Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3572, Unexpected Windfall


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The foundation and background of the Demon Realm was undoubtedly much greater than the Star Boundary’s. That was also one of the reasons why Yang Kai was desperately searching for another way out for the two Great Worlds. He wasn’t doing it out of consideration for the Demon Realm but for the Star Boundary as the latter’s odds of winning were simply too low.


Even the strongest fortresses could be brought down from the inside. Moreover, he was now within the enemy camp. Unfortunately, he did not have much confidence in being able to cause the collapse of such a strong enemy like the Demon Realm, so he could only do his best and leave the rest to the Heavens.


The army’s first destination was Eternal Sky Continent. When Yang Kai entered Eternal Sky Continent for the first time, he had also transited through Bei Li Mo’s territory and entered through the continent under another Demon Saint nearby. It was not that far away. Furthermore, the speed of the army could not be considered slow, and they arrived at the Territory Gate to enter Eternal Sky Continent in less than four days.


Eternal Sky Continent originally had two Territory Gates located in different places, but Yang Kai had sealed off one of them during his recent escape, so there was only one left. Moreover, the Demon Saints had eventually smashed the sealed Territory Gate and destroyed it as a result. As such, the army had arrived at the only remaining Territory Gate left.


Bai Ya did not know why Yang Kai had come to Eternal Sky Continent. After the last catastrophe on Eternal Sky Continent, the entire continent had been torn apart and shattered into fragments. Even the World Principles were broken beyond repair. Moreover, all the Demons who had previously lived here had been offered up as blood sacrifices. It could be said that the current Eternal Sky Continent no longer held any value at all. Not to mention, the one and only Territory Gate was showing signs of instability at this moment. If this Territory Gate disappeared, then the entire Eternal Sky Continent would be completely removed from the Demon Realm.


Bai Ya did not ask any questions despite his puzzlement though. Only a few days ago, Bei Li Mo had ordered him to lead the Soaring Snow Ice Guard and serve under Yang Kai. She also told him in very clear terms that he should not ask unnecessary questions and simply follow Yang Kai’s instructions. As a Half-Saint, it was impossible for him to serve under a High-Rank Demon King under normal circumstances; however, he could only obey since Bei Li Mo herself had ordered him to do so.


Yang Kai left Bai Ya and the army of five hundred thousand stationed near the Territory Gate. Then, he passed through the Territory Gate alone and stepped foot on Eternal Sky Continent once again.


The entire world was grey and hazy as far as the eye could see. There was not the slightest bit of brilliance anywhere. The land itself was fragmented and Void Cracks spread out across the sky like scars that could never heal.


There was a trace of sorrow in Yang Kai’s heart as he gazed at this landscape. This was the place where a Great Emperor had fallen. Nevertheless, he realized that he had no other choice whatsoever when he thought back on all the events of that day. Bright Moon Great Emperor had used his own life to hand his final responsibility over to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai did not know how he was supposed to face Lan Xun again after returning to the Star Boundary. Lan Xun had held great expectations for him before he left for the Demon Realm. Who could have known that her Father would end up dying at his hands? Just thinking about it gave him a headache.


After composing himself, Yang Kai began casually wandering around Eternal Sky Continent. The entire world was like a shattered plate wherein the fragmentation of the continent could be seen everywhere.


There were still hints of profound auras and traces of battle at the place where Bright Moon had fought against the Demon Saints back then. In addition, a bright crimson colour blanketed the spot where the boundless Blood Sea had once been. The base of the Spirit Array that made up the Twelve Pinnacles Grand Demon Array was gone, however, probably retrieved by the Demon Race.


Upon confirming that there were no other life auras on this continent, Yang Kai summoned the Sealed World Bead and had Gun-Gun come out to begin devouring the fragments of this continent. Ever since Gun-Gun started devouring numerous continents in the Demon Realm, its body had gotten even bigger than before. It was now capable of swallowing a fragment of the continent in one bite.




Huo Lun stood in front of his log house located on the top of an uninhabited mountain inside the Small Sealed World, looking up at the sky with a lonely and melancholic expression.


During this period, he had gone around this strange world only to discover that it was completely devoid of any other living creatures aside from himself. Moreover, there was an invisible barrier in the sky that prevented him from flying too high. Every time he reached a certain limit, he would be blocked from going further. This world also seemed to have a set boundary, one he could not pass through. He couldn’t help feeling as though he was a bird trapped inside a cage. A vast cage, but a cage nonetheless.


[Just what is this damned place!?] He had been asking himself this question more times than he could remember but could not find an answer to it. He recalled what Yang Kai had mentioned a few days ago before leaving, ‘This world might become another Demon Realm in the future’.


Huo Lun remained unconvinced by those words. Even the most barren continent in the Demon Realm was millions of times better than this place.


All of a sudden, there was a loud explosion which sounded like thunder in the sky.


Huo Lun’s expression turned from depressed to shocked before he immediately became ecstatic as he stared up into the sky with wide eyes. In the two months that he had been living here, nothing had changed at all. There were no living creatures, and not even the slightest bit of sound; therefore, this sudden activity was a welcome sight.


[I don’t care what the changes are. It’s better than living here in dull silence!] With a shift of his body, he rushed up towards the sky in hopes of getting closer to the sound of the thunder and catching a glimpse of the mystery behind it. He also wanted to see how the world had changed.


There was another loud explosion a moment later, one so loud that the entire world seemed to tremble from it.


Under Huo Lun’s nervous and excited gaze, a huge crack suddenly opened in the sky, as if an invisible beast had opened its mouth. He felt like a tiny ant in front of that crack… Even so, that did not stop him. He rushed upward even more excitedly, thinking that this might be his chance of escaping from this place.


Just before he arrived in front of the crack though, a giant creature suddenly leaned out of the crack slowly. A horrifying pressure spread out from that figure and Huo Lun abruptly froze in his tracks to stare at this monstrosity with a wide-eyed stare.


A short while later, that giant creature finally revealed its entire body and he couldn’t help gasping at the sight. He was shocked and horrified to discover that this enormous creature was actually a giant piece of land. It looked as though somebody had cut out a part of a continent and thrown it into this world. The crack in the sky spat out the fragment of the continent, which fell straight down to the ground. 


Huo Lun watched nervously, worried about the force of impact that would come from such a humongous thing crashing against the ground, but to his surprise, he saw the fragment of the continent melting away gradually as it fell. It was almost as if it had been digested by this world. The entire process took no more than ten breaths. The fragment of the continent vanished without a trace before it even touched the ground. Following that, another fragment was spat out from the crack in the sky and the process from before repeating again…


Huo Lun couldn’t help swallowing nervously at the sight as he wondered if he really was inside some sort of ancient giant beast’s belly.


Although he did not want to admit it, what he was seeing before him inadvertently made those thoughts appear in his mind. The continent fragments that were devoured up by the huge crack in the sky almost seemed like the food of a giant beast, which would mean that this world was the stomach of that giant beast; otherwise, how could the fragments of the continents be digested and disappear without a trace?


Piece after piece continued to be spat out before vanishing out of sight, seemingly without end.


All of a sudden, Huo Lun frowned. He keenly felt as though something was changing in this world. His cultivation was not that high, but he was still a Low-Rank Demon King, so he had a fairly good perception of the surrounding environment. Pondering in silence for a bit, he quietly tried to circulate his Secret Art and the results shocked him.


He discovered that the World Energy in this place had become marginally stronger than before. Even the World Principles had become a bit more abundant. Even if the changes were not significant, this feeling could not be wrong. He once again recalled what that person who tossed him into this place had once said and muttered to himself, “Perhaps one day in the future, this place will become another Demon Realm!”


He had been unconvinced by those words at the time; however, that outcome did not seem impossible now. If this world continued to develop with this kind of momentum, wouldn’t it become another Demon Realm once the World Energy became sufficiently rich and the World Principles became sufficiently perfect?


Huo Lun was extremely taken aback by this realization.


At this moment, something seemed to fall out of the air from among the vanishing continent fragments that were being digested.


[There’s something that cannot be digested by this world?] Huo Lun rubbed his eyes and confirmed that he wasn’t imagining things. Feeling curious, he hurriedly flew in the direction where that thing had fallen.


Exactly one hour later, he finally arrived at the spot. His Divine Sense surged as he searched a wide area for the item. It didn’t take much effort for him to find a spear in the middle of a lake with clear water. The spear was quite heavy, and its body was decorated with elaborate patterns. He could tell at a glance that it was an item that was forged with the greatest care.


Pouring his Demon Qi into the spear, Huo Lun examined the dazzling light it gave off and gasped at the sight, “High-Rank Demon Artifact!”


This was a High-Rank Demon Artifact! Moreover, it was a very high-quality existence even among High-Rank Demon Artifacts! There was no blockage whatsoever when he poured his Demon Qi into it. Furthermore, it felt like an extension of his arm when he swung it around casually.


As far as he knew, only some High-Rank Demon Kings and Half-Saints were eligible to wield such a High-Rank Demon Artifact. It was impossible for Mid-Rank Demon Kings and Low-Rank Demon Kings to even touch something like this.


Although he had his own weapons, they were only two Low-Rank Demon Artifacts, completely incomparable to this spear both in terms of quality and value. What made Huo Lun feel even more incredulous was that this High-Rank Demon Artifact was brand new, almost as though somebody had been using it not too long ago.


But… if the Demon Artifact was here, then where did the High-Rank Demon King or Half-Saint using it go?


Huo Lun couldn’t care less about that right now though as he clasped the spear tightly in his hand and laughed loudly. The gloomy and melancholic mood he had been experiencing all this time was swept away in an instant. Just the fact that he had unexpectedly obtained this Demon Artifact was enough to make him rejoice for a long while. It was a treasure that he did not even dare to covet before after all.


His good mood had just washed over him when something else fell out of the sky again and landed only several dozen kilometres away…




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