Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3581, Demon Saint’s Headbutt


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Soon, someone could be heard knocking on the door from outside the secret room and it was followed by Yang Kai’s voice, “Ru Meng. Madame Ru Meng. Lady Meng, I’m back!”


Upon hearing that, Yu Ru Meng, who was seated with her legs crossed in the room, was torn between laughter and exasperation, [What does this smelly brat think my palace is? Does he think he can come and go as he pleases, doing whatever he damn well wants?]


Just one year ago, after Yang Kai left this place, word got out that Yin Si was killed, and a scout reported that Yang Kai had also been severely injured as he had gone missing. Hence, she immediately told her subordinates to look for Yang Kai and bring him back to the Holy City. Unfortunately, it was too late when her people arrived at his last known location as he was nowhere to be seen.


Then, she learned that Yang Kai had begun travelling around the Demon Realm to repair the Territory Gates. She also heard that Bai Ya and five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guards had embarked on the journey with him. Upon making sure that he had the power to protect himself, Yu Ru Meng stopped following news about him as she had to tend to her own injuries; hence, she came to this secret room and had been recuperating since then.


However, she had never expected that this smelly man would have the nerve to come back one day. As she clenched her teeth, she decided to ignore him outright.


Yang Kai went on to knock on the door for a long time and kept calling out to her, but she never replied.


Knowing that she was still mad at him, Yang Kai appeared helpless as he scratched his head. He was no match for Yu Ru Meng in terms of strength, so he could not overpower her and might even embarrass himself if he tried. However, he wondered how long it would take before her anger would subside.


In Yang Kai’s plan, Yu Ru Meng was indispensable. It wasn’t certain whether Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo had agreed to work with him out of their own willingness or because they were forced to, so they might go back on their word at any moment. Nevertheless, Yu Ru Meng was different. As long as he could persuade her to join forces with him, she would be the greatest helper he had.


By then, he would have the support of three powerful Demon Saints. Although it still wouldn’t put him in any advantageous position when facing the other ten Demon Saints, it was enough for him to at least start the ball rolling.


One hour later, the knocking gradually faded and died down. Yu Ru Meng was no longer in the mood to absorb the energy from the purple fruit though, so she activated her Divine Sense and realised that Yang Kai had sat down cross-legged outside the room. He had even closed his eyes and started cultivating.


Yu Ru Meng sneered as she had the intention of teaching him a lesson, so she decided to ignore him and just let him wait out in the cold.


Someone like her was able to cultivate in seclusion for dozens of years, even for hundreds of years if need be. Although she wasn’t allowed to cultivate in seclusion for that long since they were in the middle of a war between the two Great Worlds, she could still do it for three to five years.


She doubted that Yang Kai could wait for such a long time. When he felt bored, he would leave this place. Considering all this, she made up her mind and pulled herself together as she continued healing herself.


As expected, Yang Kai stopped making a fuss outside the room as though he was determined to wait for Yu Ru Meng to take the initiative to come out. Separated by just a door, he went on to cultivate silently.


As time passed, Yu Ru Meng was finally able to be at ease as she resumed absorbing the energy from the purple fruit to restore her damaged Soul.


Half a month later, she was jolted awake by an explosive eruption of power. Right after she opened her eyes, she activated her Divine Sense, then her expression changed.


At this moment, Yang Kai, who was just outside the room, had the Demon Qi inside his body fluctuating violently. He appeared to be in pain as his forehead was beaded with sweat. It was apparent that he was suffering from cultivation dissonance.


Yu Ru Meng quickly got to her feet, but just when she was about to dash out of the room, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.


Although Yang Kai was no match for her in terms of power, it wasn’t difficult for him to pretend to be in pain to make her worried. Furthermore, he was now a High-Rank Demon King and had been cultivating for at least a hundred years, so it was unlikely that he would suffer from cultivation dissonance so easily. This must be a trap to lure her out of the room!


As she gritted her teeth, she snorted and sat back down, but just when she was about to wait it out, the man outside her room could be heard coughing up a mouthful of blood. His face had turned ashen as he trembled and fell backwards.


With a loud boom, a violent gale could be seen swirling around in the room as Yu Ru Meng had disappeared from her original spot. Following that, the door flung open as Yang Kai fell into her soft embrace.


The colour had drained from Yu Ru Meng’s face as she asked in a flustered manner, “What happened? What’s wrong? Are you alright?”


As she spoke, she activated her Demon Qi in an attempt to check on Yang Kai’s situation.


Nevertheless, before she could do so, she realised that Yang Kai, who was in her embrace, was winking at her.


She was startled for a moment before she became incensed. Realising that she had been fooled, she hurriedly tried to push him away. Unexpectedly, the man wrapped his strong arm around her waist and pulled her into his embrace though. Yang Kai exerted force with his feet and stood up while lifting her off the ground, chuckling heartily as he dashed into the room and slammed the door shut.


“Let me go, you bastard! You tricked me again!” At this moment, Yu Ru Meng’s expression was livid. She was still mad at the fact that he had lied to her previously, but she had never expected that she would be fooled by the same man again so soon. As a Demon Saint, it was truly embarrassing for her.


As she spoke, she repeatedly landed her palms on Yang Kai’s shoulders and chest, which was why loud slaps could be heard.


Upon impact, Yang Kai sprayed out a mouthful of blood again, and he wasn’t faking it this time. Just now, in order to lure her out of the room, he had tried to circulate his Secret Art in reverse and lightly injured himself, but it was nothing he couldn’t handle with a few hours of rest. Although Yu Ru Meng hadn’t expended all her force at this moment, it wasn’t easy to bear a Demon Saint’s wrath. After just a few slaps from her, he could feel that his bones were about to dislocate.


Thanks to the fact that he was a Half-Dragon, Yang Kai was still able to support his own weight, fortunately. If he were just an average High-Rank Demon King, he would’ve fallen to the ground and become paralysed due to her attacks.


“Alright, stop being so mad with me. If it soothes your anger to kill me, I don’t mind losing my life here, but will you be happy if that happens?” Yang Kai looked smilingly at the woman in his embrace, the Golden Blood on the corners of his mouth quite conspicuous.


Yu Ru Meng stopped struggling, but she looked grimly at him and spoke in a voice that was colder than the winds on Soaring Snow Continent, “Release me!”


However, Yang Kai naturally refused.


An infuriated Yu Ru Meng said through clenched teeth, “I said let me go!”


“No way!” Yang Kai shook his head like a rattle drum. It had been quite difficult to make her open the door once, so if he let her go now, all his efforts would be wasted.


“Don’t test me, the consequences will be dreadful!” Yu Ru Meng’s chest could be seen heaving as she appeared utterly incensed. The previous problem hadn’t been solved yet, and now she was fooled again. She wondered whether there was something wrong with her ability to judge people.


On the other hand, not only did Yang Kai not release her, but he also lowered himself and attempted to lock his lips with hers.


As she felt his breath and watched his face magnifying in front of her, Yu Ru Meng sneered and tipped her head back, after which she thrust her head forward and struck his forehead.


With a loud thud, Yang Kai felt as if his forehead had collided with a mountain before he staggered backwards upon impact. As he felt the world spinning around him, he shook his head and stared at her in disbelief. Torn between tears and laughter, he said, “You’re a Demon Saint, so how could you deal with me by using a headbutt?”


Yu Ru Meng scoffed, “You asked for it!”


Although she was also in pain as her forehead had reddened, she couldn’t show any signs of weakness.


Yang Kai grinned, “You’ve got guts!”


Rather than deter him, this woman’s intense resistance and the pain in his forehead ignited his ferocity and wicked nature. As he spoke, he pushed Yu Ru Meng up against the nearest wall and pinned her down. The next moment, he grabbed both of her wrists with only one hand above her head, rendering her immobile.


Yang Kai had incredible physical strength, so although Yu Ru Meng was a Demon Saint, she was unable to resist him at this moment. Charm Demons were not known for their physical strength after all.


Before she could struggle out of his grip, she saw him attempting to kiss her again; hence, she decided to try a headbutt one more time, which he easily dodged. Before she could make another attempt though, he had lowered himself and sucked her lips recklessly.


In response, she forcefully bit his tongue, which caused him to feel a sharp pain in his mouth while a metallic taste suggested that he had started bleeding.


Ignoring the pain he felt, Yang Kai looked like a crazy beast that had just escaped from its cage as he snuck his other hand under her dress and groped at her wantonly.


Yu Ru Meng grunted in a muffled voice as she struggled and squirmed. Even the Demon Qi around her turned violent.


With such a close distance between them, they stared fixedly at each other as neither of them seemed to have the intention of backing down. The atmosphere in the room was awkward as it was filled with contrasting airs of violence and intimacy.


Gradually, the Demon Qi in Yu Ru Meng’s body calmed down as her gaze appeared conflicted. Then, she closed her eyes and stopped struggling. Her cold-looking face reddened as her fair neck was slowly covered in hickeys.


Then, Yang Kai released her wrists, which had become stiff from getting restricted for a long time. After that, she wrapped her arms around his neck as though her entire body had hung onto him. Their close contact allowed them to feel one another’s warmth and passion.


Following that, their clothes became a mess as the atmosphere was filled with a pink air.


One day later, Yu Ru Meng was lying on the ground as her porcelain-like body had reddened. With her hair being untidy, she stared at the ceiling through her blurred vision as she panted heavily, “I need a break… I can’t take it any…”


Before she could finish her words, Yang Kai flipped over and locked his lips with hers.


Three days later, Yu Ru Meng kept shaking her head as her hair flapped in the air while in a stuttering voice, she uttered, “N-No… please stop!”


Ignoring her, Yang Kai rampaged like an enraged bull.


Five days later, she was paralysed on the ground as she said in a lethargic voice, “Please let me go…”


She pitifully reached for her clothes that were just an arm’s length away, but as she watched her clothes turn to ash after the beast above her pushed out his palm, she felt crestfallen and closed her eyes in resignation.




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