Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3231, Old Tao


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The sounds of singing and dancing rose and fell inside the great hall of Full Sky Sect, accompanied by the sounds of rustling silk. A group of dancers was dancing nimbly below in clothes that exposed much of their skin. Meanwhile, a group of Emperor Realm Masters were seated in two rows on the left and the right. Everybody had a table arranged in front of them. Lastly, the Sect Master of Full Sky Sect, Mi Qi, sat next to a white-haired old man at the head of the hall and enthusiastically entertained the latter.


That old man was getting on in years and was not dressed very luxuriously, so he would not stand out from a crowd. The only conspicuous point about him was that he had several bags hanging from his waist. Nobody knew what was stuffed into them, but they were bulging. Nevertheless, it was such an old man who made Mi Qi and the others attend to him personally. Moreover, he was seated on the same level as Mi Qi, which went to show just how highly Mi Qi regarded this person.


Below them, the Elders and Protectors of Full Sky Sect constantly raised their glasses to toast the old man, who in turn did not refuse. The rare nectar slid down his snow-white beard as he drank, causing the Elders to feel great pain at the sight. It had cost them a lot of effort and Source Crystals just to brew these spirit wines and even though they couldn’t bring themselves to drink them on normal occasions, they brought all of it out for this guest only to see him being so painfully careless with it. Unfortunately, the old man was not somebody they could afford to offend. They could only lament in their hearts while smiling on the surface.


While the old man was drinking, he leered lecherously at the slender and charming dancers below. At the same time, he also grabbed a handful of grape-like berries and stuffed them into his mouth, one by one. Those berries looked extremely delicious. They were bright blue and sparkled in the light like gemstones; however, those who were familiar with this fruit would know that while it might be exquisite, their taste was anything but.


The Blue Jade Fruit was a kind of spirit fruit that could be used to refine certain Spirit Pills, but those pills weren’t very valuable or useful. If these fruits were consumed raw though, one would find them incredibly sour and difficult to swallow. In addition, they were difficult to cultivate; thus, they were extremely rare across the entire Star Boundary. After all, it did not have much use, did not taste good, and was difficult to produce. It was only natural that people couldn’t be bothered to waste their time and energy on growing them.


However, Full Sky Sect had invested heavily into a Blue Jade Fruit orchard, producing a large number of Blue Jade Fruits every year. The reason behind this endeavour was simple. This old man known as Old Tao loved the taste of Blue Jade Fruit. Everybody had their own unique likes and dislikes, so while most found Blue Jade Fruit hard to consume, it was the most scrumptious delicacy in the world to this old man. Nobody had any idea why his preference was so unique.


Old Tao came from an extraordinary background, and it was by pure chance that Mi Qi had gotten to know him. It was then he happened to notice that Old Tao had a love for Blue Jade Fruits when he invited him to Full Sky Sect. Pandering to the old man’s desires, Mi Qi spent a fortune to create a Blue Jade Fruit orchard in the Sect’s medicine garden and meticulously maintained it every year. 


Mi Qi would invite Old Tao over for a taste whenever it was time for the Blue Jade Fruits to be harvested and wrap up all the remaining Blue Jade Fruits for this old man to take when he left. Over the years, Old Tao developed a habit of staying at Full Sky Sect for a few days every year to relieve his cravings, and they eventually became familiar with each other.


The day Li Jiao left after delivering Yang Kai’s message, Mi Qi immediately invited Old Tao over by saying that the Blue Jade Fruits had ripened. Old Tao rushed over without hesitation upon receiving the message, and Full Sky Sect immediately served up good wine and good food for him.


Mi Qi was aware that Full Sky Sect was no match for High Heaven Palace as three Monster Kings were not to be underestimated. He had been harbouring a grudge since he and Li Jiao were both deceived by Yang Kai into taking that Alchemy bet, so he didn’t care about what it might cost him if he could use Old Tao’s strength to break free from High Heaven Palace’s control. The three Monster Kings were strong, but they were not enough to stand in front of Old Tao.


Therefore, Mi Qi enthusiastically offered drinks to Old Tao while smirking in his heart. [I can’t wait for Yang Kai to come knocking on my door. I’m going to show him that Full Sky Sect isn’t some pushover he can bully!]


At that moment, somebody suddenly entered from the outside and secretly sent a Divine Sense transmission to Mi Qi. Mi Qi’s expression immediately changed upon receiving the message and he hurriedly put his wine glass down while intentionally showing a disturbed look on his face as he spoke, “Old Tao, please excuse me for a moment. I will be back soon.” 


Old Tao listened to those words and looked up at Mi Qi curiously, “What’s the matter?”


Mi Qi forced a smile, “It’s just a trivial matter. I shouldn’t bother you with it, Old Tao. I will take care of it myself.”


Old Tao tossed a Blue Jade Fruit into his mouth and grinned meaningfully while chewing, revealing a set of blue-stained teeth, “Brother Mi, why are you treating this Old Master like an outsider?”


“How could I dare?” Mi Qi waved his hand quickly, “Old Tao, your presence at Full Sky Sect as a guest has allowed the Sect to flourish. How can I treat you as an outsider?”


Old Tao replied, “If it’s related to Full Sky Sect’s secrets, then you don’t need to talk about it, Brother Mi. But, you shouldn’t hide it from me if you are in trouble. I might not have much strength, but I can still speak a few words. Who knows? I might be able to help you solve your problems, Brother Mi.”


He could tell that something was wrong just by looking at Mi Qi’s expression.


Mi Qi hesitated for a while, seemingly struggling over something, but eventually he sighed and spoke, “Since you don’t treat me as an outsider, Old Tao, then it doesn’t matter if I tell you about the Sect’s shameful dispute.” While speaking, he picked up his wine glass and drained it down in one gulp, as though he was trying to drown his sorrows.


“Shameful dispute? What happened?” Old Tao became curious.


Mi Qi sighed, “It’s that damned High Heaven Palace again.”


Old Tao was stunned, his expression turning slightly strange as he asked, “You mean that High Heaven Palace that emerged not long ago? I remember you saying that the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace cheated you out of a lot of Source Crystals.”


Mi Qi had told Old Tao about this matter many years ago. At the time, he had wanted Old Tao to go to the High Heaven Palace to speak on his behalf and make Yang Kai write off those gambling debts; however, how could Old Tao easily involve himself in other people’s disputes? Although he came to Full Sky Sect to enjoy some Blue Jade Fruit every year and Mi Qi had always been very hospitable towards him, that was just a small favour in the end, not something worth upsetting one of the top Sects in the Northern Territory over. 


Old Tao might come from an extraordinary background, but that did not mean he went around inviting trouble to himself. Besides, it was a gambling debt, so it wasn’t as if Yang Kai had stolen it from Mi Qi.


“I am ashamed. Very ashamed!” Mi Qi looked like he couldn’t bear to think about the past. 


“What did the people of High Heaven Palace come here for?” Old Tao’s expression twitched, “Don’t tell me they are here to ask for the Source Crystals you owe? If that’s the case, I recommend you pay them back to keep the peace.”


Mi Qi secretly cursed in his heart. [You’ve eaten from my table for so many years, yet you ask me to use money to solve my issues the moment you hear that it’s High Heaven Palace!? You truly are unreliable at critical moments! Whatever; I will be borrowing your name as a shield since you are already here. Why else would I invite you over so enthusiastically if not for this? It was all for the moment when Yang Kai came knocking on the door. Up until now, everything has been going according to plan.]


While he cursed to himself, Mi Qi lamented with a sorrowful expression on his face, “You are right, Old Tao. I am not a man who goes against my word. It is only natural that I accept my loss since I was willing to gamble in the first place. Full Sky Sect has tightened its belt over the years to send over a large number of Source Crystals to High Heaven Palace. But, that bastard surnamed Yang seems to be unsatisfied. Just a few days ago, he sent somebody over to deliver a message, asking Full Sky Sect to surrender to High Heaven Palace; or else, he would wipe out Full Sky Sect.”


Although Li Jiao had said words to the effect of surrendering, Mi Qi had no qualms about embellishing the part about being wiped out.


Old Tao’s expression darkened when he heard those words, “This High Heaven Palace is being far too arrogant.”


“Isn’t it? I may be untalented, but I am still a Sect Master. I have several thousand disciples under me, so how can I sell out my Sect and submit myself to another? Therefore, I immediately refused on the spot, only asking for them to show mercy and leave Full Sky Sect alone.”


“And?” Old Tao asked.


Mi Qi replied with a sullen expression, “My disciple just reported that the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai, has led a dozen Emperor Realm Masters to Full Sky Sect with him. Moreover, there are more than two hundred Dao Source Realm cultivators following them. From the looks of it, they are here to attack Full Sky Sect.”


The corners of Old Tao’s face visibly twitched, “That can’t be…” 


He was no longer in the mood to continue eating the Blue Jade Fruit in his hand as he had the vague feeling that he had been set up. He might be old, but he was not a fool. [Mi Qi went out of his way to invite me over, and High Heaven Palace just so happened to arrive with a large group of people to invade this place? It’s as clear as day that Mi Qi planned this out! Damn it! He wants to borrow my power to settle this dispute!]


Old Tao couldn’t help feeling resentful, [I only come here to eat some fruits every year. Do you really need to set me up like this!?] 


Be that as it may, Old Tao maintained his composure as he asked, “Could you be overthinking things, Sect Master Mi? This might be nothing more than a misunderstanding.”


Mi Qi sternly refuted, “That bastard surnamed Yang has already deployed his men here. How is it a misunderstanding?”


Old Tao tossed the Blue Jade Fruit up and down in his hand, suddenly feeling like it was a ball of flames rather than a sour fruit. Coughing dryly, Old Tao continued, “Brother Mi, you haven’t even met them face-to-face yet. How can you be so sure that it’s not a misunderstanding? Who knows? It might be resolved with a few words.”


[Resolved!? You damn cheat!] How could Mi Qi not know that Old Tao was being evasive? Nevertheless, he could not force Old Tao either. It wasn’t like he could say, ‘You eat so many of my Blue Jade Fruits every year. Shouldn’t you help out now that I’m in trouble!?’


Old Tao continued, “Besides, the Sect Defending Array of Full Sky Sect is nothing to sneeze at. There’s nothing to worry about even if that Palace Master Yang tries to attack. Whether or not they can enter the array is a whole other matter.”


Mi Qi forced a smile on his face and nodded in agreement, “Your words make sense, Old Tao. In that case, I will go and check out the situation. Let’s hope it is, as you say, a misunderstanding.”


Old Tao immediately replied, “Brother Mi, please come back soon.”


The corners of Mi Qi’s mouth twitched in response. Seeing how Old Tao was not willing to go with him drove home the point that the relationship between them was nothing. Thus, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of grief and rage. Even so, he couldn’t lose his temper here and could only say, “Good. Please excuse me for a moment, Old Tao. I’ll go out and have a look at the situation.”


While he was speaking, he spun around and headed outside. At the same time, he signalled the seated Elders and Protectors with his eyes. All of them immediately got up from their seats and followed behind him.


A moment later, Old Tao was the only one left in the great hall. He glanced at the young girls who continued dancing below, then glanced at the Blue Jade Fruit in front of him. All of a sudden, he had lost interest in them.


Just outside the Sect Defending Array of Full Sky Sect, Yang Kai leisurely stood in the air with his hands behind his back. Li Jiao stood beside him, and the three Monster Kings stood behind them, their Monster Qi surging overwhelmingly while their gazes were fierce.


Further behind them were the Emperor Realm Masters and Dao Source Realm cultivators of Fire Dragon Palace, their expressions rather complicated. They never expected to actually come and cause trouble for Full Sky Sect. 


[What does Palace Master Yang want to do? Our Palace Master is acting strangely too. Why is he cooperating with Palace Master Yang?]


Inside the array, a group of Full Sky Sect’s disciples, whose cultivation could not be considered high, shivered in fear and gathered together for warmth as if that would make them feel safer. Both sides watched each other from across the array. Whenever they met the terrifying gaze of the three Monster Kings, these disciples couldn’t help feeling petrified, breaking out into cold sweats.




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