Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3497, 18th Floor


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After staying on the 13th floor for about a week, the Stone Demon appeared at Yang Kai’s window again.


Yang Kai was just getting to the good part, but he wasn’t surprised to see this man and merely sneered, “Going down again?”


The Stone Demon looked him up and down, then raised a hand to give him a thumbs up with a look filled with admiration. No matter what, this boy before him was definitely a talent. No one had ever made the Holy Venerable change her order so many times, and to increase the punishment more and more at that. In a way, this Human had set a precedent.


Only, the 18th floor… Even one as strong as this Stone Demon could not help but shudder.


As usual, he took out his token to open the cell’s seal. He didn’t even need to grab Yang Kai and just motioned to him. Yang Kai would take the initiative to walk out by himself.


Unfamiliar and haggard faces now appeared on the windows of the cells around him. All of them had been Yang Kai’s loyal listeners during the past few days. Even though they had no idea what Yang Kai would encounter upon leaving this time, they all knew that this guy’s end could only be disastrous.


There wasn’t any friendship between them. They had only been listening to Yang Kai’s stories for a few days, allowing them some fun in their silent torment of waiting for death. So, with a slight nod, they passed each other by.


Deeper and deeper they went, and the environment became colder and colder.


Yang Kai silently noted the numbers and inquired on the way, “Which floor was I on before?”


The Stone Demon seemed to think that there was no need to hide it since Yang Kai was bound for death anyway, “This time, we’re sending you to the 18th floor!”


Yang Kai raised a brow, “Then, how many floors are there in total?”


“18 is the lowest floor!” The Stone Demon glanced at him.


Yang Kai grinned, “Your Holy Venerable really thinks highly of me.”


The Stone Demon shook his head and sighed, “If I’d known this would happen, I would’ve just shut you in there to begin with. Let me give you some advice. When we get there, find a place to sit down and don’t do anything else, much less resist. That way, things will be over faster. Oh, that’s right. Your cultivation has already been sealed, so there’s not much you can do to resist anyways.”


Yang Kai glanced at him from the corner of his eye, “You think I’m going to die for sure?”


The Stone Demon laughed, neither admitting nor denying it. That was the 18th floor of the Frozen Nether Ice Prison after all. If he could still be lively down there, then that would truly be going against the Heavens.


Having guessed what the Stone Demon was thinking, Yang Kai didn’t really mind either. He figured that Bei Li Mo only meant to play a small trick on him rather than actually wanting his life, but there was no need to say anything more to others. Instead, he asked, “Is there anyone else on the 18th floor?”


“There are!” The Stone Demon nodded, “They’re all dead!”


Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, speechless.


He had no idea how long they’d walked, but they finally arrived at the entrance to the 18th floor. The Stone Demon didn’t even have the intention of sending Yang Kai in, merely opening the entrance with his token before turning and saying, “Go in yourself.”


Yang Kai glanced at the entrance. Even before going in, he could already feel a bone-chilling cold assaulting his senses. He had no idea how long he could last if he went inside. He weighed his chances of killing the Stone Demon with his current abilities but came to a disappointing result. With his cultivation sealed, he definitely wasn’t this Stone Demon’s opponent. But of course, if he had his Embodiment come out of the Sealed World Bead, then dealing with this Stone Demon would be easy enough. Even though Yang Kai’s cultivation was sealed, making it impossible for him to even open his own Space Ring, the Embodiment could exit the Sealed World Bead himself.


But Yang Kai was not prepared to reveal his Embodiment’s existence under Bei Li Mo’s watchful gaze so soon.


An arm cannot be thicker than a thigh, so he had no choice but to head in face-first.


After Yang Kai stepped onto the 18th floor, the Stone Demon quickly sealed the entrance and left in a hurry, as if he didn’t want to stay for even a moment longer.


The 18th floor. It was a little different from what Yang Kai expected. The previous 17 floors were all segregated cells, but there were no individual cells here, it was just a white world.


As soon as he stepped into this place, Yang Kai could feel his entire body stiffen as a layer of frost began to cover his face. This layer of frost was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. The ever-present cold invaded his body through his pores and caused Yang Kai to feel a stinging pain similar to being stabbed by a million needles. In just several breaths of time, Yang Kai’s face was already beginning to pale, and his lips turned purple.


He quickly moved his body in order to break apart the frost covering his figure to prevent himself from really being frozen solid.


But as soon as he moved, his face couldn’t help but change. That was because even his thoughts seemed to be affected by this damned place, his ability to think slowing down, and even the commands he sent to his limbs seemingly taking longer than they should to reach their destination.


Yang Kai became serious when he realized the cold on this 18th floor could even affect his Soul. Fortunately, he had the Soul Warming Lotus so he wasn’t worried about his Soul actually becoming frozen. A cool feeling spread forth from his mind, fighting the icy coldness that was invading his Knowledge Sea, finally allowing his thoughts to flow again.


It was only at this time that he finally had the leisure to observe his surroundings though frankly, there was nothing to see. There was no hint of life here, and not a single person either. The only thing that entered Yang Kai’s vision was white. There seemed to be something far in the distance, but he couldn’t see too clearly.


Yang Kai made his way over to that side, and it wasn’t until he got closer and had a better look that he realized it was an ice sculpture. It was not an ice sculpture that was carved by someone, however, but rather a real dead body encased in ice.


This was undoubtedly a Demon. Yang Kai had no idea which clan he was from, but their expression before death was a peaceful one. It seemed that he did not experience any pain, but Yang Kai knew clearly that it was only natural that this guy couldn’t feel any pain, because his Soul was already frozen.


And, for a Demon who could be put down here on the 18th floor, Yang Kai guessed that he must at least be a High-Rank Demon King. He really couldn’t figure out what this guy did that he would actually end up here, dead.


Looking around his surroundings, Yang Kai was shocked to see more ice sculptures a distance away in all directions, all of them encasing a dead body. There were young and old Demons, male and female… Counting them roughly, there were about forty that he could see within his view, not counting the ones that were even further away.


“This insane woman!” Yang Kai bared his teeth. It was no wonder why the Stone Demon told him that everyone here was dead. It was indeed true that they were dead to the point where they couldn’t be more dead. Even their Souls were frozen, so how could they possibly still survive?


Bei Li Mo wouldn’t really let him die down here, right? Yang Kai’s heart was drumming a little. Even though she was a Demon Saint, she was still a woman and Yang Kai was well aware that when a woman became enraged she could be completely unreasonable. He made a decision in his heart at that moment. If he really did reach the point where he could no longer resist, then he would have the Embodiment exit the Sealed World Bead and drag him inside.


Then, with the Sealed World Bead’s World Force, Yang Kai was confident he could break the seal that Bei Li Mo planted in him.


But if he did that, then the Sealed World Bead was bound to be revealed to Bei Li Mo, and if she were to take that away from him, then everything would be over.


This lonely white world was dead silent. Yang Kai could even hear his heartbeats and his breathing. There was no audience here to hear his stories either. While moving his body to break the frost, he walked around to investigate his surroundings.


At one point, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed.


He had no idea whether it was just an illusion or not, but he actually felt as if there were a pair of eyes watching him from the void. He wasn’t too sure whether it was real in the beginning, but as time went on, the feeling became more and more obvious.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but sneer in his heart. It seemed like Bei Li Mo really didn’t have the intention to kill him off.


Even that Stone Demon who looked after the Ice Prison was unwilling to come into this damned place. So, other than Bei Li Mo, no one else could silently spy on him here. As a Demon Saint, she should at least have this ability.


After getting this point straight, Yang Kai suddenly felt emboldened, and his previous worries immediately disappeared.


Looking around him, Yang Kai took a deep breath and only felt his lungs throbbing in pain from the invasion of the cold aura, almost as if it were going to freeze him from the inside. But at this moment, he began to curse loudly without regard for anything else.


Just as vulgar and unpleasant as before, his words just as vile and malicious.


Even though Yang Kai had cursed her previously, that was just him scratching an itch. Now that Bei Li Mo was watching him, he would give her the harshest verbal assault he could to see just how long she could bear with it.


Though Yang Kai’s other skills did not improve during these days, his cursing abilities had grown quite considerably. Even he felt a little disappointed in himself; after all, a man cursing a woman just because he couldn’t defeat her was really nothing worth being proud about…


He cursed for half a day, but still saw no reactions from Bei Li Mo.


Instead, it was Yang Kai himself who was finding it difficult to hold up. Sure enough, this was the 18th floor. It definitely wasn’t something the 13th floor he was on before could compare to. Despite how strong his physique was, many parts of Yang Kai’s body were frozen stiff after half a day. 


But what surprised Yang Kai even more was the fact that he couldn’t even sense Bei Li Mo getting angry.


His curses gradually grew weak, and he was even feeling a little exhausted. Frost covered Yang Kai’s eyes to the point where he could no longer open them. Leaning against an ice sculpture, he howled in his heart. If that bitch Bei Li Mo didn’t come out, then things might really become disastrous for him, and he would have no choice but to get his Embodiment to do something.


He secretly warned the Embodiment to pull him into the Small Sealed World as soon as things started to look bad. Then, Yang Kai strengthened his will and carried on cursing for a while.


His consciousness was blurring and his eyes were constantly opening and closing. Even though his mouth was moving, no sound came out of it any longer. His body was already covered in ice crystals and he seemed to be on his way to becoming an ice sculpture.


But the moment before his consciousness blurred completely, a cold power suddenly fluctuated from a certain place that swept over Yang Kai’s body.


The frost that was covering his figure melted at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, and there was also an invisible power that now shielded him, preventing the Ice Principles and Energy of this place from invading him again.


Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and let out a chuckle, “I knew you wouldn’t do anything to this King!”


Slowly getting up, he stretched his muscles for a bit. With the protection of that blessing’s power, the cold here impacted him much less. Squinting at his surroundings, he called out coldly, “Show yourself. Is there any point in sneaking around?”




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