I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 188, Yue Mingkong’s Plan for the Mortal One, Erasing the Hidden Danger for Gu Changge!


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The origin of the Eternal Overcast has always been a mystery to the Beyond. No one knew how it was born, nor did they know of its true location. Nonetheless, there were beings that it created. These creatures that emerge from it could be easily identified as they carried terrifying Eternal Devouring Qi


This strange and terrifying Qi corrodes and devours a cultivator’s Primordial Spirit and Spiritual Sea regardless of their cultivation level. Even powerful experts were not willing to fight against it. After all, one they got contaminated by it was extremely difficult to get rid of. It would be like a maggot attached to a bone. 


Yue Mingkong knew that the Eternal Overcast in her previous life had devoured many Nethers. Furthermore, it was so big that it was terrifying. Just it moving around caused the entire Beyond to fall into chaos.


All factions naturally got anxious and sent out their best. At that time, they were so desperate that they created the Immortal Academy, exhausting each of their own resources to cultivate a True Immortal.


After all, currently, the Beyond did not have a True Immortal. If there were any, they must be the Ancestors from the ancient clans. However, such people are normally not conscious of the outside world for many years.


Yue Mingkong had actually first heard of the Mortal One from Gu Changge in her previous life. The Mortal One was said to be travelling through Samsara. Some even say that he was the first True Immortal to descend from Heaven, and was one of the first from the human race that started cultivating.


Those who first started cultivating were said to be the founders, who had established legacies that had lasted throughout time, and the Mortal One was the most prestigious one among them. 


Each time the Eternal Overcast appears, he would cease his reincarnation and settle in a body. He would then move to the tide and stop chaos from spreading.


Naturally, the Eternal Overcast was not the only one who the Mortal One would cease his reincarnation to deal with. There was also a time where he slew a Successor of Demonic Arts. At that time, that Successor had nearly taken over half of the Beyond!


Thus, it was fair to say that the Mortal One had prevented countless disasters. It was such a great achievement that he should continue to be praised by future generations for trillions of years! 


Over countless years, in the Beyond, the Mortal One has become an existence that was regarded as god. Even the Cults of Immortality and the formidable factions would kneel at the mention of his name just to pay respect!


However, the younger generation knew very little about this. Some do not even know of him. 


Nonetheless, once the Mortal One reincarnates into a new body, his terrifying speed of cultivation would make all those within his generation desperate. It would be a speed that would be impossible to achieve, and he would reach the peak at the shortest time.


Every young prodigy from the various races and factions, no matter how talented, would still be inadequate when compared to the Mortal One’s reincarnation. No matter how dazzling they were, they would just be shadows when compared to him. His reincarnation was just that tyrannical. No matter what era, no young prodigy could hope to be compared to him. That was a fact. An unquestionable fact.


Many believe that the Mortal One cultivates using some special cultivation technique. After all, he has ties to the Samsara. He could travel across worlds, and has comprehension beyond what they knew, even reaching Heaven itself.


Though, at the end of every reincarnation, he would transcend once again and become an existence that could not be described in words. Still the faction or legacy that he would leave behind would always be one of the strongest in the world. Proof of this was the Mortal Palace, which still stands as one of the strongest forces in the Beyond.


The Mortal Palace was few in number, but whenever one appeared, they would cause a huge stir in the outside world. They would be treated as honoured guests wherever they went. None would dare to show even a hint of disrespect.


However, even with the position the Mortal Palace had, it did not mean that its heritage was deeper and better than that of the Immortal Families or Cults of Immortality.  Nonetheless, due to the Mortal One, in the eyes of those from the Beyond, the Mortal Palace was no different from a shrine. Every once in a while, there would be people who visit the palace to pay their respects.


[From what I remember. the reincarnation of the Mortal One should come from one of the Nether] Yue Mingkong’s eyes shone a profound light.


[Once he reincarnates, he is bound to be able to be as capable as he was in his past life. So, he will most likely have a method to identify Gu Changge’s as the Successor of Demonic Arts. At that time, he will definitely get exposed…]


What happened in this life had exceeded her expectations in many aspects. Many things even occurred ahead of time. Thus, she could not say for certain when the Mortal One’s reincarnation would appear. However, one thing was certain. The Mortal One definitely has the means to detect the Successor of Demonic Arts. It was something that had happened in her previous life.


[Unfortunately, it was too late. By the time Gu Changge got exposed, his power and influence were too much to go against. Even the Mortal One felt apprehensive about engaging with him. However, if I am going to account for the current timeline, and compare it to the previous timeline, the Mortal One most likely will reincarnate early. Currently, Gu Changge is still in his infancy. He is a far cry from being the terror he was in my previous life. In fact, if he were to face the Mortal One now, he would definitely be at a disadvantage. The world might even take him as their enemy and turn against him… this is definitely a grave problem for Gu Changge…]


“The Mortal One…” Yue Mingkong whispered as her eyes contained shockingly cold and murderous intent.


At this point, various thoughts flashed in her mind. She recalled the Mortal Ones’ various characteristics. She was trying to determine where he would show up. After all, even if it was someone the whole Beyond worshipped, someone who was peerless, if he was going to cause Gu Changge harm, he was her enemy!


[Be it past or present, no one is allowed to hurt him! No one!] Yue Mingkong swore. For her, even when she wanted to take revenge against him, she wanted it to be done by her own hand. She had never allowed someone else to act against him.


[Soon, the Successor of the Mortal Palace will come out of seclusion. They will search for the Mortal One’s new reincarnation…] Yue Mingkong had already made her decision. 


The Successor of the Mortal Palace was a complete mystery to her. After all, even in her previous life, none had seen the Successor’s face before. In fact, no one could even knew of the Successor’s gender.


Still, there was one thing she knew. She knew that the mysterious method the Mortal Palace had to help its Successor cultivate the Dao Fruit! Using the Dao Fruit, the Successor of the Mortal Palace could borrow the lives of their predecessor. It was also using the Dao Fruit that the Successor could assist with the Mortal One’s reincarnation.


[The Mortal One is said to have a Purifying Nirvana Lotus Body. This physique seems to be gained through refining the World Purifying Green Lotus. So, the new Mortal One’s reincarnation must first refine this lotus to go against his natural born limitations and reshape his whole body. This means that the World Purifying Green Lotus is of great importance to him. As long as I can get my hands on it, his appearance into the limelight should be greatly delayed.] Yue Mingkong’s thoughts flashed by, as she was thinking of different scenarios.


She was carefully crafting her plan. Last time, she suffered a tremendous loss at Ye Ling’s hands, which led to his escape. Thus, this time, she was more cautious. Even if she was a regressor and knew what might happen in the future, it did not mean she had total control of everything. After all, she was not Gu Changge. 


[Before Gu Changge came into contact with the Mortal One, he seized the chance to grow. In that case, I can only help him by steering him in that direction…] Yue Mingkong’s phoenix-like eyes was calm as a lake as many possibilities flashed in her mind.


Although she was confident, she wasn’t blinded by it. She knew the limitations of her abilities and knew that she alone might not be able to resolve this issue. Regardless, if not for her knowing that the Mortal One would one day stand against Gu Changge, she would’ve never taken the initiative to provoke someone like him. 


After all, the Mortal One could be described as an ancient monstrosity. One which dwelled within the cycles of reincarnation, Samsara. Even the number of methods the Mortal One employs had to be seen. It was unknown if it was more or less what Gu Changge has. Such a thought made her heart palpitate. Even so, she was resolute in what she was about to do. [Before he truly reincarnates, I need to steal that lotus!]


As for killing the Mortal One? It would be nothing but a pipedream.


Moreover, she did not intend on telling this to Gu Changge. Otherwise, she runs the risk of increasing the likelihood of Gu Changge encountering the Mortal One. In a way, her decision of secrecy could be regarded as the first layer of protection for him.


“Come. Heed my decree. From this day onwards, the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty will form a group called the Unrivalled Guards. I invite any strong cultivator across the four seas and eight directions to come and apply…” Following Yue Mingkong’s decree, her fair white hand picked up a brush. She began to write down the decree.


With her current position, along with the power and influence of the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty, news of her decree easily spread, and it would attract countless people to try.


The Unrivalled Guards. This was something that she had created in her previous life. She did so under Gu Changge’s instruction and it was used as a tool for him to create massacres. At that time, it could be regarded as the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty’s strongest weapon. Wherever the Unrivalled Guards went, there would be war and blood. Without anyone who dared to face its might.


Yue Mingkong still remembered the secret technique Gu Changge had taught her in her previous life. She had used it to train and control the Unrivalled Guards. It was a terrifying technique that has its effects magnified when applied to a large murderous army.


This secret technique allowed the Unrivalled Guards to effectively share the damage between each other. It even allowed them to share their vitality with one another when a member had one foot in the grave.


When she first learnt it, Yue Mingkong found such a secret technique to be unbelievable. She at one point in time believed Gu Changge to be omnipotent. However, now that she thought about it, it was clearly an evil secret technique.


The Life Sharing Grand Art.


Using the soldiers as its source, it could continue to endlessly propagate and strengthen. Eventually, it would form an invincible army, one what had the divine might to sweep all in its way.


However, if this secret technique was overused, the user’s body and Primordial Spirit might be irreversibly damaged. They would slowly degrade into mindless puppets that could only commit murder. Naturally, that was Gu Changge’s main goal. 


In Yue Mingkong’s past life, Gu Changge wanted the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty to truly be unrivalled. To stand at the apex and be the top Celestial Dynasty. Naturally, he would be the one who controlled it from behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Yue Mingkong would just be a figurehead. During that life, Gu Changge was the true emperor behind the scenes. After all, he was the one who plotted and schemed Yue Mingkong to take the throne.


[In this life, I will be the one who establishes the Unrivalled Guards. I am also the one who will change and reform the Unrivalled Celestial Dynasty. One day, I will make it the strongest. When that day comes, I will rename it to the First Celestial Dynasty. That day, I will reign supreme over the whole world!] Yue Mingkong thought as her phoenix-like eyes shone with a divine light. Her beautiful peerless face was radiating with majesty. One which would make anyone’s heart palpitate.


— — —


While Yue Mingkong was forming her own plan in regards to the Mortal One, in Skyward Schloss, on Supreme Peak, there was a rush of divine light. It was made of runes so numerous that they formed a sea.


Gu Changge sat cross-legged. In front of him was a sealed jar that contained Celestial Spirits. They radiated a bright glow as if it as sunlight.


When he exhaled, underneath his nose, Divine Chains of Order would come out, each seemingly containing the power of a galaxy. He was currently devouring and refining these Celestial Spirits to improve his cultivation level.


He had cultivated Skyward Ascension, and had his surface cultivation level reached the Advance Partial-Enlightented Realm. Meanwhile, for his true cultivation level, it had reached the Advance Quasi-Sacred Realm, and was rapidly approaching Peak.


During these past few days, his interest in his old hobby came back. He went out and hunted down young prodigies, seeking out those with special physique. Yin Mei had provided him with a ton of ‘resources’. However, he felt like his progress was too slow. 


Fortunately, he was not in any hurry. If he was to compare to those within the same realm as him, his progress could not be considered slow. Many of those in the older generation had to enter seclusion for tens to hundreds of years before they could have a breakthrough.


*Hum!* Above his head, the Grand Flask was floating. Five colours of divine light and Chaos Qi were gushing out, falling onto his body. Nonetheless, he remained still like a mountain. He was like an ancient deity with all his majesty. Gu Changge was Nommening to quickly refine the Celestial Spirits. 


[That Gu Nanshan, he really ran to the Ancient Sea Palace to settle everything. I guess after hitting wall after wall when dealing with me, he finally found an opportunity to vent his anger. Well, the Ancient Sea Palace should set an example to the others.]


Gu Changge soon opened his eyes and a strange colour flashed by. [Everything is going according to plan. Gu Xianer and Gu Nanshan had not disappointed me. Though, Gu Nanshan’s temperament has now been clearly shown. I guess it was simply impossible for him to bear with the blatant provocation the Ancient Sea Palace threw. Well, in terms of cultivation level and speed, I believe he is considered one of the top within the Gu family. Even if he isn’t one of the best, he definitely isn’t one of the worst.]


Gu Changge had sent a trusted follower of his to the Gu Family. He wanted to inquire about Gu Nanshan. Naturally, he wanted to know more to make better use of this powerful pawn. If he succeeded, he would only need to wait in the shadows and collect the benefits that roll his way. 


It had to be said that the Immortal Gu Family has plenty of Ancestors. However, many remained in a state of statis and do appear. Gu Nashan’s decision to come back and go out into the world to relax was extremely rare.


Gu Nashan was extremely strong in Gu Changge’s eyes. The former was most likely present when the Immortal Gu Family was at its peak. At that time, if they went to war against the Ancient Sea Palace, they would not have suffered a single loss.


When Gu Changge compares his father, who stands at the top of the Beyond, his father would still have a difficult time defeating an Ancestor like Gu Nanshan. The disparity in how much time they had to cultivate was simply too large. 


When Gu Changge has confessed to the whole world, it would inevitably change the perception of Gu Nashan and his other family members of him.


Likewise, when Gu Nashan stood up for Gu Xianer, he made the stance of the Immortal Gu Family clear. The Immortal Gu Family remains invincible. Within the Beyond, they control the lives of all. If any faction were to dare to offend them, they would vanish like a puff of smoke. Nothing would remain. Gu Nashan helped show the tyrannical might of the Immortal Gu family. 


From the start. Gu Changge only saw the Ancient Sea Palace as nothing more than experience for Gu Xianer. After all, that little girl had several terrifying masters behind her. He knew that even if he did not stand up for her, she would’ve been fine. He just simply took advantage of the situation. 


Naturally, Gu Changge knew his own limits. He would never cross a certain line. Even if that little girl was stupid, she was still his little sister. It was fine to push her around. However, how could he let others do so? If they do, as he had declared that day, he would make sure their entire clan got annihilated.


[After all, teasing her is one of the few pleasures I can enjoy. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a little sister? Aren’t they just born for us older brothers to tease? Well, she does certainly bring me plenty of a massive amount of Fortuity and Fatum. It’ll be quite hard to estimate how much she has left…] 


Now that matters in Skyward Schloss have been dealt with, Gu Changge was considering whether he should set off for the Immortal Gu Family with Gu Xianer in tow. It might draw out those hidden powerhouses behind her. If they were used properly, they would be a terrifying boost to his overall force.


[The mysterious masters in Peach Village and the Peach Tree itself, I certainly do look forward to meeting you all…]


Silavin: ‘Otherwise, what’s the point of having a little sister? Aren’t they just born for us older brothers to tease?‘

I would like to correct this statement. All younger siblings exist for the older ones to tease. Only downside is the older ones’ wallet takes a hit.




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