Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2702, Cunning Little Brat


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“This is what you’re relying on?” Although Yang Kai was wary in his heart, he appeared indifferent on the surface. He wanted to figure out what the power of this so-called Golden Armour Heavenly Book was, and he already directed his sword towards Tan Jun Hao while he asked. He rushed over and slashed the Myriads Sword in mid-air, forming countless sword lights that surrounded Tan Jun Hao like a swarm of locusts as he shouted, “Old dog, your era is over! Do you think a piece of trash book is some great treasure? It’s now the world of my generation, so just hurry up and die!”


“Trash book…” Tan Jun Hao frowned, his face filled with fury as if he was severely humiliated by Yang Kai. Gritting his teeth, he roared, “This Old Master will let you see the power of this trash book then!”


As he spoke, he waved his hand fiercely.


The Golden Armour Heavenly Book that was suspended above his head suddenly started flipping and froze on a certain page.


Yang Kai stared closely and saw on this page an oval drawing with many squiggly lines, just like a child’s graffiti.


But when the Golden Armour Heavenly Book landed on this page, a golden light burst out from it forming a light curtain around Tan Jun Hao.




The Myriads Sword landed on the golden light curtain, but the latter remained unscathed.


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as shock clearly appeared on his face.


Although his strike was mostly for probing, it was not something that any ordinary Master could survive. Tan Jun Hao did not push his Emperor Qi to guard his body at all and simply relied on the Golden Armour Heavenly Book to defend himself. It could be seen that the power of this Golden Armour Heavenly Book was indeed impressive.


[A defensive Emperor Artifact?] Yang Kai’s brow furrowed, but soon he felt that something was wrong. Earlier, a few golden beams had shot out from this book and penetrated the floor, something a defensive Emperor Artifact should not be capable of.


Tan Jun Hao remained on the spot, smiling. He was not abashed by the incoming sword light, his expression showing absolute confidence in his Golden Armour Heavenly Book, clearly believing that Yang Kai could not hurt him.


And this was indeed the case.


“Not even a scratch!” Tan Jun Hao sneered, “Are you only capable of this? If that’s the case, then die!”


After that, he reached out and pointed towards Yang Kai, causing the pages of the Golden Armour Heavenly Book floating above his head to start flipping again and stop on another page.


Yang Kai looked at it again and saw that there were many drawings of birds of prey engraved on it. Once again, the pictures were little better than doodles, but this only added a sense of savagery to it.


A sense of dread swelled in Yang Kai’s heart suddenly.


There was a thumping sound, and golden light shot from the Golden Armour Heavenly Book again before condensing into a number of raptors mid-air that charged towards Yang Kai.


There were as many as a hundred raptors of various sizes, ranging from fifty metres in wingspan to just a hand’s width long.


Each of these raptors actually emitted a powerful aura at least comparable to a First-Order Emperor though, while the giant ones actually had strength on par with Second-Order Emperors.


“It has both offensive and defensive abilities!” Yang Kai exclaimed in amazement.


This type of Emperor Artifact was extremely rare and very difficult to refine. Emperor Artifacts were already very valuable, but Tan Jun Hao’s Golden Armour Heavenly Book was in a whole different category.


“Junior, how do you plan to fight this Old Master now?” Tan Jun Hao stood with his hands clasped behind his back and laughed loudly, “Do you think this Old Master would be so easy to kill? With this Golden Armour Heavenly Book, you will die without a burial without this Old Master even needing to act personally.”


As he spoke, the raptor birds flew towards Yang Kai from all directions, all of them looking extremely hostile, spewing profound light from their mouths as their wings gleamed sharply. Fireballs were constantly thrown at him while some others directly charged at him with opened claws.


Yang Kai was suddenly thrown into danger of being ripped apart by these vicious birds.


Tan Jun Hao continued laughing wildly as Yang Kai grew increasingly agitated, wishing he could fly over and rip his old mouth off.


It took a long time before Yang Kai could stabilize himself, but that did not improve his situation. From all directions, the raptors summoned from the Heavenly Book glared at him fixedly.


“Break!” Yang Kai slammed a punch in a certain direction, sending a storm of Moon Blades out that cut down several raptors that could not dodge in time.


Yang Kai rushed towards the gap with the sword in hand.


There were too many enemies, and if he were really to be surrounded, Yang Kai would not be able to display his full strength, so he could only escape for now. Fortunately, although these things could display the strength of an Emperor Realm Master, they did not seem to have Emperor Grade defence, allowing him to kill several of them with just a punch. If this was the case in general, it wouldn’t take him too much effort to dispose of them all.


“Naive!” Tan Jun Hao saw that Yang Kai wanted to break through the siege, but he did not stop him, instead just standing there stoically.


“This is bad!” Yang Kai suddenly felt something was wrong.


The beasts that seemed to have been killed by him did not disappear but were immediately restored to their original state after a moment of distortion.


[These things can’t be killed!]


Yang Kai cursed in his heart as he felt their fierce auras rushing towards him from all directions. It was too late to dodge. A raptor in front of him plummeted from the air, its claws shone with golden light so sharp it seemed capable of tearing apart the toughest steel.


At the critical moment, Yang Kai could only push his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Qi again. The five-colour glow enveloped him, and at the same time, he urged his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique to its utmost, waving his hands as countless Moon Blades shot towards all directions.


*Chi chi chi chi…*


Moon Blades pierced through the air one after another, and the raptors were sliced into two, twisting and distorting in mid-air.


*Ci la…*


There was a sound, and the Five Elements Sword Qi collapsed. Yang Kai was hit by several attacks on the back and chest, one of which gouged out his flesh and drew a lot of Golden Blood.


This was all after Yang Kai used his Dragon Transformation. If it were not for the protection of the Dragon Scales, he probably would have been torn into two.


“It’s useless, no matter how many times you kill them, they won’t die!” Tan Jun Hao taunted him, standing to the side.


Compared to the Emperor Realm Masters he tricked into coming to this auction, this Golden Armour Heavenly Book was truly his greatest support. As long as he still had the Heavenly Book, the summoned beings would never perish and could re-condense each time after they were killed.


Of course, Yang Kai knew this now.


Although he did not understand all the mysteries of the Golden Armour Heavenly Book, he had seen some of its capabilities.


Taking advantage of the time before the slain raptors restored themselves, Yang Kai flickered away from the spot with a fluctuation of Space Principles.


“Haha, little brat, are you running out of ideas?” Tan Jun Hao laughed. The reason he had made so many preparations was mainly to counter Yang Kai’s Spatial Techniques.


And it had proven to be effective. If it were not for all Tan Jun Hao’s arrangements, he probably would not have had a chance against Yang Kai as he could flee at any time.


It was foolish of Yang Kai to try the same old trick of teleporting away again.


As Tan Jun Hao spoke, an array flag appeared in his hand.


This was the control flag for the Five Elements Grand Sealing Array, and it allowed him to perfectly counter Yang Kai’s use of Space Principles. Since Yang Kai was at his wits’ end, it was the perfect time to do it again.


It was definitely unpleasant to be thrown out of the Void, and given the right timing, Tan Jun Hao could order the raptors to pounce on Yang Kai again, ensuring he died.


Emperor Qi surged and poured into the array flag while Tan Jun Hao waved his hand towards where Yang Kai stood before.


The next moment, Yang Kai’s figure indeed reappeared from the Void.


Tan Jun Hao shouted cunningly, “Die!”


Just as he shouted though, Yang Kai suddenly disappeared from where he stood.


Tan Jun Hao’s laughter stopped abruptly as a figure appeared before him. Yang Kai had reappeared almost face to face with Tan Jun Hao, his eyes filled with mockery, “Old dog, your timing was off.”


“You…” Tan Jun Hao was shocked, but it only took a moment before he understood what was going on.


Yang Kai’s teleportation earlier was obviously just a guise, while in fact, he did not move at all. The image of him being thrown from the Void was simply because he took the initiative to reappear, not because he was really shaken out.


Just when Tan Jun Hao mistakenly thought that he had succeeded and let down his guard for a split second, Yang Kai truly teleported to approach him.


[Damn it, I fell for this brat’s trick!] Tan Jun Hao almost broke his teeth from clenching them too hard. The setup that he relied on so much had unexpectedly turned into a flaw that was used against him by the enemy. It was a great shame.


Tan Jun Hao was not slow to respond though and immediately kicked his feet to retreat.


The real battle had just begun, and the Golden Armour Heavenly Book had not even displayed a tenth of its power.  Even if Yang Kai tricked him once, it was absolutely impossible for him to beat Tan Jun Hao so easily.


Tan Jun Hao had full confidence in killing Yang Kai here.


“Look into my eyes!”


At that moment though, Yang Kai suddenly let out a shout.


Tan Jun Hao looked over at him instinctively.


“Good!” Yang Kai grinned, his left eye suddenly filling with a rich golden light, his pupil transforming into a golden slit that exuded endless majesty.


Demon Eye of Annihilation!


[Oh no, I was tricked again. This cunning little brat!] Tan Jun Hao was shocked and cursed Yang Kai madly to himself.


He instinctively wanted to look away, but found that he was hindered by a strange power exuded from the golden slit.


A Pupil Technique!


Tan Jun Hao bit the tip of his tongue while desperately pushing his Spiritual Energy to resist this unnatural attraction.


But a split second was sufficient to decide the victor in a competition between Masters.


Before Tan Jun Hao could regain control of himself, Yang Kai had already made a move.


“Soul Splitting Saber, Heaven Severing Slash!”


A golden ray shot out from his left eye, slashed straight towards Tan Jun Hao before it disappeared in a flash.


With a muffled grunt, the colour drained from Yang Kai’s face as sweat poured down his forehead like he had just been drenched under the rain.


On the other hand, Tan Jun Hao screamed miserably as he bled profusely from his eyes and his face contorted in pain.




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  1. I feel like the Soul Devouring Insects should be able to just eat all the manifestations from the Book, they should be some sort of spiritual enegry right?

    1. 🤔That’s weird. Because “just a month ago” (about 1½ months to be accurate) Demon Eye of Annihilation did actually come up (Chapter 2539). It isn’t the non-inclusion of the Demon Eye that is the problem, so much so as is the unexplained disappearance of the ability to absorb dead masters’ soul fragments through the Demon Eye.

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  3. I’ve seen this guy fight people weaker than him and immediately kill them before they could utilize their artifacts. He fights a 3rd order emperor, an elder from star soul palace, with an emperor artifact and his bright idea while fighting is ; hmm let me see what this guys weapon can do…

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