaoqing, do you want to sing for Xia Yan in private?” Upon seeing Yan Xiaoqing flirting with Xia Yan, Dong Feng helped her conveniently.


“Young Master Feng, you…” Yan Xiaoqing got bashful and spoke with feigned anger.


“Ah… The next time our dorm room holds a karaoke party, I’ll be sure to invite you,” Xia Yan said awkwardly and quickly to deal with her.


“It’s a promise then,” Yan Xiaoqing took this seriously and extended her hand excitedly to clap Xia Yan’s.


“Huh… It’s a promise!” Xia Yan hesitated for a moment, but he couldn’t reject a beauty’s request and he clapped her hand.


“By the way, Qi Ziyu is also in Sihe University, why don’t you invite her to sing with us, too?” Liu Xue’er said excitedly.


“This is… I don’t have such a resounding reputation and influence,” Xia Yan said.


“You’re right,” Yan Xiaoqing nodded. She just spoke carelessly and didn’t hold any hope for this. If she could get close to Qi Ziyu, this would be very helpful to her career in the entertainment industry.


“Qi Ziyu has arrived!”


“She’s so pretty, it’s really Qi Ziyu.”


“I love Qi Ziyu’s songs!”



As they were chatting, a ruckus transmitted from the entrance. Yan Xiaoqing was taken aback and she said, “Speak of the devil and he doth appear, did Qi Ziyu really arrive?”


“My cousin Xue’er and Qi Ziyu were always besties, and she’ll surely invite her over,” Dong Feng said.


Xia Yan rejoiced inwardly. When he fought alongside Qi Ziyu last time, he got to befriend her, but he didn’t get any chance to develop their relationship further. After all, Qi Ziyu was a great star and her life was very different from ordinary students’. While ordinary students could relax and have fun on holidays, she needed to go back to her company and record songs. This was why Xia Yan didn’t get to meet her again until this day.


The crowd’s gazes converged on the entrance. Qi Ziyu was clad in a dress and she walked over with a sweet smile.


On this day, many great stars arrived to attend the birthday party of the Liu family’s princess and many wealthy people were present here. Those men with great authority or a net worth in millions wouldn’t pay attention to stars.


But, Qi Ziyu was very different. She wasn’t just the Little Celestial Empress, she was also the sole daughter of Fengyu Jeweler’s chairman, and those two statuses gave her a special halo. She had already surpassed ordinary stars!


Qi Ziyu exchanged conventional greetings with people and surveyed the hall with her gaze. Upon seeing Xia Yan, her eyes lit up and she nodded at him with a smile, and Xia Yan also nodded in response. Later, she was led by a young girl of the Liu family onto the second floor. She had been invited there by Liu Xue’er.


“Did Qi Ziyu smile at us a while ago?” Yan Xiaoqing said in delight, “Does she know me?”


“You have just started your career and you don’t have even a single album,” Dong Feng pulled her back into reality.


“You’re right,” Yan Xiaoqing was disappointed and she said, “She must have greeted Young Master Feng, didn’t she?”


“I’m not close to her and I don’t deserve such an honor,” Dong Feng shook his head and said with a smile, “Didn’t you see the recent online news? Qi Ziyu has greeted Xia Yan.”


“Are you serious? I was busy with practicing singing in the previous two days and didn’t have time to surf the net,” Yan Xiaoqing said skeptically and she took out her phone to go through the entertainment industry’s news. She quickly cried in surprise, “Oh my God! Xia Yan, a sex scandal involving you and Qi Ziyu spread out.”


“It’s only a misunderstanding,” Xia Yan explained weakly.


“There is a pic as proof!”Yan Xiaoqing looked grudgingly at Xia Yan. “You are obviously close to Qi Ziyu, yet you said that you can’t invite her. How can you deceive an innocent young girl?”


Xia Yan couldn’t help but say inwardly, [How come a sly girl such as you is innocent now?]


At this moment, another person arrived and he heard people calling “Le’er”. Xia Yan turned his head around to look, and it was none other than Fang Le’er. On this day, she wore formal attire and wasn’t clad in weird clothes.


The mayor’s daughter had arrived and she attracted the attention of many people. She was chatting with ease with youths and greeting the elderly politely. She seemed like a respectful and beautiful girl from a big family, thus why many young men and women quickly gathered around her.


“Le’er, you have also come,” Wen Yipin walked to Fang Le’er and greeted her.


“Young Master Wen, you didn’t give up yet on Liu Xue’er, did you?” Fang Le’er cast a glance at him and said jokingly.


“How can I give up so easily?” Wen Yipin said calmly. “Moreover, I’m a faithful guy and my feelings will never waver or change.”


“Fine, fine. Liu Xue’er isn’t here, so you don’t have to spout such nonsense. In any case, we all know each other well,” Fang Le’er pouted and said.


“Hehe. Miss Le’er, when will we get to go out and have fun together?” Wen Yipin let out a hollow laugh and spoke.


“Forget it, I can’t have any fun with you,” Fang Le’er waved her hand in dismissal and rejected him, but Wen Yipin was already used to this and didn’t get angry. He said with a smile, “Young Master Zheng has also arrived, why don’t you…”


As he spoke, he suddenly noticed that Fang Le’er was staring in a daze somewhere, and he curiously looked over there. He was enraged by what he was witnessing, “Le’er, do you know that con artist Xia Yan?”




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