Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2231, Escape


Translator: Silavin & Raikov

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Dao Source Realm, Emperor Realm. A hurdle existed between the two Great Realms.


If one described the Spiritual Energy of a Dao Source Realm Cultivator as a wooden stick, then the Emperor Realm’s would be an iron stick, the latter naturally better in terms of both strength and sturdiness.


The difference between First-Order Dao Source Realm, Second-Order and Third-Order was only the length and thickness of each wooden stick.


If you want to transform your wooden stick into an iron stick, then you would have to cross a severe hurdle.


Yang Kai was now stuck somewhere in the middle of that hurdle and had not fully crossed it yet, but because he was able to produce Emperor Intent, it was as if his wooden stick had been plated with a layer of iron, receiving some capital available only to Emperor Realm cultivators, yet his strength was very different from that of a true Emperor.


However, this was enough.


Apart from him, who else in this world had managed to release Emperor Intent as only a First-Order Dao Source Realm? Even the renowned Ten Great Emperors of the Star Boundary had not managed such a feat.


Being able to produce Emperor Intent will naturally be of great benefit to his future growth.


Yang Kai was still watching the battle fixedly. The scene was unbearable to the others who received great impact on both their vision and Souls, but for him, it was just like a breeze that he didn’t need to pay too much attention to.


As soon as the impact reached his Soul Avatar, it would be resolved by the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus and had no negative effect on him at all.


Time passed slowly.


Yang Kai’s harvest grew bigger and bigger as the battle between the two Masters seemed to have reached a fever pitch with Zhou Dian letting out raging howls from time to time in unbridled anger. Yi Quan’s face had also turned grave and was not as relaxed as before. Brandishing his sword, he unleashed his Secret Techniques while fighting all out with Zhou Dian.


With Yang Kai’s cultivation, his eyes were simply incapable of telling who was the stronger one in the fight or who had the upper hand, only feeling that the two of them were fighting on equal ground.


However… From Zhou Dian’s increasingly agitated voice, it seemed things were starting to look bad for him.


But this was only to be expected. From what he heard earlier, Yang Kai deduced that Zhou Dian and Yi Quan had once fought two thousand years ago, and at the time, Zhou Dian should have been injured while Yi Quan came out the victor.


Now, two thousand years later, while both of them must have grown, Yi Quan had obtained an Emperor Grade Soul-type artifact, so he had an even greater advantage than before.


It was only logical that he could overpower Zhou Dian.


But… it was difficult to tell who would be victorious!


Yang Kai estimated that this fight may last for half a month to a whole month.


But he was quite happy to see this situation because he would have plenty of time to continue watching and learning.


Right at that moment, however, Yang Kai furrowed his brows. He could keenly sense an irregular fluctuation of energy in the air.


His face sank, but when he turned to look at Bai Lu and Yuan Fei, he discovered that both of them were unresponsive.


At first, he thought it was just his own imagination, but when he was about to continue focusing on watching the fight, Yang Kai suddenly realized something. With a sudden change in his expression, he shouted to the front, “Senior, watch out!”


Before he could finish shouting, another figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the fierce battlefield.


It was a tall and mysterious figure wrapped completely in a black cloak, making it impossible to distinguish their body type. And, the person was wearing a strange mask that looked extremely terrifying.


The person appeared without warning, and even Yi Quan and Zhou Dian had not detected traces of this Master’s arrival. If not for Yang Kai having cultivated the Dao of Space and reaching a high proficiency in it, he too may not have detected the intruder.


Even though the other party was acting secretly, Yang Kai was still able to keenly catch the traces of spatial fluctuations from when this Master arrived.


But his warning came too late.


As soon as the masked person appeared, they arrived at Yi Quan’s side and launched their palm towards him.


Yi Quan’s face changed dramatically and he retracted his longsword, stabbing it to the side in an attempt to parry the attack.


He had already inserted his full strength into this attack.


Above the blade, energy surged like a tsunami that could seemingly swallow both heaven and earth.


The masked person’s blow was immediately blocked.


But Zhou Dian took this opportunity to attack. With one thrust of his halberd, he broke through Yi Quan’s defences and stabbed a hole right through his shoulder.


“Wu…” Yi Quan grunted as he shot backwards. Regaining his footing, he reached out to hold his shoulder in an attempt to relieve his injury.


But how could he instantly diffuse the full force of a blow from Zhou Dian so easily? The shock clearly injured Yi Quan quite severely and his Spiritual Energy was escaping from the wound, flowing out into the world.


“Sir!” The faces of Bai Lu, Yuan Fei, and the other Monster Race Masters changed dramatically as they all cried out in alarm, their figures flickering as they wanted to go up to him and help.


But Yi Quan raised his hand to stop them. With a slightly dark gaze, he eyed the masked intruder who had just appeared, his expression fluctuating.


Zhou Dian did not seem to have expected this masked person to appear here either and took advantage of Yi Quan’s surprise to launch a sneak attack. If this person had not interfered, then it would have been simply impossible for him to hurt Yi Quan like this.


Zhou Dian was not happy about this, as he felt as if his fight had been tainted. Even so, Zhou Dian did not dare to show any disrespect and cupped his fists, “Lord King, why have you come?”


“To assist you!” The masked man responded in a slow and hoarse voice like scraping metal which was hard to listen to.


“But subordinate…” Zhou Dian seemed like he still wanted to argue.


The masked man interrupted him directly though, “No need to say more. Take him back to the palace, I’ll take over from here!”


He had no choice but to obey the Lord King’s order, so Zhou Dian grit his teeth and shout, “Yes!”


With that, he glanced helplessly at Yi Quan before speeding towards Yang Kai.


Yi Quan turned his head slightly and looked at Yang Kai, only making a single, simple remark, “Run!”


Yang Kai also reacted quickly. Even though the changes in the scene before him were extremely abrupt, he had already vaguely understood everything in a short amount of time.


This masked man was undoubtedly Zhou Dian’s master, and also the person who issued the order to capture him.


If this person could order Zhou Dian to do his bidding, then he would obviously be a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master as well, and from the appearance of this person and the methods he used to sneak attack Yi Quan, his strength was probably a notch higher than Yi Quan’s.


With this person holding Yi Quan back, Zhou Dian would have no more opponents.


How could Yang Kai hesitate? When Yi Quan told him to run, he teleported a thousand metres away in a flash.


At this moment, he had no choice but to expose his cards.


In front of a Third-Order Emperor Realm like Zhou Dian, Yang Kai could not think of any other way to escape other than using Space Principles.


And, while Yang Kai was fleeing, Bai Lu and Yuan Fei stood side by side to block Zhou Dian’s advance.


When they saw their enemy approach, both Masters let out a deep cry and revealed their true forms in a flash of light.


Roaring, Yuan Fei took the initiative to meet Zhou Dian head-on and block him.


Bai Lu, on the other hand, radiated a white light. It was not known what sort of mysterious Secret Technique she was using, but she was somehow able to envelop a thirty-kilometre radius in pure white light, making it impossible to distinguish between north and south.


“Anyone who blocks my path shall die!” Zhou Dian shouted furiously as he brandished his halberd.


*Chi chi chi…*


A sound cut through the void. Yuan Fei had not even come close to Zhou Dian when a stray attack knocked him far away, his life or death unknown.


The difference in strength between the two was too great. Yuan Fei was simply no match for Zhou Dian.


And, two cracks later, the white world also shattered.


Bai Lu’s body reappeared, but the light surrounding her body had become extremely dim.


Zhou Dian turned into a stream of lights, crossing over both their heads and pursuing Yang Kai without even shooting them a glance.


“He’s fast!” Zhou Dian was surprised at how far away the figure in front of him was.


He originally thought that a Master like himself would be able to capture Yang Kai with ease, but only now did he realize that this First-Order Dao Source Realm brat had some kind of extremely profound Movement Skill. Once his Movement Skill was used, this boy seemed capable of ignoring space and instantly moving from one place to the next. Yuan Fei and Bai Lu were also able to buy him a little time, which allowed Yang Kai to almost escape the range of his Divine Sense.


“Interesting!” Zhou Dian coldly snorted, increasing his already lightning-quick speed further.


On the other hand, Lian Yan, who had arrived with Zhou Dian, had also quietly escaped from Heavenly Monster Valley when he noticed things turning for the worse while everyone was still recovering from the shock.




In Heavenly Monster Mountain, Yang Kai fled desperately using his Space Secret Techniques every so often in order to expand the distance and conceal his aura. He did not dare to go in a straight line either and constantly changed directions in an attempt to shake off Zhou Dian.


But it was all in vain. No matter how he moved, there was constantly a strong Divine Sense locked onto him.


He could feel it on his skin without even turning around. Yang Kai understood now just how terrifying a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master was.


The huge gap between Zhou Dian’s cultivation and his own was not at all something he could offset by his mastery of Space Principles.


The distance between them grew shorter and shorter, and for the first time, Yang Kai experienced what despair was!


If he could not get rid of him even with his Space Divine Ability, then he had no idea how else to flee from this crisis.


The Soul Devouring Insects probably wouldn’t be effective in this situation because Yi Quan had told him that they weren’t strong enough yet. Yi Quan had even proved that by suppressing them earlier.


Zhou Dian was a Master at the same level as Yi Quan, so whatever Yi Quan could accomplish, Zhou Dian must be able to as well!


He may have a little bit of hope with the Soul Splitting Saber, but it wasn’t much; after all, Yang Kai had not refined it yet and could not unleash its full power. His previous success in attacking Ban Qing was due to Ban Qing’s lack of strength, and also the fact that Yang Kai was able to catch him off guard.


Yang Kai realized with some thought that he had no countermeasures left. It seemed like he could only surrender without a fight!


And, while his mind was racing, Zhou Dian, who was pursuing him, managed to close the gap to just thirty kilometres. At this moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt a powerful force breaking through the air behind him.


Looking back in a hurry, his face instantly turned blue.


Because he discovered that Zhou Dian had thrown his halberd towards him. Even though he had no idea what kind of mysteries could be hidden behind this attack, Yang Kai did not wait to find out and did his best to dodge it.



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      1. I think they made it clear that , when the MC tried that in Star Boundary he wasnt able to. So I think its the same for here. He needs to become stronger, before he can hide in the void again.

    1. Yeah, another shot author forgot or decided to leave becqe if yang Kai hid in the void in this case how could the author wrote chapters long chasing and milk out the story? I understand this because the author basically earns money through word count but it would be good if could explain like “because of this and that he couldn’t hide in the void anymore etc”.

        1. They didn’t bitch. The author just wrote cause he is only in his soul form he couldn’t utilize space principles to his full extent but c’mon nigga, when yang Kai was a transcendes lil bitch he was able to hide in the fucking void. Do you believe 3rs order Sao source realm soul couldn’t do what his transcended lil ass could?

      1. I only specially made this account to comment cuz I rly couldn’t stand your stupidity guys… give the author some room.. he isn’t a machine.. he is a human too u know.. u talk like u can do sh1t good but if u r in his place I bet u gonna pass yourself from exhaustion and u won’t continue…. more so there is no mistakes u pigheaded aggressive dude… yang kai could do any sh1t with space and hide in void back in his starfield cuz the world principles there weren’t that much but since he came to star boundary it was explained that he cannot use space like he did until he becomes stronger cuz the world principles of the star boundary is far stronger and more so than that he is now in his soul avatar form so pls use your damn brain before u complain aggressive about anything.. another point if u wanted to stay anything about… when he escaped from the luan feng’s flames that time in Clear Jade Mountain he hid in his sealed world bead not using a void crack to hide in cuz he cannot yet…. and the sealed world bead isn’t a soul type artifact so he can’t hide now cuz he is in the soul avatar state …. dammn if only u guys think before u type any sh1t the world gonna be better.

      2. I only made the account now just to tell u … pls use your damn brain before u say anything or start to complain about author… man even if he made mistakes he is human too not a damn machine…. u ain’t perfect…… just the point is that there are mistakes here…back in starfield he can use space force in any way cuz world principles ain’t that strong… but now in star boundary the world principles are far stronger so he needs to get stronger before he can use space in a better way… now he is in his soul avatar form so he is more restricted and doesn’t have his small sealed world bead if u talk about the one time he hid from the flames of the luan feng… juat pls think before u talk.

      1. He did not do it. The star boundary either when he had his physical body. Stop finding excuses for obvious mistakes and omissions on the author’s part. It doesn’t mean we do not like the book just because we point out these issues, it just means we care a lot that we don’t wanna set he story turning shit because of the author.

        1. They did say on multiple instances that when he was still in his own world the principles were very easy to tinker with, and light, since the star boundary they said on multiple instances that he was not nearly strong enough to navigate in the void, and his teleport distance has been shortened by more than a thousand times, before he could crack the void and go 10000 km farther, but now just a few kilometers, which just shows how much energy it costs him, maybe he will navigate it again once he is much stronger with Emperor intent and stuff, even when he was in the cultivation star with Gui Zu, he could teleport farther than now, so I do think it’s pretty well done

  1. I think they made it clear that , when the MC tried that in Star Boundary he wasnt able to. So I think its the same for here. He needs to become stronger, before he can hide in the void again.

  2. All of you guys who are saying he cannot tear space in the star boundary, have you all already forgotten how YK escaped from that fire emperor phoenix (or whatever it was) whose fire is still probably burning in that mountain range near the Maplewood City?

    As for the others who are saying that he is not tearing space here, the author had already explained that in this world YK could only use space principles to teleport and he could not use techniques like Moon Blade, Nihility, (sending techniques to the void), etc. So ofc tearing space is also not possible for him in his spiritual form!

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