Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3175, Another One Surnamed ‘Wu’


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“You won’t escape!” A furious voice rang out from behind them as space around them seemed to solidify. Yang Kai was halfway through the motion of leaping into the darkness, but his body came to an abrupt stop at that moment. He was stuck in place with the darkness only several metres away from him, escape literally at his fingertips.


Turning his head, Yang Kai saw that the figure of the middle-aged man he had blown away just now was flickering and rushing towards them urgently. Yang Kai had always used his Space Techniques to inhibit his opponents’ movements and never expected he would one day be imprisoned in place by somebody else.


The middle-aged man had not mastered the Dao of Space, but he could mobilize all the Principles and powers of the Star Field as its Master. 


[Fighting him in this place is very disadvantageous indeed.]


After suffering a loss once, the middle-aged man’s expression was extremely ugly; however, his eyes were also filled with excitement. It seemed as though he planned to keep Yang Kai here, once and for all. This was truly a godsend opportunity. If he missed this chance, he would never be able to take over Heng Luo Star Field again.


“Go!” Yang Kai threw Li Jiao and Lu San Niang, who were in his clutches, into the darkness, using both brute force and Space Principles at the same time to break through the restraints around him. 


*Kacha…* Small cracks appeared in the surrounding space like little fish swimming about, and his imprisoned body finally regained a sliver of freedom. Clenching his intact fist, Yang Kai stealthily grasped something in the palm of his hand while praying in his heart that his guess was correct. Otherwise, a disastrous end would await him.


“I praise you for your righteousness, Your Excellency, but doing this was utter idiocy on your part.” The middle-aged man could not restrain the joy in his heart and quickly rushed over to Yang Kai in just several steps. Although the power behind Yang Kai’s punch just now was not weak, it had not caused any substantial harm to him.


As the Master of this Star Field, he had countless ways to disperse the power of that punch when he stood within his own domain. Therefore, he only suffered some slight discomfort. On the other hand, Yang Kai had lost the use of an arm and was now lashing out with his other one. The middle-aged man lifted his fist in response, preparing to render that arm useless too.


When their fists connected again, the smile on the middle-aged man’s face stiffened suddenly. He was, once again, blown away like a shooting star with a loud ‘whooshing’ sound. His eyes were filled with confusion, and he was completely incapable of understanding what had just happened. There was only one question repeating over and over in his heart. 


[How is this possible!?]


Failing to receive the first punch earlier could be explained away by him underestimating his enemy and by the opponent still being able to utilize the power of their Star Field to a certain extent since they had just leapt across the World Barrier.


Be that as it may, it should have been impossible for the second punch to have such an effect! The middle-aged man had confined his opponent in this space and isolated him from Heng Luo Star Field on the other side! This boy couldn’t use the power of his Star Field again! Even so, the middle-aged man could clearly feel the power of a whole world rushing towards him from that punch. It was different from the first punch yet very similar at the same time.


“Hahahaha!” Yang Kai laughed wildly.


When the laughter reached the middle-aged man’s ears, it immediately filled him with rage. It felt as though he, an adult, was fighting with a child and being thrown to the ground, over and over again. It was extremely frustrating and humiliating. That wasn’t to say that Yang Kai was a child. It was just that Yang Kai should be no different from a defenceless child in this Star Field.


A voice that irritated him even more sounded in his head at that moment, “Just you wait! Sooner or later, I’ll beat your face in so badly that even your mother won’t recognize you!”


After leaving those vicious words behind, Yang Kai turned and stepped into the darkness.


By the time the middle-aged man lunged toward Yang Kai again, the latter was gone. 


Clenching his fists furiously, he roared bitterly, “Yang Kai!”


There had been no grievances between Yang Kai and him before this, simply some friction over the assimilation of Heng Luo Star Field. However, there had not been a Star Field Master in Heng Luo Star Field when this middle-aged man first made his plans to take it over. What he wanted to devour had simply been an unowned Star Field at the time. In the end, those plans were ruined by Yang Kai. In other words, Yang Kai was the one who destroyed everything.


After being played for a fool over and over again though, the middle-aged man ended up embarrassing himself greatly. Therefore, the flames of rage were burning high in him and he already considered Yang Kai to be an enemy. 


[If I ever get the chance, I will definitely kill him!]


Yang Kai appeared in Heng Luo Star Field and reverted back to his human appearance. Meanwhile, Li Jiao and Lu San Niang both stood there and watched the darkness anxiously. They were overjoyed to see Yang Kai emerge and immediately came forward in concern. Then, they saw that both his arms were hanging limply by his sides like strands of noodles, so how could they not realize that he had suffered a great loss?


“Brother Yang…” Li Jiao’s eyes were a little moist. After being captured by that middle-aged man, he had not held any hope that Yang Kai would come and rescue him. That was because he knew that, although he had some standing in Yang Kai’s heart, it was impossible to compare it to a whole Star Field; after all, this Star Field contained Yang Kai’s friends, family, and Sect. How could he sacrifice the entire Star Field for the sake of one newly made friend?


For that reason, Li Jiao had planned for the worst. Who could have known that Yang Kai would take such a huge risk to infiltrate a Star Field controlled by the enemy just to save him, though! Moreover, he succeeded! It was not an exaggeration to say that Li Jiao would never be able to repay such a great kindness even if he gave his life!


Yang Kai looked at Li Jiao in disgust and said, “My arm hurts very much right now. And, the way you look right now is making my head hurt too.”


Li Jiao blushed at those words.


Then, Yang Kai continued, “I only did that as an experiment. It would have been your fate if I failed to rescue you at that time. Of course, I would have avenged your deaths.”


Li Jiao said, “I understand. In any case, I am still very grateful.”


Lu San Niang seemed like she was hesitating to speak, but Yang Kai added, “Yu Qin is safe. She is currently at High Heaven Sect. You guys should go too.”


“What about you?” Li Jiao asked in concern.


Yang Kai said, “I will stay here to monitor the situation. Besides, I have to recuperate from my injuries.” Pausing for a moment, he continued, “By the way, do you know who that person is? At least, his name?”


Li Jiao replied, “That person calls himself ‘Wu Heng’!”


“Another one surnamed ‘Wu’?” Yang Kai frowned, and his expression became a little strange. All those with the surname Wu he met seemed to be scum. Even the greatest villain in history was surnamed Wu.


Li Jiao clearly knew what Yang Kai was thinking about, but shaking his head, he explained, “This person probably has nothing to do with ‘that’ person. They just happen to have the same surname.”


“It would be best if they are completely unrelated to each other.” Yang Kai nodded. If Wu Heng turned out to be related to Wu Kuang, then it would turn into an extremely troublesome matter. Another Heaven Devouring Great Emperor could not be allowed to exist in this world; after all, the original was still alive and kicking.


They talked for a bit more, but Li Jiao did not know much about Wu Heng’s background either, so Yang Kai soon sent the couple back to Shadowed Star.


Sitting cross-legged in the void, Yang Kai circulated his strength to restore his arms, both of which had been shattered. Although his actions had disgraced Wu Heng just now, they were not without cost. Various Principles flowed inside his arms, wantonly destroying his body and veins. The injuries were so severe that if it had been anybody else in this condition, their arms would have been completely crippled as a result.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had a strong physique and vitality, and now that he was back in his territory, he could borrow the power of the Star Field to easily draw out the Principles in his body and dissipate them into the void. Not only did he not suffer much from doing that, but he also added some energy to the Star Field, even though it was an insignificant amount.


A long while later, Yang Kai could finally slightly raise his arms. The potential dangers had been removed and the rest would simply heal slowly. It probably wouldn’t take long before they were completely restored. Then, he took out some healing pills and stuffed them into his mouth to further shorten the recovery period.


The palm of his right hand had been tightly clenched all this while. He had not loosened his grip at all since earlier. It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai unclenched his fist and spread out his palm. 


A longan sized bead was lying quietly on the palm of his hand. It was the Sealed World Bead!


His first punch managed to blast Wu Heng back because he had been betting on catching Wu Heng off guard. Besides, he had just crossed over from his own Star Field so he could still mobilize some of the Star Field’s power when he stood at the border between both worlds.


However, Yang Kai did not rely on the power of the Star Field for the second punch. It was by borrowing the power of the Sealed World Bead that he managed to succeed!


If a Star Field was said to be its own world, then the Sealed World Bead was also its own world. The only difference was their sizes. Comparing the sizes of the worlds within the Sealed World Bead and the entire Star Field was like comparing a child to a full-grown adult. Even so, one thing was the same; they both contained their own World Force.


As the owner of the Sealed World Bead, it was only natural that Yang Kai could mobilize the power of the Sealed World. He had previously used the World Force within the Sealed World Bead to defend himself against a World Energy Baptism. Consequently, the Small Sealed World within had been heavily damaged, its World Principles suffering gravely.


Yang Kai had later entered the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda of Star Soul Palace and used the Sealed World Bead to absorb a lot of Source Strength from it. It was only then that he finally managed to repair the Sealed World Bead and evolve it into a complete world.


Repeating that old trick was his last resort. Fortunately, the results did not disappoint him. He would not have been able to force Wu Heng back without the Sealed World Bead, regardless of how powerful his second punch was.


“May the Heavens bless you!” Yang Kai held the Sealed World Bead in both hands and chanted those words several times before his expression became resolute. Immersing his Divine Sense into the Sealed World Bead, he probed the condition within and his face immediately twitched in response. His expression fluctuated endlessly, it was only after a long time that a miserable howl resounded through the Starry Sky.


As he expected, the insides of the Small Sealed World were a mess. The world that had been repaired and perfected when he entered the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda had fallen apart again. The World Principles were chaotic, the mountains were upside down, the rivers flowed in reverse, and multiple Void Cracks spread across the Small Sealed World like great scars.


At first glance, the world was in such a dilapidated condition that it looked like it might collapse at any moment.


Yang Kai was heartbroken. Saving Li Jiao this time around had bled him dry. Luckily, he had managed to save those two at the very least. Furthermore, the one silver lining among the rest of the misfortunes was that there was no damage near the medicine garden. After all, the medicine garden was the real core of the Small Sealed World.


One reason for this stroke of fortune was that Yang Kai had deliberately protected that place. The other reason was that the Immortal Tree and Firmament Tree were planted inside the medicine garden.


Be it the Immortal Tree or the Firmament Tree, there was only one of their kind in the world. Their existences in itself were difficult to destroy, so it was only natural that the place where they were located would be practically untouchable too.


Sometime later, Yang Kai withdrew his consciousness from the Sealed World Bead and calmed his rampaging emotions.


Although the Sealed World Bead was severely damaged, it was not destroyed. That meant that there was always a chance to repair it again. 


[I will have to see if I can get another chance to enter the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda.] 


However, he suddenly recalled what had happened when he left Star Soul Palace back then and instantly dismissed the idea. 


[I caused a lot of trouble for Star Soul Palace when I last entered the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda, so I’m afraid Bright Moon Great Emperor will never let me enter it ever again.]


Putting the Sealed World Bead away, Yang Kai cast his gaze into the darkness before him. 


Right now, taking care of what was in front of him came first.




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