Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2396, Ancestral Founder


Translator: Silavin & GodBrandy

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While following her, Yang Kai asked, “Junior Sister Fan Xin, why does Sir Pavilion Master want to see me?”


Fan Xin smiled, “Only Honoured Master knows. I didn’t dare to ask too many questions.”


She was just following orders and had no idea as to why the Pavilion Master wanted to see Yang Kai.


Then, she added, “However, it is very rare for Honoured Master to meet with outsiders. Even us disciples of Ice Heart Pavilion haven’t seen Honoured Master in a long time.”


Towards the end of the sentence, her expression clouded a bit. She admired Yang Kai, despite him being an outsider, for having managed to catch her Honoured Master’s attention.


“In a bit, when you meet with Honoured Master, you should behave yourself and avoid saying things you shouldn’t say. If you anger her, no one on this island will be able to save you,” Fan Xin urged, afraid that Yang Kai might somehow offend her Honoured Master.


“I’ll keep that in mind,” Yang Kai replied, his expression turning serious. Fan Xin’s words made him become a bit tense as he got the feeling that this Ice Heart Pavilion Master wasn’t someone who got along with others. Maybe she was one of those grandmas with a wicked temper.


“Right, how is my Junior Sister doing these days?” Yang Kai remembered Liu Xian Yun and asked about her; after all, he hadn’t seen her ever since they came to Ice Heart Pavilion.


“You don’t need to worry about Junior Sister Liu. She has a gentle disposition, and she’s getting along well with my Junior and Senior Sisters. Since she offered to help us, I allowed her to give us a hand with the pavilion’s matters.”


“That’s good,” Yang Kai sighed in relief. Liu Xian Yun wasn’t the type to stir up trouble, so he didn’t have to worry too much.


While talking, the pair arrived on the sixth floor of Ice Heart Pavilion. Just as Yang Kai had guessed, the mysterious Ice Heart Pavilion Master lived on this floor.


Fan Xin stood at the doorstep and said, “Alchemist Yang, you can go in by yourself. Honoured Master is waiting for you inside.”


“Many thanks!” Yang Kai nodded slightly before opening the door and entering.


Yang Kai didn’t even have time to look around before the door behind him shut with a bang. He did his best to stay calm and swept his surroundings with his gaze.


The area on the sixth floor wasn’t big, but all the decorations seemed to give off a calming aura, giving anyone who stood here a strange peace of mind.


Yang Kai was astonished and moved forward while closely observing the décor, noticing that they were simple yet exquisite. Moreover, a light fragrance lingered in the air, which made him feel as if he’d entered the room of a young girl.


“Are you the new Alchemist?” A pleasant voice echoed from one corner suddenly. The voice was gentle, peaceful, and devoid of worldly feelings. It seemed as though it came from the Heavens, close yet far away.


Yang Kai’s expression changed drastically as he hurriedly looked in the direction the voice had come from.


He didn’t see anyone when he came in, but now he suddenly heard a voice. It was obvious that the cultivation of the other party far exceeded his own, which made it impossible for him to detect them.


If this mysterious woman had wanted to harm him, there would have been nothing he could’ve done to resist. Thinking of the consequences, Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat.


After taking a look in the direction the voice had come from, Yang Kai saw a young woman in an elegant dress calmly standing there.


The woman looked at him coldly. Just like her voice, she seemed devoid of worldly aura, no different from a flawless white lotus.


The first impression that Yang Kai had of this young woman was purity. Pure like the cleanest water of a lake. He was surprised to discover that such a pure and flawless woman existed in this world.


For some reason, he also found everything about her somewhat familiar. Not only her aura of purity, but even her appearance as well. He felt as if he had seen her somewhere before. Then, an image from the distant past flashed in his mind, but when he tried to grasp on to it, he failed to do so.


Seeing Yang Kai staring at her in a daze, the young woman furrowed her delicate brow and raised her hand, preparing to admonish him.


She was well aware of how her appearance affected the men around her. Since she began cultivating, such a scene had played out countless times and she was well aware of the impure thoughts in the hearts of men who laid their eyes on her like this.


She believed Yang Kai to be the same.


However, she soon discovered that this wasn’t the case. Although Yang Kai was staring at her without blinking, there was no lust in his eyes, he was merely dazzled by her and had fallen into a kind of reminiscence as well as confusion.


She could understand why he would be dazzled by her beauty, but what about the confusion and nostalgia?


The longing in his gaze was almost palpable as he seemed to be thinking about someone dear to him from his gentle expression.


The young woman quietly took back her hand and instead lightly coughed.


Yang Kai was startled, but he quickly returned to his senses, his face reddening as he realized that he’d been rudely staring at this woman. Moreover, it was very likely that this woman was the mysterious Ice Heart Pavilion Master.


Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he hurriedly cupped his fists and said, “Yes, that would be me. May I ask if Senior is… Ice Heart Pavilion’s Pavilion Master?”


He still couldn’t believe that this pure and flawless young woman was the Pavilion Master, as he was convinced just a moment ago that she would be a Grandma with a feisty temper. Expectations and reality really differed too greatly!


The young woman nodded, “This Queen is indeed the Pavilion Master.”


Yang Kai hurried to say, “Junior Yang Kai pays his respects to Senior and apologizes for his previous rudeness.”


The woman kept silent but was pleased with Yang Kai acknowledging his mistake and apologizing without trying to dodge responsibility. As such, she decided not to press the case further. If she had really been angry about it, she would’ve punished him already.


“Who were you thinking about just now?” She asked after a short pause.


Yang Kai replied without raising his head, “Junior was thinking about his wife.”


“Why? Do this Queen and your wife look similar?”


If not for this reason, why would Yang Kai think about his wife after seeing her?


She was speaking calmly, her voice devoid of any kind of anger or accusation, yet Yang Kai still felt enormous pressure.


Wiping the sweat from his forehead and said gingerly, “Senior’s appearance is different from Junior’s wife, but your auras are very similar. Both are pure and stainless, moreover…” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “Just like Senior, she is ice-cold, similar to an ice fairy.”


When speaking of Su Yan, Yang Kai’s tone filled with warmth and he couldn’t help smiling.


“An ice fairy…” The young woman seemed to be amused by the comparison, the corners of her mouth lifting slightly.


“Ah?!” Yang Kai suddenly gasped and raised his head and looked at the young woman again, his eyes full of shock.


“What now?” The young woman frowned, dissatisfied with his sudden outburst. This boy was once again rudely staring at her; moreover, he was looking at her as if he’d seen a ghost.


“Senior…” Yang Kai gulped hard as his expression turned into one of anxiety, “Junior would like to ask you something. I wonder if Senior would be willing to reply.”




Yang Kai hesitated, seemingly considering his choice of words. After a short silence, he gritted his teeth and asked, “By any chance, is Senior’s name ‘Bing Yun’?”


The young woman furrowed her brow and asked coldly, “How do you know that?”


It was impossible that her disciples had told Yang Kai her name, and no one else on the island knew it, so how did this young man come to know this piece of information?


Yang Kai didn’t reply, but his expression turned into one of excitement and he took a step forward, asking in a low voice, “Senior, you are the Ancestral Founder of Ice Heart Valley, yes? The Sect in which you left Profound Frost.”


Bing Yun was surprised, “How can you know so much? Are you from the Northern Territory?”


“Northern Territory?” Yang Kai frowned, slowly shaking his head, “Junior comes from the Southern Territory. I have never been to the Northern Territory.”


Bing Yun’s interest was piqued, “If you have never been to the Northern Territory, how can you know my name or of Ice Heart Valley? No, that’s not right…” Her body suddenly shook, and a strange light flashed across her eyes.


She looked at Yang Kai fixedly and murmured, “Even if you were from the Northern Territory and had seen this Queen’s statue in Ice Heart Valley, allowing you to know my name and my relationship with Ice Heart Valley, it is still impossible for you to know about Profound Frost. After all, I left Profound Frost in ‘that’ place a long time ago!”


Then, she gave a shout, “Unless you…”


Yang Kai grinned, his whole body relaxing.


Bing Yun also showed a rare smile, “You come from Heng Luo Star Field, right?”


Yang Kai scratched his head, “Heng Luo Star Field? I’m not sure about the name of my native Star Field, but there is a Sect with huge influence called Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce there.”


“Do the Sword Alliance, Purple Star, and Galaxy Ridge still exist?” Bing Yun asked.


“Yes, yes, and yes.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly.


Bing Yun couldn’t help but laugh lightly, “You really are from Heng Luo Star Field. I can’t believe I’ve met someone from my native Star Field after so many years.”


“Junior also did not expect to bump into Senior Bing Yun in this place.” Yang Kai was just as surprised, sighing with emotion.


As soon as he laid his eyes on Bing Yun, he found her familiar; however, he couldn’t remember where he had seen her until the conversation shifted to Su Yan.


It turned out he really had seen Bing Yun in the past, despite it being only a statue and not the real person. Back then, Su Yan had joined Ice Heart Valley on Scarlet Wave Star, where she cultivated for quite some time. Yang Kai had seen Bing Yun’s statue when he went there looking for Su Yan.


Bing Yun was the Ancestral Founder of Ice Heart Valley, but her life and death, or even whereabouts, were unknown. The current Valley Master, Bing Long, had told Yang Kai that Ancestral Founder Bing Yun had possibly left their Star Field and ascended to a higher world, only leaving behind Profound Frost, the Sect’s Supreme Artifact.


Later on, Profound Frost was inherited by Su Yan.


Calculating the time, over ten thousand years should have passed since Bing Yun founded Ice Heart Valley.


Who could’ve thought that she was still alive and had arrived in Star Boundary, cultivating all the way to the Third-Order Emperor Realm!


Silavin, Actual Title – Ancestral Founder Bing Yun

I think her name sorta spoils it too much…



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    1. I didn’t need the wiki to know it was her, it was obvious the moment the name of the pavilion and their custom of only taking female disciples was revealed. Stories like these don’t just throw in such coincidences and not have anything come of them.

    1. Oh the sword intent is hers ???

      The insect queen seem to have disappeared completely from the story, no mention of it even when in sealed world bead.

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  1. I disagree with you Silavin, it doesn’t really spoil anything, unless you accurately remember who that specific name “Bing Yun” belongs to its not a spoiler since those events happened when Yang Kai was a 2nd Order Origin Returning realm cultivator or so, it was about 1000 chapters ago since she was last mentioned.

    1. Even then it’s not that unlikely to remember. For me it has only been half a year since I read that part of the story so there are still a lot of the characternames in my mind…

  2. “Heng Luo Star Field? I’m not sure about the name of my native Star Field”
    Ever since he entered the star field they’ve been calling it Heng Luo Star Field, WHF is the author smoking.

  3. Not really a spoiler, the 1st time he came to this island and met the chick form this Ice Heart Pavillion i knew the master was gonna be the ancestral founder that went missing.

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