Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3360, Spirit Beast Island


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Not only did the Wood Spirit Clan have a unique advantage in cultivating Spirit Herbs, but healing others was also their speciality. With the assistance of two Wood Spirits, Yang Kai could naturally act feely. Not to mention, they were inside the Small Sealed World where his will was law.


Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai tapped a few times on Yang Xiao as he conscientiously and meticulously pushed his Emperor Qi, carefully moving it inside Yang Xiao.


He had no idea what Secret Technique the black-robed old man had used, but it was absolutely insidious. Even though it wouldn’t kill Yang Xiao, it was incredibly difficult to remove it. Yang Kai had to constantly infuse energy into Yang Xiao to maintain the latter’s vitality, and during this process, Yang Kai could even feel wisps of dark and insidious energy trying to erode him along with Yang Xiao.


[Damn old dog!] Yang Kai didn’t know who the old man was, but he hated him to the bone. If he got the chance, Yang Kai would kill that old man a thousand times over.


The two Wood Spirits worked diligently as specks of green light started to fly over from the medicine garden, flying into Yang Xiao’s body like fireflies, providing him endless vitality. Mo Xiao Qi was also surprised by the two little Wood Spirits, but she didn’t have time to care about them now as she was preoccupied with praying for Yang Xiao’s safety, over and over again.


At some point, Yang Xiao suddenly opened his eyes and cried in agony, “Adoptive Father, it hurts!”


“Serves you right!” Yang Kai had an exasperated look on his face. Meanwhile, the movements of his hands became more rapid. [If this smelly brat hadn’t joked about running away from home, why would he have encountered such a disaster? I too was a little careless when I told him to go too, but who would have thought that he would run into a Pseudo-Great Emperor committing a kidnapping?]


“Adoptive Father, am I going to die?” Yang Xiao asked again.


Yang Kai snorted, “How could it be that easy for you to die with me here?”


Yang Xiao still wanted to talk but just as he opened his mouth, he spurted a mouthful of blood. The blood seemed to be boiling as it let out sizzling noises the moment it touched the ground, making Mo Xiao Qi extremely worried. She was worried that Yang Xiao would not be able to hold on.


While Yang Xiao kept coughing up blood, again and again, Yang Kai kept checking his condition, adjusting his Emperor Qi output while the two Wood Spirits worked in concert, increasing their healing efficiency.


After some time, Yang Xiao’s abnormality finally and slowly disappeared. Yang Kai flipped him over and glanced at his back. The five finger imprint on his back had disappeared as well. It was just that Yang Xiao had coughed up a lot of blood and was currently weak and pale, having difficulty trying to keep his eyes open to look at Yang Kai. In the next moment, his head tilted to one side as he fell asleep.


Yang Kai took out a few healing pills from his Space Ring and stuffed them into the boy’s mouth before helping him digest their medicinal efficacies. Only once all of this was finished did he say to Mu Zhu and Mu Na, “It’s okay now.”


The two Wood Spirits also stopped while wiping the fine beads of sweat on their foreheads.


“He will stay here for a few days to recover, so I’ll be leaving him in your care.” Yang Kai exhorted.


Mu Zhu replied, “Master may rest assured.”


Yang Kai glanced at Yang Xiao with a complicated look on his face before he caressed his forehead and then said to Mo Xiao Qi, “Let’s go.”


With a surge of Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, the two emerged from the Small Sealed World.


No one was in the vicinity. Just the smell of blood permeating in the air and the billowing sea, as well as many Sea Monsters that had come smelling the blood and were vying for the corpses floating on the water.


Mo Xiao Qi was a little confused, wondering how they appeared in a medicine garden at one point, and then back over the sea the next moment, but she still asked with concern, “Is Xiao’er alright?”


“He is out of danger,” Yang Kai nodded, but his face was filled with gloom.


Yang Xiao was able to survive not because the black-robed old man had shown mercy, but because he belonged to the Dragon Clan, which granted him powerful resilience and recovery abilities. Had it been someone else, he or she might have already lost their lives even if Yang Kai and the two Wood Spirits treated them immediately.


The old man’s last move wasn’t just to take Yang Xiao’s life, but to distract Yang Kai at the same time so that he could calmly escape.


[That was borderline lunacy!]


[But…he actually dared to kidnap Serene Soul Great Emperor’s daughter. Who the hell was he?]


After waiting for a while, Qiong Qi finally returned.


Yang Kai looked up, whereupon Old Qiong shook his head, “He got away!”


If that old man really fought, Qiong Qi was confident that he could defeat him, but at the end of the day, the enemy was still a Pseudo-Great Emperor, and since he was determined to escape, Qiong Qi was powerless to stop him. Unlike Yang Kai, Qiong Qi wasn’t proficient in the Dao of Space, so he didn’t have a unique advantage in tracking or escaping. After chasing the black-robed old man for a while, he had no choice but to return.


Although he was mentally prepared, Yang Kai was still unwilling to hear Qiong Qi say so and grumbled, “He got lucky.”


Had the old man not run away, with Qiong Qi, his Embodiment, and Yang Kai working together, they definitely would have been able to keep him here. But since the old man ran, they could do nothing. Now, it was too late to chase the old man as they had no clue where he had run off to. Yang Kai pondered for a while before asking, “Any idea who he was?”


Qiong Qi shook his head, “This Old Master has been sleeping in the Four Seasons Realm for countless years, and only came out not too long ago. This Old Master is completely unaware of the other Masters in this world.”


Yang Kai nodded his acknowledgement, “Senior Li might know something.”


Yang Kai rubbed his chin before adding, “Xiao Qi, we need to return to the Spirit Beast Island immediately.”


Originally, he had planned to return straight to Spirit Beast Island via the Space Beacon he left with Li Wu Yi, but in order to satisfy Yang Xiao’s wish, and coupled with Mo Xiao Qi’s proposal, they decided to fly back. In light of today’s events though, Yang Kai was afraid of some problems cropping up from undue delay, so he decided to head over directly.


Yang Xiao had encountered a mishap right under his nose, so Yang Kai couldn’t let anything happen to Mo Xiao Qi too, so he decided to take her back as soon as possible.


Mo Xiao Qi didn’t object either, simply standing there obediently on the spot.


Yang Kai pushed his Emperor Qi, enveloping Mo Xiao Qi and Qiong Qi in it before he lifted the Space Spirit Bead given to him by Li Wu Yi, formed a few hand seals, and pushed his Space Principles.


Suddenly, a flash of white light blinded the trio before they slipped through the Void. By the time they regained their vision, the trio was already standing by a lake.


The lake was crystal clear and surrounded by extremely rich World Energy. One could see fish swimming in it while Li Wu Yi was sitting by the shore, fishing casually.


After sensing their arrival, Li Wu Yi looked around and immediately noticed their figures. A smile involuntarily bloomed on his face as he put down the fishing rod and welcomed them, nodding to Mo Xiao Qi, “Welcome back, Xiao Qi.”


“Uncle Li!” Mo Xiao Qi greeted him back, looking around for a while before curiously asking, “Where is Aunty Feng?”


In her mind, Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng were completely inseparable. Although the two weren’t husband and wife, their relationship was better than ordinary couples, so she couldn’t help but find it odd that Li Wu Yi was without Jiu Feng.


“I’m up here!” Jiu Feng’s voice rang out from the treetop beside Li Wu Yi. Mo Xiao Qi immediately looked up and saw Jiu Feng lying sideways on a branch, her legs dangling down lightly.


“Aunty Feng!” Mo Xiao Qi tenderly cried, flying up and plunging into Jiu Feng’s arms, rubbing her head on her chest.


Jiu Feng, on the other hand, pinched her ear and pulled on it, angrily snapping, “Smelly girl, you’re only returning now? If you hadn’t come back, Sir would have gone to Dragon Island to look for you.”


Mo Xiao Qi stuck her tongue out, “Aren’t I back now? Don’t pinch my ears.”


“Alright, I will let you off for coming back.” Jiu Feng sized her up, “Did you get thinner?”


Mo Xiao Qi hurriedly jumped up and began checking herself, but after a moment, she asked instead, “Do I look thin now? I was living happily with mother, she took very good care of me!”


“En, seems like you aren’t thinner,” Jiu Feng nodded, poking the little girl’s chest as she said in a low voice, “Rather, you seem a bit bigger, especially here.”


Mo Xiao Qi immediately grew shy and her cheeks turned red all over. She snuck a glance at Yang Kai before retorting, “Aunty Feng, you are talking nonsense! I’m not talking to you.” Having said this, she ran off.


Yang Kai lightly coughed before greeting, cupping his fists, “Greetings Senior Li, Senior Jiu Feng.”


Li Wu Yi smiled and asked, “How did your trip go?”


“Although there were some twists and turns, nothing big happened,” replied Yang Kai.


“That’s good then.” Li Wu Yi lightly nodded, “Since you have come to Spirit Beast Island, stay here for a few days, the Great Emperor also wants to know what the situation is like on Dragon Island, so he might have some questions to ask you.”


Yang Kai solemnly replied, “Whatever the Great Emperor asks, this Junior will honestly answer, but before that, there is a matter of great importance I need to report to Senior.”


“What is it?” Li Wu Yi, seeing Yang Kai’s solemn expression, he couldn’t help but turn serious as well.


Yang Kai replied, “It’s like this, after we left Dragon Island, we ran into someone.”


“Who?” Jiu Feng asked.


Yang Kai shook his head, “I have no idea…” Next, he described the old man’s appearance before adding, “There was another person beside him, the daughter of Serene Soul Great Emperor, Yao Lin.”


“Yao Lin?” Li Wu Yi furrowed his brow, “What’s Yao Lin’s relationship with that person?”


Yang Kai replied, “It doesn’t look like there is one; or rather, that old man seemed to have attacked Yao Lin as all her guards were dead while she was captured. When she saw me, Yao Lin seemed to be pleading for help, but unfortunately, I was powerless to do anything. Qiong Qi gave chase when that man fled, but he still managed to escape.”


“Are you sure Yao Lin was captured?” Li Wu Yi’s eyes widened in shock.


Jiu Feng also asked, “You know Yao Lin? There is no room for mistake in this matter.”


Yang Kai replied, “I met Yao Lin once before, and although it was a few years back, there is no way I would mistake her. I can guarantee that it was Yao Lin. I believe Xiao Qi also recognized her, so you can check with her for confirmation.”


Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng glanced at each other and both found it a bit strange that anyone in this world would actually dare to make a move against a Great Emperor’s daughter. Was that old man simply tired of living?


But if what Yang Kai said was true, this was an incredibly serious incident. How could anyone be allowed to make a move on a Great Emperor’s daughter without any repercussions? Who will bear the fury of the Great Emperor?


After pondering for a while, Li Wu Yi stated, “Follow me to see the Great Emperor, we also need to inform Serene Soul Palace immediately about this.”


Yang Kai simply nodded, “Good.”




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