Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3599, Heading South


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Yang Kai burst into laughter, “En, I’ll be careful.”


Then, Yu Ru Meng went on to tell him what he should take note of like a good wife seeing her husband go off to war. At this moment, she didn’t look like an authoritative Demon Saint but a worried woman who was reluctant to see her man go.


Yang Kai just looked smilingly at her and memorized everything she was saying.


“Are you done yet?” Bei Li Mo snickered from nearby. Initially, she was looking up at the stars, but she eventually couldn’t help but to turn around and mock her, “If you don’t want to part with him, why don’t you just go with him?”


Yu Ru Meng shot her a glare, “No one will mistake you for mute even if you don’t speak!”


Certainly, she wanted to go with Yang Kai, but she couldn’t.


Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo were wary of the Great Emperors, but Yu Ru Meng was distrustful of these two instead. If both Yang Kai and her left this place, no one could be sure whether these two, who had just obtained thousands of Demon Kings and several dozen Half-Saints, would suddenly change their minds. If Yu Ru Meng stayed here, she could watch over them and make sure that they wouldn’t betray Yang Kai. She was especially wary of Bei Li Mo because Yang Kai had planted a Soul Imprint in her Knowledge Sea. If she didn’t keep watch on Bei Li Mo, the latter might attempt to break it.


She didn’t tell Yang Kai about the worry on her mind because she didn’t have to explicitly explain everything to him.


Nevertheless, Bei Li Mo didn’t have to make a complaint anymore because Yu Ru Meng had said everything she wanted to say. In the end, she heaved a sigh and clapped her hands.


Following that, two figures quickly approached them. Upon closer look, Yang Kai realised that they were his old friends, Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya.


One of them was a Half-Saint that worked under Yu Ru Meng, and the other was a Half-Saint that was under Bei Li Mo’s wing. Both of them had had some close contact with Yang Kai previously.


In fact, Bai Zhuo was supposed to be on the battlefield between the two Great Worlds; however, when Yang Kai was ready to devour all of Yu Ru Meng’s continents, he received orders to return.


As their eyes met, Yang Kai nodded at them before turning to look at Yu Ru Meng with an inquisitive expression.


Yu Ru Meng explained, “I want you to take them with you so that I feel less worried.”


“It’s not necessary.” Yang Kai burst into laughter, “I have Zhui Feng and my Embodiment.”


“That’s different.” Yu Ru Meng shook her head, “I’ve stayed in the Star Boundary before, so I know it’s not as peaceful as it seems here. If anything happens to you, they will be able to help you.”


It was an understatement to say that they were just helpers as both of them were Half-Saints. Unless the Great Emperors decided to make a move on Yang Kai, basically no one else could harm him.


Bei Li Mo played along with her by saying, “Don’t leave if you’re not bringing them with you. You’re the key to our futures now. What should we do if anything happens to you?”


There was no turning back for them since they had pinned all their hopes on Yang Kai, which was why they had to ensure his safety at all costs.


Since both Demon Saints had spoken, Yang Kai knew that it was also Chang Tian’s intention; hence, there was no way he could reject them. Left with no other choice, he nodded, “En. I’ll bring them with me.”


Yu Ru Meng nodded before turning around, her alluring face turning solemn all of a sudden as she spoke, “The two of you must follow my Husband and protect him at all times. If anything happens to him, your heads will roll!”


Bai Zhuo and Bai Ya cupped their fists and replied solemnly, “Rest assured, Holy Venerables, we will protect Senior Yang at all costs.”


“Many thanks,” Yang Kai cupped his fist at them.


“It’s our duty,” They quickly saluted him.


When the two Half-Saints came into contact with Yang Kai in the past, they would refer to him as Brother Yang, as if they were from the same generation; however, since Yu Ru Meng had called him ‘Husband’ right in front of them, they wouldn’t dare to cross the line by calling him ‘Brother Yang’.


Just then, Chang Tian came over. Before he even arrived, he could be heard saying, “Get going if you’re ready. We can only set our minds at ease when things are settled.”


Since there was nothing Yang Kai had to prepare, he immediately put Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo inside the Small Sealed World. After bidding the others farewell, he directly shot into the sky. Under the Starry Sky, he turned into a beam of light and headed South.


Watching him leave, Yu Ru Meng heaved a sigh.


Bei Li Mo shot her a look and sneered, “Why do you look like an abandoned housewife? Are you that reluctant to see him go?”


Surprisingly, Yu Ru Meng didn’t rebuke her this time. After Yang Kai was out of sight, she simply turned around and left, making Bei Li Mo feel like she had just punched at a pile of cotton.




Inside the Small Sealed World, a hundred kilometres away from the three peaks that were arrayed like a triangle, there was a mountain on which trees had grown densely. On a huge tree branch, a curvy figure was lying on her side, appearing to be enjoying herself as she swung her long and slender legs. There was an arrow that was over a meter long in her hand which she was polishing with her Demon Qi.


All of a sudden, a figure appeared just steps away from her.


Bo Ya reacted swiftly as she no longer appeared languid. Leaping off the branch, she put the arrow in her hand away and summoned out a razor-sharp dagger. Grasping the dagger in reverse, she attempted to stab the person in front of her.


However, the next moment, she stopped what she was doing as her dagger was just three centimetres away from the newcomer. After letting out a long breath, she patted her plump bosom and said, “You freaked me out. Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”


Still reeling from the shock, she could feel her chest heaving.


The person was none other than Yang Kai, as he was the only one who was able to abruptly appear in this place.


Yang Kai said with a smile, “You’re quite vigilant.”


Bo Ya snorted, “I’ve always been on my own. If I didn’t stay vigilant, I would’ve lost my life by now.” As she spoke, she examined him and appeared to be in doubt, “Your figure… Are you dead?”


“It’s just a projection,” Yang Kai replied.


He was still travelling in the outside world, so he had just sent a projection into the Small Sealed World using his Divine Sense. He was now a High-Rank Demon King and his Divine Sense was just as powerful as that of a Half-Saint, which was why he didn’t find it difficult to multitask.


The Divine Sense’s projection appeared slightly translucent, which was why Bo Ya thought that something had happened to Yang Kai and he was only left with a Soul Avatar now. Previously, after Bo Ya risked her life to ward off a fatal attack for Yang Kai on Eternal Sky Continent, they returned to Cloud Shadow Continent and then he had returned the Soul Puppet to her. Hence, even if anything happened to Yang Kai now, Bo Ya wouldn’t be affected.


Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai turned to look at the peaks that were a hundred kilometres away before asking, “Is everything fine over there?”


Bo Ya replied, “They’re fine. They’re actually getting along quite well now.”


Myriad Flowers Valley was located a hundred kilometres away. On Li Shi Qing’s own peak, there was a long table, on which delicacies and jars of wine had been set. Huo Lun, Mo Sheng, and Li Shi Qing were seated on three sides of the table as they were having a good laugh.


Chang Tian wanted all the top cultivators in the Small Sealed World that were Demon Kings and above, and Yang Kai had granted his wish, with the exception of Mo Sheng and Huo Lun, who were in Myriad Flowers Valley. Naturally, he let them stay because of Li Shi Qing.


It was apparent that they were indeed getting along well. Although it wasn’t certain what they were talking about, they all appeared joyful.


“Have you found out Mo Sheng’s background?” Yang Kai asked.


Bo Ya replied, “En. He’s just an unconventional Demon King from Deep Frost Continent. He’s fairly powerful as he’s a High-Rank Demon King, but due to the fact that he’s haughty, he’s disliked by the other Demon Kings and the Half-Saint there. Although he had worked under that Half-Saint for a while, he eventually left the continent and became an independent and unrestrained cultivator like me.” 


She paused for a moment and added, “By the way, Deep Frost Continent was part of Bei Li Mo’s territory.”


Yang Ki nodded slightly and replied dispassionately, “Do you think he intentionally approached Li Shi Qing? Or was it a coincidence?”


It was just a random question as he didn’t really suspect anything. The main issue was that not long after Li Shi Qing settled down in Myriad Flowers Valley, Mo Sheng happened to come over and save her from danger. In the end, he had even started living in the valley, which caused Yang Kai to be concerned.


“I think it was a coincidence,” Bo Ya replied. Yang Kai had asked her the same question before, which was why she had paid more attention to Mo Sheng. During this period of time, Mo Sheng didn’t seem to have any ulterior motives. The three of them would gather every month or so to drink and eat, but normally, they were busy with their own business.


Yang Kai nodded and stopped talking as he observed them in silence. Although Bo Ya was able to look at what was going on a hundred kilometres away using her Eye Secret Technique, she was unable to hear what they were saying.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was able to see and hear everything. As long as he wanted to spy on someone, no one in the Small Sealed World could escape his senses.


At this moment, Huo Lun was asking Mo Sheng some questions regarding cultivation. Mo Sheng didn’t hide anything from him as he told him about his insights and experiences, which prompted Huo Lun to fall into a deep contemplation as he had truly gained something from his new friend.


Li Shi Qing listened on the side, giving some remarks from time to time. All her remarks were insightful, so Mo Sheng couldn’t help but praise her. In the end, she was a Great Emperor’s Disciple, so she had received the best training possible since young, which was why she was able to provide useful insights when it came to cultivation. Although Humans and Demons were different, they shared the same goal of pursuing the peak of the Martial Dao.


After a discussion, Mo Sheng agreed to Huo Lun’s request to have a friendly spar.


There was a difference of two Minor Realms between the two Demons as one of them was a High-Rank Demon King while the other was a Low-Rank Demon King. Supposedly, there was a huge gap between their powers, but presently, the World Principles in the Small Sealed World only allowed the existence of a power that was equivalent to the Dao Source Realm. Hence, even though Mo Sheng was powerful, he couldn’t fully use his strength, and it could be considered a fair match.


There was nothing special about the fight. Eventually, Mo Sheng won the battle, and Huo Lun admitted defeat.


Half a day later, they bid Li Shi Qing farewell and left the place.


When Li Shi Qing was done cleaning up the table and returned to her cabin, she suddenly stopped smiling as her expression turned cold. Following that, she whirled around in an attempt to leave.


Right then though, the door slammed shut. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t open the door. Feeling aggrieved, she turned around and glowered at Yang Kai, who was seated in the living hall, “What do you want?”


Yang Kai stared at her and said impassively, “I’ve returned to the Star Boundary.”


Li Shi Qing batted her eyes as though she couldn’t be certain what he had just said. A moment later, she recovered from her shock and asked, “You’re back in the Star Boundary?”


“That’s right.” Yang Kai nodded, “You’ll be able to leave this place soon.”


Unlike what he had expected, Li Shi Qing didn’t appear elated; instead, she fell silent for a moment before she lifted her head and looked at him with a conflicted gaze, “Aren’t you worried that I’ll tell my Honoured Master what I saw that day?”




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