Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3223, Miserable


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In the early morning of the next day, Yang Kai woke up and yawned. There was a tender body in each of his arms, and a strange smell lingered in the room. Last night was another crazy one!


He gently disentangled himself from between the two soft forms and got out of bed to open the window with a wave of his hand. A light breeze blew in, blowing away the lingering fragrance.


Those movements of his caused both Shan Qing Luo and Xue Yue to wake up. Shan Qing Luo was thick-skinned so she sat up and stretched in a seductive manner, her exotic curves exposed for all to see. Staring at Yang Kai, she smirked and asked, “Are you satisfied now?”


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully. Walking over, he groped her chest, “You make it sound like you suffered a loss. I don’t even know who was wilder last night.”


She snorted, “Don’t come to me for the time being. I’m going to cultivate in retreat to break through to the Dao Source Realm. Big Sister is already in the Second-Order Dao Source Realm. If I don’t work harder, I won’t be able to keep up with you guys anymore.” While speaking, she reached out and pinched Xue Yue’s cheeks, “Stop pretending to be asleep and quickly get up.”


Xue Yue blushed when her cover was blown and had no choice but to get up; however, she was not as bold as Shan Qing Luo so she grabbed a blanket to cover her chest


Shan Qing Luo stretched out a hand to tickle Xue Yue, “What’s wrong? It’s not like we haven’t seen them before. Why are you being so shy?”


“Luo’er, stop teasing me.” Xue Yue was blushing furiously. Although she wasn’t as shy as Little Senior Sister, she wasn’t as unrestrained as Shan Qing Luo either. She secretly snuck a glance at Yang Kai and saw him standing there buck-naked, watching them with a smile on his face. He had no intention of stopping Shan Qing Luo’s antics; thus, she blurted out in shame, “You two always go overboard now that Big Sister isn’t here! I’m going to tell Big Sister about this!”


“Wow! How dare you tattle on us!?” Shan Qing Luo gritted her teeth and lunged over to pull the blanket off Xue Yue’s body. Then, she used both hands to tickle Xue Yue to the point where she started begging for mercy. At the same time, she called out to Yang Kai, “Husband, how can you dominate the world if you can’t even keep your woman in line? Little Sister is in need of some discipline. What are you still waiting for?”


Yang Kai considered it seriously for a moment and nodded, “That makes sense.” Approaching them, he grinned savagely as he ravaged Xue Yue with Shan Qing Luo’s assistance. Needless to say, Shan Qing Luo could not escape from the devil’s clutches either, and by the time the battle had been settled, it was midday.


The two women helped Yang Kai dress as he sat in front of the mirror with one helping him straighten out his clothes while the other combed his hair.


Xue Yue busied herself with her task while talking, “Husband, since Luo’er is entering retreat, I will too. You better not sabotage our efforts in the near future. It will be bad if our cultivation cannot keep up with you and Big Sister.”


“Good,” Yang Kai nodded. Although he would miss making love with them, they needed to continue scaling the path of the great Martial Dao. Both Shan Qing Luo and Xue Yue had just arrived from the Star Field, so it was the perfect time for them to improve at an explosive speed. If they missed this chance, it would affect their futures, so he warned them, “Work hard on your cultivation and don’t be afraid to ask if there is anything you don’t understand. There are many in the Emperor Realm within the Sect, so teaching you should not be a problem.”


“En.” Xue Yue nodded.


Shan Qing Luo suddenly pursed her lips and smiled, “Big Sister went to Ice Heart Valley, Ning Chang went to Medicine Pill Valley, and Little Sister Yue and I are going to cultivate in retreat. Husband, you are probably going to be a lonely man for some time. Didn’t you mention we have another Sister? Moreover, a member of the Dragon Clan at that. Why don’t you bring her over? That way, you’ll still have somebody taking care of you when we are not by your side.”


“About her…” Yang Kai murmured, “We’ll see.”


Zhu Qing’s affairs were a little tricky. Her very existence was related to the reputation of the Dragon Clan, so they would not let her go so easily. Furthermore, he caused a huge stir on Dragon Island previously and indirectly contributed to the death of an Eighth-Order Great Dragon. The Dragon Clan not being hostile to him was the best outcome he could hope for, so how could they allow Zhu Qing to join High Heaven Palace on top of that? The only way he could bring Zhu Qing here was if he had enough power to subdue all of Dragon Island.


Once Yang Kai was properly dressed, he walked out of High Heaven Peak and saw Hua Qing Si waiting outside. Hua Qing Si greeted him with a grumbling expression, “It’s one thing when you were constantly absent from the Sect in the past, but now that you are back, why is it still so hard to meet you!”


“What’s wrong?” He asked.


“Take a look.” She handed him a jade slip.


He took it from her and investigated the contents with his Divine Sense. Then, he couldn’t help gnashing his teeth, “Why are so many people filing complaints?”


To which she replied, “Well, there’s not enough to go around. Those teachers that arrived from Fire Dragon Palace are having an extremely difficult time these days. They practically don’t even have the time to rest, much less cultivate.”


“Why would they have no time to rest?” He was stunned.


Rolling her eyes at him, she stated, “Let me show you around and you’ll understand why immediately.”


While speaking, Hua Qing Si flew into the sky and led him to a Spirit Peak nearby. The cultivators living on this Spirit Peak seemed to be from Shadowed Star and numbered about a thousand in total. Currently, a long queue was stretching out in front of a palace situated at the top of the Spirit Peak. There were at least two hundred people waiting in line. From time to time, a cultivator would walk out of the palace with a look of sudden enlightenment. Every time somebody walked out, the person at the front of the line would enter the palace. Then, the cycle would repeat.


The corners of Yang Kai’s face twitched as he pointed to the palace below them and asked, “Is that the place where their teacher lives?”


“En.” Hua Qing Si looked a little apprehensive just looking at the situation, “The cultivators you brought have just arrived, so they are not used to the Star Boundary yet. It’s only natural that they run into some problems in their cultivation. Whenever they run into a problem, they come looking for their respective teachers to seek guidance. But, there is only one teacher on each Spirit Peak. Look at the line outside the palace. Where would these teachers find the time to rest? This is only a Spirit Peak with a population of around a thousand people. Those with even more living on them have it even worse. Though those with a population of only a few hundred have it slightly better, they are still very busy. A few of the teachers have already come to me, saying that they can’t bear life here any longer. Even if they suffer some punishment, they want to return to Fire Dragon Palace immediately. They have asked me to contact Palace Master Li.”


“Ignore them.”


Hua Qing Si said, “I’ve managed to suppress them for now. But, how well can they teach our disciples with that kind of mentality? If they don’t teach them properly, it will affect the futures of our disciples. Palace Master, you really need to look for a way to alleviate this situation.”


“En. I was already planning to do that.”


She said, “Ice Heart Valley has a pretty good relationship with us. Can’t we get some help from Ice Heart Valley?”


“Forget about Ice Heart Valley. I’ve considered it before, but all the disciples of Ice Heart Valley only cultivate Ice Attribute Secret Arts and Techniques. It’s too specific, which makes them unsuited to be their teachers.”


“What do we do then?”


“I have my own plans,” Yang Kai replied, “But, before more teachers arrive, I need you to appease the ones here already somehow. Let’s give them a monthly salary every month. We’ll stop making them work in vain.”


“I had that idea too. I was just about to report it to you.”


“Use your own judgement regarding this matter. If that doesn’t work, discuss it with Manager Bian. You are free to decide how much pay is suitable. You don’t need to ask me for my opinion on this.”


“Fine, fine,” Hua Qing Si sighed helplessly. She had never met a Palace Master like him before. He simply couldn’t wait to let go of all the power in his hands, seemingly happiest acting as an arm-flinging shopkeeper.


After separating from Hua Qing Si, Yang Kai went to Spirit Pill Peak, met with Ji Ying, and took out a number of items with him. A short while later, he appeared in front of the Space Array.


“Palace Master!” Bian Yu Qing, who was meditating by the side, hurriedly came to greet him.


He waved her away gently, indicating for her to go back to what she was doing, before walking over to the Space Array, activating it, and disappearing.


In the Southern Territory, Yang Kai leisurely appeared in a quiet mountain valley located at the back of Spirit Sword Peak in Azure Sun Temple. He swept his Divine Sense around and confirmed that nobody had seen him; then, he flew straight towards Spirit Sword Peak.


He was a High-Rank Guest Elder of Azure Sun Temple, and Spirit Sword Peak was the Spirit Peak where he lived. It was also the place he had chosen for himself and was located far away from the other Main Peaks, which made it easier for him to conceal the Space Array.


Flying over to Spirit Sword Peak, he took out an Elder’s Jade Token, opened the protective Array, and walked straight in.


Two young and beautiful women were feeding fish in front of a pond. The big red koi carps were swimming in the pond and competing for food, causing the two girls to giggle.


Yang Kai was a little dumbfounded by the sight. Looking around him carefully, he was certain that he was not in the wrong place. [This is definitely Spirit Sword Peak. Since when did I have two maidservants?]


Both girls did not have high cultivation and it wasn’t until Yang Kai had gotten very close that they noticed that there was somebody else present. Startled, the girl on the left dressed in red jumped up and shouted, “Who are you!?”


Yang Kai laughed and looked back at them and asked, “Who are you?”


“We are disciples of Azure Sun Temple. Who are you?” The girl in red looked at him warily.


On the contrary, a thoughtful look flashed through the eyes of the other girl, who was dressed in green. Seemingly realizing something, she tugged at her friend’s sleeve before bowing elegantly, “Greetings, Elder Yang!”


[Elder Yang!?] The girl in red froze in shock. There was only one Elder with the surname ‘Yang’ in the entire Azure Sun Temple, so she immediately composed herself and bowed.


“Rise.” Yang Kai waved his hand and beckoned them to stand. Then, he asked curiously, “Why are you here?”


The girl in green replied, “Elder Gao assigned us this mission. She said that Elder Yang doesn’t live here all year round, so she wanted us to stay here and tend to this place.”


“Senior Sister Gao…” Yang Kai nodded, “So that’s how it is.”


The girl in green continued, “We didn’t touch anything on Spirit Sword Peak. We kept everything as it was. We only clean the palace and feed the fish. Please understand, Elder Yang.”


He smiled, “Many thanks for your hard work, both of you.”


The two girls seemed overwhelmed by his praise. The person in front of them was an Elder of the Sect. Moreover, he was an Emperor Realm Master. With their humble statuses and low cultivation, the gap between them was as vast as the space between the Heavens and Earth. Nonetheless, the person in front of them was being so friendly that it made them very emotional.


By the time they came back to their senses, Yang Kai had already stepped into the hall.


“So that was Elder Yang.” The girl in red looked at Yang Kai’s disappearing back with a look of admiration, “He looks very young.”


The girl in green stated, “I heard that Elder Yang may be the youngest Elder we’ve ever had here. It’s said that he only spent a hundred years cultivating.”


“Seriously!?” The girl in red was visibly stunned. Although their cultivations weren’t high, they knew that it was not easy to become an Emperor Realm Master. To achieve that Realm within a hundred years was simply unthinkable.


“Elder Yang is said to have come from a Lower Star Field,” The girl in green clearly had more information. After saying that, she exclaimed out loud.


“What’s wrong?”


“Elder Gao told me to let her know as soon as Elder Yang returns. I almost forgot.” While speaking, she hurriedly took out a communication artifact.




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