Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2726, Malignant High Heaven Palace


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“I wouldn’t mind if we became intimate friends, but I’m worried you’ll…” Yang Kai took Zhu Qing’s dainty hand and gently stroked it, “Find it forced!”


[Tsk tsk, such a smooth and delicate little hand. The texture feels just like the finest silk, making it hard to let go.]


Zhu Qing frowned and stared at Yang Kai’s wanton actions, squirming a little before she pulled her hand back and looked away, “Don’t do that, it feels weird…”


Yang Kai said with a straight face, “Didn’t you say you wanted to be intimate friends?”


Zhu Qing asked curiously, “Is this what intimate friends have to do?”


“Of course!” Yang Kai’s nostrils were blowing out hot air, “And this is just the basics.”


Zhu Qing could not help but look a little hesitant, “Then what else do we have to do?”


Yang Kai stroked his chin, a wicked smile on his face, “Much, much more…”


“Tell me about it? I’ll see if I… can manage,” Zhu Qing’s tender pink neck had become a little red, seemingly becoming aware of something.


Just looking at her reaction alone was enough to make one restless. Yang Kai quickly took a deep breath to calm down his tumbling urges before he swiftly laid his head atop Zhu Qing’s firm and smooth thighs. The top of his head nudging against her belly as he said comfortably, “Try giving me a rub.”


Zhu Qing’s face was red. Even though it was not her first time having such intimate contact with Yang Kai, and even had done more excessive things before this, her heartbeat couldn’t help but quicken and she became a little flustered.


Raising her hands, she pressed her two thumbs lightly against Yang Kai’s temple and moved them gently in a circular motion.


Yang Kai felt his whole body loosen up, like he was floating on clouds. It felt so good he could almost reach his peak. [This girl is actually quite cooperative], he thought to himself. He even began to wonder if he should just forget everything that happened up until now and really get to know her properly?


Suddenly, a violent force erupted at his temples, as if he had just been hit by two hammers at the same time. Yang Kai’s face twisted up instantly and his eyes went wide.


“You really think I don’t know anything and will let you do whatever you want?!” Zhu Qing ground her teeth as a force great enough to move mountains and break seas, her two thumbs pressing like drills, spinning hard back and forth against Yang Kai’s temples.


“I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!” Yang Kai’s head was pinned down so that he was unable to move his body, only able to flail about madly.


“It may be my first time leaving Dragon Island, but I’m no fool! Don’t think you can bully me like this!” With gritted teeth, Zhu Qing’s fingers kept digging.


Yang Kai instantly felt the desire to die. His entire person had become uncomfortable. Body arching, he shot up from the ground, feet landing towards Zhu Qing’s head.


Zhu Qing easily deflected the blow with a wave of her hand and took this moment to stand up, putting some distance between Yang Kai and herself, panting and glaring at him.


Yang Kai swayed a few times, still feeling a little dizzy. He almost couldn’t stand straight as he indignantly shouted, “You actually pretended to be innocent in front of me! How could you deceive me so wickedly!”


Feeling like he had been cheated, it left a huge scar deep in his heart.


“I’ve had enough of you!” Zhu Qing shouted at him through gritted teeth.


“It’s not like I’m the one who asked you to stay, you’re the one that’s insistent on staying here and now you’re blaming me for that?”


Zhu Qing’s chest heaved like a volcano that could blow at any moment. She stomped her feet, “Fine! I won’t pester you anymore in the future, so don’t come looking for me either!”


“What a joke!” Yang Kai stood with his arms on his waist, spittle flying everywhere as he spat, “I won’t look for you even if every other woman in this world died!”


Zhu Qing’s face instantly turned icy cold as if a bowl of frost could be scraped off of it. A layer of mist appeared in her beautiful eyes as she calmly said, “Remember what you said.”


Then, she turned around and left.


Yang Kai scoffed and raised his hand, waving, “Good riddance!”


But he could no longer see Zhu Qing’s figure anymore.


In a flash, Hua Qing Si suddenly appeared at the top of the mountain. She looked at Yang Kai, then at the direction Zhu Qing left, asking, “Did you quarrel?”


“We just couldn’t see eye-to-eye, that’s all,” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


“It’s not too late to catch up to her now. She hasn’t gone that far yet.” Hua Qing Si looked into the distance, “You know how women are, just coax her a little and she’ll be fine. If she can be angry with you, it means she cares about you.”


“She has other intentions,” Yang Kai bristled. He then turned to look at Hua Qing Si and asked, “What do you need me for?”


Hua Qing Si quickly said, “They’re here.”


Yang Kai’s face turned serious before he sneered, “Since they’re here, let’s go and have a look at the famed Great Emperor’s Disciple.”


Outside the gates of High heaven Palace, a huge ship hovered mid-air beside the Sect Defending Array, just like a dark cloud covering the sky.


Five figures stood on the deck.


Ji Ying stood at the forefront, waiting with a heavy look on his face. Fire Dragon Palace’s Palace Master Li Jiao and Full Sky Sect’s Sect Master Mi Qi stood quietly to each of his sides just like his guards. Further back were two more people, Ji Ying’s Disciples, one of whom was Li Xuan.


Li Xuan had lost most of his teeth and his cheek was swollen even now.


These weren’t serious injuries, and as he was an Alchemist and came from Medicine Pill Valley, he naturally had some good healing pills with him. This sort of injury could be treated in less than a hour, but he had deliberately not healed himself so that Ji Ying could see his wounds and know how he was bullied and humiliated at High Heaven Palace.


The result was quite good.


When Ji Ying saw how his beloved Disciple had been beaten up to resemble a pig’s head, even losing most of his teeth, his anger exploded.


Li Xuan may be a second-generation disciple of Medicine Pill Valley, not a personal student of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, but he was still part of Medicine Pill Valley.


It was unforgivable for him to be humiliated in such a way in the Northern Territory.


Now, when he arrived at High Heaven Palace and was even blocked outside their gates without receiving the respect he deserved, it gave Ji Ying an even worse impression about this place.


“This is simply outrageous!” Li Jiao said with indignation, “This High Heaven Palace is simply too arrogant! They should be honoured that Grandmaster Ji has personally come to visit, but nobody has come out to receive him. This Sect has no manners to speak of.”


Mi Qi chimed in immediately, “Too true! This High Heaven Palace has no regard for Grandmaster Ji. That means they have no regard for Medicine Pill Valley either!”


The two of them fanned the flames while they watched the show, wanting nothing more than for High Heaven Palace to offend Ji Ying as much as possible.


Ji Ying’s already displeased face became even uglier.


He was a Disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor and was a noble Emperor Alchemist; where in the Northern Territory would he not receive a warm welcome? No matter where he went, people waited on him with great enthusiasm, but he was actually greeted with closed doors here at High Heaven Palace!


Just now, there was some Head Manager who came out, asking a few questions before she went back inside, now nowhere to be seen.


Was this how unruly High Heaven Palace was? As the saying goes, seeing is believing. When he heard Mi Qi and Li Jiao talking about High Heaven Palace, Ji Ying knew that they were deliberately discrediting this place, but now, his own personal experience proved that this High Heaven Palace really wasn’t anything good.


“Master, you have to obtain justice for this disciple!” Li Xuan found the right time to jump out, sobbing and snotty while he spoke incoherently, “Not only did that High Heaven Palace Palace Master beat this disciple, he even snatched away this disciple’s Source Crystals meant to purchase the spirit herbs! He did not take this disciple seriously even after I told him Honoured Master and Ancestral Founder’s name. You can’t let him go easily, Honoured Master!”


“What!” Ji Ying’s face changed and he said fiercely, “He actually dares to disregard Honoured Master’s name?”


Even though he was angry with what he and his disciple encountered thus far, it was not to the degree that he lost his mind. But when he heard from Li Xuan that High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master actually disdained the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, Ji Ying completely erupted.


Observing his reaction, Li Xuan turned his eyes away and said, “He even said… even said…”


“What did he say?” Ji Ying asked with a dark face.


Li Xuan said meekly, “Disciple doesn’t dare to say.”


“Speak!” Ji Ying glared at him.


His Senior Brother at the side also said, “Junior Brother, what has that man said? Tell Honoured Master everything! Don’t be afraid!”


Only then did Li Xuan let loose as if he had found the courage, “He said Alchemists are all bloated fools, thinking we are masters just because we know Alchemy. He said that we were all worthless in his eyes…”


“Impudence!” Ji Ying shouted.


Li Xuan fell to his knees, “Honoured Master, I wasn’t the one who said it, it was him!”


“Master naturally knows that you didn’t say such disgraceful words,” Ji Ying took a deep breath and calmed himself before raising his hand, “Get up!”


Li Xuan staggered up and lifted his sleeve to wipe the corners of his eyes, covering the sinister grin that appeared on his face.


As Ji Ying’s Disciple, he naturally knew what Ji Ying’s reverse scale was.


Wondrous Pill Great Emperor was Ji Ying’s Honoured Teacher, and the Alchemic Dao was what Ji Ying spent his whole life pursuing. These two things weighed more to Ji Ying than even his own life, so he would never allow anyone off easily if they dared profane them.


And now, from what he was told, Yang Kai violated both of these taboos, so it would be strange if he had a good end after this.


[Let’s see how you die now!] Li Xuan cheered in his heart.


“Grandmaster Ji, it seems like this High Heaven Palace has no need to exist anymore. If we really allow them to stay in the Northern Territory, it would be nothing more than a great shame!” Li Jiao said coldly, “Grandmaster Ji. We should gather our allies in the Northern Territory and band together to condemn High Heaven Palace!”


Mi Qi echoed his sentiments, “My Full Sky Sect will devote all of its strength to eradicate this malignant growth from the Northern Territory!”


Ji Ying frowned deeply for quite some time before finally saying, “We shall decide how to proceed once I have met the Palace Master of this High Heaven Palace.”


He was not someone who made decisions based solely on his emotions. Even though his fury was hard to restrain, what he heard was nothing more than his Disciple’s side of the story.


Even though he thought Li Xuan couldn’t lie to him, it was better to see what High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master wanted first. If things were truly as Li Xuan said, then it wouldn’t be too late to make a move against High Heaven Palace then.


Mi Qi and Li Jiao exchanged helpless glances. Both of them knew that this matter couldn’t be rushed, so they remained silent.


On the other hand, a trace of panic flashed across Li Xuan’s face. He had exaggerated what happened to Ji Ying just now and even fabricated several big lies. He was really afraid of him confronting High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master face-to-face and hearing a different story. But on second thought, he had always put on a well-behaved appearance in front of his Honoured Master, so even if the other party spoke differently, with no proof, his Honoured Master would surely side with him rather than an outsider.


When Li Xuan thought about things this way, he instantly felt much better.




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