Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3661, Chase It


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After some explanation, Bai Ya and Bai Zhuo finally understood what had happened, then their expressions turned serious.


A Divine Ability hidden inside the bone of a Great Emperor who had passed away tens of thousands of years ago was still able to render them powerless, so it was difficult to imagine how formidable that Great Emperor must have been when he was still alive.


Both of them were Half-Saints, making them among the strongest cultivators below the Demon Saints in the Demon Realm. The statuses of Demon Saints and Great Emperors were the same. In the past, they didn’t realise that there was such a huge gap between Demon Saints, Great Emperors and them. This time, they were truly shocked.


Nevertheless, they were not injured. They were simply petrified by Time Principles, which hadn’t harmed them in any way. Even without the help of Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, they would still awaken one day, but that would take several dozen to a hundred years.


After asking about it, Yang Kai found out that it had only been a month in the outside world. Just like what he had speculated, years inside the Flowing Time Temple were equivalent to only a month in the outside world. The truth wasn’t far from his speculation.


However, Qiong Qi had told him that the power inside the palace was a blessing left behind by the Great Emperor. Yang Xue and Yang Xiao had expended a lot of it, so there wasn’t much of it left. When the blessing was exhausted, the wonders in the palace would cease to exist.


It wasn’t impossible to recreate it, but Yang Xiao and Yang Xue would have to work harder on improving their understanding and mastery over the Dao of Time first.


Most of the Emperor Realm Masters from Demon Heavenly Dao were either killed or heavily injured. Now, only seven of them were left and they had all become captives. With Zhou Quan as an example, if Bai Zhuo could extract the Blood Demon Blood Essence out of those seven, they could regain their sense of self.


They were all Emperor Realm Masters, so it would be a waste of talent to kill them all off. The Sixty-First Army had just been established, so they were still in the process of collecting resources and recruiting manpower.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai waved his hand and put the captives and the Half-Saints inside the Small Sealed World. He decided to leave the rest of the matter to Bai Zhuo. It’d be best if these Emperor Realm Masters could regain their senses. If not, they could only blame it on their bad luck.


Yang Kai’s original plan was to head to the Lower Star Field after this trip, but since Flowing Time Great Emperor was concerned in this matter, he had to personally launch an investigation. Therefore, he could only delay his plan of returning to Heng Luo Star Field for now.


He didn’t ask Zhou Quan to tag along because he wanted him to pay a visit to Azure Sun Temple and inform them of what had happened. Previously, he had come across Xiao Bai Yi and Murong Xiao Xiao on his way to this place. It had been a month since then, so they must be worried and they might even be getting ready to come over here to help. By telling Zhou Quan to go over, it could spare them some unnecessary trouble.


He believed that those from Azure Sun Temple would inform Seven Mists Sea about this incident. By then, this matter would be known to everyone in the Star Boundary.


Not long after the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace as well as the Army Commander of the Sixty-First Army returned to the Star Boundary, he managed to thwart Demon Heavenly Dao’s plans for the Four Seasons Realm by killing more than twenty of their Emperor Realm Masters. He had also defeated one of the Four Great Lords, Wind Lord, whose true name was Feng Zai Xiao. It was akin to cutting off a limb from their Master, Can Ye, turning them into the Three Great Lords instead. This kind of news would surely bolster everyone’s mood, so it had to be spread around quickly.


It wasn’t that Yang Kai craved fame, but this incident was useful in boosting the morale of all the armies in the Star Boundary and also serve as a recruitment tool for the Sixty-First Army. As an Army Commander, Yang Kai had to put himself out there to attract more people.


Zhou Quan was saved by Yang Kai, and he had participated in the battle against Demon Heavenly Dao, which enabled him to get revenge for his Sect. That was why he immediately agreed to Yang Kai’s request. Following that, he set off on his journey to Azure Sun Temple. It would probably take him less than half a month to reach there.


After Zhou Quan left, Yang Kai and the others decided to leave as well.


Yang Kai spent half a day arranging a Space Array and then transferred everyone to a certain unnamed island on the East Sea. The Space Array on this island was fairly close to Dragon Island, and was left behind by Yang Kai in the past so that he could visit Dragon Island with ease when he wanted to. It proved to be useful now.


As a member of the Dragon Clan, Yang Xiao had a special connection with Dragon Island, which was his birthplace. After emerging from the array, he swiftly turned to look in a particular direction.


That was where Dragon Island was located, which was about one to two thousand kilometres away from where he currently stood.


“You can go back. Your Little Aunt and I will handle your Honoured Master’s matter.” Yang Kai patted Yang Xiao’s shoulder. After Yang Xiao was born in the past, he was eager to leave Dragon Island, which was why he even lied to everyone about his Source being impure. In the blink of an eye, he had cultivated for five hundred years though. He hadn’t met his parents for a long time, so he missed them very much, especially after he learned from Yang Kai that his mother almost went mad upon hearing that he had entered the Four Seasons Realm.


Yang Xiao replied with a smile, “Dragon Island is right there, and it won’t be going anywhere. Since I’ve received Honoured Master’s inheritance, I should do something for him. After this matter is settled, I’ll pay a visit to my parents.”


Yang Kai nodded, “En.”


Yang Kai made a grabbing gesture and pulled Wind Lord out from the Sealed World Bead. He had spent ten years inside the palace while Wind Lord had also stayed inside the Small Sealed World for the same period of time. It seemed that Time Principles affected everything within their bounds, so even though the Small Sealed World had its own World Barrier, it was still affected just like the inside of the palace.


Over the past ten years, Wind Lord didn’t manage to heal his wounds as he still looked as battered as when the battle ended. Yang Kai was the ruler of the Small Sealed World, so it was easy for him to stop Wind Lord from treating his wounds.


“Where’s Free Spirit Sect?” Yang Kai directly cut to the chase.


Wind Lord appeared lethargic as his life had been hanging by a thread for the past ten years. Upon seeing sunlight again, he was still in a dazed state. It wasn’t until a long time after Yang Kai asked the question that he came to his senses and replied apprehensively, “Sir, please give me a moment, I need to get my bearings.”


He was a Pseudo-Great Emperor, so he wasn’t supposed to call Yang Kai ‘Sir’. However, after the torture he had gone through and ten years of isolation on the brink of death, his mind had cracked and his pride had been shattered. Now, he was simply hoping not to be tortured again.


Yang Kai directly pointed out the directions for him, “We have Dragon Island this way, Spirit Beast Island over there, and Serene Soul Palace in that direction.”


Things became much easier with the references. Wind Lord was born on the East Sea and grew up on Free Spirit Sect, so he managed to quickly identify the proper direction, then he extended a finger and said, “That way. It should be within a hundred thousand kilometres from here.”


Yang Kai then stuffed him back inside the Small Sealed World and wrapped everyone else in his Demon Qi before shooting off in that direction. As Space Principles undulated, their figures became blurry as they seemed to skip across the Void.


A look at the people on Yang Kai’s side revealed that, including Zhui Feng, there were four Half-Saints from the Demon Race who were waiting inside the Small Sealed World. Beside him were the Divine Spirits, Liu Yan and Qiong Qi, who were just as powerful as any Half-Saint or Pseudo-Great Emperor. Even though Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were only in the First-Order Emperor Realm, they were Flowing Time Great Emperor’s disciples; therefore, they were far more powerful than those in the same realm.


Both of them had pretty outstanding aptitudes, so the reason it took them a few hundred years to reach the First-Order Emperor Realm was mainly that the Great Emperor’s inheritance was too abstruse, so it took them a long time to comprehend its mysteries, but this kind of heritage dictated that they would turn out to be more formidable than their peers.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was a High-Rank Demon King who was able to fight Wind Lord to a draw, leaving both of them severely injured.


This kind of lineup could be said to be a great force to be reckoned with. Even if a Demon Saint got in their way, they would still be able to exchange a few moves with them. Moreover, their mission was just to look for Flowing Time Great Emperor’s remains, so there shouldn’t be any trouble.


The small group flew towards their destination. From time to time, Yang Kai would pull out Wind Lord to correct the heading. Violent Demon Qi could be seen whizzing past above the East Sea, which shocked many of the smaller Sects.


Three days later, an island came into sight. The island was fairly big as it was about a few hundred square kilometres. It was Wind Lord’s old Sect, Free Spirit Island.


Free Spirit Sect was supposed to be on the island in the past, but it was already destroyed by Wind Lord. There was a new Sect that had occupied the island since then, but it was also just a small one, even worse than Free Spirit Sect from the past. They had an Emperor Realm Master in Free Spirit Sect, but the strongest cultivator in this small Sect was only in the Dao Source Realm.


Yang Kai and the others were simply here to look for something, so they didn’t have the intention to disturb these people. Upon reaching their destination, Yang Kai reigned in his Demon Qi before they silently dispersed and respectively looked for the Great Emperor’s remains.


For this trip, Yang Kai didn’t have any expectations. Flowing Time Great Emperor fell into danger when he was exploring the Outer Universe. After he passed away, his Infinite Hourglass returned to his former palace. Even though one of his bones sank into the East Sea, it didn’t really mean anything.


However, since they were aware of this news, they had to look into the matter.


The five of them left in four different directions. Liu Yan and Yang Kai were in the same group. It had been a few hundred years since they last met, so she wasn’t willing to separate from him and insisted on following him around. On the other hand, Yang Xiao, Yang Xue, and Qiong Qi headed in different directions on their own.


For the following days, Yang Kai and Liu Yan explored everywhere that was within a radius of several thousand kilometres of the island, but they didn’t find anything.


Just then, one of the Space Beacons on Yang Kai’s wrist started blinking. Following that, a jade slip broke through the air and reached him.


A few days ago, Yang Kai had made three Space Beacons that were matched to his own for Yang Xiao, Yang Xue, and Qiong Qi. If they came across any danger, they could immediately contact him or transfer themselves to his side.


At this moment, it was Yang Xue who had sent him a message.


With the jade slip in his hand, Yang Kai scanned it with his Divine Sense and muttered in surprise, “She really discovered something.”


The message inside the jade slip was short, so it was apparent that she was too rushed to explain in detail. Since there was a message though, it meant that she must have discovered something. It seemed that their little trip to the East Sea this time wasn’t futile.


Yang Kai wrapped his Demon Qi around Liu Yan and channelled some power into the Space Beacon. The next moment, the world around the pair seemed to be spinning, and when they reappeared, they were already beside Yang Xue.


Presently, Yang Xue was deep in the sea moving at high speed.


In an instant, Yang Kai felt a horrifying pressure squeezing him from all directions, which caused him to grunt in pain. In response, he hurriedly used his strength to resist it.


Right then, Yang Xiao and Qiong Qi also appeared. Apparently, they had also received Yang Xue’s message. Just like Yang Kai, they felt pressured upon appearing, but they soon became fine after putting up some defences.


Yang Xue didn’t have the time to explain anything as she used her Emperor Qi to protect herself. While she was moving forward rapidly, she pointed at the front and said, “Chase it! I’m going to lose it!”


It was dark under the sea as there was barely any light from the surface, but Yang Kai sharpened his vision and caught sight of a figure fleeing quickly. The figure was so swift that it had opened up quite a distance from Yang Xue in the blink of an eye.


It was no wonder that Yang Xue had to call out to the others. That was because she was no match for the other party when it came to speed.


Upon closer inspection, Yang Kai found it a little funny because the figure wasn’t a Human or a Sea Beast. It was actually a flat plate-sized Mussel.


The relatively large Mussel didn’t have any limbs as it only had a sturdy-looking shell, but its speed was truly incredible. The seawater could be seen slipping off its shell as a rapid torrent flowed out behind it.


The Star Boundary was a beautiful world with countless different races. While spirit flowers were able to be enlightened and turn into Monsters, ordinary animals could evolve into Monster Beast and even assume Human Form if given enough time and opportunity. There was an abundance of species that lived under the sea, so it wasn’t surprising that there were Monsters here as well.




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