Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1859, Five Hundred Million


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Time flew by, and soon the auction had reached the two-hour mark. Almost every auction item brought out during this period sold for a very high price, allowing Clear Sky Auction House to earn a hefty profit.


However, the cultivators who participated in the auction up until now had almost all been from the lower seats while very few from the private rooms had made any bids. As for the five Origin Kings in the A Block private rooms, none had even spoken so far, making Yang Kai wonder all the more, what they were waiting for.


Hua You Meng, on the other hand, had participated twice and managed to obtain both an artifact and a powerful Secret Technique which she was currently studying happily.


The auction was approaching its end, so Yang Kai knew that the main event would soon make an appearance, raising his own enthusiasm a bit.


“The next item to be auctioned is a Spirit Pill, an Origin King Grade Spirit Pill!” Li Nuo said with a smile on the auction stage.


As soon as her voice fell, there was an uproar in the hall as many looked at Li Nuo in surprise.


After all, Origin King Grade Spirit Pills were extremely rare, no matter where one went, and it was even rarer to see one appear at an auction. Generally, the cultivators that obtained Origin King Grade Spirit Pills would do everything in their power to conceal its existence and either use it for themselves or their family. The other option would be to privately look for a master to exchange such a pill for a large amount of Saint Crystals. A Spirit Pill being auctioned off was an unusual occurrence.


Only auctions with strong heritage would auction Origin King Grade Spirit Pills.


Although Clear Sky Auction House was a well-known institution in Purple Star City, it was by no means the biggest, and it had never auctioned truly expensive items before. Yet this time, it had suddenly brought out an Origin King Grade Spirit Pill to auction, exceeding everyone’s expectations and immediately raising the excitement in the hall.


In private room A5, Hua You Meng also stopped what she was doing and looked down at the stage with interest.


Li Nuo smiled lightly, walked out a few steps to a maidservant who had just appeared, reached out to pick up a jade bottle from the tray, shook the bottle, and immediately smiled, “This jade bottle contains an Origin King Pill!”




The cultivators in the hall immediately erupted after Li Nuo’s voice fell.


“What, an Origin King Pill?”


“It’s actually an Origin King Pill? Lady Li Nuo, are you serious?”


Li Nuo smiled and said, “This is my auction house, so how could I dare deceive you. This Spirit Pill is indeed an Origin King Pill. Please see for yourselves.”


Saying so, she opened the jade bottle and poured out a round pill. When this pill appeared, its fragrance filled the air and many cultivators instantly wore looks of ecstasy as they felt their bottlenecks loosening slightly.


Just smelling the fragrance of this pill had such a magical effect, so how amazing would it be to actually take it?


Sure enough, it was an Origin King Pill!


The Origin King Pill was a Spirit Pill that all peak Origin Returning Realm masters craved for because it could increase the chance of them breaking through to the Origin King Realm. After taking this Spirit Pill, one would be able to more easily sense the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao. Allowing them an easier time to condense their own Domain.


Although this kind of pill was not a miracle cure that could bring someone back from the dead, it had a fatal temptation to all Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivators.


The Origin King Pill was an Origin King Grade Low-Rank Spirit Pill, which meant it needed to be refined by an Origin King Grade Alchemist. What’s more, the ingredients required to refine the Origin King Pill were quite scarce, so Origin King Pills were a rarity throughout the Star Field.


Combining all these factors made every Origin King Pill invaluable.


“I believe this Mistress doesn’t need to explain what role this pill is to perform,” Li Nuo seemed to have expected the crowd’s reaction and smiled. “This Origin King Pill’s base price has been set at 20 million Saint Crystals. Everyone, please!”


When her voice fell, the entire hall went silent, with no one even daring to bid.


20 million Saint Crystals was not a sum an ordinary cultivator could take out. Only those with the backing of a great force or a big family or Sect would have such strong financial resources.


However, Li Nuo was not in a rush because she knew that this Origin King Pill would definitely sell, it’s just that those who wanted it weren’t in a rush to bid.


*Huchi… huchi…*


In room A5, the sound of heavy breathing rang out. Yang Kai turned his head and saw that Hua You Meng was anything but calm, her tender body trembling lightly as her cheeks flushed and her fists clenched together, her pair of beautiful eyes staring at the Origin King Pill on the stage.


She was also a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, and although she had not made much progress in her cultivation since she had reached her current realm, how could she possibly remain calm with an Origin King Pill appearing right in front of her? This wasn’t just any Spirit Pill, it was an opportunity to reach the Origin King Realm.


If she could really use this Origin King Pill to break through to the Origin King Realm, let alone 20 million, even 200 million would be worth it.


In her excitement, she unconsciously blurted out, “20 million!”


Her voice broke the treacherous silence at the scene, causing Li Nuo to look up and cast a kind smile towards room A5.


“25 million!” As soon as Hua You Meng’s voice fell, a voice from the B Block private rooms immediately followed, directly increasing the price by 5 million.


No one could sit still any longer and new bids began flooding in, all of them from the private rooms.


In just ten breaths of time, the price had risen to 80 million.


Hua You Meng pretty face could not help going slightly pale as she realized that she was unable to compete for this Spirit Pill. 80 million was simply an unbearable number for her, and although there was still the thirty land deeds that were about to be auctioned off, just how many Saint Crystals could she obtain from that?


The competition for the Origin King Pill had only just begun, so who knows what kind of final price it would fetch.


Maybe it would not be enough even if she used all the Saint Crystals she gained from auctioning the land deeds, and she didn’t have the courage to do so anyway.


“100 million!” From a private room in B Block, an old voice called out. Although this voice tried to sound calm, everyone could hear the excitement and anxiety in it.


As soon as this price was called, the scene fell silent again.


An Origin King Pill was indeed precious, but it only increased the chances of one successfully breaking through, it was not a guarantee. It only brought a glimmer of hope.


A price of 100 million had already reached the limit of what most cultivators could afford.


So, after the initial enthusiasm, many people began to calm down and stopped increasing the price.


For a time, no new bids were made.


Li Nuo was not worried at all though. Standing on the stage, she smiled and asked, “The old gentleman from room B8 has bid 100 million. Is there any higher offer?”


“There isn’t, quickly begin the count!” The cultivator from room B8 yelled anxiously.


He could not easily take out 100 million Saint Crystals, but it would be worth it to obtain an Origin King Pill, so he was quite fearful someone else would try to compete with him now and urged vigorously.


“Haha, 110 million!” At that moment, hearty laughter came from one of the private rooms, raising the price by 10 million.


“Who!? Which bastard dares to bid against this old master, damn it!” The cultivator in room B8 was incensed and immediately cursed.


However, when he noticed that the voice actually came from room A2, his face changed drastically.


He was only in room B8, while the other party sat in room A2, meaning the other party’s status was no doubt higher than his own.


At that moment, from room A2, a powerful Divine Sense burst forth and blasted towards the cultivator in room B8.


A muffled snort sounded as the old man in room B8 turned pale, blood leaking from the corners of his mouth as he stared at room A2 in horror and shouted, “Origin King!”


“Hmph, since we’re here to participate in the auction, obey the rules. The next time you show such disrespect, this King will take your life!” Another voice sounded from room A2.


“Yes, yes. What Sir said is correct,” The cultivator in room B8 did not dare to complain, simply nodding in fright as cold sweat dripped down his forehead. Although the room was isolated by a barrier, and he could not see the other side’s face, just the fact that the other party was an Origin King meant he could not provoke them.


“Bold. In Purple Star City, someone actually dares to say they will kill people at will. Do you not put the rules of Purple Star City in your eyes?”


Suddenly, another old voice sounded out and everyone was stunned when they heard it. It seemed that things were destined to not be calm today. Looking towards the source of the voice, everyone quickly discovered that the speaker turned out to be in room A1!


This was the noblest room in the entire auction house, and many had been trying to guess who had been occupying it, but as soon as this voice came out, someone immediately called out in alarm, “Great Elder, it’s Great Elder!”


“Heavens! It’s Great Elder! I was fortunate enough to witness Great Elder scolding someone from far away two years ago. There’s no doubt, it’s Great Elder’s voice.”


“Why is Great Elder here too?”


For a time, the auction house was abuzz with conversation.


But if Great Elder Gong Sun Liang was really sitting in room A1, this was an understandable reaction; after all, Great Elder had the highest authority on Purple Star currently.


This made many wonder who was sitting in room A2 though, as it seemed Great Elder didn’t have a very cordial relationship with him.


“This old master wants this Origin King Pill. 200 million!” Gong Sun Liang said unhurriedly.




The cultivators in the hall went into an uproar again, not only because Gong Sun Liang was taking part in the auction, but also because the bid he made was so terrifying, directly increasing the price of this Origin King Pill from 110 million to 200 million.


Everyone couldn’t help feeling a sense of admiration towards this Purple Star Great Elder. The wealth he carried on him was probably something that an ordinary cultivator couldn’t spend in a hundred generations.


“210 million!” To everyone’s surprise, the person who had previously bid in room A2 actually bid again.


“300 million!” Gong Sun Liang said with a cold snort.


“310 million!”


“500 million!”




Everyone’s expression went dull as their eyes bulged listening to the bids coming from these two private rooms in A Block.


Even Yang Kai frowned as he showed a strange look.


Although an Origin King Pill was of great value, wasn’t a price of 500 million Saint Crystals too unreasonable? Moreover, with Gong Sun Liang’s cultivation, this Origin King Pill was of no use to him at all. Even if he wanted to buy it for one of his Juniors or a descendant, he still would not normally spend such a massive amount to do so.


Yang Kai was quite confused.


As soon as Gong Sun Liang’s 500 million Saint Crystal bid came out, the bidding from room A2 suddenly stopped, seemingly unable to keep up with this furious pace.



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