Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3552, Soul Battlefield


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Yang Kai didn’t have the time to think about other matters at the moment though as he exerted some strength into his hand and prepared to destroy Bei Li Mo’s Demon Heart. As a Demon Saint, it was a given that she would have more than one Demon Heart so crushing this one might not necessarily kill her, but it would severely damage her foundation at the very least. That would be a great help for him to escape with the Embodiment.


He had considered his plans very carefully. After crushing this Demon Heart of hers, he would immediately flee with the Embodiment.


At that moment though, an invisible force suddenly surged forth from the spot where Bei Li Mo had been stabbed by the Profound Darkness Needle. That force spread out in ripples that were visible to the naked eye and expanded to over a thousand kilometres at an extremely fast speed.


Yang Kai’s movements suddenly froze. He couldn’t conjure up any strength in his body. His Soul reacted volatilely and showed signs of leaving his body. This instance scared him out of his wits but no matter how hard he tried to stimulate his Divine Sense, he could not stabilize his Soul.


His vision suddenly blurred. Following that, the whole world changed drastically. Everything was covered in snow everywhere he looked. A freezing wind howled past, the chill biting into his bones. There were translucent icebergs in all shapes and sizes scattered all over the place. Moreover, snowflakes the size of goose feathers were steadily drifting down from the skies. When they landed on him, a chill spread throughout his body and caused him to shudder involuntarily.


Bei Li Mo, who was supposed to be standing in front of him with his arm in her chest, was nowhere in sight. On the contrary, she appeared on top of a towering ice pillar more than a thousand metres away. She stood there prettily with her silver hair whipping about in the wind, looking like a small flower that had bloomed in this icy world. However, her expression at this moment was filled with resentment as she glared in his direction with gritted teeth.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow in response, distinctly sensing that there was something wrong with this situation. After a careful check, he realized that he was actually in his Soul Avatar state. In other words, the part of him that existed in this world was not his physical body but his Soul! And the same went for Bei Li Mo! Their physical bodies were probably somewhere on Cloud Shadow Continent, still maintaining their previous posture.


[What is going on!?] Yang Kai was utterly confused by the situation when a strange noise came from behind him, and he turned around to look, his eyes narrowing slightly at the sight as he quickly greeted, “Young Lady Bing!”


It was Young Lady Bing, the person he had met on the 18th floor of the Frozen Nether Ice Prison. She was walking towards him from behind with a sweet smile on her face. She had a sheltered, ignorant, and innocent appearance. However, as she gradually approached, he felt a great sense of crisis looming over him instead. Turning sideways without drawing notice, he faced both Bei Li Mo and this mysterious girl at the same time.


Naturally, he did not fully believe Young Lady Bing’s words even though she had helped him in the Ice Prison back then. The main reason he accepted the Profound Darkness Needle from her was that she had claimed that it was powerful enough to delay Bei Li Mo for a short time. He had been repairing the Territory Gates in Bei Li Mo’s territory at the time, so he wanted to be prepared against her. If not for what happened today, he would never have brought out the Profound Darkness Needle. Rather, he would have kept it hidden forever.


From the looks of things, he had fallen into somebody else’s trap and was used by them as a result. Despite knowing that, he would still have used the Profound Darkness Needle even if he had the chance to redo what happened just now. He simply had no other means of fighting back against Bei Li Mo.


“Well done,” Young Lady Bing paused in her tracks and stated. They were standing in a triangle, a thousand metres separating her from Yang Kai and Bei Li Mo. She looked at him with a smile, “You succeeded so quickly. Choosing you was the right decision indeed.”


Yang Kai calmly replied, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”


He was extremely upset at being taken advantage of. Even if he still couldn’t figure out the true identity of this Young Lady Bing even now, the other party was definitely using him for some kind of plot. Just that was enough for him to remain wary around her.


“What did you just call her?” Bei Li Mo glared at Yang Kai bitterly and sneered, “Do you know how old she is? I can’t believe you call her ‘Young Lady Bing’!”


“You’re not young either!” Yang Kai glanced over at her faintly. Neither of these two women were anything good. In any case, his top priority was to figure out where this damned place was, and then how to get himself out of this predicament. 


[Since Young Lady Bing dared to use me in her plot against Bei Li Mo, her strength is probably not inferior to Bei Li Mo’s. I am simply caught in the middle of their battle. I had better get out of the way as soon as possible before I end up as collateral damage. It would be best if I let them fight like dogs among themselves so that they keep each other occupied.]


“Unfilial Disciple!” Young Lady Bing shouted through gritted teeth, “You sure have gotten bolder after tens of thousands of years. How dare you talk about me like that!?”


Bei Li Mo sneered, “Honoured Master, how are you still alive? I thought you died in the Ice Prison a long time ago! I didn’t expect to see you again!”


Yang Kai, who was looking left and right searching for a way out, suddenly glanced at one before glancing at the other upon hearing their conversation. Then, he burst out laughing, “So, you two are really Master and Disciple!”


Back then, Young Lady Bing had mentioned that she and Bei Li Mo had a Master and Disciple relationship and he could only take her for her word. It would now appear that she had not lied on this point, but the truth was different from what she had said. She claimed that she was Bei Li Mo’s Disciple; however, the truth turned out to be the opposite… She was actually Bei Li Mo’s Honoured Master!


[A Demon Saint’s Honoured Master! That practically makes her an existence on the level of an ancient fossil!]


“What did you tell him?” Bei Li Mo asked while looking at Young Lady Bing though she had figured out practically everything when she saw the Profound Darkness Needle. Yang Kai must have encountered Young Lady Bing by chance back when she imprisoned him in the Ice Prison.


There had been no movement from Young Lady Bing inside the Ice Prison for the past ten thousand years; thus, Bei Li Mo honestly believed that the other party was dead. She had personally inspected the place many times, but she had never noticed anything out of place. It would now seem that Young Lady Bing had used some sort of Secret Technique to fool her perception.


Young Lady Bing pursed her lips and smiled, “I didn’t say much. I just took some parts from your story and embellished them a little for him, then, I asked him for a small favour…”


“Shameless!” Bei Li Mo scoffed coldly, “Do you think you can win just because you’ve dragged me here!? Honoured Master, you may have forgotten, but I am no longer the same little girl who had to obey your every word! I am Bei Li Mo! I am a Demon Saint!”


Young Lady Bing nodded repeatedly, “Of course, I know. How else would I be imprisoned by you in the Ice Prison for tens of thousands of years?”


Bei Li Mo said, “If you had remained hidden in the Ice Prison, you might have been able to die of old age, but since you dared to step forward and conspire against me, then don’t blame this Saint for not holding back!”


Young Lady Bing smiled charmingly, “I taught you everything you know. What do you think your chances of winning are in this place?”


“More than enough to kill you!” Bei Li Mo rushed forward to attack.


“Wait a moment, you two!” Yang Kai was feeling quite annoyed from listening to their bickering so he raised a hand to stop them from acting as he glanced between the two parties, “Can I ask a question? What is this place?”


Young Lady Bing smiled and replied, “This is my Soul Battlefield.”


Yang Kai’s expression twitched slightly, “Is that the Secret Technique sealed inside the Profound Darkness Needle?”


“Indeed!” She nodded, “Once the Soul Battlefield has been activated, I can drag a person’s Soul Avatar into here. It is a battle between Souls, and… it doesn’t end until one side dies!”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “An incredible Secret Technique!”


Her physical body was still in the Ice Prison, but after being imprisoned for tens of thousands of years, it was clearly no longer a viable vessel. In other words, she wouldn’t be able to exert much power even if she freed herself.


However, the Soul Battlefield was different. Each of them was free from the shackles of their bodies, fighting only with their Soul Avatar. Thus, she could counter most of Bei Li Mo’s advantages. Having been preparing for this for tens of thousands of years, her prowess in Spiritual Energy was not to be underestimated.


“I have a suggestion. I wonder if you are willing to listen to it, Young Lady Bing. I’m certain you’re itching to kill this bitch, so if you can promise me something, I can kill her within ten breaths.”


When Bei Li Mo heard him unequivocally calling her a ‘bitch’ with every sentence he spoke, her expression darkened significantly. She secretly gritted her teeth and vowed to herself. [If I get the chance, I’m going to make this bastard pay for this!]


The corners of Young Lady Bing’s mouth curved upward, “Kill her in ten breaths? Little boy, don’t you think you are talking a little too big? With your cultivation? Even I don’t have such ability, what more you?”


He chuckled softly, “Naturally, I will be needing your cooperation.”


She asked, “How do you want me to cooperate with you?”


“Let me out! I guarantee I will turn her body into mincemeat!” While speaking, he acted like he was holding a knife in his hand and made swift chopping motions.


As soon as the words left his mouth, Bei Li Mo’s expression changed greatly as she gnashed her teeth and screamed, “You dare?!”


If her physical body was destroyed, then it would be over for her. That was why she felt incredibly anxious when she heard him saying that. She was really frightened that Young Lady Bing would agree to his request.


“Hahahahahahahahaha…” Young Lady Bing suddenly doubled over with laughter.


Yang Kai also smiled in response, “What do you think of my suggestion? Speaking of which, I’m an innocent bystander who was accidentally caught up in your fight. There’s nothing for me to do here, and I can’t be of any help either. You might as well let me leave and give you a helping hand from the outside.”


“It’s a great suggestion,” She nodded lightly before the smile on her face vanished, “But I can’t agree to your request.”


He pouted, “Why not?”


She narrowed her eyes, glanced at Bei Li Mo, and replied lightly, “If you turn her into mincemeat, this Queen won’t be able to possess her body anymore.”


Yang Kai blinked at her words for a moment before he chuckled helplessly, “So, that’s your goal.”


“You want to possess my body!?” Bei Li Mo sneered. Nevertheless, she felt a little more reassured since the other party had such intentions. She was more frightened that Yang Kai might be released.


“Why not?” Young Lady Bing raised her brow slightly, “You and I cultivate the same Secret Arts and Techniques while we also come from the same Clan. As long as I can defeat you here, possessing your body won’t be that difficult. Besides… I will simply be getting back what used to belong to me.”


“I’m afraid you don’t have the ability!” Bei Li Mo sneered.


“I won’t know until I try.” Young Lady Bing smiled softly. The aura in her body slowly began to rise, and Ice Principles spread out. She licked her red lips and scolded, “Unfilial Disciple, did you know? That man kept calling out your name before he died, hoping that you would save him.”




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