Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3756, Sweet Pastry


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Yang Kai blurted out, “Of course not.”


Li Wu Yi said in satisfaction, “Since that is not the case, then go ahead and do it without inhibitions. The ultimate power lies in the Dao. At first, I was quite worried about you. No matter how excellent you are, your low cultivation is your greatest shortcoming. But, after testing you just now, I discovered that your achievements in the Dao of Space are no less than mine. With this ability, it’s enough for you to join the competition.”


The reason he suddenly brought Yang Kai over for a test was to see how deep Yang Kai’s achievements were in the Dao of Space. Otherwise, he would not have used only Space Principles in that battle just now. He would have used everything in his arsenal instead.


The results of the test left him feeling both relieved and astonished. Putting aside the fact that Yang Kai’s strength had grown to become comparable with that of a Pseudo-Great Emperor or a Half-Saint, just Yang Kai’s achievements in the Dao of Space alone did not lose to him in any way. That was also the biggest reason why he gave up on entering the Profound Heavens Temple. Since Yang Kai had the ability, then letting Yang Kai enter the Profound Heavens Temple would not result in a performance that was any worse than if he went himself.


“There is one thing you need to pay attention to!” Li Wu Yi’s expression turned stern, “After you enter the Profound Heavens Temple, you will most likely become the enemy of most people!”


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “Because of the World’s Will?”


Li Wu Yi nodded, “That’s right. The World’s Will you inherited from Senior Bright Moon will certainly give you a lot of advantages in the upcoming Grand Dao battle, but it will also put you in all sorts of dangerous situations. There will definitely be people who will try to harm you. Moreover, these people won’t just include the Demon Race Half-Saints but also the Pseudo-Great Emperors of the Star Boundary!”


Yang Kai’s expression froze, “The Half-Saints can also enter the Profound Heavens Temple?”


Li Wu Yi burst out laughing, “Who said they can’t? Can Ye is the best example. If he can become a Great Emperor, then so can the Demon Race Half-Saints. This world might have a self-defence mechanism that opens up the Profound Heavens Temple at a time of crisis, but anybody can snatch that opportunity. It doesn’t care. The Heavenly Way is merciful in that it gives us a chance to turn the situation around, but at the same time, the Heavenly Way is cruel in that it gives the invading Demon Race the same opportunity. It’s all up to us whether we can take hold of the opportunity given to us.”


Yang Kai exhaled gently and smiled bitterly, “I get it now. In other words, if I enter the Profound Heavens Temple and participate in the Grand Dao battle, it will be like throwing a piece of meat to a pack of hungry wolves.”


Li Wu Yi smiled, “Although not quite accurate, that’s the general gist of it.”


“That’s really quite… exciting.” Yang Kai grinned. Although he was smiling, the scorching gaze in his eyes looked like blazing flames.


There had never been such a precedent before. It had always been the Pseudo-Great Emperors who participated in the Grand Dao battle and won their own opportunities that would receive the World’s Recognition, obtain the World’s Will, and become the World’s Representative!


In contrast, Yang Kai’s current situation was unique throughout the ages. There was nothing that could be done about this though. Bright Moon Great Emperor had died at his hands on Eternal Sky Continent. The World’s Will in the Great Emperor’s body had no other choice and was automatically transferred to him as a result. That was why he received the World’s Recognition before he even became a Great Emperor. This was the advantage he obtained in the Grand Dao battle, but while it might allow him to observe the Heaven’s Revelation more clearly and effectively bring him closer to his end goal, it also brought various disasters his way.


In the past, there might have been some who were envious of the Great Emperor’s legacy in Yang Kai’s possession; even so, they stopped at merely feeling envious. Unfortunately, it was possible that their envy would evolve into action the moment he entered the Profound Heavens Temple. Furthermore, if somebody wanted to snatch the World’s Will, they would have to kill Yang Kai with their own hands.


Li Wu Yi slapped Yang Kai on the shoulder, “Rest assured. You won’t be fighting alone. I will arrange for someone to assist you when the time comes.”


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Sir.”


“You shouldn’t go around as you please for the time being, lest you give somebody the chance to harm you. Return to High Heaven Palace and enter retreat. I will let you know when the Profound Heavens Temple opens.”


Yang Kai smiled, “Sir, why ask me to hide if you want me to participate in the Grand Dao battle? I can hide before the Profound Heavens Temple, but what about after it opens?”


Li Wu Yi was taken aback for a moment, then he burst out laughing, “You’re right. I was overthinking things. Good, do whatever you want, just be careful of all the people who approach you in the near future.”


“I understand.” Yang Kai grinned, “If somebody with malicious intentions approaches me, I will not hold back.” After pondering for a moment, he added, “But, Sir, what do I need to do once I enter the Profound Heavens Temple? What am I supposed to snatch?”


Li Wu Yi shook his head slowly, “I don’t know. All I know is that the key to becoming a Great Emperor is hidden within the Profound Heavens Temple. As for what is inside the Profound Heavens Temple… I’m afraid there is nobody in the Star Boundary at the moment who knows.” He frowned, “Maybe, you can try asking the two Dragon Clan Elders. They have lived longer than any of us, so they should have some knowledge about the situation.”


“I will ask them if I get the chance.” Yang Kai nodded. Then, he seemed to recall something and asked, “By the way, Sir, there’s something I need to ask of you.”


“Speak.” Li Wu Yi nodded.


“I don’t know how long I will spend inside the Profound Heavens Temple once it opens; however, there have been some unusual movements at the Blood Gate in the Eastern Territory’s Ancient Wild Lands. I suspect that the Heaven’s Order Palace will open soon…”


“The Heaven’s Order Palace?” Li Wu Yi raised his brow at the news.


“Sir, please keep an eye on the situation there. If the Heaven’s Order Palace opens, please ask the young woman who comes out not to worry. I will visit her the moment I get back.”


Li Wu Yi nodded, “En.”


Half a day had passed by the time Yang Kai returned to High Heaven Palace again. He did not know whether it was because he was aware of certain things now, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was a gaze lingering upon him when he returned. It made him sneer in his heart. [It looks like Li Wu Yi’s worries are not without reason. Something unusual is already happening just half a day after those words were revealed. The situation will surely become even more serious if the news spreads widely.]


Giving a small sigh, Yang Kai mused, [I’m afraid the Star Boundary is going to face a great turmoil in the near future. This is undoubtedly an unbearable disaster for an already turbulent world.]


It was eerie how the war between the two Great Worlds eased up during this period.


For the Star Boundary, it might be because news about the imminent opening of the Profound Heavens Temple had secretly been leaked. It might also be that Li Wu Yi was observing the situation, so all the armies were not taking aggressive action. On the other hand, the Demon Race was more than happy to delay. The 108 Demon Strongholds were rapidly expanding outward at all times, eroding away at the Star Boundary. All they needed to do was wait. Once the Star Boundary was completely transformed into Demon Land, it would be simple for them to take over.


Therefore, there were no conflicts between the two Races recently. According to the information from various sources, the erosion of the Demon Strongholds everywhere had even accelerated. Combined with Yang Kai’s explanation previously, everybody could tell that the state of the Great Emperors who were trapped in that mysterious space was only getting worse. Once the World’s Will in their bodies were completely corrupted, the entire Star Boundary would be powerless to resist. 


Approximately 10 days later, Yang Kai received a secret letter. The letter was delivered through one of High Heaven Palace’s disciples. There was no name and not even the slightest trace of aura on the letter. There was no way to determine the sender either. Moreover, not much was written in the letter, only the name of a specific place. That place was located within the Northern Territory and was not far from High Heaven Palace, only about five thousand kilometres away.


Holding the letter, Yang Kai sneered lightly. [Are they finally running out of patience? Are they planning to attack me before the Profound Heavens Temple even shows signs of opening? I’m curious to see just who is so eager!] 


He tightened his fist and the secret letter turned to dust.




The moon was high in the sky when Yang Kai climbed out of bed without a sound. There were several tender bodies lying across the bed, their curves fully on display as their snow-white skin was exposed to the gentle moonlight. Furthermore, the room was filled with an amorous scent.


Yang Kai could not be certain that he would return alive since he was going to participate in the Grand Dao battle and compete against numerous Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saint for the Great Emperor opportunity. This time around, his only choice was to succeed. He could not afford to lose, so there was no room for him to shrink back in fear. In the past, he had the option of escaping if he ever encountered an enemy beyond his ability to deal with. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to forge forward bravely this time around.


However, he did not inform Su Yan and the others about this matter. Telling them about this would only cause them to worry. All he could do was give them the most precious memories during this period before his departure.


A small hand gently grabbed his finger at that moment. He turned to look in that direction and saw Xia Ning Chang holding him lightly with a blush on her face.


Yang Kai smiled, leaned down, and kissed her on the forehead, “Rest.”


She responded obediently and closed her eyes.


Afterwards, he pushed the door open and left.


Following the soft sound of the door closing, Shan Qing Luo sat up abruptly. Her long hair draped down her front and covered her ample peaks as she snarled through gritted teeth, “Sneaking out in the middle of the night, he must be having a secret rendezvous with some bitch!” 


She kicked Xue Yue, who was lying next to her, “Stop pretending to sleep! Our husband is about to be stolen away!”


Xue Yue buried her head under the pillow and her muffled voice came out, “Why don’t you follow him then, Luo’er? You can tell us who he is meeting when you return, and we sisters can join forces to expel her.”


Shan Qing Luo pouted, “I refuse! If anything, Elder Sister and Big Sister Zhu Qing should go!”


While speaking, she turned her gaze towards Su Yan and Zhu Qing.


Zhu Qing lowered her head, fumbling around the bed. She soon found her undergarments and got dressed, blushing furiously without making a single sound…


Su Yan simply pursed her lips and smiled, however, reaching out a hand as she pulled Shan Qing Luo to lie down in her embrace, “Don’t be so nosy. Husband knows his boundaries. Have a good rest. Aren’t you tired?”


Shan Qing Luo widened her eyes, her lashes fluttering slightly, “Elder Sister, I noticed that you’re too lenient with him…” 


Seeming to discover something amazing, she reached out, grabbed Su Yan’s twins and exclaimed, “Elder Sister, have you gotten bigger?”


*Pa…* Su Yan slapped Shan Qing Luo’s naughty claws away and chided, “Stop it.”


“En,” Shan Qing Luo responded obediently, found a comfortable spot in Su Yan’s arms, and closed her beautiful eyes. She didn’t sleep quietly for long, however, as her small hand began secretly climbing the nearby mountains. Seeing that Su Yan did not stop her, she let out a small, happy smile.




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  1. “This world might have a self-defence mechanism that opens up the Profound Heavens Temple at a time of crisis, but anybody can snatch that opportunity. It doesn’t care”

    Mann if that isn’t one of the dumbest things. A time of crisis so you give both allies and enemies the opportunity to get stronger. The worlds will sounds like a moron.

    1. Our immune system kicks in during crisis and it’s doing harm to friend and foe both. In fact it’s the immune response that usually kills us during the acute sickness, not the sickness itself. World is not a sentient creature, it’s a metaliving system which tries to boost the powerful things within itself at a time of crisis. And so far this response worked out for it.

  2. No one has commented how the wives play with each other. And Su Yan is still respected as the Elder Sister or Wife #1 even if one of the others have a higher cultivation level. She is also the wife who trusts Yang Kai the most.

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