Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3686, World Bead


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The formation devised by Seven Mists Sea to surround the Two Worlds’ Passage was still being set up. Moving the soldiers around and adjusting the nodes couldn’t be done in just one or two days. Li Wu Yi had estimated that it would be considered quick if they could finish setting up the formation in half a year.


So, he had given the order that in half a year to one year, the passage would be reopened, and they would wage war against the Demons.


All the soldiers in the Star Boundary were getting prepared for the showdown.


On the other hand, Yang Kai had returned to the Lower Star Field. He was an expert in the Dao of Space who had obtained the World’s Will and refined the Star Field’s Source, so he didn’t need to go through Star Court if he wanted to return to the Star Field, which was an advantage unavailable to the other Star Field Masters.


Previously, he had spent more than ten years trying to refine a world, and he eventually managed to separate the second region from the Small Sealed World and solved its crisis.


This time, he wanted to create a storage artifact that was similar to the Sealed World Bead. He was inspired by Fu Ren Jie, who was right to say that such a storage artifact would be very useful for moving soldiers around and catching the enemy off guard.


Yang Kai now excelled in creating such storage artifacts.


All the asteroids and Dead Stars he had refined in the past, technically, could be considered storage artifacts. When they were in his hands, he was able to keep living creatures inside them.


However, a person who hadn’t cultivated the Dao of Space wouldn’t be able to do this even if these items were in his or her possession. Hence, the problem facing Yang Kai was how he could make those who hadn’t cultivated Space Principles able to use these artifacts.


With Space Beacons as a precedent, it wasn’t so difficult to solve this problem, fortunately. Yang Kai was confident that he could do it before the final battle; however, he needed some time to create such an item.


Inside the core of a small Dead Star, he was in a state of hypnagogia. Space Principles turned into invisible waves and spread around the entire Dead Star. Under the influence of these Space Principle waves, the Dead Star was shrinking in a strange manner.


When Yang Kai opened his eyes a long time later, the Dead Star had already turned into a bead. He grabbed the bead and examined it with a frown. After pondering on it for a while, he put it in his clothes.


Half a day later, he appeared beside Su Yan in the Sixty-First Army’s base in the Western Territory.


At that moment, Su Yan was meditating in her own tent with her legs crossed on her bed. Seeing Yang Kai, she naturally thought that he had impure intentions, so she blushed and threatened, “Husband, it’s still daytime, so you shouldn’t have come here. If you dare to do anything to me, I-I’ll call for help.”


“And who are you going to seek help from?” Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter, then he took her hand, “Come with me.”


A confused Su Yan asked, “Where are we going?”


“We’re going to try out something,” Yang Kai explained.


After leaving the tent, they bumped into a team of soldiers who were patrolling. Seeing Yang Kai and Su Yan leaving the tent together, the Team Leader immediately waved his hand and led his team to turn around.


“Wait a moment!” Yang Kai shouted from behind.


The Team Leader froze and slowly turned around with a miserable expression on his face, “Sir, I didn’t see anything.” Then, he turned to look at his subordinates, “Have you all seen anything?”


All of them frantically shook their heads.


A blushing Su Yan wasn’t even sure whether she should explain herself.


Yang Kai and Su Yan walked up to them before he stuffed the bead into her hand; then, he pointed at the Team Leader and said, “Send him inside it.”


Su Yan’s gaze brightened when she saw the bead in her palm and asked, “Have you succeeded?”


Before Yang Kai left some time ago, he had told the other leaders in the military about his plan; therefore, when Su Yan heard what he had just said, her thoughts naturally drifted in that direction.


Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t know, so I need you to give it a try.”


Su Yan nodded and walked up to the Team Leader. With the bead in her hand, she pushed her Emperor Qi as her Divine Sense surged and engulfed the person in front of her.


The Team Leader trembled like a homeless quail in the winter as he pleaded with a horrified expression, “Sir, Madam, please, I-I really didn’t see anything…”


“Shut up!” Yang Kai cut him off.


The Team Leader immediately shut his mouth, but he was still shuddering.


A moment later, Su Yan retracted her Divine Sense as her Emperor Qi subsided. Turning to Yang Kai, she shook her head, “I couldn’t.” 


She had attempted several times, but she still couldn’t keep the Team Leader inside the bead.


“Alright,” Yang Kai wasn’t disappointed. After storing the bead, he frowned and pondered on what had gone wrong.


Right then, the unmoving Team Leader gulped as he was very apprehensive. He wasn’t even sure what repercussions he would face for walking in on Yang Kai and Su Yan.


Yang Kai lifted his gaze, “Why are you still standing here?”


The Team Leader asked in a small voice, “Sir, is there anything else you need me to do?”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Nothing else. Continue patrolling.”


“Yes!” The relieved Team Leader quickly saluted him and fled from the scene with his team.


Yang Kai remained in the same spot for the next three days. During this period of time, some military leaders had come to visit; however, Su Yan knew that he must be pondering an important matter, so she told her subordinates to seal off the area. She also personally stood guard for him to make sure no one disturbed him.


Three days later, Yang Kai arched his brow and put on a jolly expression. With a grin, he stomped his foot and shot into the sky before disappearing from sight.


This time, he stayed in the Lower Star Field for a longer time than previously. The last time he went to the Star Field, he had stayed there for half a month. This time, he only revealed himself after two months.


Once again, he directly appeared inside Su Yan’s tent. After what had happened last time, Su Yan knew what he had been doing, so she didn’t give him a telling-off again. 


After leaving the tent, they bumped into a team of soldiers who were patrolling, and as their eyes met, the Team Leader’s expression darkened.


[Why is this happening again!?] The last time he came across these two people, he was horrified for no reason. After two months, the same thing happened again. At that instant, he secretly decided that he would never patrol around this area again.


Not daring to flee, he dragged himself towards them and cupped his fists, “Sir, Madam.”


Yang Kai shot him a look and muttered, “Why do I feel like I’ve seen you before? Are you a High Heaven Palace’s disciple?”


The Team Leader replied respectfully, “Sir, I’ve always wanted to join High Heaven Palace, but have never had the luck.”


Yang Kai clapped his shoulder, “In the face of a crisis, you’re also making a contribution by working for the Sixty-First Army. Now, I have an important task for you that has to do with the safety of the Star Boundary.”


The astounded Team Leader straightened up in an instant, “Sir, please give the order. I’ll do whatever I can even if I have to lose my life.”


“It’s nothing so serious. Just stay right here and don’t resist.” Yang Kai turned to look at Su Yan, “Try it now.”


Su Yan infused her Emperor Qi into the bead in her palm as her Divine Sense engulfed the Team Leader.


The next instant, the Team Leader abruptly disappeared from their sight while the other soldiers traded their glances in surprise.


Yang Kai guffawed and lifted Su Yan off her feet before swinging her around a few times.


Su Yan exclaimed, and after Yang Kai put her down, her face was already as red as roses.


The soldiers widened their eyes as they were rooted to the spot. When they came to their senses, they either looked up at the sky or looked down at the ground.


“Try sending more people inside,” Yang Kai waved his hand.


Upon hearing that, the embarrassed Su Yan decisively pushed her Emperor Qi and sent the entire patrol team into the bead, after which she felt slightly less awkward.


“Let’s keep trying to ascertain where the limits are.” Yang Kai led her to walk around the base. Wherever they went, the people they came across would disappear.


One hour later, Yao Si, whose expression was solemn, stopped Yang Kai and Su Yan somewhere in the base, “Sir, something has happened.”


“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai frowned as Yao Si’s expression suggested that something serious had happened.


Yao Si replied grimly, “I suspect that someone has snuck into our camp.”


Yang Kai’s expression darkened, “Who dares do such a thing?”


After shaking his head, Yao Si looked around with vigilance, “I have no idea, but the person must be a top Master as they have taken out more than seventy of our patrol teams without making any noise. There were no signs of battles either. I’ve ordered the Division Commanders to examine the base so that we’ll capture the intruder soon… Sir, why are you looking at me like that?”


Yang Kai turned to look at Su Yan, “Previously, the Army Commander from the Fifty-Third Army, Senior Fu booked this item from me. Help me pass this to him when you’re free. Also, tell him that this thing requires Spiritual Energy to activate, so he must be careful not to exhaust himself.”


“En,” Su Yan obediently nodded.


“Then I’ll carry on my own work.” Yang Kai coughed and ignored Yao Si before swiftly communicating with the Star Field’s Source, upon which his figure faded rapidly.


Yao Si furrowed his brows, “Sir, where are you going? What about the intruder?”


After shooting him a look, Su Yan heaved a sigh and tossed the bead to him.


With a doubtful expression, Yao Si took it and infused his Divine Sense into it. The next moment, he became elated, “Has he succeeded?”


In response, Su Yan nodded.


“This is wonderful news! With this, the soldiers of the Star Boundary…” Just at that moment, he knitted his brows, “There is no intruder, right? All the missing soldiers have been put inside this bead?”


Su Yan nodded, “He told me to do it.”


Yao Si blinked a few times before he heaved a long sigh. Sometimes, he found it exhausting to deal with a leader like Yang Kai. However, the birth of this storage artifact had made his frustration diminish a little. Energised again, he said, “What is this thing called? The space inside it seems to be expansive. It should be more than enough to accommodate any entire army.”


Su Yan replied, “He calls it a World Bead. The space inside it is indeed massive, but Spiritual Energy is needed for the user to put living creatures inside it. The number of people one can send in depends on how strong their Soul cultivation is.”


“World Bead…” Yao Si arched his brow, “Is the name derived from the Sealed World Bead? En, a suitable name indeed. Madam, given your cultivation, how many people can you send in one go without diminishing your combat capability?”


Su Yan replied, “I have been testing it for a while now, so I estimate I can send three thousand people in one go. Even though that would use quite a bit of my Spiritual Energy, it wouldn’t compromise my ability to fight.”




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  1. Ok these things seem useful but they can definitely be used for evil. He definitely shouldn’t produce these wholesale and consider taking them back after the war. Even if he puts some restrictions on them eventually people could figure them out.

  2. Tsk tsk, poor Su Yan cannot even trust her own husband…
    Kudos to Yao Si for spotting the missing patrols… After seventy of them disappeared over an hour’s time

    1. He probably noticed it sooner and tried to take care of it himself, after all he is the one usually in charge of everything in the base. Probably went to Yang kai after he couldn’t figure anything out.

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