Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3415, The Carefree Second Elder


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Yang Kai continued, “A few years ago, I ran into Qiong Qi outside Heavenly Wolf Valley in the Eastern Territory. He was being chased by Senior Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng. They wanted to take him back to Spirit Beast Island for supervision, but he decided to accept me as his Young Master, and with my identity and status, I was able to get him out of that predicament. I too have heard of the notoriety of Qiong Qi, but Great Elder, do you know why I took him in at that time?”


Zhu Yan replied, “Isn’t it because you cultivate the Time Flies Seal?”


Yang Kai elaborated, smiling, “That’s just one of the reasons. The most important thing was that Qiong Qi claimed that the true inheritance of the Flowing Time Great Emperor is still hidden in the Four Seasons Realm. He promised that if I helped him, he would take me to the Four Seasons Realm to test my luck and see whether I could inherit the mantle of Flowing Time Great Emperor. The achievements of the Flowing Time Great Emperor are unprecedented, surpassing the ancients and amazing the contemporaries. The Dao of Time is also extremely profound, so I had no reason not to be tempted. Naturally, I agreed and asked Spirit Beast Island for a favour to keep him by my side.”


Zhu Yan was shocked, “Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance is still inside the Four Seasons Realm?”


Yang Kai solemnly nodded, “That’s why I said Xiao’er going with Old Qiong to the Four Seasons Realm this time may not be a bad thing, but rather a great opportunity. Although Old Qiong has not cultivated the Dao of Time, he followed the Flowing Time Great Emperor for so many years, and even after the death of the Great Emperor, Old Qiong continued to guard the Flowing Time Temple. It could be said that he has been extremely loyal to the Flowing Time Great Emperor and no one knows better than him about what kind of person is most suited to inheriting the mantle of Flowing Time Great Emperor. Perhaps… in his opinion, Xiao’er is more suited for the opportunity in the Four Seasons Realm than I. Xiao’er has a better chance of obtaining Flowing Time Great Emperor’s inheritance, which is why he took him there.”


Zhu Yan finally showed a smile as he paced back and forth a few steps, muttering, “If what you say is true, then this Old Master and Second Elder will owe Qiong Qi a big favour.”


Yang Kai continued, smilingly looking at him, “As for safety, Great Elder need not worry too much. I don’t dare to vouch for Old Qiong’s character, after all, I have not been in contact with him for too long, but Liu Yan is also with them and she will absolutely protect Xiao’er.”


“Good, good, good!” Zhu Yan rubbed his palms and continued after pondering for a while, “We’ll know when Xiao’er comes out of the Four Seasons Realm.”


Hearing what he said, Yang Kai couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that he had finally crossed this hurdle, [But who knows how Second Elder will react. Great Elder is relatively easy to talk to, but Second Elder has always been more difficult to deal with.]


Just as he was thinking about this, a whistling sound rang out as a pretty figure landed next to Yang Kai. It was none other than Fu Zhun, her pair of beautiful eyes looking left and right before showing a disappointed look. She quickly asked, looking at Yang Kai, “Xiao’er didn’t come with you?”


Yang Kai stiffly shook his head.


Fu Zhun continued, sighing, “Ai, why didn’t you bring him here?”


Yang Xiao left Dragon Island with Yang Kai not long after he was born, and in the blink of an eye, almost three years had passed. Fu Zhun was naturally worried. If her appearance would not bring shock and chaos to the world, she would have long run to the Northern Territory’s High Heaven Palace to see him. Why would she restrain herself on Dragon Island? However, she was a Tenth-Order Great Dragon, and the Second Elder of Dragon Island, so it really wasn’t suitable for her to appear in public.


Yang Kai hurriedly turned his gaze to Zhu Yan, begging for help with his eyes.


Zhu Yan immediately understood and hurriedly changed the subject, “It’s like this, Yang Kai came here to take away the Origin King Realm Masters and above from Half-Dragon City as something has happened to the Star Boundary.”


“Then take them,” Fu Zhun casually replied, a little absent-minded.


Stunned, Zhu Yan asked, “You are not going to ask what the matter is?”


Yang Kai was also very surprised as he didn’t expect Fu Zhun to be actually so accommodating. Was she really Fu Zhun, the Dragon Clan’s Second Elder, who was known to have a heart of ice? Could it be that someone was pretending to be her?


Fu Zhun completely ignored Zhu Yan, however, and just turned her attention to Yang Kai, asking, “How has Xiao’er been these past few years? Has he grown taller? Did he miss me?”


Yang Kai broke out into a cold sweat as he really didn’t know how to answer.


Zhu Yan felt that things were quickly going in the wrong direction, so he hurriedly intervened, “I was talking to Yang Kai about Xiao’er just now. Yang Kai said that Xiao’er is doing fine in High Heaven Palace and not to worry, he misses us very much too.”


“Really…” A smile bloomed on Fu Zhun’s face, but the next moment, she grit her teeth and stated, “I don’t know when you will return next and I will get to see him. In any case, there is a Space Array and it’s not too far away…”


Zhu Yan wiped the sweat from his forehead as he stated, “Xiao’er has recently entered a retreat!”


Fu Zhun furrowed her brow, “Xiao’er is so young, why is he entering seclusion?”


Yang Kai immediately justified, “Second Elder, Xiao’er might be young, but he is extremely talented. You will surely be surprised the next time you see him.”


Fu Zhun wasn’t really angry, she just felt sorry for her son, but after hearing what Yang Kai said, a look of anticipation immediately appeared on her face.


Yang Kai added, “To tell you the truth, I have a younger sister, and although she is a few years older than Xiao’er, the two little ones appear to be almost the same age so they often play together, to the point where they’re practically inseparable in High Heaven Palace.”


Fu Zhun pursed her lips into a smile, “It’s good to hear that he has a playmate. It seems it was a stroke of good fortune that you took Xiao’er with you, if he had stayed on Dragon Island, he might have been lonely.”


Zhu Qing asked in a low voice, looking at Yang Kai in shock, “You have a younger sister?” She sounded a little nervous. [He has a younger sister! Wouldn’t that make her my sister-in-law and make me her sister-in-law?] This sudden relationship made her very uneasy.


Yang Kai replied, smiling, “She is only a few years old. She is still young.”


Zhu Qing just stared at her own toes, pondering.


Afterwards, Fu Zhun asked a lot about Yang Xiao while Yang Kai answered with the help of the Great Elder. He hadn’t revealed any flaws, but he was still worried that Fu Zhun might insist on following him back to High Heaven Palace to check up on her son.


Fortunately, Fu Zhun had no intention of doing this and with the Great Elder at the fore, even if Fu Zhun came to know the truth in the future, Yang Kai had a scapegoat so he could just wash his hands clean of this matter.


After chatting for more than an hour, Fu Zhun was still in high spirits and eager to continue, but Zhu Yan interrupted her and advised, “Alright, alright, Yang Kai came here on some important business and can’t spare a lot of time. Let’s let him go.”


Fu Zhun glared at Zhu Yan before exhorting Yang Kai, “The next time you come to Dragon Island, be sure to bring Xiao’er with you, note it down in your mind!”


“I will keep that in mind.” Yang Kai earnestly nodded, deciding in his heart that he would never come to Dragon Island before that smelly brat, Yang Xiao, had come out of the Four Seasons Realm.


Zhu Yan then stated, looking at him, “There is no time to lose. You can go to Half-Dragon City now. Fu Ling will be waiting for you there and will help you handle the rest.”


“Many thanks, Great Elder!” Yang Kai cupped his fists before saluting the Second Elder and bidding goodbye, “This Junior will take his leave first.”


He then turned around, hugged Zhu Qing, and flew off.


After some time, Yang Kai descended from the sky outside Half-Dragon City to where Fu Ling had been waiting for him for a long time. Apparently, she had received the Great Elder’s message and had immediately rushed over. When she saw Yang Kai appear, she happily rushed over and eagerly greeted, “Brother-in-law, Great Elder said that you were taking the people of Half-Dragon City out of Dragon Island, is that true?”


Yang Kai glanced at her before focusing his gaze on her chest, “Go get dressed first and then talk to me.”


Fu Ling pouted before she tightened her shirt, covering her exposed chest. She then asked with a smile, “I heard from the Great Elder that the Demon Race has invaded, is that also true?”


Yang Kai replied, solemnly nodding, “It’s true. The Western Territory’s situation is pretty bad and we are short on manpower, so I came here to find reinforcements.” He suddenly frowned and asked, “Why are you asking so many questions? Hurry up and get to work.”


“En,” Fu Ling responded, sighing a bit before rushing into the air above the city. A moment later, a high-pitched dragon reverberated across the sky. Fu Ling had revealed her true body and allowed her Dragon Pressure to cover the entire city, causing all the Half-Dragons to tremble in fear. Fu Ling’s voice then resounded, “All cultivators at or above the Origin King Realm must gather outside the city immediately.”


The entire city was suddenly thrown into chaos, but very soon, figures flew out of the city, one after another.


The residents of Half-Dragon City were basically all descendants of the Dragon Clan, but some had not inherited the Dragon Clan bloodline or had extremely impure bloodlines. However, no matter what their situation was, they would never dare to offend the majesty of the Dragon Clan.


Because the Dragon Clan was the only Master on Dragon Island, and they were all used to obeying the Dragon Clan.


As such, who would dare to disobey Fu Ling’s order?


Shua shua shua…


Swishing sounds echoed as figures rushed out of the city and soon, a dense crowd had gathered outside its gates.


Yang Kai stood mid-air, gazing down, looking excited after seeing this scene.


He had long known that the strength of Half-Dragon City was immense, but when the entire force was really gathered, he realized that the actual situation was better than his initial estimation. Just the Emperor Realm Masters alone exceeded one hundred, and not all had gathered yet. It was really hard to imagine if all the Emperor Realm Masters were gathered together what their total number would be.


The residents of Half-Dragon City gathered very quickly, only taking an incense stick worth of time since Fu Ling’s announcement to fully assemble.


The crowd below was divided into three distinct groups.


The group to Yang Kai’s left was the smallest, not even reaching two hundred in total, but it was composed entirely of Emperor Realm Masters, many of whom possessed Half-Dragon bloodlines and could thus display better strength compared to their peers in the same realm.


The middle group were naturally made up of Dao Source Realm cultivators and numbered almost 20,000!


This was an extremely terrifying number. In Tiger Roar City, the combined forces of the three territories and Tiger Roar City’s local cultivators only reached 50,000, of which 98% were Origin Kings. Only 2,000 had been in the Dao Source Realm.


By contrast, there were almost 20,000 Dao Source Realm Masters in Half-Dragon City alone, clearly showing just how deep and rich the heritage of Half-Dragon City was.


However, this wasn’t too surprising as the cultivation environment on Dragon Island was superior to most places in the Star Boundary. It was rich in World Energy and there were many natural precious treasures. More importantly, no killing was allowed on Dragon Island, so Half-Dragon City’s cultivators grew rapidly in both strength and number, allowing it to reach such a scale over the years.




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  1. if no killing is allowed, do these cultivators even have combat experience? they might have tournaments and such, but that’s no replacement for life or death battles

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