Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3397, Entering the Frozen Earth Again


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The war between the two worlds was undoubtedly the most pressing issue at hand, and Shamanic Spells would play a huge role in it. In any case, just Life Chains alone would be enough to reduce the casualties on the Star Boundary’s side by a large degree.


Yang Kai naturally couldn’t manage everything by himself. Before, he could barely take care of 100,000 with his Shaman King cultivation, but as the number of combatants increased and the number of battlefields grew, he would be powerless to help everyone.


As such, he could only pin his hopes on the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld. If he could really let others cultivate Shaman Strength, it would definitely be beneficial to the war effort. So, Yang Kai didn’t even consider hiding his advantages. The Thousand Illusions Dreamworld could be considered part of the foundation of High Heaven Palace, so if it weren’t for the upcoming war, why would he be so generous?


After pondering for a while, Yang Kai added, “But it would be best to do this in secret; furthermore, only reliable people should be chosen.”


Iron Blood affirmed with a nod, “But of course. Don’t worry about the candidates, we will give you a list within ten days. At that point, you can bring them to High Heaven Palace and send them into that Thousands Illusions Dreamworld. Are there any special requirements in terms of cultivation or otherwise?”


Yang Kai answered, “The higher the better, but even in ancient times, not everyone could master Shamanic Spells, so I can’t guarantee that everyone who enters can successfully cultivate them. Maybe only one in ten, or one in a hundred, or even just one in thousand will be successful. And even if they can succeed, we can’t say for sure as to what extent they could cultivate Shaman Strength to.”


“Where there is a will, there is a way. Since there is an opportunity like this, how can we simply abandon it?”


Yang Kai nodded before adding, “Nevertheless, we can’t pin all our homes on the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld.”


He knew better than anyone about the difficulty of cultivating Shaman Strength. The reason why the Shamans were few in number in ancient times was because of the extreme difficulty in cultivating Shaman Strength. The prevalence rate was far lower than that of today’s cultivators. If a thousand cultivators went in, only a few Shamans would appear, or even Shamans of very low-level, such as Shaman Warriors and Shaman Masters. And in that case, it would all be meaningless.


“What are you thinking?” Mo Huang looked at him.


Yang Kai replied, “In the Northern Territory’s Frozen Earth, there is a Sealed World called the Revolving World. It used to be a battlefield of the Barbarian Race and Demon Race in ancient times. Inside, there are many already trained Shamans, including a number of Shaman Kings!”


“Shaman Kings? Just like you?” Everyone’s eyes lit up.


“In terms of the Shamanic Spells’ mastery, they are indeed on par with me. If they can help us, then things would be much better for the Star Boundary this time.”


Hua Ling Long asked, looking at him, “Can you invite them?”


“This Junior can try,” Since Yang Kai suggested this, he naturally had a plan in his mind. There were indeed many Shamans in the Revolving World. Last time, when Yang Kai went to the Frozen Earth in search of Zhu Qing, he accidentally entered the Revolving World, and getting out of there wasn’t easy either.


He thought that he would never enter that damned place in his life ever again, but who knew that he would be returning so soon.


“Good!” Mo Huang’s spirit was lifted, “If you can, you will be the biggest hero of the Star Boundary.”


Yang Kai humbly responded, “Junior is simply doing what little he can.”


Iron Blood added in a heavy voice, “This matter is very important. I will accompany you.”


Yang Kai failed to hold his laughter, shaking his head, “That’s unnecessary. I’ve been to the Revolving World once, and no one or no thing there can pose any threat to me. Junior can go there by himself. Senior Iron Blood, it’s better for you to stay here and oversee the war situation.”


Hearing this, Zhan Wu Heng gave his agreement with a nod after pondering for a while, “Take care then.”


After the discussion, Yang Kai left the tent and returned to his place of residence to wait.


In accordance with his discussion with the Great Emperors, the Star Boundary would transfer 3,000 men from the 300,000 army to High Heaven Palace with Yang Kai, where he would arrange for them to enter the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld to cultivate Shaman Strength. These 3,000 men would be the first batch to test things out. If it was effective, it wouldn’t be too late to send more people to cultivate Shamanic Spells. After that, Yang Kai would set off for the Frozen Earth where he would enter the Revolving World.


Just three days later, 3,000 men had been arranged, and among them, over a hundred were Emperors while the rest were Dao Source Realm and Origin King Realm Masters who were also proportionally distributed.


Obviously, the Great Emperors also knew that it would be impossible for everyone to cultivate to the level of Shaman King like Yang Kai, but even if they could only cultivate to the level of Shaman Warriors, it would still be helpful for the future battles.


As long as 300 of these 3,000 could become Shamans, they would meet the expectations of the Great Emperors.


Yang Kai had nothing to do on the Western Territory battlefront. Since the seven Great Emperors were overseeing things, the Demon Race would obviously not take any rash actions. 


For now, the plan was to wait for the 3,000 men to return, and for Yang Kai to invite the Shamans from the Revolving World, after which, they would have a decisive battle with the Demon Race.


These 3,000 naturally came from all three territories of the Star Boundary, each territory contributing 1,000 men. For the time being, they had no idea what they were doing; all they knew was that they were returning to the Northern Territory with Yang Kai.


The order was given by the Great Emperors themselves, so no one dared to disobey or even question.


Naturally, Yu Ru Meng was not going to let Yang Kai out of her sight, and Yang Kai didn’t have any intention of stopping her.


At the Space Array, Yang Kai arranged for everyone to return to High Heaven Palace before finally stepping onto the Array himself.


After an hour, before the entrance of the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld, Yang Kai stood silently with 3,000 cultivators silently standing behind him.


The Thousand Illusions Dreamworld wasn’t so much a Sealed World as it was an artifact. It was an artifact that had given birth to an Artifact Spirit which assumed the form of the Thousand Illusions Butterfly. It actually contained records of all kinds of worlds, none of which were static either. Anyone who entered it would receive their own opportunity.


Yang Kai spent a long time trying to persuade the Thousand Illusion Butterfly before she finally agreed to open the specific ancient world for everyone, at which point Yang Kai tossed all 3,000 people inside.


Whether these three thousand could become Shamans, and what level they could cultivate to, it would only be known after about a month.


After dealing with this, Yang Kai finally took a deep breath and said to Yu Ru Meng, “Let’s go.”


Yu Ru Meng obediently followed after him after a nod.


After returning to the Space Array, Yang Kai stood on it with Yu Ru Meng. Space Principles started to fluctuate, and after a blinding flash of light, Yu Ru Meng disappeared while Yang Kai’s figure distorted a bit before stabilizing again, a grin appearing on his lips.


The disciples, who were guarding the Array, stood dumbfounded. They couldn’t understand what joke their Palace Master was playing, but before they could ask any questions, Yang Kai rushed out of the hall and rose into the sky.


In the Western Territory, the Space Array surrounded by an army glowed brightly before Yu Ru Meng suddenly appeared.


She blankly looked around, and when the familiar scenery entered her eyes, her pretty face immediately twisted.


With her intelligence, how could she not tell that she had been dumped by Yang Kai. 


[Damn it!] Yu Ru Meng’s pretty face suddenly turned gloomy as she ground her teeth in anger, secretly vowing that she would take ‘good care’ of Yang Kai when she met him again.


It was just that she couldn’t understand why Yang Kai had dumped her here, was it because he was worried about her safety, or was it…?




Where the bitter cold wind blew and the ground was perennially covered in snow…


The Frozen Earth of the Northern Territory was famous throughout the world. It was an extremely dangerous place where even Great Emperors wouldn’t rashly trespass its depths. In the past, even a Dragon Clan member had fallen here, which showed how harsh the environment was.


Last time, when Yang Kai, Zhu Lie, and Li Jiao came here in search of Zhu Qing, they had faced a lot of hardships.


This time, Yang Kai was tracing his old footsteps, which made things a lot easier. What’s more, the entrance to the Revolving World wasn’t in the deepest region, so there wasn’t any real danger.


But last time, he had accidentally entered the Revolving World, not through a fixed entrance but rather by being swallowed by the Frozen Tide which sucked him straight into the Revolving World.


The Frozen Tide was a natural phenomenon unique to the Frozen Earth, and even an Eighth-Order Fire Dragon like Zhu Lie was unable to resist its biting cold chill for long.


This time, he might not be lucky enough to encounter the Frozen Tide, but since all three of them were sucked into that world from here, it meant that there must be an entrance to the Revolving World in the Frozen Earth somewhere. As long as he could find the entrance, Yang Kai could easily open it with his mastery of the Dao of Space.


This search took another month, and Yang Kai almost gave up numerous times because blindly looking for an entrance that may not even exist in this frigid cold, bleak white world, was mentally and physically exhausting.


In this cold, lifeless place, which was covered in a deathly silence, Yang Kai was all alone. Apart from the rustling of his own footsteps, there was no other sound around. He kept using his Emperor Qi to resist the severe cold at every moment, even losing track of the passage of time as he just kept mechanically repeating his actions.


After who knows how long, Yang Kai abruptly halted his footsteps and closed his eyes, silently sensing his surroundings.


He felt that something was off here.


After a long time, he suddenly opened his eyes and ran in a certain direction.


After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, he stopped before a vast and empty snowfield. Large snowflakes were falling everywhere, but about ten meters away from him, there was a place that was not disturbed by the falling snow as all of it seemed to simply vanish without a trace.


Void Crack!


Yang Kai could also feel the obvious Space Principle fluctuations in front of him.


His face immediately lit up as he slightly urged his Space Principles.


Whether this was the entrance to the Revolving World or not, he wasn’t sure, but since a clue had finally appeared before him, he had to take a chance.


After a short while, a gap slightly opened as a dark and bottomless hole appeared, one which Yang Kai jumped into boldly and without hesitation, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


As soon as he regained his senses, he found himself mid-air, falling straight down. Yang Kai quickly pushed his Emperor Qi to stabilize himself before finally taking a good look at the surrounding environment.


The entire world was dim and surging with Demon Qi, while he could hear faint cries and howls ringing in his ears, ones that seemed to claw at his soul.


In such a gloomy environment though, Yang Kai happily smiled, for this was definitely the Revolving World. This was the strangest Sealed World that Yang Kai had ever seen as it was constantly switching back and forth between two completely different sets of World Principles.


One set of World Principles belonged to that of the Star Boundary, and the other belonged to the Demon Realm.


Back when he first entered this place, Yang Kai guessed that this Small World was sandwiched between the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary, which was the cause of this strange phenomenon.


The Sealed World where he went to find Lan Xun, Yu Ru Meng, and the others was also in a similar situation, allowing the two worlds to be connected after it was shattered. It was just that the latter Small World didn’t have the strange characteristics of the Revolving World.


In any case, Yang Kai couldn’t let the Demon Realm residents know about this place; otherwise, the Star Boundary would have to deal with a second invasion route!




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