Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3343, Coming Across a Scandal


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“Behave yourself if you don’t want to give them back to me.” Yang Kai extended his hand and poked her head.


Fu Ling bowed her head repeatedly like a chicken pecking at rice, then she asked curiously, “Brother-in-law, why are you back?”


She could see that Yang Kai appeared calm and collected, so it was apparent that he had planned to leave the place and come back, but why would he do such a thing? He even returned in a furtive manner after Zhu Qing was gone. If it weren’t that Fu Ling was responsible for guarding the entrance, she wouldn’t have seen him at all. At that instant, she felt elated at the fact that she had discovered Yang Kai’s secret. [If I use this secret to threaten him, I wonder…]


“I have my own plans, and they have nothing to do with you,” Yang Kai impatiently waved his hand and solemnly said, “Remember that you have not seen me today.”


Fu Ling batted her alluring eyes, “But Big Sister Qing was around when you left earlier.”


Yang Kai replied, “You did not see me coming back! Got it?”


“Got it.” Fu Ling nodded.


Yang Kai grinned, “You’ll get some benefits if you’re obedient; however, if you dare to expose my secret…”


He attempted to perform a hand seal with one hand.


Fu Ling’s expression changed drastically as she waved her hands, “Brother-in-law, don’t worry. I’ll never betray you.”


After a snort, Yang Kai leapt into the air and returned to Dragon Palace following the usual route.


He was planning to sneak into the Dragon Temple, as he wouldn’t allow his six months of hard work to go to waste. [Since that cheap slut Fu Zhun has gone back on her word, don’t blame me for retaliating against her. After I enter the Dragon Temple, she will be powerless to deal with me even if she discovers me. I can control the Dragon Souls in the temple, so as long as I can get inside, I’ll be invincible.]


However, he couldn’t let Zhu Qing know what he was up to lest she be put in a difficult position. That was why he pretended to have left and then returned.


At the thought of Fu Zhun, Yang Kai was incensed. He derided her in his heart and thought that he would definitely get back at her for deceiving him.


As he moved forward, he used his Divine Sense to scan the surroundings as he mindfully hid his aura and figure so that no one would discover him. Fortunately, there were only a small number of Dragon Clan members, and every one of them had their own Spirit Island. Normally, they would stay in their homes and cultivate, which was why Yang Kai hadn’t come across anyone on his way to his destination.


He was familiar with the route leading to the Dragon Temple; after all, he had been there once. Although he had to circumvent some Spirit Islands this time, he could still easily move in the right direction.


Four hours later, he suddenly stopped flying and immediately turned around before he landed on a Spirit Island nearby. Then, he hurriedly snuck into some underbrush and activated his Nihility Secret Technique to hide in the Void. At the same time, he curbed all his aura as best he could.


Right after he was done with this, Yang Kai saw a figure flying over the jungle canopy. Still hiding in the Void, he was so shocked that he was soon drenched in cold sweat. That was because the person who had just whizzed past was none other than Fu Zhun.


[What is that cheap slut doing here instead of staying on Snowy Island?] Yang Kai silently cursed at her. Fortunately, he had been paying attention to his surroundings just now; otherwise, he would have bumped right into Fu Zhun. If she asked him what he was doing here, he wouldn’t even know how to reply to her. He felt anxious by just thinking about the scene.


Fu Zhun was a Tenth-Order Dragon who was just as powerful as any Great Emperor, so Yang Kai wasn’t even sure if he was able to conceal himself from her perception. Nevertheless, there was nothing else he could do besides trying his luck.


He was indeed unlucky on this day. The first person he came across after he snuck back to Dragon Palace was Fu Zhun. He wouldn’t have been so worried if he bumped into other Dragons, but why did it have to be her?


Since he was able to detect her presence just now, she might have discovered him as well.


Soon though, Yang Kai realised that his worries were unnecessary. Fu Zhun didn’t discover him as she whooshed past the underbrush.


However, before he could celebrate it, Fu Zhun suddenly stopped flying and turned around, then she landed on the same island.


[Has she realised that I’m here?] At that instant, he was extremely on edge. If Fu Zhun came over and asked him why he was hiding here, how should he reply to her? [I’ve forgotten about Mo Xiao Qi, so I’ve come back to fetch her! Hmm, that’s a good reason, but why do I have to hide my aura and vitality as if I’m a thief? It will be hard for me to explain myself.]


Right then, he could hear her footsteps rustling on the ground as Fu Zhun shuffled toward him.


After a sigh, Yang Kai thought that he probably couldn’t avoid a confrontation with her. Since he was already displeased with her, he believed that he would just have to fight it out with her and see who would be the last one standing.


While he was lost in his thoughts though, his expression suddenly changed as he realised that the way she carried herself was strange. Although her expression was still cold, her face was now covered in a tinge of melancholy. It was as if she was sorrowful over something.


[Would this cheap slut feel sadness at all?] Yang Kai thought that he had seen wrong, but upon closer look, he realised that she indeed appeared dejected, and she was absent-minded as she moved forward. It was as if her Soul had left her body, and she was just a walking dead.


[It’s no wonder she doesn’t notice me.] Yang Kai finally understood the reason behind it. Given Fu Zhun’s cultivation and power, she wouldn’t have failed to notice him even though he had hidden in the Void under normal circumstances, but now it was apparent that she was beside herself with grief over something. Her absent-mindedness allowed Yang Kai to avoid being detected.


The question was, what in the world was able to make the Dragon Clan’s Second Elder, who was able to rival Great Emperors, feel so heartbroken? Although the emotion on her face wasn’t conspicuous, the atmosphere around her felt extremely gloomy and sad.


Just now, she must have been in a kind of daze as she whizzed past the island, which was why she turned around and returned.


[Did Great Elder cheat on her?] A vicious thought sprang into Yang Kai’s mind as he felt gleeful. [Cheap slut, you totally deserve it!]


Despite his thoughts, he didn’t dare to even breathe a little louder, and he had even closed his eyes.


Fu Zhun was getting closer to him, so if he kept staring at her, he might accidentally expose his whereabouts.


As the rustling of her footsteps faded, Yang Kai could sense that she had entered a cave in a mountain wall on the opposite side of him, making him wonder what she was doing. However, he wouldn’t dare to make a move lest his whereabouts be exposed, so he could only wait silently.


He went on to wait in the Void for the next three days as he cursed all of Fu Zhun’s ancestors. This island wasn’t Snowy Island, so he wondered why she stayed here for such a long time. Three days later, her footsteps could finally be heard again.


Straightening up, he furtively peered out, after which he was astounded.


[What’s going on?] The sight before his eyes made him feel that he was dreaming.


That was because Fu Zhun, who had just walked out of the cave, could be seen with a pair of swollen eyes. It was apparent that she had cried for a long time. Otherwise, given her cultivation, her eyes wouldn’t have swollen so. Traces of tears could still be seen on her face as she no longer appeared as cold as an iceberg. Instead, she appeared frail and pitiful.


A dumbfounded Yang Kai couldn’t believe that a Tenth-Order Dragon had wept for three days straight. Furthermore, it was the Second Elder, who was known for her stone-heartedness.


[No way! How could this be Fu Zhun!?] Yang Kai was extremely excited in his heart, and his expression was gleeful. It was as if he was overjoyed by the fact that he had discovered Fu Zhun’s secret.


He knew that if he jumped out of the Void now, he could make Fu Zhun totally ashamed. However, consequently, she would probably kill him.


If there was a chance in the future, he would definitely bring this incident up to mock her, but it would be better if he had just let her off on this day.


While he was lost in his wild thoughts again, Fu Zhun suddenly turned around and said gently, “I’ll visit you again.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai was dumbstruck. [There’s someone else in the cave?]


At that instant, an absurd idea sprang into his mind, and he couldn’t get it out of his head.


[No way! Is it true? The Dragon Clan’s Second Elder couldn’t possibly be cheating on Great Elder…] However, if she wasn’t having an affair, what did she mean when she said those words? At that instant, an image appeared in Yang Kai’s mind. Fu Zhun must have kept a man in the cave on this island, and she would come over to have a date with him from time to time. At the thought of this, Yang Kai’s mind raced. [Zhu Yan must have been cheated on. I feel sorry for him… Though, only a bit.]


However, what Fu Zhun had done was outrageous. Not only had she kept a lover on Dragon Island, but she had also come all the way here to spend three days with him. After that, she also appeared reluctant to part with that lover as she was drenched in tears. Was Zhu Yan totally clueless about all this?


An amazed Yang Kai thought that he had finally seen the other side of Fu Zhun.


On the other hand, Fu Zhun turned around and took a few glances at the cave before she finally seemed to find her resolve and flew away.


After she was gone for an hour, Yang Kai heaved a sigh of relief and dispelled his Nihility Secret Technique. After taking a look in the direction she had left, he shifted his attention to the cave on the other side. At that moment, his expression appeared awkward.


He felt speechless as the reason he had snuck back into Dragon Island was to break into the Dragon Temple; however, he had never expected that he would come across such an incident, and almost get caught by Fu Zhun.


If it was someone else’s matter, Yang Kai wouldn’t even care about it, as everyone had the right to live life however they wanted. Whether or not she was a slut, it had nothing to do with him. However, the fact that Fu Zhun was keeping a lover made Yang Kai think that he could make use of this fact.


At the very least, he had to find out who the man inside the cave was. If he could capture him, he could make Fu Zhun give in to his demands.


With this thought in mind, Yang Kai decided to take action as he treaded silently toward the cave.


Since this unknown man had obtained Fu Zhun’s favour, he must be fairly powerful as well. At the very least, he should be an Emperor Realm Master. As for how powerful this man exactly was, Yang Kai couldn’t be certain, so he reckoned that he had to be careful. As such, he concealed his aura and shuffled forward as he tried to perceive the situation inside the cave.


To his surprise though, he couldn’t detect any aura at all, which was very strange.


There were only two explanations for this. First, there was no living creature inside the cave. Second, the man’s cultivation was so high that Yang Kai wasn’t powerful enough to detect him.



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