Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3299, The Menacing Duo


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If Yang Kai was in Tang Sheng’s shoes, he would have the same kind of worries as well; therefore, he didn’t have a reason to blame him, though he did feel slightly displeased.


Just then, a head stuck out of the door as their eyes met.


Yang Kai smiled and called out, “Sister Lan.”


Lan He hesitantly revealed herself as her expression appeared embarrassed, “Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai asked curiously, “Sister Lan, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”


Lan He lowered her head and stared at her toes, “Brother Yang, I’m sorry.” Yang Kai didn’t know whether there was really a Faith Token from Spirit Beast Island in Heavenly Wolf Valley or not, but she was aware of the truth. She knew that it wasn’t a fabricated story. Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying had said so because they were worried that, by becoming friends with Yang Kai, it would bring trouble to the Sect.


If she had the final say, she wouldn’t mind giving him a hand. Although she was an Elder in her Sect, she couldn’t give Yang Kai any promises at this point. Likewise, she could not do anything that would betray her Sect. On the one hand, Yang Kai was her life’s saviour. On the other hand, Tang Sheng was her Master. She was utterly conflicted within herself as she thought about it. Facing Yang Kai, she felt so guilty that she didn’t dare to look him in the eyes.


Yang Kai walked up to and flashed a smile at her, “Sister Lan, you don’t have to apologise to me. I’m already grateful that you’ve informed me of what Brahma Holy Land and Netherworld Sect were up to. Since the Faith Token is just a fabricated story, it’s okay.”


After remaining silent for a moment, Lan He suddenly raised her head and said steadfastly, “Brother Yang, wait for a few days more. I’ll find a way to help you.”


Judging from her expression, Yang Kai knew that she wanted to plead with Tang Sheng to get the Faith Token; however, by doing so, mistrust might be formed between Tang Sheng and her. Therefore, Yang Kai said to her with a smile, “There’s no need for that. It’s not like I must go to Spirit Beast Island. It’d be good if I could go, but it’s also fine if I can’t. However, I’m sorry for making this kind of request that would trouble you.”


Lan He felt anguished as she listened to him. It was her Sect that was in the wrong, as Tang Sheng was worried that Yang Kai might invite trouble to them. Initially, when he heard of Yang Kai’s arrival, Tang Sheng was eager to meet him and had even said that he would personally lead him to Spirit Beast Island; however, upon learning that two top Sects of the Eastern Territory were after Yang Kai, he changed his attitude in an instant. Nevertheless, now, Yang Kai was consoling her instead.


“Where’s Big Sister Ling? Can you lead me to see her?” Yang Kai abruptly changed the topic.


“En. Please come with me,” As expected, Lan He’s attention was diverted as she directly agreed to it.


As they walked further into the valley, Lan He remained silent on the way. She would only reply to Yang Kai whenever he asked her some questions, and she didn’t look as lively as before. Apparently, she still felt extremely guilty.




Inside a grand palace, Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying arrived in a hall where two individuals were waiting for them. One of them was a gloomy-looking elderly man who looked like he had just crawled out from the underworld. The other one was an authoritative-looking middle-aged man who was clad in a simple robe. By just standing there with his hands behind his back, he looked like a blade that was able to make the atmosphere in the hall heavy.


Seeing them, Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying were flabbergasted as they walked over and cupped their fists, “Welcome, Sect Master Fu, Holy Master Xu. Forgive us for not greeting you earlier.” 


[These two have come over far too quickly!] It had only been a short time since Yang Kai arrived at this place, but these two people had already appeared here. Tang Sheng felt fortunate that he had the foresight to not agree to Yang Kai’s request; otherwise, they would never be able to avoid this mess.


These two were the Sect Masters of two of the top Sects in the Eastern Territory, and both of them were Third-Order Emperors. Since they had made a move together, it showed the stance of Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land on this issue. Perhaps the top cultivators from both Sects had all been sent out as well.


As Tang Sheng sighed, he was worried that Yang Kai was doomed. It was hopeless even if he had Space Divine Abilities when faced with so many top cultivators. If they sealed off space all at the same time, at all corners, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to escape no matter what. Tang Sheng could only hope that Lan He wouldn’t blame him for this in the future.


The gloomy-looking Fu Bo remained unmoving with his eyes closed like an old monk that was meditating. Although he was currently in Heavenly Wolf Valley, and was technically an uninvited guest, he showed no regard for Tang Sheng at all.


On the other hand, Xu Chang Feng grunted slightly while still facing away from the couple as he said dispassionately, “Tang Sheng, how long has your Sect existed?”


The question might sound random, but Tang Sheng could sense that something was off about it as a chill ran down his spine. After giving it a thought, he replied, “Heavenly Wolf Valley has more than twenty thousand years of history.”


Xu Chang Feng nodded slightly as he turned around and said impassively, “Twenty thousand years. Your Sect’s current heritage was gained with much time and sacrifice. Your Sect once enjoyed a glorious period and was counted among the top forces in the Eastern Territory many years ago. It had also become desolate and was almost destroyed at several points. However, there must be something unique about your Sect that it’s able to last for more than twenty thousand years.”


Tang Sheng forced a smile, “Monster Beasts have the sharpest instincts when it comes to avoiding danger. We have Battle Wolves as our companions, so our instincts have become quite keen as well.”


Xu Chang Feng stared meaningfully at him for a while before he nodded, “Good. I’m sure you already know the purpose of Sect Master Fu and my visit.”


Tang Sheng’s forehead was drenched in cold sweat as he said, “Holy Master Xu, please rest assured, we won’t do anything to dig our own graves. My Disciple was too naive and inadvertently brought that young man back here, but we have no intention of sheltering him and he will leave soon.”


“Hmph!” Fu Bo suddenly snorted, “You couldn’t protect him even if you tried.”


Upon hearing that, Qian Xiu Ying couldn’t help but shoot a glare at Fu Bo as she was unresigned. [He’s indeed a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master as well as the Sect Master of a top Sect in the Eastern Territory, but he currently sits in our Heavenly Wolf Valley! As a guest, how can he act so haughty in front of us? We still have the Faith Token that can be used to seek help from Spirit Beast Island. I doubt Netherworld Sect will really dare to make a move against us. As long as we still have the token, and Spirit Beast Island is still powerful, we have no need to fear destruction.]


Sensing her stare, Fu Bo suddenly raised his sharp gaze and met her eyes as he put on a devious smile.


The next moment, the colour drained from Qian Xiu Ying’s beautiful face as a howling voice sounded in her eyes. Her Soul was shaken to the core, and she shivered terribly.


Tang Sheng stepped sideways to stand in front of his wife and said, “Sect Master Fu, what is the meaning of this? We have made our stance clear. We will not interfere in your conflicts, so threaten my wife no further.”


Fu Bo mocked coldly, “I could tell that your Wife was unresigned, so I just wanted her to face reality. What’s wrong? Are you unresigned as well?”


Tang Sheng was exasperated, but he didn’t dare to say anything more.


Xu Chang Feng chimed in, “Tang Sheng, your Sect Defending Array is able to seal space, correct?”


Tang Sheng subconsciously replied, “The Sect Defending Array of every Sect has such capability…” 


Upon finishing his words, he realised something as his expression transformed to one of horror, “Holy Master Xu, why did you ask such a question?”


Xu Chang Feng looked dispassionately at him and asked back, “What do you think?”


Fu Bo chuckled in an eerie manner and rose from the chair finally, “What Holy Master Xu means is that he wants you to activate your Sect Defending Array to seal this place so that brat can’t flee. I’m sure you’re aware of what that little brat is capable of.”


Tang Sheng’s expression changed drastically, “Do you intend to move against him inside Heavenly Wolf Valley?”


Xu Chang Feng stared at him coldly and declared, “This is the perfect place to erect his tomb. What’s wrong with that?”


“No!” Tang Sheng directly rejected him.


Fu Bo narrowed his eyes, “Tang Sheng, I suggest you think twice before speaking again. Having a head is a good thing, so don’t just treat it as an ornament.”


The two of them directly called Tang Sheng by his name and didn’t show him any respect at all. The couple was enraged at this treatment, but they wouldn’t dare to rebuke them. Faced with such mockery, even Tang Sheng couldn’t hold back his anger anymore. Even a common man would be infuriated after being mocked and disdained, let alone a Sect Master like him. He had made it clear to them that he wouldn’t protect Yang Kai, but he didn’t expect that these two would still be so overbearing, even threatening Heavenly Wolf Valley and trying to drag it into this conflict.


After taking a deep breath, Tang Sheng declared solemnly, “This Tang will never agree to your request. That young man saved my Disciple’s life once before. The reason she brought him back was that he had a favour to ask of us, but we rejected him, which has caused great grief and guilt to my Disciple. If I were to use our Sect Defending Array to seal this space and cause his death in our valley, my Disciple will definitely form a Heart Demon, and she will never be able to break through again. If you want to deal with him, you can do that anywhere in this world except my Sect. We will not protect him, nor will we interfere in your conflicts with him.”


“Are you sure you want to refuse us?” Xu Chang Feng stared at him with a piercing gaze.


Tang Sheng’s face twitched when he was faced with that threat. He knew that if he rejected them this time, their Sect would face countless troubles in the Eastern Territory in the future. Just like what he had told Lan He previously, with Spirit Beast Island’s protection, these people wouldn’t dare to openly make a move on them, but harming their Disciples and industries in secret was almost a given. Heavenly Wolf Valley was a big Sect with lots of expenses, and they had many businesses in the Eastern Territory. All of these assets would definitely be targeted.


Turning to look at Qian Xiu Ying, Tang Sheng only saw her shaking her head while seemingly whispering something to him.


Despite not hearing her clearly, Tang Sheng could tell she had spoken just one name, Lan He. 


Having made up his mind, Tang Sheng steeled himself and declared, “Holy Master Xu, please stop making things difficult for this Tang!”


Lan He had managed to come back from the Shattered Star Sea alive and reached a breakthrough to the Emperor Realm, so she was the hope for the Sect. Perhaps she might even ascend to the Third-Order Emperor Realm in the future. In other words, the rise or fall of Heavenly Wolf Valley hinged on her.


If Lan He’s Martial Heart was broken because of this incident, it would be the biggest loss for their Sect. As for the possibility of their businesses getting suppressed, they could only worry about it in the future.


Furthermore, Yang Kai was related to another Elder in their Heavenly Wolf Valley, Ling Yin Qin. If Yang Kai was killed in this valley, Ling Yin Qin would definitely grow resentful of their Sect as well. When that happened, it would mean that their Sect would lose the faith of two Emperor Realm Masters; Tang Sheng could never allow that to happen.


Upon hearing his reply, Fu Bo put on an eerie grin while Xu Chang Feng stared at Tang Sheng with an emotionless face for a moment. Upon concluding that the latter was resolute, he nodded slightly, “Forget it, then.”


With that, Tang Sheng was finally able to heave a sigh of relief. If Xu Chang Feng insisted on forcing the issue, he wasn’t confident he could reject him. This was the best outcome for Heavenly Wolf Valley. Although he couldn’t protect Yang Kai, he didn’t agree to use the Sect Defending Array to trap him either. At the very least, he hadn’t betrayed Lan He’s trust.



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