Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3191, It Ends Here


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The space around them shattered. At the same time, several Dead Stars nearby exploded and turned into rubble flying in all directions. The rage of a Star Field Master could affect the entire Star Field.


A Dragon Roar rang out, resounding throughout the Heavens. In the midst of the disorientation, a burst of golden light was released and a Golden Dragon appeared out of nowhere. Its Dragon’s Eyes were imposing as they looked down on the world. All living creatures were nothing but ants in its eyes. Shaking its head and flicking its tail, the Golden Dragon rushed towards the green giant palm.


“Dragon Language!?” The feather-crowned man’s expression changed drastically. He was extremely amazed and shocked. He had heard that obscure and complicated language once before. It was undoubtedly the Dragon Language. Besides, that Great Dragon shining with a golden light was definitely one of the Dragon Clan’s Secret Techniques.


[What is going on!?] 


“What’s the relationship between you and the Dragon Clan?” He burst out. The green giant palm paused for a moment in mid-air.


Even if Yang Kai was a Star Field Master, he had the right to kill him since Yang Kai had provoked him. At most, he would receive some light punishment upon his return to the Star Court; however, he had to proceed carefully if this young man in front of him turned out to be related to the Dragon Clan.


The Dragon Clan was extremely arrogant, and such arrogance meant that they were extremely protective of their own. In other words, it meant that they would never forget a grudge. Offending a member of the Dragon Clan was equivalent to offending all of Dragon Island. Even he did not have the confidence to face the fury of Dragon Island. As far as he knew, whether it was the Dragon Language or the Dragon Clan’s Secret Technique, those were things that only Pureblood Dragons had the right to learn and could learn. It was basically impossible for those with the Half-Dragon bloodlines to comprehend the intricacies within the obscure Dragon Language.


[Could it be possible… That this boy did not cultivate some sort of Secret Technique that allowed him to transform into a Half-Dragon? Could he actually be a member of the Dragon Clan!?] The moment he heard Yang Kai’s Dragon Language Secret Technique, he immediately became fearful and subconsciously reduced the power of his Divine Ability by a considerable amount.


Yang Kai was overjoyed at the sight and immediately understood the reason behind this change, secretly thinking to himself, [The words ‘Dragon Clan’ sure make for powerful protection! They can even scare a man like this. Their reputation sure precedes them.]


There was no way he was going to explain himself to the feather-crowned man of course as any negligence would result in death in a life-or-death battle, much less in a situation where he was weaker than his opponent in the first place.


In the midst of the Dragon Roar, the Golden Great Dragon slammed into the green giant palm. Two waves of energy clashed against each other, and be it the green giant palm or the Golden Dragon, they were both stuck in a strange stalemate. Both green and golden lights intertwined around each other, and an invisible wave of energy spread into the surroundings with a loud explosion.


Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief. 


[That was dangerous! Fortunately, that old dog held back slightly just now, otherwise, I would be no match for him at all.]


“Boy, answer my question!” The feather-crowned man shouted authoritatively.


Yang Kai glared at the feather-crowned man so hard that his eyes were about to pop, urgently summoning all the Dragon Aura within his body as he roared, “What’s so great about the Dragon Clan!? I’m the man who is going to become the Dragon Emperor!”


The feather-crowned man was taken aback by the words that left Yang Kai’s mouth. [Dragon Emperor!? That’s the highest title a Dragon can ever achieve!]


Although Dragon Island currently had two Masters on par with Great Elders overseeing their clan, even Great Elder Zhu Yan was not qualified to claim the title of Dragon Emperor. 


[Shameless boasting!] The feather-crowned man suddenly felt amused as he secretly mocked himself in his heart. [I was being overly cautious. Even if this boy was lucky enough to come across the opportunity to learn the Dragon Clan’s Secret Technique, it doesn’t mean that he is related to the Dragon Clan. How could someone like him be from the Dragon Clan?]


Even so, the situation did not feel that simple. 




The sound of bones cracking entered the feather-crowned man’s ears, and looking in the direction of the sound, his eyes narrowed abruptly.


Yang Kai, who was originally 200 metres long, suddenly became substantially taller, his figure rising to a full 250 metres long in the blink of an eye. Not only did he become taller, but the Dragon Clan features on the surface of his body also became more distinct than before. The Dragon Horns on his head had gotten longer, the Dragon Scales covering his body became fuller, his facial features squirmed and completely transformed into a gigantic Dragon Head, and his Golden Dragon Eyes were filled with an arrogant aloofness that looked at all the living creatures in the world as though they were beneath him.


Under the tremendous pressure he faced, Yang Kai’s Dragon Transformation Secret Art advanced again. Moreover, it was a huge leap forward. The Dragon Blood in his body seemed to flow even more joyfully than before and he could vaguely feel that even his vision and mentality had undergone a subtle change, birthing a compulsive sense of superiority in his mind.


The Dragon Clan claimed to be the strongest among all the living creatures and the head of all Divine Spirits. Although it was a self-proclaimed title, there was no living creature in the world that could object to it. That was because nobody in the world had the right to refute those claims. Any member of the Dragon Clan was inherently prideful and treated everything and everyone with contempt.


Looking into that pair of majestic Dragon Eyes, the feather-crowned man involuntarily felt his heart rate increasing as ripples of uncertainty washed over him.


After Yang Kai’s Dragon Transformation Secret Art made a breakthrough, the power of the Dragon Clan’s Secret Technique seemed to soar as well, and the original stalemate between golden and green light immediately tilted in his favour.


The feather-crowned man gritted his teeth and increased his strength in response, taking quite a lot of effort to offset Yang Kai’s sudden counterattack.


“Divine Dragon Tail Sweep!” Yang Kai shouted, and though his body did not move, the Dragon Tail behind him whipped out and struck in the direction of that feather-crowned man.


As if in a trance, the feather-crowned man felt a terrifying force sweep towards him, and by the time he reacted and tried to dodge, the Dragon Tail had already slammed into his body. 


He was completely caught off guard by the Dragon Tail that came sweeping towards him seemingly ignoring the barriers of space. Furthermore, it was so swift and powerful that he had no chance to block it.


His entire being felt as though he had been hit by a Star and he couldn’t help grunting as the sound of bones breaking came from his body. Fortunately, he had prepared some defences in advance, so he was not sent flying this time around. Nevertheless, that attack had undoubtedly and completely angered him. 


Gritting his teeth, he roared, “Do you really think I don’t dare to kill you!?”


After being humiliated so many times, the feather-crowned man didn’t even care anymore if this boy was a member of the Dragon Clan. This was a Lower Star Field, so even if he killed Yang Kai here, the Dragon Clan might not be able to prove anything. He might have some scruples over angering the Dragon Clan, but that did not mean he would silently endure such humiliation over and over again.


Power erupted from the feather-crowned man’s body while, at the same time, the green giant palm that had been struggling against the Golden Great Dragon all this while pressed down violently again.


Another Dragon Roar rang out, but even so, the Golden Dragon was overwhelmed and soon collapsed, allowing the giant palm to crash down on Yang Kai’s head, sealing space on all sides and preventing him from escaping.


At that critical moment of life or death, the frenzied look on Yang Kai’s face disappeared, and instead, he appeared incredibly calm.


When their gazes met, the feather-crowned man felt his heart clenching as a sense of unease gripped him, it felt as though something terrifying would occur if his palm strike were to land on its target. It was accompanied by a sense of crisis in his heart. Still, he had already committed himself to the battle, so how could he back down now? Gritting his teeth, he hardened his resolve. 




All of a sudden, a slender jade white hand appeared out of thin air and gently blocked the feather-crowned man’s palm strike from reaching Yang Kai.


“Enough!” A cold voice rang out, one that was clear and pleasant to the ears, like a babbling spring. The voice was soft, but it contained a dignity and authority that could not be questioned.


Then, a graceful figure slowly emerged to stand beside the feather-crowned man.


Yang Kai’s eyes widened as he stared at the person who had appeared out of nowhere with a blank look. That person was dressed in gold and had a red-gold Phoenix Coronet on her head; a pair of Phoenix Wings were spread out behind her like she was about to take flight; her black hair was tied into a neat bun behind her head; a red plum blossom mark stood out between her eyebrows; her starry eyes were bright and beautiful; her nose was exquisite; her skin was delicate, flawless, and as white as snow; and her figure was enchanting. The gold outfit that would seem gaudy and vulgar on most gave off an inexhaustible grace and nobility when worn on her instead.


“Yang…” Yang Kai began to utter; however, he didn’t dare to identify her and simply froze in place as a result. Meanwhile, the green giant palm, which was about to land on his head, dissipated, the remaining power fizzling out and fading into nothingness.


The feather-crowned man turned his head to look at this newcomer and frowned when he saw her face clearly. Although he had met her many times before, he was still amazed by her every single time. In the path toward the peak of the Martial Dao, the number of females decreased with increasing cultivation. The most obvious example of this was Flower Shadow Great Emperor, who was the only woman among the Ten Great Emperors while the rest were men. It wasn’t that women had a lower aptitude for cultivation compared to men, it was just that women were more susceptible to distractions, especially when it came to romance.


Many young women became enamoured with young men and became troubled because of love, causing their cultivation to stagnate. Ultimately, it led to the end result where women were fewer among those with higher cultivation. On the other hand, the woman in front of him was one of those few people who could rival him, an existence close to the Ten Great Emperors, qualified to stand on an equal footing with him.


The feather-crowned man had high cultivation and status, so he could afford to look down on Yang Kai and even go so far as to secretly kill off a suspected member of the Dragon Clan, but even so, he had no choice but to face this woman seriously.


“What are you doing here?” He asked.


The woman smiled back lightly and asked, “What’s wrong? Why can’t I be here?”


He pondered for a moment and nodded, “That’s true. This Star Field is under your jurisdiction after all.”


She said, “That’s right. A Star Field Master appeared in my Star Field, so it’s only right that I come over to take a look. Otherwise, he might have died at your hands.”


He snorted, “He is the one with a death wish.”


Yang Kai immediately felt displeased upon hearing those words. He immediately retracted his gaze from the woman and lifted his chin at the feather-crowned man in a smug posture, “If you’re not happy with the results, we can have a rematch. Let’s settle who is stronger between us!”


The feather-crowned man’s expression sank before he sneered, “You should rejoice for escaping with your life. If you dare make another sound…”


“What are you going to do?”


The feather-crowned man flicked his sleeves and snorted, “Forget it. I won’t stoop to your level.”


Now that this woman was here, he couldn’t act against this young man anymore. The only reason he decided to kill this young man was that nobody would know about it; however, there were witnesses now. His intention to get rid of Yang Kai once and for all had to be shelved as a result. What’s more, this woman would not stand idly by if he attacked Yang Kai. This Star Field was under her management after all. In short, things were going to have to end here today.


“Return my Star Severing Sword to me. Then, we’ll consider today’s matter settled!” The feather-crowned man crossed his arms behind his back aloofly and glared at Yang Kai coldly.


[So it’s called the Star Severing Sword,] Yang Kai’s brow twitched but he looked to the side as if he had not heard the feather-crowned man.


The veins in the feather-crowned man’s forehead bulged as he shouted, “Boy, I’m talking to you! Have you gone deaf!?”


“What did you say? I can’t hear you!” Yang Kai tilted his Dragon Head to the side and put one hand on his ear while shouting loudly.




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  1. “it was just that women were more susceptible to distractions, especially when it came to romance.”

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    1. My guess is that it’s a play on the instinctual desire that men have to protect making romance and love a source of power rather than stagnation. Also it would kind of make sense in a more literal way if you include pregnancy as an issue because I can totally see the usual harsh training and fighting to be not safe for the unborn child.

      1. 9 months and child birth is not a big deal for a cultivator that can live for thousands of years and heal from getting an arm chopped off.

    2. The seeking passion sect cultivated with sex, and there’s “an endless amount” of paths to the martial peak but not for women and their romance. They can only cultivate by not having a relationship and staying pure.

      I’m kind of used to how sexist it is at this point, like a racist grandma who makes good cookies, you take the good with the bad.

    3. I know, right? And what’s the ratio of men to women in this world? If it’s 50:50 then romance is a piss poor excuse because they’re obviously not romancing themselves.

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