Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3291, Three Female Monster Kings


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Luan Feng’s expression turned serious when she heard those words, “What do you mean?”


Yang Kai replied calmly, “Lady Feng, you’ve said it yourself that this King has the support of Heavens Order’s descendant. I don’t think I need to tell you what Heavens Order did in the past. Surely you must know there are countless Divine Spirit Sources in Heaven Order’s Palace. The reason those Monster Kings from the Ancient Lands are so respectful to me and do whatever they are told is that they hope to become Divine Spirits in the future.”


“How do you have the nerve to boast that you’re living off a woman?” Luan Feng shot him a disdainful look.


Ignoring her mockery, Yang Kai went on to say, “This King considers himself pretty lucky. I inadvertently took in a young girl many years ago, never expecting that she would turn out to be the descendant of the famous Heavens Order. Furthermore, her bloodline accidentally awakened. I’m not trying to boast to you, but Ruo Xi is pretty obedient toward me. After she comes out from Blood Gate, she’ll not reject any requests that I have.”


“What does that have to do with Tian Long?” Luan Feng frowned.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “If this King is not mistaken, Lady Feng is only a variant species of the Phoenix Clan, a branch clan at best, yes? Since that’s the case, there’s still some difference between you and a pureblood Phoenix. Heavens Order killed countless Divine Spirits in the past, including Dragons and Phoenixes so, as you can see, there must be Phoenix Clan Sources in her palace.”


After he finished speaking, he picked up the teacup to cover his face while examining Luan Feng’s expression and, as expected, she appeared tempted. Knowing that she couldn’t resist this offer, he was elated.


A moment later, Luan Feng uttered, “Are you sure you can help Tian Long get into Heavens Order Palace?”


Yang Kai immediately replied, “I’m sure Ruo Xi will not reject me if I make this request.”


Luan Feng took a deep breath and gently nodded, “Boy, the reason I’m not willing to lend you more Monster Kings isn’t that I am selfish. You’re a Human, after all, so if you have too many Monster Kings as your subordinates, you’ll be regarded as siding with the Monster Race, which will be terrible for your reputation.”


Yang Kai replied confidently, “Lady Feng, many thanks for your concern, but without sufficient strength, everything else is meaningless.”


Luan Feng looked away, “Fan Wu and Cang Gou might not agree to it.”


Yang Kai grinned at her, “With Lady Feng taking action, why wouldn’t they agree to it? As far as I know, even though Fan Wu has always been the strategist among the Divine Venerables, Lady Feng is actually the most powerful.”


“Flattering me is useless!” After Luan Feng finished speaking, she rose from the chair and turned to leave.


“Where are you going?” Yang Kai stared at her alluring figure and asked.


“Just wait here. Whether or not they’ll agree to it, I’ll give you an answer in five days.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai knew that he could definitely get what he wanted, so he stood up and cupped his fists with a smile, “Many thanks for your help, Lady Feng.” 


All his persuasion so far was worth it; moreover, he knew that since he had made Luan Feng side with him, he would be able to obtain whatever he wanted from those in the Ancient Wild Lands in the future. However, if he couldn’t achieve his goal this time, he wouldn’t be able to get any benefits from here anymore.


Feeling over the moon, he returned to his room and waited.


Upon receiving the news, Cang Gou rushed over to Fan Wu’s palace. Three Great Divine Venerables had gathered together, but their expressions were dark.


“He’s crossed the line this time! Previously, we even went out to help him, but I didn’t expect that he’d make such an outrageous demand so soon after! He wants three more Monster Kings this time? Why doesn’t he just go to Hell!” Cang Gou was so enraged that it was as if he was preparing to get into a life-or-death battle with Yang Kai.


Fan Wu sighed, “We’ve always enjoyed a peaceful life in the Ancient Lands, but I never expected that we’d be suppressed by a rotten brat in the end. The Heavenly Way is truly unfair to us.”


A cold glint flashed across Cang Gou’s eyes, “Why don’t we kill him now so that there won’t be any more trouble in the future?”


Luan Feng shot him a look, “And face that Heavens Order’s descendant when she leaves the Blood Gate?”


Cang Gou flinched before he slumped in a dejected manner and muttered something. To Divine Spirits, the mere mention of Heavens Order was like when a mouse heard a cat meow. That was a kind of innate fear.


Fan Wu uttered solemnly, “Moreover, I don’t think we can easily kill him now.”


When Yang Kai first arrived in the Ancient Wild Lands, he had already showcased incredible combat prowess despite being just a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator. Several dozen years had passed now, and given his aptitude, he must have become far stronger now, not to mention that he was proficient in the Dao of Space. If they couldn’t find a way to trap him first, ensuring he couldn’t flee, even the three of them were not confident of prevailing over him.


Furthermore, if they fell out with him, the consequences would be dreadful.


Cang Gou grumbled, “What should we do then? Do we just let him do whatever he pleases?”


Fan Wu turned to look at Luan Feng and questioned, “Lady Feng, how did your discussion with him go?”


Luan Feng lowered her gaze and spat, “I rejected him at first, but he shamelessly released that Stone Spirit that refined Shi Huo’s Source and threatened that he would let it occupy the northern lands, becoming the next Northern Divine Venerable. Moreover, that brat said he would intentionally spread word to all the Monster Kings that we were interfering. This Mistress really had no way out.”


“Shameless!” Cang Gou growled.


A glint flashed across Fan Wu’s eyes as he sensitively realised that Luan Feng was hiding something from them, but he didn’t ask her about it, as he knew that she wouldn’t tell him anyway. After a moment of silence, he sighed, “It seems that we’re unable to stop him.”


Luan Feng hesitated for a moment, “Although we can’t refuse him, it doesn’t mean we can’t cause trouble for him.”


Fan Wu gazed at her, “What do you mean?”


Luan Feng replied with a grin, “As both of you know, he has a wife called Shan Qing Luo who has inherited a Divine Spirit Source and is now a Half-Monster. Now, she’s cultivating in the Ancient Lands.”


Fan Wu and Cang Gou nodded slightly, as they were aware of this. Ying Fei had personally sent Shan Qing Luo to this place, and everyone in Ancient Lands had heard about her, so she wouldn’t face any danger in this place. The reason she had chosen to cultivate here was that the environment in this place was best suited for her.


Cang Gou’s gaze brightened, “You mean we should make a move on that Shan Qing Luo girl?”


Luan Feng shook her head, “No. I’ve met her before, and I quite appreciate her as a woman. She seems to have inherited a Heavenly Moon Demon Spider’s Source as well, so one day she will be one of the greatest Masters among our Monster Race. Since she’s from the same Race as us, there’s no reason for us to act aggressively with her.”


Cang Gou was puzzled and asked, “Since you don’t intend to deal with her, why did you mention her name?”


Luan Feng’s smile grew deeper as she continued, “That brat might try to act upright, but clearly he’s a promiscuous one. Do you know that he has four wives in total? Moreover, he’s in an ambiguous relationship with a woman from Ice Heart Valley, and he has gotten together with a woman from the Dragon Clan. If we count that Heavens Order’s descendant in…”


Cang Gou appeared to be longing for that kind of life as he grumbled, “Tsk. He’s quite lucky to have so many women.”


Fan Wu’s eyes flashed as he thought of something before uttering, “Having so many women is not necessarily a good thing.”


Luan Feng nodded, “That’s right. He met his four wives when they were younger, so they’re not very powerful, while that woman from Ice Heart Valley is a Second-Order Emperor. We’ve all met her before actually. She was that mad woman who terrorized our lands, but I’ve heard that she’s no longer crazy. The remaining two are that Dragon Woman and Heavens Order’s descendant. None among these women would be willing to accept being second.”


Cang Gou uttered, “What’s your saying is… If they came across each other…”


He could feel a chill running down his spine just thinking about it. A woman from the Dragon Clan and Heavens Order’s descendant were naturally born to be enemies, so it’d be quite the show if they met each other.


However, no one knew when Heavens Order’s descendant would come out of the Blood Gate.


A smiling Luan Feng said, “Before that happens, we can do something to add fuel to the fire. If he’s constantly troubled by women, that brat won’t have any energy left to stir up trouble in the Ancient Wild Lands again!”


Cang Gou asked, “How do we do that?”


Luan Feng grinned, “The chance is right before our eyes. Since he wants three Monster Kings, we’ll lend him three Monster Kings. It’s just that he might not be able to stomach them.”


While Cang Gou was puzzled, Fan Wu understood what she was trying to say as he ran his fingers through his beard with a smile, “That’s right. Lady Feng has a good point.”


“What are you two talking about? Can you make it clear to me?” Cang Gou scratched his head.


Fan Wu and Luan Feng grinned at each other.




Three Monster Kings were soon selected as the Three Great Divine Venerables would respectively lend Yang Kai one each.


Inside Phoenix Nest Palace, Yang Kai stared at the three Monster Kings in disbelief as he was at a loss for words.


It wasn’t that these three weren’t strong. All 32 Monster Kings in the Ancient Wild Lands were powerful. The reason he was speechless was that all three of them were women. Furthermore, they were extremely charming and alluring women.


He was familiar with one of them. She was Du Mi’er, the Flower Monster that he had met in Luan Feng’s palace last time. She was excellent at serving people and Yang Kai had the opportunity to receive a massage from her previously. At this moment, she was looking lovingly at him.


Beside Du Mi’er was a stunning woman with rich curves and a naturally seductive expression. Only Shan Qing Luo could match her in terms of allure. Her two watery eyes seemed like two black holes that were able to suck anyone’s Soul in and trap it forever. Although she was just quietly standing there, she exuded an indescribable charm that made any man unwilling to move his eyes away from her.


“Hu Fei?” Yang Kai asked probingly.


Upon hearing that, the female Monster King was startled for a moment before she put on a smile and parted her lips, “I never expected Sir to recognise this Mistress.” Her voice was so soft and inviting that Yang Kai couldn’t help but shudder as he felt like all his bones had become lighter. She indeed lived up to her Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox’s bloodline, as every move she made was able to enchant a man. Yang Kai could even feel his lower reaches turning warm.


At that instant, he was torn between tears and laughter. He had just discussed all the Monster Kings with Xi Lei a few days ago and had been specifically warned to be careful of Hu Fei. Never did he expect that Luan Feng would send this woman to him.


Shooting a glance at Luan Feng but seeing her smiling back at him nonchalantly, he could only cough and turn back, nodding to Hu Fei as he replied, “Lady Hu Fei is quite famous. That’s why I recognise you.”


Hu Fei giggled, “I guess Sir means infamous. I’m sorry for what Sir has heard about me.”


Then, Yang Kai turned to look at the last Monster King. Her temperament was quite different from that of Du Mi’er or Hu Fei. She wasn’t soft and welcoming like Du Mi’er or as seductive and enchanting like Hu Fei, instead, she was an icy beauty. Her pupils were strangely vertical, which reminded Yang Kai of those of a snake. Nevertheless, he wasn’t afraid of the insidious feeling she gave off; rather, he had the urge to pounce on her as if he had been hypnotized. Even if he was gulped down by her in a single bite, he wouldn’t have any complaint.


Realising her identity, Yang Kai asked, “Chi Lian?”



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