Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3124, A Star Master Nourishing His Star


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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Above the clouds and below the sunlight, Yang Kai closed his eyes and spread his arms. He was engulfed in the golden sunlight, appearing rather sacred.


Following that, screams could be heard continuously. In just an incense stick’s worth of time, hundreds of cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field were killed.


After Tu Feng and the others returned, they were all agitated when they saw Yang Kai.


Qiu Yi Meng placed a finger on her lips and shushed them.


A moment later, Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked at them with a smile.




“Sect Master!”


All of them saluted him.


Yang Kai swept a glance over all these familiar faces. Blood Warriors like Tu Feng, Tang Yu Xian, and Ying Jiu, who followed him in the Inheritance War of the Yang Family in the past, had grown exponentially over the years. Those disciples from the Eight Great Families had come of age as they all appeared mature. The disciples from different Sects in the Great Han Dynasty were also at the scene. Although he hadn’t met them for several dozen years, he could still remember their names just by looking at their faces.


He had never forgotten about them because they were his closest companions when he was still young and weak. At that instant, memories from the past flashed across his mind.


“Your Elder Sister is back,” Yang Kai stared at Su Mu and uttered.


Su Mu was startled for a moment before he became ecstatic, “She…”


“She came across an opportunity.”


Tears could be seen sliding down Su Mu’s face as he jumped up into the air like an excited monkey. After pulling himself together, he gazed at Yang Kai and asked, “Where is she?”


“At High Heaven Sect.”


“I’m going back now.” Not willing to wait anymore, Su Mu turned around and left.


Su Yan had gone missing for twenty years, and no one knew whether she was dead or alive, so he had been extremely worried all the while. Now that she was said to be safe, he was excited.


However, he realised that he couldn’t step forward, as though he had been bound by someone. Then, he turned to look at Yang Kai and said in embarrassment, “Brother-in-law, I admit that I’ve been cursing you in my heart over the years, but since my Elder Sister is back, just take it as that it’s all nonsense. I’ll apologise to you next time. Please let me go now.”


“You’ve been cursing me?” Yang Kai was stunned.


Su Mu scratched his head and put on a hollow laugh. Certainly, he had cursed Yang Kai many times before, as he felt that Su Yan only went to investigate the Void Corridor because she wanted to look for Yang Kai. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone missing. The culprit behind this incident was undoubtedly Yang Kai.


“I’ll tell your Elder Sister to deal with you later.” Yang Kai snorted.


“As long as both of you are safe, you can deal with me however you want,” Su Mu appeared prepared to be taught a lesson. He was no longer as reckless as when he was younger, “Can you let me go now?”


“Better than that, I’ll send you there directly.” Yang Kai waved his hand, upon which, Su Mu disappeared from the place with only some residual Space Principle fluctuations remaining. 


Then, he turned to look at Qiu Yi Meng and said, “After all of you settle everything here, you can return to the Sect. There won’t be any invaders anymore.”


“Yes!” All of them replied in agreement.


“Where are you going?” Qiu Yi Meng asked anxiously.


“I have to attend to some matters. I’ll go back soon,” Yang Kai flashed a smile at her and disappeared from the place.


Qiu Yi Meng reached out her hand but couldn’t grab him, causing a crestfallen expression to cross her face.


All of them looked at her with conflicted expressions, because they knew what was on her mind. She was in love with Yang Kai, but unfortunately, he didn’t love her back, so there was nothing they could do about it.


With a grin, Tu Feng added, “Finally, we can take a long rest. Elder Qiu, why don’t we go back?” He was attempting to change the topic because he didn’t have the heart to see her looking so dejected.


Qiu Yi Meng nodded and turned to look in the direction of High Heaven Sect, “We really should go back.”


On the other hand, Yang Kai kept moving down until he reached the centre of the Star. This was the birthplace of Shadowed Star’s Source.


It was the first time he returned to this place since he left several dozen years ago. He came here today because he had realised that there had been some unusual reactions in the Shadowed Star’s Source, especially during the past few times when he communicated with the World Principles here.


After he stepped into the hollow at the centre of the Star, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a sense of warmth, like a traveller that had returned to his homeland. This kind of feeling was even more intense than when he returned to High Heaven Sect, as though this place was the origin of all things as well as the beginning and the end of everything.


Shadowed Star’s Source Strength within his body had become more active as it was now surging within him. 


He walked up to a stone bed and sat down on it with his legs crossed. Then, he emptied his mind and let the Source Strength within his body resonate with Shadowed Star.


A moment later, he lay down on the stone bed. After some time, he turned and slept on his side as he appeared serene like a baby that was still being nurtured in a mother’s stomach.


Just then, some sounds could be heard. At first, he couldn’t make out what the sounds were, but soon, they became clearly audible.


The sounds were chaotic and continuous as though a piece of indescribable music had been composed and played out in his mind.


[This is…] He was astounded as he listened attentively to it.


Soon, he realised that these sounds were coming from every part of Shadowed Star. He didn’t use any force or even try to communicate with the World Principles here, nor did he use any of the powers that were bestowed on him as the Star Master of this Star. By just lying down on the side, he was able to listen to everything on the Star.


The languages of birds and insects were alien to him in the past, but at this moment, he seemed able to understand them.


Two dung beetles were fighting over a ball in the wilderness. They clashed with each other with their horns as they were having an argument, “This is my dung! Go away!”


“You should go away because this is mine. Otherwise, I’ll beat you up!”


“Try me!”


“Alright, then!”


After they argued for a bit, they started trying to snatch the dung ball, then it turned into a scuffle. Neither of them was willing to back down and the fight went on for a long time.


On the other hand, a moth was struggling on a spider web. An eight-legged spider giggled as it climbed towards the centre and injected its poison into the moth before having its meal, “This is delicious! It’d be nice if I could have such a delectable meal every day.”


A pair of ants were shouting a chant in an orderly manner as the other ants diligently brought the food back to the ant nest kilometres away.


Pleading voices could be heard as well. Yang Kai followed these voices and realised that there had been a drought in a certain area for several years, leading to a famine where many had died of hunger and those who had survived were barely hanging on. The situation had become so desperate that some had even resorted to cannibalism. There were also people who had invited mediums to communicate with the Heavens to beg for rain to alleviate their suffering.


Yang Kai, who seemed to be asleep, saw this and impatiently waved his hand.


Just then, thunder could be heard from above the peoples’ heads. The sky, which was filled with nothing but blue, suddenly turned gloomy as dark clouds had gathered above them, covering an area that spanned ten thousand kilometres in every direction. Lightning struck, then rain started pouring down.


Looking up at the sky, those mortals fell on their knees and pressed their heads against the ground as they thanked the Heavens for their blessing.


Inside Coloured Glass Sect, Dai Yuan had activated her Coloured Glass Body, forming a nigh unbreakable barrier around herself. Right now she was battling against several people at the same time, but just as she was on the brink of defeat, the World Energy around her surged and condensed into a series of blades that slashed her enemies in half. In an instant, their blood and organs splattered everywhere.


Dai Yuan was flabbergasted as she didn’t understand what was going on.


Those who were cut into half appeared horrified as well because they couldn’t tell who had launched a sneak attack on them. Whoever it was, they were unable to even sense their presence.


*Chi chi chi chi…*


More blasts of World Energy formed and began cutting down the enemy forces. All the disciples from Coloured Glass Sect were dumbfounded as they watched as some mysterious force slaughtered all their opponents while they remained unharmed.


“Senior Sister, what’s going on?” Yin Su Die flew towards Dai Yuan and stood beside her before asking this question.


Dai Yuan shook her head, “I have no idea.”


Then, they turned to look at Gong Ao Fu, who appeared surprised as well. After their enemies were all killed, Gong Ao Fu cupped her fists and said gently, “May I know who has helped us? Please show yourself Your Excellency, so we may offer you our sincere gratitude.”


Even after she shouted three times though, she still didn’t receive any reply, as though the Master who had helped them earlier didn’t exist.


Gong Ao Fu heaved a sigh, as she knew that their saviour wasn’t willing to show up, and she probably had no way to find him. So, she could only remember this favour in her heart so that when she found out their saviour’s name one day, she could repay this grace.


Similar sights could be seen all over Shadowed Star.


Initially, those cultivators from Grand Desolation Star Field wanted to flee because their Starships had been destroyed. Certainly, those from Shadowed Star wouldn’t let them go easily, so they raced after them and engaged them in fierce combat.


For some mysterious reason though, before many of the battles could even be joined, their enemies were all killed. In just one hour, Shadowed Star fell silent as no more battles were left to be fought.


Countless people were befuddled as they didn’t understand what happened. They also wondered who the mysterious benefactor was that had helped them.


Just then, World Energy started swirling high up above as a kind of illusionary phantom appeared in the distance. When the shadow first appeared, no one could clearly make out what it was. They just knew that it was immense as it was covering half the sky like a black screen.


All living creatures on Shadowed Star, regardless of where they were, could see this shadow as long as they looked up.


An indescribable feeling then rose within everyone’s heart, as they had the urge to worship that phantom. As everyone gazed dazedly at this image, it started going through a transformation. The phantom’s image grew clearer, as hands and legs became visible. Eventually, it assumed the form of a human, an enormous human that towered above the world. All were astounded at this sight and couldn’t come to their senses for a long time.


Moments later, the shadow’s face became clearer, causing the sluggish eyes of the masses to glow with excitement and ecstasy as utter surprise and joy came over them, for many of them recognised this person’s face.


It was Yang Kai! He was the Shadowed Star’s Star Master who had left several dozen years ago. As they watched the gigantic shadow, they wondered where Yang Kai actually was.


What was even more puzzling was that this immense shadow, which was hovering in a void, was lying on his side in the sky. His eyes were closed, making him look like he was asleep.


As his chest heaved, the World Energy rose and fell as well.


Just then, faint wisps of starlight could be seen coming from the Starry Sky and landing on Shadowed Star from all directions. 


At first glance, many thought Shadowed Star had somehow run into an Asteroid Sea, sending tens of thousands of meteors falling to the ground, causing a kind of fluster and panic.


However, after the wisps landed on the ground, they didn’t cause any damage at all. Instead, they streamed into Shadowed Star like a mysterious force that nurtured this Cultivation Star and the trillions of creatures that lived on it.


As the giant illusionary Yang Kai breathed in and out, more wisps of starlight rained down in a dense and dazzling shower.


The World Energy Aura across Shadowed Star became thicker and purer at a speed that was clearly noticeable. Even the elusive World Principles seemed to become stronger and more tangible at this moment.


The Star Master was nourishing his Star!




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  1. I was hoping to see what would happen to a star whose Star Master becomes an Emperor. Yang Yan didn’t seem to have done much for the Shadow Star, but then she was far from her peak for most of the time she controlled it…

  2. Thank you for this beautiful chapter! i enjoyed it a lot and hope Yang Kai will soon get full control over “Heng Luo Star Field” and maybe even raise the limit of everyone to emporer realm.

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