Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3140, A Mischievous Little Girl


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In another bedroom, exotic stones dotted the walls, giving off a soft light. Appearing sorrowful, Bi Luo was resting her chin on her palms.


[He’s back! I can’t believe he’s back! And he’s made my Queen cry. How outrageous! After his return, I’ll never stand a chance again. But… why don’t I feel jealous at all? Instead, I feel happy for her and I’m somewhat looking forward to it.]


She shook her head to shake away the wild thoughts in her mind. It was then she remembered that she had brought a young guest into her room.


Raising her head, she realised that the little girl was seated across the table, unmoving. The little girl was strangely quiet. Her gaze was so clear that her eyes looked like crystal lakes. She seemed to be looking at something, but her eyes were out of focus.


[What a delicate child. I wonder who he bore this girl with. Her mother must be a beautiful woman.]


Realising that she had been ignoring the little girl, Bi Luo put on a smile and made a search in her Space Ring. After fishing out some berries, she presented them to her and said, “Try them. They’re sweet.”


Liu Yan took a glance at the spirit fruits and looked up at her before replying with a serious expression, “I’m not a kid.”


Bi Luo burst into laughter and patted her head, “You are a kid. Why would you deny it?”


An annoyed Liu Yan slapped her hand away and bellowed, “I won’t forgive you if you keep acting this way!” Although she had tried her hardest to put on a furious expression, her age and figure, paired with her delicate face, made any adult want to play with her.


Bi Luo said, “You’re so little, but your attitude is quite big. Alright, I won’t touch you.”


Liu Yan leaned backwards as her entire body plunged onto the chair.


Trying to have a conversation with her, Bi Luo asked, “Is your dad good to you?”


“He’s not my dad!”


“What? You just called him Daddy. Why do you deny it now? Oh, I got it. You must be trying to stand up for your mother. You’re quite the precocious child. Anyway, what you’re doing is useless, because your dad has many women. My Queen is just one of them.” Suddenly, she realised that it was quite ridiculous to talk to a little kid about such topics, so she immediately ended this line of conversation and instead began asking, “How old are you? What’s your name? Where’s your mother? How did your parents get to know each other?” 


She was extremely gossipy now; however, she told herself that she was trying to get more information for Shan Qing Luo so that they could get to know their competitors better.


Hearing all this, Liu Yan slowly turned her head and looked silently at her.


Bi Luo asked, “Is there something on my face?”


“You’re annoying. Can you keep your mouth shut?”


Bi Luo blinked her eyes. [I can’t believe I’ve just been lectured by a little girl!] She couldn’t believe her ears as her face reddened in an instant.


“You look fidgety. Are you curious about what they’re doing?” Liu Yan asked.


“No!” Bi Luo’s face turned a shade redder, as though the little girl had seen through her thoughts.


Liu Yan moved her ear, as if she was listening to something, before saying, “Oh, it’s intense. Your Queen is indeed unrestrained. That position is quite interesting.”


“Y-Y-You…” Bi Luo stood up straight from the chair and stared at Liu Yan with widened eyes as though the latter was a ghost.


[Is this what a kid is supposed to say? I don’t even need to give it a thought to know what they’re doing in that room, but why does she look like she’s eavesdropping on them? Why did she mention a position? Perhaps she’s a little too mischievous!] Bi Luo felt that her sense of morality had been shaken as it was now showing signs of breaking apart.


Just then, Liu Yan extended both hands into a void and seemed to grab something.


“What are you doing?” Bi Luo asked doubtfully.


Liu Yan replied, “He’s grabbing your Queen like this, then your Queen is doing this now…” As she spoke, she swung her head as her hair flapped in the air.


At that instant, Bi Luo widened her mouth, rooted to the spot as if a Binding Technique had been cast upon her.


Liu Yan was giving some vivid descriptions, as though she was really able to see it, and upon hearing all this, Bi Luo could even picture what was going on in the adjacent room. Nevertheless, Liu Yan appeared impassive as she was describing the scenes, which added a layer of eeriness to the atmosphere. Uncontrollably, Bi Luo felt her body turning cold.


[This kid is too strange. Is Yang Kai aware of this? Maybe there’s an ancient giant beast that’s hidden in her petite body. I have never seen a young kid like her before.]


All of a sudden, Bi Luo came to her senses and smiled with pursed lips, “Stop spouting nonsense.”


[I was almost fooled by her. The Queen’s bedroom is protected by layers of barriers. Even a First-Order Origin King like me can’t possibly peek at what’s going on in there, so how could a little girl like her be able to do that?]


“Forget it if you don’t believe me.” Liu Yan lost the interest to keep describing the scenes as she sat leisurely on the chair. Her hands were placed on her stomach as she fiddled with her own two fingers.


For that moment, the room fell into silence. Bi Luo didn’t dare to speak to this young kid anymore, as she was worried that the latter would say something else to shock her.


“Hey…” Liu Yan suddenly said.


“Are you calling me?” Bi Luo turned to look at her.


“Is there anyone else in the room?” Liu Yan stared at her in exasperation as though the latter was an idiot.


Bi Luo took a deep breath to contain her urge to strangle this kid. [She’s an adorable little girl as long as she stays silent, but why does she keep saying things that infuriate me? Although we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, she’s too different from her appearance. I can’t accept it!] 


Bi Luo forced a smile and uttered in a calm voice, “I’m Bi Luo. You can call me Aunt Bi Luo or Big Sister Bi Luo.”


“You didn’t have to tell me this because I know your name.”


[I must be patient! She’s Yang Kai’s daughter after all. If I really strangle her, I can’t explain myself to Yang Kai or my Queen.]


“Do you want to sleep? You can sleep in my room.”


Liu Yan stuck out one finger and shook it, “Stop trying to speculate what’s on my mind.”


“What do you want then?” Bi Luo was no longer fond of this little girl. [A devil must be hidden beneath her beautiful facade. It is said that kids take after their parents. Since she’s Yang Kai’s daughter, I can’t expect her to be anything good.]


“Tell me about the current situation on this Star right now.”


“The current situation?” Bi Luo looked at her in shock, “What do you mean?”


Liu Yan replied, “I can tell that a defensive Spirit Array has been arranged around this place, and the area is heavily guarded. Obviously, all of you have put up your guard against your enemies. Tell me more about your enemies.”


“Why do you want to know?” Bi Luo raised her brow curiously, wondering, [Is this something a child is supposed to worry about?]


“Just hurry up and tell me!” Liu Yan glowered at her.


“Good, good,” appearing helpless, Bi Luo placed her hand on her forehead. Since she couldn’t sleep now, she thought she could talk to this weird little girl to kill some time.


After that, she started explaining the current situation on Monster Emperor Star to Liu Yan. She didn’t take it seriously at first, but upon seeing that Liu Yan appeared solemn and serious, she found it amusing and thought, [I’ve said many things, but can she even understand a single one of them? She sure pretends that she’s attentively listening to me though.]


One hour later, Bi Luo poured herself a glass of water to moisten her throat as she was exhausted from all the talking.


Liu Yan tapped the back of the chair and said, “So, the situation on Monster Emperor Star is actually quite pessimistic. All the great forces of the Monster Race have been destroyed except for Red Moon Territory?”


“Although some have hidden rather than been outright destroyed, they’re practically powerless now,” Bi Luo heaved a sigh. In fact, there were many Masters on Monster Emperor Star. All of the Ten Great Tribal Lords were Tenth-Order Masters, equivalent to Origin Kings. Some of them even had a lineage descended from Divine Spirits, though their bloodlines were incredibly thin. Therefore, they were just as powerful as those from Limitless Beast Mountain, but the problem was that they were not united. Furthermore, the cultivation techniques and Secret Techniques used by their enemies were able to restrain them greatly, which was why they had ended up in such a miserable state.


Another reason for their misfortunes was the resistance from the Human Race.


Over the years, Humans had been oppressed quite harshly on Monster Emperor Star, so the sudden arrival of those from Limitless Beast Mountain was actually a good thing for those Humans. Before those from Limitless Beast Mountain had to do anything, most of the Humans on Monster Emperor Star had sided with them.


Even the Humans in Red Moon Territory were no exception, let alone the Humans in the territories of other Tribal Lords.


Although the Humans that had sided with them were not that powerful, they were numerous. Moreover, they had lived on Monster Emperor Star for generations, so they could provide information those from Limitless Beast Mountain desperately needed. With useful information and great strength, it was no wonder that they were able to win the battles easily. Of the Ten Great Tribal Lords, seven of them had either been killed or subdued. On Monster Emperor Star, only Red Moon Territory was still largely unaffected.


However, when those from Limitless Beast Mountain managed to amass enough power, they would definitely invade this place.


An exasperated Bi Luo said, “That Old Lion from Limitless Beast Mountain is such a shameless bast… guy. Some time ago, he had sent a messenger over to tell our Queen that as long as she sided with them, they’d let Red Moon Territory off. He even said that our Queen would still be able to manage our Tribe. Such impudence!”


“Old Lion?”


Bi Luo explained, “He’s the Mountain Master of Limitless Beast Mountain. I think he has the lineage of some kind of lion, or that he’s refined some kind of Monster Beast Source, so he’s quite powerful.”


Shan Qing Luo had dealt with him before, but she couldn’t defeat him because that old fart had the help of many Monster Beasts when he was in a battle. Although Shan Qing Luo was powerful, she wasn’t able to deal with so many opponents at the same time.


“Since you’re in a perilous situation now, why don’t all of you leave? Why do you still stay here like a bunch of fools?”


An annoyed Bi Luo refuted, “What do you know? This is the territory the Queen’s adoptive mother has passed down to her. She wouldn’t give it up until the last moment.”


“It’ll be too late when the last moment comes.”


Bi Luo uttered, “The Queen has her own way of escaping.” Shan Qing Luo was in the Third-Order Origin King Realm, so even if she was really no match for those from Limitless Beast Mountain, it wouldn’t be hard for her to flee.


Upon hearing that, Liu Yan remained silent for a moment before she hopped off her chair, “Come with me.”


“Where are you going?”


“To Limitless Beast Mountain!”


Bi Luo exclaimed, “Are you out of your mind?”


[What’s wrong with this little girl? Why does she want to head to Limitless Beast Mountain? That place is like a lion’s den, so how are we going to break into it as we please?]


“Are you coming or not?” Liu Yan stared at her.


“Of course not!” Bi Luo determinedly rejected her.


Right then, Liu Yan turned around and placed her palms on the chair before lifting her backside. After that, she swayed her head as her long hair flapped in the air.


“What are you doing now?”


Liu Yan turned her head and stared at her with a charming expression as she said, “This is what your Queen is doing right now!”




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  1. “Although the Humans that had sided with them were not that powerful, they were numerous. Moreover, they had lived on Monster Emperor Star for generations, so they could provide information those from Limitless Beast Mountain desperately needed. With useful information and great strength, it was no wonder that they were able to win the battles easily. Of the Ten Great Tribal Lords, seven of them had either been killed or subdued. On Monster Emperor Star, only Red Moon Territory was still largely unaffected.”

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