Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3475, The Might Of The Wind Gourd


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The Demons were clearly baffled by Bo Ya’s sudden disappearance. Although something felt off, they could not afford to investigate because at the same time when Bo Ya vanished, Yang Kai lunged forward, Sword Qi bursting from the Myriads Sword in his hand as he unleashed a wide slash at them.


The world-splitting, void-shattering power of the massive sword wave advanced towards the forces of the Blue Plains Continent.


The Demons’ faces turned pale at the sensation of the power behind this sword wave and they quickly split into two groups to evade.


With a loud bang, a thousand-metre-long crack was split open on the ground while some unfortunate Demons who failed to avoid the rampaging Sword Intent were instantly turned into dust.


The Demon Kings watched with solemn expressions. Although this attack was powerful and would be lethal if it hit, the casualties were just some Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals. All the Demon Kings managed to avoid it without suffering any injuries.


But in the next moment, several streams of light pierced through the air and flew towards them from a dozen or so kilometres away.


With Yang Kai making such a flashy opening move, how could Bo Ya not take advantage of the situation? It was impossible to resist shooting a bunch of idiots who exposed their backs to her.


These arrows were not as powerful as the nine arrows she used to shoot the High-Rank Demon Kings earlier. Obviously, Bo Ya did not use the extremely consuming Secret Technique, but even her regular arrows were not to be underestimated.


One arrow pierced more than ten Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals before flying straight at a High-Rank Demon King with a dark complexion and a rotund belly.


The black-faced Demon King never expected an attack from behind, and with all his focus being on Yang Kai’s movements, he failed to notice until the arrow was less than a thousand metres away. His complexion changed drastically as he roared and wildly pushed his Demon Qi. A pair of truncheons appeared in his hands as he hurriedly raised his arms, turned around, and braced himself.


There was a moment of commotion as sparks flew everywhere. The arrow was accurately blocked, but the black-faced Demon King was forced back almost a hundred metres by the impact.


Looking up, he saw Bo Ya sneering at him from a dozen kilometres away, drawing a finger across her neck in mockery.


The Demon King’s already black face turned much blacker, but he did not have another moment to spare because there was another fierce attack flying towards him from behind, one that was perfectly timed to when his vitality and Demon Qi were unstable and could not be condensed to defend himself properly.


At the juncture of life and death, the black-faced Demon King trembled as a raging Demon Qi burst out from him, transforming into a visible pressure wave that attempted to repel the attacking enemy.


A thrilling light flashed from the corner of his eyes as his vision was suddenly turned upside down. For a moment, the Demon King saw a headless corpse standing mid-air, not far away, with a pair of truncheons held in its hands. Fresh blood spurted into the sky from its neck, closely followed by a rain of swords pouring over the headless body, turning it into dust.


Never had this Demon King thought he would die in a place like this, and after just one round of blows… 


As his head fell, the light in his eyes slowly dimmed.


On the other side, after taking advantage of the good opportunity provided by Bo Ya, Yang Kai did not even blink before slashing with his sword at another High-Rank Demon King.


The Demon King had seen the tragedy that befell his black-faced companion and wanted to rescue him, but he was a step too late and could only watch Yang Kai chop up the other Demon King’s corpse into ten thousand pieces, leaving him infuriated and horrified at the same time.


He suddenly realised that he and the others had all underestimated this Human. The Feather Demon in the distance was indeed tricky to handle, but this Human whose cultivation was only comparable to a Mid-Rank Demon King was the true terror here.


This Demon King had learned a cruel lesson from the black-faced Demon King’s death and was now extra vigilant. Not daring to meet Yang Kai’s sword head-on, he chose to retreat; however, he realised he had fallen into his enemy’s trap the next moment. The Human’s sword did not release any power at all, it was nothing but a feint. 


On the contrary, at the same time the sword slashed out, a cyan bottle gourd appeared in Yang Kai’s free hand. The Demon King had no idea what artifact this was, but an inexplicable fear gripped his heart the moment he laid eyes upon it.


Yang Kai pointed the opening of the bottle gourd at the place where the crowd was the densest and poured in Emperor Qi. Blades of wind visible to the naked eye shot out of the bottle gourd, instantly covering the surrounding area.


There was an endless sound of slashing as fresh blood splashed everywhere and many Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals collapsed like wheat in a squall. Groups of them fell as their bodies were cut into countless pieces.


In just an instant, more than half of the thousand Demon army were killed. Not only the Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals, but even some Low-Rank Demon Kings could not resist the rampaging power of bottle gourd and perished along with three Mid-Rank Demon Kings.


The remaining Demons who survived were all horrified and stared at the Wind Gourd in Yang Kai’s hand fearfully.


Yang Kai grinned, evidently satisfied with the power of this artifact.


The Wind Gourd was taken from the depths of the Restricted Area of Orthodoxy Temple before coming to the Demon Realm. The Outer Astral Wind of Orthodoxy Temple was formed by this Wind Gourd and was part of the Sect’s foundation, allowing its disciples to temper their bodies and forge stronger physiques. However, until Yang Kai, no one had ever reached the deepest parts of the gorge where the Outer Astral Wind originated from.


Yang Kai had been nourishing the Wind Gourd with his Emperor Qi and Spiritual Essence all this time and tested it in battle for the first time today. It proved to be impressive, and even if it was not as good as the Mountains and Rivers Bell, it was not too far off.


The only drawback was its consumption; it required a huge amount of Emperor Qi to activate this treasure, but the results were worth the cost. This Wind Gourd was especially suitable for wide-area attacks, which was something the Mountains and Rivers Bell did not specialize in.


Just when many Demons were shocked by the power of Wind Gourd, the Nine Arrows Secret Technique fired again from the distance.


Although Bo Ya had a lousy character, her combat instincts and ability were outstanding. At the moment the Wind Gourd drew everyone’s attention, Bo Ya used her Nine Arrows Technique to attack the High-Rank Demon King who was just repelled by Yang Kai.


The nine arrows turned into a string that travelled at lightning speed and instantly reached the High-Rank Demon King.


The High-Rank Demon King only reacted at the last moment, letting out a roar as he hurriedly tried to dodge.


But Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t allow him to do as he wished and acted the moment Bo Ya released her arrows, using the local Space Principles to bind the High-Rank Demon King firmly in place.


*Du du du…* 


Just like the previous High-Rank Strength Demon King, the Nine Arrows pierced through him, each arrow striking a vital point, completely destroying the Demon Hearts in his body!


In the blink of an eye, the Demons of Blue Plains Continent had suffered major casualties. Not to mention the Demon Great Generals and the Demon Generals, even many Demon Kings had fallen, including two High-Rank Demon Kings, whilst those responsible were just two people who were supposedly equivalent to Mid-Rank Demon Kings!


The Demons felt utterly embarrassed, but whether it was Bo Ya’s exceptional archery or Yang Kai’s Wind Gourd, they had no choice but to become extra cautious with their actions. These two could not be stopped even when there were so many of them just now, so how were they going to deal with them now that their numbers had been halved?


So after just a moment of hesitation, the remaining Demons fled, their formation completely collapsing.


Yang Kai sneered lightly, intending to stop the two High-Rank Demon Kings, but when he slightly surged his Divine Sense, he only blocked one of them, and the other slipped past.


However, the High-Rank Demon King did not run far, because very soon, a group of a thousand troops intercepted him from all directions. It was Lao Ke and He Yin, who arrived late.


They received orders from Yang Kai to martial their forces before coming, but assembling so many people had caused a delay. They hurriedly followed after Yang Kai, in fear that he might have had some kind of accident, but they received a shock instead.


Rather than anything untoward happening to Yang Kai, it was Blue Plains Continent’s forces that were broken and scattered.


[What… what happened?]


Lao Ke and He Yin looked at each other in shock. They never thought that the situation would turn out to be like this, but they could not afford to think too much right now. Seeing Blue Plains Continent’s forces scattered, they ordered their subordinates to finish off the retreating Demons while the two of them set their sights on the escaping High-Rank Demon King.


Although Blue Plains Continent now had a disadvantage in numbers, they were not weak, so under normal circumstances, they should have been able to put up quite a fight. However, with their morale greatly shaken, they no longer had the will to resist. On the contrary, the reinforcements from Cloud Shadow Continent had soaring morale and slaughtered anyone in their way, causing major casualties to the forces from Blue Plains Continent. Not to mention the Demon Great Generals and Demon Generals, who were killed off in a clean sweep, even the High-Rank Demon King intercepted by Lao Ke and He Yin did not have the slightest strength to fight back. An extra wound dripping with blood would be added to him after every few rounds of battle.


Coupled with Bo Ya’s accurately timed attacks, even if the entire army of Blue Plains Continent was not wiped out, barely any managed to escape.


At the same time, Yang Kai was locked in combat with a lone High-Rank Demon King.


It was because he was aware of the arrival of Lao Ke and He Yin that he let the other High-Rank Demon King leave and focused on the one in front of him.


This Demon King was quite strong, at least he was stronger than Lao Ke and the others, but he was still limited. The Demon King had been pleasantly surprised when Yang Kai wanted to fight him alone, thinking that it was indeed his lucky day.


From his point of view, no matter how impressive Yang Kai’s previous performance was, he was only equivalent to a Mid-Rank Demon King, so if he gave it his all, he may be able to kill Yang Kai then escape, and as long as he could survive this ordeal, he could even help Yue Sang conquer the entire Cloud Shadow Continent.


But after just a few exchanges, this Demon King realised he was gravely mistaken. The cultivation of this Human in front of him was no doubt equivalent to a Mid-Rank Demon King’s, but his combat power was superior to any High-Rank Demon King, so he was at a disadvantage even going all out.


This Human’s strength was definitely greater than his own in all aspects, especially with regards to raw physical power, causing every clash to numb his hands and arms.


[How can this be? How could a trivial Human be so powerful? Such power is impossible even for the direct Disciples of Holy Venerables to possess!] Just when he was distracted by his own thoughts, the situation became more and more unbearable. Yang Kai had already opened several cuts on this Demon King’s body, leaving the latter completely covered in blood, but what truly terrified him was that Yang Kai did not even seem like he was using his full strength yet.




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