Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3192, Meeting You Again


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


[What a joke! This guy is the one who appeared out of nowhere to stand up for Wu Heng for some reason and even picked a fight with me! Now, he wants me to return his Star Severing Sword!? He can go and screw himself!] The feather-crowned man wasn’t the only one who was upset, Yang Kai was upset too. [My rescue sure arrived at an untimely moment. It’s a little too early!]


If the feather-crowned man knew what Yang Kai was thinking at this moment, he would surely mock him for being overconfident again.


[In any case, that Star Severing Sword is my trophy. I can’t return it to him. En, I might consider it if he gets down on his knees and begged me though.]


“Peace reigns throughout the land, but foolish people create trouble for themselves. Did you really think I can’t get my Star Severing Sword back myself?” The feather-crowned man looked at Yang Kai coldly before glancing at Gun-Gun that was hovering nearby.


Gun-Gun had not been able to contribute in this fight, but that wasn’t because Yang Kai was deliberately hiding Gun-Gun’s abilities. It was just that the Star Severing Sword was rampaging in the Small Sealed World after being swallowed by Gun-Gun. Gun-Gun needed to mobilize the power of the entire Small Sealed World just to keep it under control, but there were still signs that it was not fully suppressed. The slightest bit of carelessness could cause great damage to the Small Sealed World.


Yang Kai was about to speak when the woman said, “Leave this to me.”


The feather-crowned man glanced at her and nodded gently, “Good!” He could not contradict her words now that she had spoken up.


Then, the woman turned around and studied Yang Kai. 


Yang Kai thought he saw her winking at him when their eyes met, but it felt like an illusion. A pleasant voice then sounded in his mind, “You need to return the Star Severing Sword.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Can’t I keep it?”


That sword was extremely peculiar. It could sever the connection between him and Heng Luo Star Field. Besides, the only reason he could confront the feather-crowned man was thanks to the injury the latter sustained when the Star Severing Sword was swallowed by Gun-Gun. Yang Kai had the feeling that if he had not done that, he would have lost a long time ago.


“You can’t keep it. The Star Severing Sword doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to the Star Court. I have one too. They are assigned to all Star Envoys. If you forcefully hold on to it, you will make the entire Star Court your enemy.”


“It’s something that belongs to the Star Court!?” Surprised, Yang Kai excitedly asked, “So it’ll be a disaster for him if I refuse to return it, right?”


She was visibly stunned as she clearly did not expect him to come up with such ideas. Generally speaking, most people would immediately think of returning the Star Severing Sword once they learn that it belonged to the Star Court; the weak could not contend with the strong after all. Contrarily, Yang Kai’s thinking was focused on another outcome entirely.


Failing to stifle her laughter, she commented, “That’s right. He will be severely punished and his identity as a Star Envoy might even be revoked.” Then, she turned the conversation around, “But, you won’t feel any better.”


“Alright, alright!” Yang Kai agreed reluctantly.


As a Star Envoy, losing the sword issued by the Star Court was a serious dereliction of duty, but in the same vein, Yang Kai stealing a Star Severing Sword would also be an open display of contempt towards the Star Court.


“Do you trust me? If you do, leave this to me. I won’t let you suffer a loss.”


“Of course I trust you.” [How can I not trust you? As long as you really are her.]


“Good. I’m going to negotiate with him for a bit.”


“Butcher him mercilessly!” He encouraged.


With a smile, she turned to the feather-crowned man and communicated with him. Their Divine Senses surged during the exchange and Yang Kai did not know what they were talking about, but the feather-crowned man’s expression changed constantly. It was solemn at times and angry at others. Furthermore, he shook his head constantly. It was clear that the woman had given him conditions that were unacceptable to him, which pleased Yang Kai to no end.


The battle started out as a fight between two Star Field Masters, and in the end, it even involved two Star Envoys.


[Does that mean I have a backer too?] Yang Kai glanced at that familiar yet unfamiliar face, his thoughts swirling in his head. [It makes sense when I think about it. She came to this Star Field before in the past, so it’s only natural for her to govern it as a Star Envoy.]


Yang Kai quietly dispelled his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique and returned to his original size. Finally able to relax, a wave of exhaustion immediately washed over him, and the pain in his left hand was utterly unbearable.


The battle today might not have gone on for long, but it had been extremely dangerous. Despite being a Star Field Master, Yang Kai couldn’t enjoy the advantages of fighting in his own territory at all. He had relied on his own strength throughout the entire battle. Fortunately, his Dragon Transformation Secret Art had undergone a breakthrough, so it was not totally without gain.


Urging his strength to heal the injury on his left arm, Yang Kai quietly waited for the results, and after a while, the woman smiled at Yang Kai and held out her hand, “Hand it over.”


Yang Kai naturally understood what she was referring to and quickly communicated with the Small Sealed World, causing Gun-Gun to open its large mouth. Following that, a flash of sword light instantly shot out of its mouth as swiftly as lightning and a terrifying Sword Qi slashed toward him. Nevertheless, the look of derision on his face did not change.


The Star Severing Sword abruptly turned away from him at the last moment and circled around him once before landing in the hands of the feather-crowned man.


On the other hand, the feather-crowned man looked livid. He returned his sword into its sheath then cupped his fists at the woman, “I’ll be going ahead.” Turning around, he stepped into the darkness behind him and disappeared in the blink of an eye. From start to finish, he did not learn Yang Kai’s name. Similarly, Yang Kai did not know his name either; even so, they had formed an enmity with each other by pure coincidence.


After the feather-crowned man left, the woman turned around and looked at Yang Kai with a smile.


Yang Kai grinned back at her. Striding forward, he rushed over to her and looked her up and down, as if to get to know her all over again.


Then, the woman stopped smiling, her pretty face filling with rage as she shouted, “How dare you cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!? Tell me; how do you want to die? I’ll grant you the mercy of a swift death!”


Stunned, Yang Kai suddenly felt as though the woman in front of him had become extremely unfamiliar and he couldn’t help wondering if she really was the person he knew.


“Enough!” Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Yang Kai opened his arms and pulled her into his embrace without giving her a chance to refuse.


Her long eyelashes fluttered as she blinked several times, her bright eyes filled with astonishment. Not having expected such a situation to occur, she allowed him to hug her before she realized what was happening.


Fortunately, he was not hugging her out of lust. This wasn’t a display of intimacy between a man and a woman, it was simply a hug between old friends to commemorate their reunion after such a long separation.


A slender jade-white hand swiftly lifted and pressed against his chest, pushing him away. That hand was delicate yet conveyed in a powerful force. Separated by an arm’s length now, he smiled carelessly and complained, “Yang Yan, do you know how hard it has been to find you?”


Yang Yan tilted her head and asked, “Yang Yan? Who is that? I don’t know who that is!”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “I almost couldn’t recognize you either.”


Back then, she had an extremely introverted personality and wore a black robe all the time, even covering her head with a veil and shawl, seemingly afraid that people might see her true appearance. After meeting her again several dozen years later, who could have imagined that she would have such a graceful and luxurious side to her? That noble temperament of hers almost made Yang Kai believe that he had mistaken her for another person.


All of a sudden, he couldn’t help but recall the scene when she plunged into his arms in fright, causing him to involuntarily glance down below her neck.


“What nonsense are you thinking about?” She reached out and knocked her knuckles against his head as if she could perceive his thoughts. It made a soft thud, and he rubbed that sore bump on his forehead while complaining, “Why did you hit me? Be careful, or I might get mad at you.”


She glared at him, “Go ahead and try.”


Smiling cheekily, he said, “I-I was just saying. Don’t take it so seriously. En… Oh, right! Are you a Star Envoy of the Star Court too? Does that mean that you returned to the Star Court after we separated back then?”


“That’s right.”


“No wonder,” He nodded. [No wonder she handed Lin Yun’er to the Iron Blood Great Emperor. She is a Star Envoy of the Star Court, and the Iron Blood Great Emperor is the current Great Emperor overseeing the Star Court. It’s easy for them to communicate with each other since they are working together, but it looks like the Iron Blood Great Emperor isn’t very serious about his duties and doesn’t remain at the Star Court much. Otherwise, Lin Yun’er would not have been out of contact with Yang Yan for so many years.] 


Yang Kai suddenly clenched his fists and asked, “If you were in the Star Boundary, why didn’t you come and look for me!?”


She wondered, “Are you my son? Why would I look for you?”


He staggered backwards at those words and looked at her sadly, “How ruthless and cold. Sure enough; there’s nothing more poisonous than a woman’s heart!”


Brushing her hair back behind her ear, she lifted her eyes to stare at him, “What kind of relationship do we have between us?”


Yang Kai waved his hands dismissively, “Alright, let’s not mention the past. The past is in the past. Let’s talk about the present instead. That bastard just now mentioned that a Star Envoy is in charge of numerous Star Fields, does that mean that, as a Star Field Master, I have to accept your authority?”


[It’s nice to have somebody supporting me, but I don’t like being controlled. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll have much choice in the matter.]


Yang Yan patted his chest in response, “Good. From now on, I am your immediate superior. Little brat, you seem quite promising, so you better be dutiful towards me in the future, and I will support you well in return.”


Yang Kai widened his eyes and reached out to squeeze her neck with all his strength to throttle her back and forth, “What happened to the Yang Yan I know! Hurry up and return that Yang Yan to me!” 


[The Yang Yan of the past was the best! Why is she like a totally different person now!?]


In that moment of chaos, she glared at him furiously, “Take your dirty paws off of me!”


He immediately released his hold on her and rubbed his chin nonchalantly like nothing had just happened, “Forget it, forget it. This isn’t that bad either. If any fool comes again to bother me, I’ll just use your name as a shield.” 


Although he was subjected to their control and restraint, at least he wouldn’t be bullied by another Star Envoy again like what happened previously. His expression changed as he asked, “Can I get a Star Severing Sword too?”


Yang Yan brushed her neck and tidied her hair before speaking with great contempt, “In your dreams. It’s a sword assigned only to Star Envoys. A trivial Star Field Master like you… Don’t even dream about touching it. You should look at yourself in the mirror first! Hahahahaha!”


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched and he strongly regretted not strangling her to death just now. At the very least, he could have kept his favourable impression of her as a beautiful memory in his heart. Sighing, he asked, “So, what benefits do I get if I accept the authority of the Star Court?”


She spread both hands out in a slight shrug with her palms facing upward, “Nothing.”


“I refuse!” He resolutely declared.


“Sorry, you can’t refuse. Star Field Masters who are not bound and governed by the Star Court are generally deprived of their qualifications.”


Clenching his fists, he protested, “You’re just a bunch of bullies! You don’t even give me any benefits, so why should I obey you?”


She glanced sideways at him, “Do you think you are visiting a brothel or something? Bullies? Good, it’s not like there’s no way to get out of being restrained.”


“How do I do that?” His eyes brightened at those words.


“Just become a Great Emperor yourself.”


He cursed under his breath.


“What did you say?” Yang Yan glared at Yang Kai.


“Nothing.” Yang Kai sniffed and heroically said, “Forget it. I will accept that authority or whatever for the sake of this Star Field. As the saying goes, ‘I am but a small sacrifice for the greater good’. Heh. I am such a magnanimous person.”


Silavin: Original title – Meeting Yang Yan Again.

You guys already know since the previous chapter… Well, I changed my decision after Yang Kai thought, ‘if you really are her’.




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