Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3125, No One Can Leave Without Getting Drunk


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The relationship between a Star Master and a Cultivation Star wasn’t that of a Master and a Servant. Instead, their fates were correlated as one’s fortune or misfortune would affect the other. If the Star Master’s cultivation was powerful, the Cultivation Star would also benefit, and vice versa.


It was just like what happened to Tong Xuan Realm in the past. At that time, the World Energy on the Star was quite weak, and if not for Xia Ning Chang taking the risk and refining its Star Source, it would have become desolate after several hundred or possibly a thousand years, rather than being its current vibrant existence.


Yang Kai had left Shadowed Star for many years, so the connection between the Star Source and Shadowed Star had become frail. Moreover, after years of wars, the Star had taken damage and begun to decline.


Nevertheless, it was still a short period of time, and the change was gradual, so the cultivators on Shadowed Star hadn’t noticed much.


However, Yang Kai immediately realised it after he returned because Shadowed Star had become bleaker than before he left. 


As such, the unexpected opportunity to return nurture to the Star as a Star Master was a stroke of good fortune. Yang Kai had managed to attract some power from the Star Field to nourish Shadowed Star, replenishing the losses it had suffered. All things, living or nonliving, were able to benefit from this nourishment.


After such an incident, mortals would rarely come across any droughts again and cultivators would find it easier to cultivate. Whenever they were facing any bottlenecks, they would be able to achieve breakthroughs quicker. It could be said that what Yang Kai had done did not just help the current situation on the Star, but it would also benefit generations to come.


Nonetheless, Yang Kai wasn’t aware of what he was doing for his Star. His mind was in a totally empty state as countless sounds flowed into his ears. Anyone would have gone mad if the same thing happened to them, but Yang Kai appeared calm and collected, as though this was a completely natural process. Not only did he not find the chaotic sounds maddening, he even found a sense of cordiality and warmth in them.


His eyes were closed, but he was able to sense every movement of all the trees and flowers on Shadowed Star. The entire world had become vivid and beautiful in his mind.


Time slowly went by. On the square in front of the main hall in High Heaven Sect, many people were gathered together. The hall was also packed with people. Besides those from High Heaven Sect, the cultivators from other great forces on Shadowed Star had arrived at this place.


At this moment, the strongest Masters on Shadowed Star had all gathered together here.


One month ago, the gigantic image of Yang Kai sleeping on his side suddenly appeared in the sky for everyone to clearly see. It was impossible that this huge image would appear for no reason, so with doubts in their minds, many people had asked those from High Heaven Sect about it.


The reply they got was truly exciting – Yang Kai was back!


It was then everyone realised why the Starships from Grand Desolation Star Field were all destroyed and the cultivators from the invading Star Field were killed. It was all thanks to Yang Kai. While they were agitated, they were also shocked to learn that a Star Master’s power could be so horrifying.


It was as though they had found a pillar to rely on, boosting their confidence and setting their minds at ease after many years of anxiety and tension. With Yang Kai watching over Shadowed Star, no one would dare to invade them again. This was probably the best news they had heard in the past decade.


Yang Kai’s huge image had been hovering in the sky in a sleeping position since it appeared one month ago. Sometimes, he would turn over and extend his legs to change into a different position. As he breathed, countless wisps of starlight would continuously be attracted to Shadowed Star, causing the entire Star to be illuminated in a fantastical glow.


Those on the Star hadn’t seen the sky turning dark for the past month, but even after such a long time, they were still astounded whenever they looked up.


In just one month, the effects of the Star Master giving back to his Star could be clearly felt.


Like the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the disciples from different Sects in every corner managed to achieve breakthroughs all at once. The lower their cultivation was, the faster they could achieve a breakthrough. The most shocking success story was a disciple from a small, previously unknown Sect. He was just a Separation and Reunion Boundary Junior one month ago, but now he had reached the Sixth-Order Immortal Ascension Boundary. In just one month, he had broken through two Major Realms!


In normal times, such an incident wouldn’t have happened. Even the most talented of cultivators couldn’t possibly achieve such progress in just one month; however, during this period of time when the Star Master was returning nurture to the Star, the impossible had become reality.


What truly excited those cultivators on Shadowed Star was that many cultivators who were stuck in the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm for a long time were finally able to break through to the Origin King Realm. Although there were not a lot of examples of this, it wasn’t a small number either. Roughly twenty people on Shadowed Star reached the Origin King Realm in this one month period, four of which came from High Heaven Sect.


More than twenty Origin King Realm Masters were a terrific number on any Cultivation Star. If they had these more than twenty Origin King Realm Masters a dozen years ago, they would have chased away those from Grand Desolation Star Field a long time ago, and the war wouldn’t have lasted until now.


It was said that a person could transform after everyone hadn’t seen him for three days. It was just an old saying, but during this period of time on Shadowed Star, anyone could truly transform into an entirely different person in just three days, because he might have reached a new realm.


At this moment, more than ten people were standing in a row in front of the main hall as they looked up at the Starry Sky. These people were the leaders of the most powerful Sects on Shadowed Star. Ye Xi Yun stood in the middle, while everyone else stood beside her.


“Hasn’t he awakened?” The Hall Master of Shadow Moon Hall, Qian Tong, looked up at the huge image in the sky and recalled the time when Yang Kai had arrived at this place as though it was yesterday. At that moment, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh. He had never expected that this brat would grow up to be as powerful as the Heavens and Earth one day. As he reminisced about the past, he found that everything that was happening now a little surreal.


“He’s been sleeping for a whole month already. Is that really alright?” The Sect Master of Clear Sky Sect, Gu Zhen, appeared worried.


Gong Ao Fu explained, “He’s basically nourishing the Star. The longer this period of time lasts, the better it is for all of us. So, there won’t be any problem. We should hope that he’ll continue sleeping for longer.”


“He’s waking up.” Ye Xi Yun suddenly raised her head and declared.


Hearing that, all of them shifted their attention to the sky, only to see the huge image, which had been sleeping for a long time, turning over and slowly sitting up. He covered his mouth and yawned as he was still in a groggy state. Although it was just an image, it captured every movement and expression of Yang Kai accurately and vividly.


“This brat!” Dong Su Zhu said through clenched teeth as her eyes had turned bloodshot, “I’ve come all the way to look for him, but he isn’t willing to show up for the entire month! He’s definitely not my son!”


Hearing that, Yang Ying Feng was shocked, “Then who gave birth to… Ahh…” Before he could finish his words, Dong Su Zhu landed a kick on him, causing him to grimace in pain.


“Help me deal with him later!” Dong Su Zhu turned to look at Su Yan with a furious expression.


“Yes, mother.” Su Yan nodded obediently.


“Little Su Yan, you’re the best. Haa… I should have given birth to a daughter. My son is never by my side…” Dong Su Zhu complained for a bit before she glowered at her husband.


“What’s wrong?” Yang Ying Feng’s chest tightened. [I’ve done nothing here. How have I offended you again? I didn’t even complain about it when you kicked me. What else do you want?”


“This is all your fault!” Dong Su Zhu uttered through gritted teeth.


Yang Ying Feng felt wronged, “What does it have to do with me?”


She went on to say, “If it weren’t because of you… If it weren’t because of you, I wouldn’t have given birth to such a son. He’s always making me so worried!”


Yang Ying Feng forced a smile, but it was uglier than if he had been crying. At that instant, he felt that there was no justice in this world.


To the side, Su Yan covered her mouth and giggled. It was quite rare that a married couple would still bicker like this after so many years of marriage.


“I feel furious just by looking at you!” Dong Su Zhu seemed to have no other way to get the frustration off her chest, so she could only vent it all out on her husband.


Yang Ying Feng darted his gaze around, but suddenly thinking of something, he walked up to his wife and leaned close to her before speaking to her using Divine Sense.


Dong Su Zhu’s face reddened in an instant as she pinched his waist and uttered, “What in the world are you talking about? You’re such an old pervert!”


“Let’s go.” He took her wrist and dragged her away.


“No! Stop pulling me! There are so many people around. It’s so embarrassing!”


As they bickered with each other, they soon disappeared from everyone’s sight.


Su Yan was blushing slightly. Yang Ying Feng thought that no one could hear him, but Su Yan was already a Second-Order Dao Source Realm Master, so his Divine Sense couldn’t block her probing.


She hadn’t eavesdropped intentionally, it was all just an accident, but what was said still sounded like thunder in her ears. 


[They want to give birth to a little sister for Yang Kai? I’m looking forward to it…]


In the sky, Yang Kai finally came to his senses. It was apparent that his mind had become clearer now after awakening from a long sleep. He scanned his surroundings and eventually looked down from the sky.


His vision seemed able to traverse across space and allowed him to take in everything that was happening in High Heaven Sect. Then, he put on a smile.


Everyone thought that he was smiling at them. No matter where they were, or from whatever angle they looked at him from, this seemed to be a universal feeling for all of them.


However, only Su Yan was able to see the reflection of herself in his eyes.


With a loud crash, the huge image suddenly disintegrated and turned into pure and thick World Energy that began circling the world.


Just then, a figure appeared in the sky above the square of High Heaven Sect. As he was flying over, his black hair and clothes flapped along with the wind. At that moment, all of them shifted their attention to him.


Following that, voices that were as loud as thunder or a mountain collapsing could be heard, “Sect Master Yang!”


Facing this Star Master, who was not only supremely powerful but had also brought great transformative changes to the entire Shadowed Star, everyone could only offer the highest respect.


Yang Kai waved his hand, upon which a breeze whisked across the square and prevented them from bowing. Then, he swept a glance over all the faces that he was or wasn’t familiar with before he said with a smile, “This is a fortunate day for Shadowed Star, and so many Masters have gathered here as well. It’s such a rare occasion. I’ll drink 300 cups of wine with all of you at the very least!” Then, he swung his hand, “Prepare a banquet for the next three days. No one is to leave this place without getting drunk!”


“Many thanks, Sect Master Yang!”


Even without his order, those in High Heaven Sect had already prepared for such a celebration; after all, Yang Kai’s return was an important occasion. Moreover, they had just destroyed all the invaders on Shadowed Star, thus resolving the pain of a war that had lasted for more than ten years. It was the time for them to celebrate.


Yang Kai was the Sect Master of High Heaven Sect as well as the Master of Shadowed Star, so no one could challenge his authority.


As such, this celebration party could only be held in High Heaven Sect, not that anyone was opposed to the idea.


Soon, the vast square was covered in tables and chairs. The venue that could accommodate thousands of people was now packed. Besides the disciples from High Heaven Sect, there were also disciples from other Sects who had followed their Elders to this place.


On the other hand, the Sect Masters of different Sects and powerful cultivators were given a seat inside the main hall, which separated them from the people on the square.


Countless delectable dishes were soon served and placed on the tables. Many wines were opened as their aroma permeated the air. The joyous atmosphere around these cultivators on Shadowed Star seemed to fill from the ground all the way to the Starry Sky.


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