Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3395, Reinforcements


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But they didn’t dare to chase too far, lest they fell in the trap of luring the tiger away from the mountain. Their and the Ice Heart Valley team’s main responsibility was to guard the Space Array. Even so, more than thirty of the hundred or so attacking demonized cultivators had fallen before the rest could safely escape.


On the frontal battlefield, Demons and Humans continued to fall on both sides. In such a large-scale battle, even though the Northern Territory cultivators had a strong lineup and were blessed with two Shamanic Spells by Yang Kai, it was still impossible for them to not have any casualties. Only, compared to the casualties of the Demon Race, their side’s losses were inconsequential.


Rivers of blood flowed everywhere and corpses had piled up into mountains here and there. So many of the two races had died that the sky and earth had lost their colour and the sun and moon had dimmed.


Yang Kai kept charging ahead, losing track of how many Demons he had killed. Even seven or eight Demon Kings had lost their lives at his hands, and that was only his record. Obviously, Luan Feng and the other top Masters had scores not inferior to his.


Finally, at some point, a war bugle loudly sounded from the Demon Land.


The Demon Race members promptly started retreating after hearing the bugle, but even when they were in retreat, they did so in a neat and orderly manner. They didn’t blindly run for their lives, rather they covered each other as they alternately withdrew, appearing well-trained and disciplined.


The Northern Territory cultivators naturally pursued.


After the time it took to brew a cup of tea, the entirety of the Demon Race army had retreated back into Demon land and Yang Kai promptly halted his footsteps, raised his sword, and shouted, “Do not push a cornered rat!”


The blood-thirsty Northern Territory cultivators finally stopped after hearing this shout, staring straight in the direction of the Demon Land. Only after a brief silence did everyone let out a loud cry of joy.


Before this, they had never thought that they would be able to defeat the million-strong Demon Race army with merely 100,000 on their side, and so easily at that. After the facts were laid in front of them though, they finally realized that the Demon Race… was just so-so.


They too were living beings, and they could be killed. They didn’t have three heads and six arms, their bodies weren’t indestructible. The Demon Race was just like them, made of flesh and blood.


This was the first battle between the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm, and the Star Boundary had achieved a dominating victory, one that would surely affect the trend of future battles.


The cheers resounded like waves, one after another, but there was only dead silence on the Demon Land side. There was no response at all, not even a bit.


Many Emperor Realm Masters flew to Yang Kai’s side, requesting to continue pursuing the Demon Race army. They wanted to completely annihilate the remaining soldiers of a defeated army.


Of course, Yang Kai refused.


Not to mention that they had no idea about anything inside the Demon Land, but the Bloodlust Spell and Life Chains weren’t omnipotent either. The Northern Territory cultivators were indeed brave and fearless when the Bloodlust Spell was in effect, but once it wore off, they would suffer a period of weakness from overtaxing their Blood Qi. Even if the aftereffects of the Bloodlust Spell of a Shaman King like Yang Kai weren’t too severe, it would still drop the combat effectiveness of the Northern Territory cultivators by a large margin.


For now, the best choice was to return and recuperate, adjust their states, and wait for the arrival of the Southern and Eastern Territory’s cultivators. 


The Northern Territory’s army celebrated for a while before triumphantly following Yang Kai back. On their way back, many people were whispering to each other, excitedly talking about how brave and fearless they were, or how many Demons they had killed. It appeared as if they could not wait to announce the result of this battle to the entire world, and let all know of the magnificent feats they had achieved.


Finally, Yang Kai had the time to check on Su Yan and the others.


Among his four wives, except for Xia Ning Chang, who hadn’t come here as she wasn’t good at fighting, Su Yan, Shan Qing Luo, and even Xue Yue had all come; after all, each of them was a Dao Source Realm cultivator, with Su Yan even reaching the peak of the Third-Order, a step away from advancing to the Emperor Realm. They could all participate in the battlefield where even Origin Kings were fighting.


It was just that Yang Kai didn’t have time and energy to spare to keep track of them during the battle.


All three of them turned out to be fine though as the Monster Kings of the Ancient Lands were all aware of their identities and had naturally spared some attention to safeguard them. With the Monster Kings protecting them, how could the Demon Race hurt them?


In a newly erected tent, Yang Kai cleaned himself with the help of his three wives before changing his clothes and walking out.


Mo Huang, who still stood high up above, gazed down and lightly nodded at him, his gaze filled with approval.


He had been paying attention to the entire battle from beginning to end, and in his opinion, Yang Kai’s performance was quite remarkable. This young man wasn’t blinded by a momentary victory at the critical moment, especially during the Demon Race’s retreat, which was quite a rare talent. He felt that rather than an inexperienced lone wolf, Yang Kai was a veteran commander who had years of experience leading an army, knowing how to maintain morale, what tactics to use, and when to advance and retreat to maximize damage to the enemy while minimizing it to his own troops. Naturally, aside from impressive, Mo Huang also found this a bit strange and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of experiences this boy had to obtain such a temperament.


Yang Kai nodded back at him but didn’t mean to go up and talk to him. Meanwhile, Li Jiao had already rushed over to him with a happy look on his face.


Yang Kai asked, looking at him, “What are our casualties?”


Li Jiao’s entire body was covered in blood as he obviously hadn’t had time to clean himself up yet, but he still excitedly replied, “Less than 5,000 are dead while about 20,000 have suffered injuries, but most only have minor cuts and bruises. The others are all fine.”


5,000 killed and 20,000 injured in a single battle sounded extremely horrifying, but considering the enemy side had a million combatants, it was actually an incredible achievement.


In this battle, the Demon Race had suffered as many as 300,000 casualties, and that didn’t include the Red and Green Demons that were used as fodder in the opening battle. The corpses lying everywhere was the best proof of this. Whereas the Northern Territory cultivators had only paid the price of 5,000 deaths and 20,000 injured. It was almost a miracle.


Yang Kai lightly nodded his acknowledgement. This casualty count was within his acceptable range.


Li Jiao added, “It’s just that everyone feels a little weak right now. I’m afraid that it will take them a few days to recover completely.”


This was the drawback of using the Bloodlust Spell, and it was only so mild because a Shaman King like Yang Kai was the one who cast it. If it was performed by a Shaman of lower realm, it would have been pretty normal for them to need half a month or an entire month to return to full strength.


Li Jiao couldn’t help but voice out his worries, “If the Demon Race takes advantage of this and attacks…”


Yang Kai patted his shoulder and suggested, “Why don’t you stay here and enjoy watching Senior Martial Beast take care of things?”


Just as he didn’t dare to take people into the Demon Land at will, the Demon Race definitely didn’t dare to attack at will. If the Northern Territory Army couldn’t hold on, Mo Huang would definitely take action.


Li Jiao’s spirits were immediately lifted as he finally put down the worries in his heart.


Over the next few days, there really weren’t any movements on the Demon Race side. Who knows whether they were gathering their forces or something else, but be that as it may, the Eastern Territory cultivators and Southern Territory cultivators continued to arrive during this time, one after another.


Both the Eastern Territory and the Southern Territory had Space Arrays arranged by Yang Kai, while Li Wu Yi could also arrange them now, so although they arrived a few days after the Northern Territory, they still came to provide assistance at the fastest speed.


Both the territories had recruited about 100,000 cultivators each with their strength distribution about on par with that of the Northern Territory. One after another, familiar and unfamiliar faces appeared before Yang Kai.


The newly arrived reinforcements were naturally afraid of the Demon Race, but when they heard that the Northern Territory army had fought a battle just a few days ago and defeated the million-men-strong Demon Race army, they were all shocked with no exception. All of them sought the Northern Territory cultivators out to clearly inquire about the battle.


Naturally, the Northern Territory cultivators spiced up the details as many couldn’t wait to brag about themselves as conquering heroes, unparalleled under the Heavens.


It is easier to believe what you see than what you hear though, so even though the recently arrived cultivators naturally didn’t trust all the boasting of the Northern Territory cultivators, the hundreds of thousands of corpses of the Demon Race lying in the wilderness not far away could not be faked.


Before they arrived, the Northern Territory army had really fought with the Demon Race army and had really killed a few hundred thousand Demons!


At this moment, their fear of the Demon Race diminished greatly and many people were even secretly looking forward to the next battle. Heroes will appear in troubled times, and this kind of battle between the two worlds was a rarity only seen once in a hundred thousand years, or perhaps even longer. Who knows who might be the one to go down in history? This was a great opportunity for everyone.


The Great Emperors also arrived one after another.


Yang Kai didn’t have any idea about how many Great Emperors had arrived either, but by a rough estimate, there were at least six or seven of them. One of them was a woman wearing a flower dress and had a calm look on her face that gave off a sense of holiness and purity.


Yang Kai reckoned that she was the only female among the ten Great Emperors, Flower Shadow Great Emperor, Hua Ling Long.


And his guess was completely correct. Flower Shadow Great Emperor summoned Yu Ru Meng the moment she arrived; after all, Yu Ru Meng was impersonating Li Shi Qing, her Legacy Disciple.


[Yu Ru Meng is going to meet a tragic end!] Yang Kai thought in his heart. No matter what Yu Ru Meng’s origins were or how skilful her illusion techniques were, even if she could fool others, she definitely couldn’t fool Flower Shadow Great Emperor; after all, they were Master and Disciple. How could Hua Ling Long not see through her disguise?


Outside a certain tent, a group of Emperor Realm Masters were gathered around Yang Kai, all of them either in the Second or Third Order.


Some of these Emperor Realm Masters were Yang Kai’s acquaintances, while others he was meeting for the first time. They were all Masters from the Southern and Eastern Territory.


All of these Emperors had heard about Yang Kai having great knowledge about the Demon Race, so they came to ask him for advice lest they remain ignorant when they fought in the near future.


Yang Kai didn’t hide anything and repeated everything he had told to the Northern Territory cultivators before setting off, explaining the characteristics and Divine Abilities of each clan of the Demon Realm in detail to everyone.


The crowd of Emperor Realm Masters very attentively listened to him, silently jotting down this precious information while once in a while someone would ask a question. Yang Kai patiently answered all the doubts he could, which everyone found quite admirable. No one had any idea how Yang Kai came to know so much about the Demon Race, but this was undoubtedly extremely valuable information. Without Yang Kai, they might have to pay with the lives of a hundred thousand or even a few hundred thousand men to finally obtain this information.


After half a day, the crowd of Emperor Realm Masters finally bid farewell. Having obtained such precious information, they naturally couldn’t wait to share it with the disciples of their respective Sects and families.


“Brother Yang, this is what we agreed upon before. My Temple Master has asked me to hand it over to you.” Chi Gui of Ahan Temple came up to Yang Kai after everyone had left and handed him a Space Ring.


Yang Kai suspiciously took it and swept it with his Divine Sense before raising his brow and lightly nodding his acknowledgement, “How thoughtful of Temple Master Chen.”


The things in the Space Rings were nothing special, just a huge amount of resources, that’s all. Source Crystals, pills, Secret Books, and even artifacts. Almost everything was there, like the complete treasury of a top Sect.


In fact, this was indeed a treasury, but not from one Sect, but two!


Included were half of all the wealth of the Eastern Territory’s Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land.




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