Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3486, I Warned You


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Only then did he understand why Yu Ru Meng was so calm and composed with him coming alone to Cloud Shadow Continent and had Xiao Wu follow him back then.


Yang Kai thought that Yu Ru Meng had Xiao Wu serve him closely in order to keep an eye on him and stop him from fooling around, but now it seemed that Xiao Wu was the carrier she prepared to receive her Soul Descent today!


Soul Descend was not an easy technique to use, and certainly wasn’t usable on just anyone with the necessary strength. A variety of Secret Techniques needed to be in place to support it.


If this Snow Demon called Bei Li Mo had not come today and pressured him step after step, Yu Ru Meng obviously wouldn’t have shown up. Yang Kai was even suspecting that Bei Li Mo had acted this way on purpose; otherwise, with her ability, she wouldn’t have needed to go through such trouble just to teach him a lesson.


Her true target was Yu Ru Meng, and bullying Yang Kai was just a means to an end.


Only, if she wanted to look for Yu Ru Meng, she could have gone straight to the Enchantment Continent’s Holy City. Why did she come around here to bully him? Yang Kai couldn’t help but complain silently.


Bei Li Mo chuckled, “Not to mention a mere Soul Descend, even if you were to show up with your real body, do you think this Saint would be afraid of you?” They were both Demon Saints, so Bei Li Mo really didn’t fear Yu Ru Meng. Turning around, she looked at Yang Kai again with a slight smile, “I’ll rip out his tongue and break his teeth right now!”


“You dare?!” Yu Ru Meng bellowed, “Touch a single one of his hairs and this Saint will make sure not even a dog or chicken remains on your Soaring Snow Continent!”


As soon as those words came out, Bei Li Mo turned back to look at Yu Ru Meng in a daze, seemingly in disbelief for a while before suddenly covering her mouth and laughing. She was laughing so hard that tears were almost spilling from her eyes.


Yu Ru Meng looked coldly at her, then spared a worried glance at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai simply shrugged. He only felt that something wasn’t quite right with this Bei Li Mo’s head. She was a Demon Saint after all, how could her mood swings be so violent?


It was a while before Bei Li Mo’s laughter subsided and she looked Yang Kai up and down with interest, “It was just a suspicion before, but I didn’t think it was actually true. Did you really use that sort of Secret Technique on him?”


“None of your damn business!” Yu Ru Meng coldly snorted.


Bei Li Mo seemed to lament, “The Heart Seal Secret Technique can only be performed once in your life. Is it really worth it for you to invest so much in this boy?”


Yu Ru Meng still repeated, “None of your damn business!”


Bei Li Mo slowly shook her head without the least bit of concern. She even reached out her jade white hand to lift up Yang Kai’s chin lightly.


Yang Kai looked annoyed, but since the other party’s fist was bigger, he could not blow up at her and could do nothing more than turn his head over to rid himself of her teasing. He had a confused look on his face, feeling as if the roles had been switched. Shouldn’t he be the one teasing her as the man? Bei Li Mo hummed lightly, “He has quite a temper. Don’t think that Yu Ru Meng can save you right now. Only a wisp of her Soul is here, so there’s nothing she can do to this Saint.”


Yang Kai sighed, “If you two have business, then you can talk it out yourselves. Just leave me out of it.”


Bei Li Mo hummed, “But I deliberately want to drag you in!”


Saying so, her jade white hand moved, hooking around Yang Kai’s neck. Shocked, Yang Kai instinctively wanted to resist, but a force he could not resist passed through her jade white hand that instantly made him unable to move.


In the next moment, the jade white hand pressed down. Yang Kai’s head lowered, and his entire face was buried into a very soft and sweet position. Opening his eyes wide to look, he could still see a deep, infinite valley through the dim light.


[Damn, what is this situation!] Yang Kai was utterly bewildered.


He instinctively drew in a breath, and a sweet, intoxicating fragrance filled his nostrils. He couldn’t help but lose himself in indulgence as his blood began to boil.


“You court death!” A low roar passed through Yu Ru Meng’s gritted teeth. Even without looking, Yang Kai could imagine her angry face. She could tolerate Yang Kai messing around with Su Yan and the others, and even tolerate him indulging himself in debauchery with wine and women, but she simply could not tolerate Bei Li Mo taking advantage of Yang Kai.


This woman was her natural rival and the two had been hostile towards each other for over ten thousand years. They were constantly embroiled in a messy conflict and had been fighting for many years without a clear victor. Now, for her to tease Yang Kai with no holds barred, Bei Li Mo was clearly just acting to piss her off. Otherwise, how could an honourable Demon Saint act in such an uncouth manner?


Bei Li Mo ignored her and just lightly breathed into Yang Kai’s ear, “Boy, what Yu Ru Meng can give you, this Saint can also give you. This Saint can offer you even more than her, so why don’t you come with me instead?”


Yang Kai mustered a muffled response, “Never. Ru Meng and I are deeply in love with one another. Both Heaven and Earth can lay witness to that fact and my loyalty can never be swayed. It’s not something a woman like you can pry apart with just a few words.”


Bei Li Mo snickered, “Deeply in love with one another? I doubt that. Do you know what Secret Technique she used on you? She’s a Charm Demon, and all the feelings you’re experiencing now are fabricated thanks to that Secret Technique. If you come with me, I can help you dissolve that Heart Seal.”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes to himself as this was a truth he understood long ago; what’s more, he had already dealt with that damned Secret Technique himself, so would he still need her to come beat on a dead horse? As such, he didn’t hesitate to reject her, “No need, we’re doing fine. We’re fine now, and we’ll be fine in the future. Ru Meng and I will love each other life after life, till the seas dry up and the mountains collapse, that will never change.”


When the infuriated Yu Ru Meng heard those words, half of her anger dissipated at once. Her eyes looked tender enough as if they could melt away the world.


Bei Li Mo snorted, but she also knew that both Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng would see each other as the most important person in each other’s lives under the effects of the Heart Seal Secret Technique, so it was impossible to move him with just a few simple words. Only, it was a rare chance for her to be able to catch hold of Yu Ru Meng’s tail, so she was a little reluctant to let it go just like that.


Yang Kai added, “You, on the other hand, I’d advise you to leave now, otherwise please don’t blame me for being impolite!” Sure enough, this was an amazing position to be in, but it was really a blow to his face. Being pressed to this woman’s chest and unable to move, even if the other party was a Demon Saint, he would still become a laughingstock if word were to get out of this happening.


“Oh?” Bei Li Mo, who had already lost the intention to tease him, was about to let go, but she wasn’t in such a hurry anymore after hearing those words. Cheerfully she said, “What are you planning to do to this… mm…”


After a strange muffled moan, Bei Li Mo quickly backed up, a blush surfacing on her fair face as she stared angrily at the front.


At that moment, this man had actually bit her mercilessly. Even though it was not in a vital position, he had still profaned her sacred peaks with his foul mouth.


“I warned you!” Yang Kai sneered at her.


Bei Li Mo’s face turned frosty as she snarled grimly, “You court death!” Murderous intent surged, causing her hair to flutter despite there being no wind.


Behind her though, Yu Ru Meng said indifferently, “I forgot to mention, this Saint has already begun making her way towards Soaring Snow Continent. If you don’t want this Saint to shatter your precious home, you better start behaving.” 


Bei Li Mo may not be too concerned if it were any other continent, but Soaring Snow Continent was very important to her. It was where she was born, raised, and rose to fame. This time, it was also because of Soaring Snow Continent that she came looking for Yang Kai. If Yu Ru Meng really shattered her main continent, then it would have a huge impact on her.


Bei Li Mo knew that with Yu Ru Meng impeding her, there was no way she could do anything to Yang Kai, unless she was ready to completely fall out with her. As such, she couldn’t help but snort coldly and grit her teeth, glaring at Yang Kai, “This Queen will settle accounts with you next time.” 


After withdrawing her murderous intent, she turned around and looked at Yu Ru Meng, “Let’s talk.”


“What do you want to talk about?” Yu Ru Meng asked her.


Bei Li Mo smiled, then Divine Sense surged as she began discussing something with Yu Ru Meng.


No one knew about the contents of the two Demon Saints’ conversation. Only, from the changes in the two’s expressions, it was clear that there was an argument before a compromise was finally reached.


It was only after some time that Bei Li Mo declared, “It’s settled, then.”


Turning around to look at Yang Kai, she smirked, “This Saint will be waiting for you.”


With that, she flicked her sleeve and left.


“Crazy bitch!” Yang Kai muttered before reaching up to rub his forehead. He had his forehead flicked by her earlier, and now a large bulge had swollen up on his head that did not ease even now. That woman was also heavy-handed. If she had flicked anyone else this hard, half of their life would probably have been lost.


“All of you, withdraw!” Yu Ru Meng waved her hand and ordered.


Lao Ke and the others quickly accepted the order and retreated.


Once the door was shut, Yu Ru Meng turned to Yang Kai and asked with concern, “Are you alright?”


With fear lingering on his face, Yang Kai slowly nodded his head, “I’m fine. But what’s the situation with that woman?”


Yu Ru Meng sighed, “She came to seek you out for help.”


Yang Kai sneered, “Then I don’t see the least bit of sincerity from her.” After a moment of silence, he simply asked, “Territory Gates?”


If there was anything he could help the Demon Saints with right now, it would be to repair and maintain their failing Territory Gates. There was no way his actions on Cloud Shadow could be hidden from the watchful gaze of others. Right now, Cloud Shadow Continent had two functioning Territory Gates, one of which was stabilized by Yang Kai while the other had been restored by him.


Yu Ru Meng had also mentioned in the past that strange things had been happening to the Territory Gates of many continents. What was true of Yu Ru Meng’s territory was naturally true of the territories of other Demon Saints. Since Yang Kai had the ability to repair these gates, it was only natural that these Demon Saints would have their eyes on him.


Only, Bei Li Mo’s territory was very close to here. Since she was neighbours with Yu Ru Meng, she had been the first to rush over.


In other words, even if Bei Li Mo did not come today, there would still be a Nan Li Mo and a Dong Li Mo looking for him in the future.


(Note: Bei = North, Nan = South, Dong = East)


Yu Ru Meng nodded, “It is exactly for that reason. She wants you to go to her territory and restore her lost Territory Gates, as well as stabilize the ones that are failing.”


“Did you agree to it?” Yang Kai frowned.


Yu Ru Meng sighed, “What else could I do? These things will have to happen sooner or later.” 


Even though she had Xiao Wu follow Yang Kai in preparation for encounters like this, she herself was clear that he would eventually attract the attention of other Demon Saints with his abilities, so she might as well take a proactive approach rather than allow those Demon Saints to band together and pressure her. What’s more, with such abilities to back Yang Kai up, no one would dare to take his life in the Demon Realm.


“What price did she have to pay?” Yang Kai asked.


“5,000 Myriad Demon Pills.”


“Huo, that’s a lot!” Yang Kai raised his brow and said with no trace of politeness, “I want half!”




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