I Am the Fated Villain

I Am the Fated Villain – Chapter 437, Are You Not Willing; Heart-Warming Sensation

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Upon Old Master Tang’s order, the entire Tang Family began to tend to their hectic tasks in preparation to welcome the powerful figure that was about to arrive at the Tang Family Manor. Although they were clueless about the identity of their guest, that didn’t prevent them from retaining their sternness and respect.


Although the Tang Family hadn’t been established as long as the other forces, they managed to gain control over a significant portion of the Alliance of Thousand Merchants, which clearly indicated the competence of the leaders of the Tang Family.


Besides, the unwavering trust every member of the Tang Family bore in Old Master Tang’s words was truly astonishing to people of other families.


[A powerful figure… Could it be him?]


Tang Wan was surprised as she immediately thought of Gu Changge. Essentially, no one other than Gu Changge could ever evoke such reverence from Yin Mei. 


[But why is he coming out of nowhere?] Tang Wan began to feel restless, thinking that Gu Changge was the mastermind behind the Tang Family’s subservience towards Yin Mei. As such, her will to resist, which she garnered so strenuously, consequentially diminished.


Since she was quite knowledgeable about Gu Changge’s methods, she was aware of his terror. She could afford to offend anyone in the entire world, but Gu Changge was definitely not one of them.


[Since he has decided to control the Tang Family’s industries, who can really stop him?] Tang Wan grew bitter and hopeless. Her face was awfully gloomy.


She didn’t know what solution Qin Wuya had, but regardless of what it might be, whether he was a match for Gu Changge was simply out of the question. In fact, even in this very second, Qin Wuya was oblivious to the fact that he was in Gu Changge’s grasp.


[So it is all coming to an end…] Tang Wan gently heaved a sigh as her heart was finally at peace.


Nonetheless, after a moment of hesitation, she decided to go and warn Qin Wuya. All this time, Qin Wuya had been showing his concern for her. She was moved by this, but at the same time, she felt guilty. After all, Qin Wuya was about to face Gu Changge himself.


Although Gu Changge was in control of Tang Wan’s life and death, as long as she refrained from betraying him, he wouldn’t think of her as anything more than a useless pawn.


Furthermore, even though the Tang Family’s actions left her disheartened, at the end of the day, it was the very family that raised her. Therefore, she couldn’t allow herself to idly watch as it fell.


However, when Tang Wan arrived at Qin Wuya’s residence to look for him, he was nowhere to be found, as though he had gone somewhere else. 


Dazed and agitated, Tang Wan couldn’t help but feel disconcerted, wondering if this was her fate—one that she had no control over.



The next day, outside the Tang Family Manor, nine Azure Dragons approached from the sky as many formidable cultivators appeared, and their leader was Gu Changge himself.


Old Master Tang and the rest were already awaiting his arrival respectfully. Prior to that, they had figured out that Gu Changge was the man behind Yin Mei, so they weren’t exactly stunned to see him. In this instant, they were welcoming him with absolute deference and awe.


Among the crowd, Tang Wan watched as Gu Changge alighted from his white jade carriage. Compared to their last encounter, Gu Changge’s cultivation level and aura evidently grew more frightening, and ‘immeasurable’ wouldn’t even suffice to describe it.


What was more terrifying was the fact that an aura of invincibility was swirling around his body. Although he didn’t display it on purpose, the passersby couldn’t help but feel nervous. It was as though his presence was suffocating them.


Every gesture of his resembled that of a young Immortal, in addition to the gushing Celestial Beams and whirling vibrant mists. There was even Chaos Energy of unimaginable power subtly surging in his palm.


“Greetings, Young Master Changge,” Old master Tang and the rest reverently greeted.


“Greetings, Young Master Gu,” Yin Mei said with a smile, standing in the front of the crowd.


In response, Gu Changge nodded and swept his gaze across the crowd before eventually stopping in front of Yin Mei. He then stated, “I was informed about the matter. Since they decided to disobey me, have them killed.”


To him, the affair between the Tang Family and those under them with different surnames was completely miniscule and not worthy of his attention. The main purpose of his visit to the Tang Family Manor, it was mainly to deal with Qin Wuya, the Fortuitous One.


With a smile, Yin Mei nodded and replied, “As you wish, I shall have my men deal with them.”


Since Gu Changge wasn’t at all concerned about the industries and connections controlled by those with different surnames, she didn’t question him about it. Given his current position, it was only natural that he would refrain from wasting his time on such a trivial matter.


At once, Old Master Tang and the rest of the crowd were stupefied with how Gu Changge effortlessly decided the fate of those with different surnames. To Gu Changge, it seemed to be as easy as squishing a bug to death.


As such, the Tang Family members grew even more dreadful and obsequious. Like those with different surnames, their lives were also under Gu Changge’s control.


However, even at this point, they couldn’t fathom how that happened. Never had they expected that the mysterious scriptures that appeared in the mind of Tang Tian, Tang Wan’s young brother, back when he woke up from unconsciousness, would be so problematic.


Even now, they still carried the idea that the mysterious scripture was of fathomless value, and it could be turned into a family legacy that was to be passed on to the future generation. And so, they grew to realise how enigmatic and unpredictable Gu Changge’s methods were, given how their fate unknowingly fell into his grasp.


Many in the Tang Family suspected that they were either cursed by certain Manipulative Secret Techniques or that they were somehow poisoned with a pill or insect. Alas, even after an extensive search, they couldn’t find the cause of the problem.


“Young Master Changge, please follow this old one.” Old Master Tang led the way and guided Gu Changge to an area filled with palaces. The scenery within was tranquil yet stunning, composed of drifting celestial fog, spiritual springs, and wafting Celestial Energy. Even the bricks used to construct the buildings were special, making the palaces appear grand and ancient.


“This palace is used to welcome only the most precious guests of the Tang Family. Back then, we spent a generous sum to hire an ancient cultivator to design and construct the palaces. The style is of the Celestial Ancient Era,” Old Master Tang respectfully introduced the palace with a hint of boastfulness on his face.


After all, such palaces and pagodas were considered a rarity in this age, as every brick for construction was assiduously selected.


Gu Changge nodded and took a casual glance at the palaces, remarking, “There’s indeed the style of the Celestial Ancient Era.”


Seeing as Gu Changge had no intentions of speaking any further, the Tang Family members didn’t seem to be surprised.


“Then, Young Master Changge, we shall leave you to rest in peace.” 


Soon, Old Master Tang and the rest retreated. Nevertheless, Gu Changge suddenly called out for Tang Wan and asked her to stay.


This caused the Tang Family members to be shocked. They turned to Tang Wan with inexplicable expressions, as they were not aware of the acquaintanceship between her and Gu Changge. Old Master Tang felt strange as well, given how Tang Wan never disclosed the fact that she knew Gu Changge to the family.


Back when Tang Tian was tricked by Yin Mei, the Tang Family had no clue that Gu Changge was the mastermind behind the whole thing, thinking that it was merely an act of rivalry between Yin Mei and Tang Wan.


Taken aback by Gu Changge’s sudden instruction to have her stay behind alone, she pursed her lips in restlessness. Meanwhile, the rest of the Tang Family tactfully excused themselves without daring to question Gu Changge.


Had Old Master Tang not known about the affection between Tang Wan and the man named Chu Hao, he would have suspected that something might be up between her and Gu Changge. Nevertheless, judging by Gu Changge’s position, there was no way Tang Wan could pique Gu Changge’s interest.


“At your service, Young Master Changge.” Tang Wan felt anxious as her heart was trembling in fear for Gu Changge, and she didn’t even dare to raise her head. Apart from that, whenever she was in Gu Changge’s presence, she always felt as though her thoughts and secrets were all exposed to him, and even her soul was shaken, deeply frightened.


Slowly, Gu Changge sat down on a stone bench, after which he fascinatedly asked, “Do you know why I made you stay?”


Tang Wan’s heart skipped a beat. She then hastily answered, “Young Master Changge, I have no intentions of betraying you. I’ve been monitoring Qin Wuya’s every move, and I’ve never revealed anything about you to him.”


Thinking that Gu Changge might have noticed her plan to warn Qin Wuya, Tang Wan felt awfully fearful. Now that the lives of everyone in the Tang Family fell into Gu Changge’s grasp, she grew even more afraid to disobey his will as doing that would unleash disaster upon her family.


Gu Changge then chuckled, saying, “Is that so? Very well, then. Not that I believe that you’d dare to anyway.”


Tang Wan heaved a sigh of relief. She was worried that Gu Changge might doubt her and demand her to prove herself.


“As a matter of fact, the purpose of my visit to the Tang Family Manor is to kill Qin Wuya. Here is some Immortal-Burying Water. Have him consume it. Once it is done, I shall forgo the Tang Family; should you fail the task, the Tang Family shall join him.”


However, the next moment, Gu Changge’s tone shifted as he shot Tang Wan an intriguing glance, after which he pulled out a white jade flask from his garment.


At once, Tang Wan’s face drastically blanched. She was in dismay. Her fingers were shaking underneath her sleeves.


At that moment, even Yin Mei, who was obediently standing behind Gu Changge, felt unnerved. Her face slightly paled as she looked at the white jade flask in fear.


“Immortal-Burying Water…” Tang Wan’s voice shivered, harbouring dread as she felt a chill up her spine when Gu Changge expressed his plan to have her personally tend to Qin Wuya’s murder.


Immortal-Burying Water, as its name suggested, was a type of poison of unknown origin. Known for its capability of killing an Immortal, even one drop of Immortal-Burying Water was absolutely invaluable. No ordinary cultivators would dare to touch nor were they worthy of touching it.


After all, Immortal-Burying Water contained terrifying power of corrosion. There were rumours claiming that Immortal-Burying Water was an item that had been stained by the malice of Immortals. Any cultivators who approached it would immediately be inflicted with an incurable disease that would liquify their organs. Furthermore, Immortal-Burying Water was pretty much extinct in the Upper Realm as none ever laid their eyes upon it and they merely heard it from rumours. Yet, in this instant, Gu Changge was holding a flask of it in his hand. Even a drop of the water in the flask was of unimaginable value.


“What’s wrong? Are you not willing to do it?” Gu Changge carried a subtle grin. His features were so captivating none could find a flaw in them, and they were even emitting an invigorating sensation.


Nevertheless, at this moment, Tang Wan’s entire body was shivering as her hands and feet were freezing. It was as if someone recently bashed a pail of cold water on her, instilling immense fear within her. As she was forcing herself to calm down, she accepted the white jade flask from Gu Changge with her trembling fingers.


However, she was unable to control her fingers that were shaking like a chaff sieve. It was as if the white jade flask before her eyes was so scorching hot that it was about to fall out of her hands.


“Hold it still and don’t drop it. I spend a considerable amount of effort only to acquire this small flask. I wasn’t planning to go to such a length, but I believe this should suffice as a merciful punishment for you,” Gu Changge noted with a faint smile, sounding somewhat remorseful as if he was reluctant to do such a thing.


“U—Understood…” Tang Wan’s face was incomparably pale as her heart was overflowing with dread. At the same time, she felt tremendously regretful and dejected. As she expected, right when she came up with the idea to warn Qin Wuya, Gu Changge instantly knew about it. Earlier, she even assumed that she would be fortunate enough to escape his attention.


“Notify me once you are done with the arrangement. I’d hate to miss it. Now, leave.” Gu Changge chuckled as he waved his hand to dismiss Tang Wan, as if he had no intentions of troubling her any longer.


“Yes, Young Master Changge” Tang Wan’s hands were still shivering as she firmly held the white jade flask. With overflowing bitterness and sorrow in her heart, she left the palace.


Not daring to resent Gu Changge, she could only blame herself for having been weak to have bore such an idea.


Unfortunately, in this world, there was no cure for regrets. At the same time, she didn’t dare to gamble with the fate and lives of the members of her family. After all, from the beginning to the end, Qin Wuya never stood a chance against Gu Changge as the former’s destiny had already been decided.


After Tang Wan left, Yin Mei curiously asked, “Young Master, do you truly intend to have Tang Wan murder Qin Wuya?”


Judging by Gu Changge’s capabilities, he wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble solely to deal with a person. Yin Mei was aware of Qin Wuya’s identity as well as the grudges he bore towards Gu Changge. After all, Qin Wuya shared a deep bond with Sky King Zhi Yang and Gu Changge and killed him. Furthermore, Gu Changge had caused the demise of Purple Mansion.


Gu Changge then turned to her with a grin and extended his arm as a signal, to which Yin Mei, as a blush surged on her beguiling face, obediently walked into his arms.


“I am simply curious about whether Tang Wan is capable of murder. It doesn’t matter whether she manages to poison him. After all, Qin Wuya had become a dead man the moment I arrived at the Tang Family Manor.” Gu Changge chuckled indifferently, resting his palm on her fox tail, as though he was a cat gently pawing it.


“It seems Tang Wan is no fool. She already knows what she should do.” Yin Mei’s face was covered in blush. Her body was so relaxed as if she had no bones. She relent to everything Gu Changge did to her, completely charmed by him.


As a matter of fact, Gu Changge had another goal. The more devastated Qin Wuya was, the more Fortuity and Fatums he would be able to obtain.


After all, having been watered for so long, Qin Wuya should now possess a massive amount of Fortuity. Besides, as the Senior who had returned from the Nine Realms, he might even be carrying certain secrets regarding the Nine Realms.


Back when the Forbidden Epoch had ended, the Upper Realm was shattered, the Immortal Palace fell to ruin as Immortals were annihilated, the Remnant Immortals headed to Nine Realms and sealed the path towards it. They severed their connection to the world. From then on, no True Immortals appeared in the Upper Realm ever again.


In this current era, many forces, such as the Immortal Gu Family and Buddhist Mountain, might bear close connection to the Nine Realms, but the epoch of said connection was too far away to be known by anyone. As such, cultivators could only read some parts about it in certain ancient archives. Therefore, there was even a theory stating that the River of Time that existed before the Forbidden Epoch had already crumbled.


In fact, there was an epoch that even predated the Immortal Palace. Nonetheless, due to the existence of the Forbidden Epoch, many had grown to be secretive about that epoch, deeming it a taboo. Whenever someone mentioned it, fear and anxiety would arise in everyone else’s hearts, hence none dared to mention it. Even those who were unaware of the historic incidents could feel the dread coming from hearing its name.


“Though, given how wary Qin Wuya is, he may notice the poison, so it depends whether he will be willing to consume the poison which his lover in the past is about to feed him.” Gu Changge revealed an enthralling grin.


“Young Master…” At that moment, as Yin Mei no longer had the energy to listen to his babbling, she spoke with her softly shaking voice.


To the members of Nine-Tailed Fox Clans, their tails were symbols of their lives. Should anyone dared to touch it, they would instantly cut off the hand of the violators even if that might cost them their lives. Nonetheless, Yin Mei ogled at Gu Changge with her watery eyes as she willingly presented her cherry lips to him.



After returning to the courtyard, Tang Wan finally felt at ease.


The white jade flask in her hand was no longer as irritating as it was before.


Now, she no longer had a choice. Should she reject the task, Gu Changge would definitely punish her as well as her family.


“Immortal-Burying Water…” She mumbled as he came to a decision. In all honesty, back when Gu Changge gained control over her life, everything else was already predetermined.


She proceeded to the Chamber of Sustenance, intending to personally prepare the most memorable and fulfilling final meal for Qin Wuya in case he got hungry on the path to the next life.


Tang Wan was aware that Qin Wuya was currently out of the family manor as he was occupied with tending to her matters. Prior to this, she was still carrying a hint of remorse, but she no longer felt that way.


At the end of the day, she was her own woman and not Qin Wuya’s Dao Partner. Whether it was similarity or reincarnation, it didn’t matter to her. Qin Wuya acted out of one-sided emotions, and she never asked him to do anything for her.


Very soon, Tang Wan started to get busy in the Chamber of Sustenance, dealing with spirit fruits and the beasts’ meat before converting them into delightful, alluring dishes.


In the meantime, the spirit chefs nearby were peering at her in stupefaction as they never expected Tang Wan herself would come all the way here to prepare food for someone else in the middle of the night, and they couldn’t help but wonder who the lucky one was.


The thick aroma of foods wafted amid gleaming mists as every piece of meat was faintly glowing. The food appeared exquisite and was full of flavours, and even the spirit chefs were salivating.


Tang Wan’s gaze was complicated. After having been occupied for a couple of hours, she was finally finished with cooking as she warily poured the Immortal-Burying Water onto the dishes.


Although the name of Immortal-Burying Water sounded terrifying, its appearance was the same as that of ordinary spring water—pure and clear.


To be honest, she even considered consuming the Immortal-Burying Water along with Qin Wuya in order to compensate for the affection he had been showing her. However, after giving it a second thought, she decided to forgo the idea. After all, she was merely taking advantage of Qin Wuya, and by no means would she be willing to end her own life for his sake.


“Have these brought over to my courtyard,” Tang Wan blandly ordered her servants before getting up and heading to the courtyard where Qin Wuya usually rested. At such a time, she figured that he was probably back.


*Knock, knock!* Arriving at the courtyard, Tang Wan knocked on the door and silently waited.


“Lady Wan? Why are you here at such an hour?” Donning a robe, Qin Wuya seemed to have just fallen asleep, and he didn’t expect Tang Wan would knock on his door at such a time. 


As he was highly familiar with Tang Wan’s aura, he noticed her presence when she was approaching. As such, he grew somewhat eager as his heart skipped a beat. After all, a nightly interaction between a single man and woman was quite a questionable one.


Moreover, given that Tang Wan was his Dao Partner in their previous lives, Qin Wuya couldn’t help but think in a naughty way. He was certain that Tang Wan noticed his every gesture, and there was no way she wouldn’t be moved by it.


“I made a table of food. Come to my courtyard.” With brief words, Tang Wan invited him over with a subtle smile. The look on her face was not at all suspicious.


“Lady Wan, did you perhaps make them yourself?” Qin Wuya was surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise.


Tang Wan smilingly nodded and returned to her courtyard. As they were walking, she said, “Thank you for all you have done for the Tang Family recently. I wasn’t sure how to express my gratitude, so I figured that I’d make you some food as a token of gratitude.”


In her opinion, Qin Wuya must have had a hand in motivating and driving those with different surnames into uniting and rebelling.


Nevertheless, earlier, Gu Changge had ordered Yin Mei to drop the matter and have them slaughtered for their rebellion. NAturally, Qin Wuya had not been informed about that yet.


“Thank you, Lady Wan.” Upon Tang Wan’s words, Qin Wuya was quite touched, thinking that his effort all this time was certainly worth it.


“Anyway, Lady Wan, regarding the matter, I have contacted a friend of mine and asked for his assistance to abduct Yin Mei for an interrogation to force her to surrender how she managed to control the Tang Family.”


On their way to Tang Wan’s courtyard, Qin Wuya suddenly spoke about his plans. As he possessed numerous treasures which he obtained during his accidental venture in the Nine Realm, it wasn’t difficult for him to recruit some helpers.


“You are planning to abduct Yin Mei?” Tang Wan was dazed by Qin Wuya’s revelation of his plans. Evidently, he was still clueless about Gu Changge’s arrival at the Tang Family Manor.


“Yes.” Qin Wuya nodded. With utmost confidence, he continued, “Rest assured, Lady Wan. I have made the most fitting arrangements. No one will notice anything strange about it, nor will they find any evidence.”


Hearing that, Tang Wan refrained from speaking any further. After all, tonight, Qin Wuya would be nothing but a dead man, hence putting an end to the Tang Family’s dire situation, and his so-called plans would eventually be in vain.


Very soon, as the two arrived at Tang Wan’s courtyard, where the stunning moonlight was shed, candles were lit. Atop the stone table were dishes of glistening, superb delicacies. Full of flavours, the meal was complete with meat and greens, and the dense fragrance of the dishes wafted in the air.


As such, all that remained to be done was for Qin Wuya to take his seat and dig in.


“Lady Wan, you made this all by yourself?” Qin Wuya asked out of astonishment. Though, given Tang Wan’s tenderness, it wasn’t that surprising that she was capable of making such exquisite dishes.


Upon such a sight, Qin Wuya felt a familiar heart-warming sensation.


“Why don’t you have a taste?” Tang Wan smilingly said, telling him to eat up.


Qin Wuya then turned to her and responded with a reciprocal smile. “How about you? Aren’t you going to indulge in your own art?”


Tang Wan gently shook her head, answering, “I tasted them back in the Chamber of Sustenance. I’ll just watch you eat.”


Despite saying that, she couldn’t help but feel nervous as she was worried that Qin Wuya might detect anything off about her. Nonetheless, Qin Wuya, putting deep trust in her, merely chuckled in response. “In that case, I shall finish all these dishes all by myself so as not to fail your kind heart.”


Having said that, he began to dig in. In order to make Tang Wan feel that he was enjoying himself, he deliberately gorged himself on the foods, as if he was afraid that someone else might seize them from him.


Seeing that, Tang Wan subconsciously shook her head and smilingly remarked, “Take your time to eat so you don’t choke yourself. Here’s some wine as well. Don’t worry, no one else is here to take them away from you.”


As she was speaking, she served him a mug full of wine. Right as Qin Wuya chugged down the mug of wine, the faint smile on Tang Wan’s face accordingly faded.


“W—What is happening to me?” In that instant, Qin Wuya’s face dramatically changed out of disbelief. 


*Crack!* The chopsticks in his hands fell to the ground and broke apart.


At the same time, he began to throw up mouthfuls of black blood, along with bits of his fragmented lungs. An excruciating pain soon agonised him. As his face grew colourless, he immediately collapsed onto the ground.



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