Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3771, Captured Alive


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There was a series of cracking noises which sounded like bones breaking as the Strength Demon was thrown backwards into the sky. Likewise, Yang Kai couldn’t help being pushed back several dozen metres, his feet carving deep pits into the ground. Furthermore, the earth split apart in a spiderweb of crevices centred around where he once stood.


“Senior, I’ll leave the rest to you! Keep him alive!” After Yang Kai stabilised his stance, he did not attack again immediately and instead, he hurriedly left those words behind before curling his body up slightly and launching himself in the direction of the Blood Demon like a meteor.


Starting from the time when the silver wolf appeared and launched an attack to the time the Blood Demon caused the silver wolf to explode with a single finger, to the time Yang Kai showed up out of nowhere and skewered the Strength Demon Half-Saint with his spear; everything had happened in less than a couple of breaths. The changes had occurred so quickly that the Blood Demon had no time to rescue his companion, and by now, the Strength Demon was already badly wounded.


It wasn’t that the Strength Demon was lacking in any way. It was just that he had been focusing solely on Bing Yun. How could he have expected Yang Kai to attack out of the blue? Furthermore, the sharpness of the Azure Dragon Spear had already been verified by the life of the Stone Demon Half-Saint who died at Yang Kai’s hands in Star Soul Palace. How could the body of a Strength Demon defend against that?


A moment of carelessness had caused the Strength Demon to lose most of his combat effectiveness; therefore, Bing Yun was fully capable of handling the rest. She was a Pseudo-Great Emperor after all, so there was no reason why she could not win against a seriously injured Strength Demon Half-Saint.


During that moment when the Blood Demon froze in surprise, Yang Kai had already arrived in front of him and the sound of a Dragon Roar came from the Azure Dragon Spear. With a solemn expression, Yang Kai thrust out his spear at his enemy.


Struck by the spear, the Blood Demon reacted as though he had been struck by lightning. His entire body stiffened in place and a big hole where the Azure Dragon Spear had pierced through his chest appeared, the expression on his face was filled with shock.


“Trying to escape!? In your dreams!” Yang Kai took no joy in his successful attack as he withdrew his spear, ignored the Blood Demon before him, and rushed towards another direction with a flash of his body.


Following Yang Kai’s departure, the ‘Blood Demon’, whose body had been pierced cleanly, suddenly melted into a puddle of blood water and vanished out of sight. This was clearly not the Blood Demon’s true body. It was simply a Secret Technique he cast to create a distraction.


There was no saving the Strength Demon, and with Yang Kai and Bing Yun working together, the Blood Demon did not dare to confront them. It was better to escape as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Yang Kai immediately saw through his plans.


A streak of blood light sped through the sky at a high speed, emitting the aura of a Half-Saint. Moreover, that aura was fluctuating erratically as though it had suffered a great fright and was desperately fleeing like a stray dog. The blood light suddenly stopped moving, revealing the figure of the Blood Demon Half-Saint, his scarlet eyes glaring fearfully ahead of himself.


Space rippled and Yang Kai slowly walked out of the Void with a cold glare on his face, “Are you trying to escape from me? Is your head alright?”


The Blood Escape Technique was an unrivalled Secret Technique when it came to fleeing whether it be in the Demon Realm or the Star Boundary. Few escape methods could compare to it and it could definitely rank among the top three techniques in terms of speed alone. Blood Demons relied on the Blood Escape Technique to get away from strong enemies and survive dangerous situations on multiple occasions. It was a pity the opponent this time was Yang Kai! In front of Instantaneous Movement, all other escape methods were completely useless.


The Blood Demon’s path forward was blocked, and he could also vaguely sense a freezing aura approaching from behind. That Human woman had probably finished dealing with his companion and was rushing over to provide support. A hideous expression flashed across the Blood Demon’s face as he snarled, “Yang Kai, let me go if you know what’s good for you. You won’t get out of this unscathed either if I fight to the death!”


Yang Kai grinned at the Blood Demon, “The barking of a beat dog is truly grating on the ears!”


By the time the last word left his mouth, all that was left where he stood was an afterimage. His true body rushed towards the Blood Demon with the Azure Dragon Spear in hand and thrust out.


The Blood Demon let out a furious howl, after which he exploded and transformed into a Blood Sea that enveloped Yang Kai.


“Hmm?” Yang Kai frowned and said through gritted teeth, “A man unafraid to sacrifice his arm is truly difficult to deal with!”


The spear began to dance, filling the Blood Sea with endless spear shadows. Numerous black balls appeared at the tip of the spear. Following that, large patches of the blood vanished without a trace… 


By the time Bing Yun rushed over, she saw Yang Kai getting rid of the last of the blood and a look of astonishment swept across her eyes, “Did you… kill him?”


The Blood Sea was a Blood Demon’s foundation, so how could the Blood Demon survive if Yang Kai got rid of the Blood Sea? He would die without a doubt. Nevertheless, that was simply unbelievable. When Yang Kai had severely injured the Strength Demon previously, he had relied on the element of surprise and his enemy’s negligence to pull that off. However, it was shocking that he could kill a Blood Demon Half-Saint in such a short time. Even Li Wu Yi would not be capable of doing that if he came here himself.


For a moment, Bing Yun felt as though she was dreaming.


Knowing what she was thinking, Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “We were tricked. It wasn’t his true body. I think it was something similar to an Avatar.”


As a Half-Saint, how could the Blood Demon not have a few life-saving techniques? His Avatar was something even Yang Kai had failed to see through, and for that reason, Yang Kai had chased the Blood Demon all this way, thinking that he had managed to intercept the enemy. He had no plans of fighting the Blood Demon alone as what happened a few days ago was still fresh in his memory. Besides, he had no wish to enter retreat again in order to treat his wounds.


Fortunately, it would not take Bing Yun much effort to finish off that injured Strength Demon, so as long as Yang Kai could delay things until she came to provide support, he was confident they could defeat the Blood Demon in a two-against-one battle. If that were the case, the price they would have to pay would be negligible. However, Yang Kai immediately noticed something was off the moment he attacked. The Blood Demon’s power was considerably weaker than what was displayed earlier. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do at this point even if he noticed that something was wrong.


He sighed softly, “What a pity.”


Bing Yun said, “There’s nothing worth regretting. That Blood Demon was forced to pay a heavy price to escape and probably won’t be able to participate in the Grand Dao battle anymore. All he can do now is find a hiding place to lick his wounds.”


“Senior is right,” Yang Kai nodded at those words, the depressed feeling in his heart dissipating instantly. Turning to look at what she was holding in her hand, he smiled, “Senior, you work fast.”


What she was holding in her hand was none other than the Strength Demon he had severely injured with his spear earlier. It was just that the Half-Saint was completely wrapped in ice now. Despite looking like he had been frozen alive, his vitality was still present, so it was obvious he wasn’t dead yet.


It was not an easy feat to capture a Half-Saint alive even if the other party was severely injured. Even so, Bing Yun managed to achieve that within such a short time. It was clear that her foundation was not as weak as it seemed on the surface.


“How could I have captured him if you had not injured him first?” A complicated look flashed across her eyes. She thought back to the first time she met Yang Kai. He had only been in the Third-Order Dao Source Realm Junior back then. On the other hand, she was already a Third-Order Emperor. Although her cultivation remained one Realm higher than his after all these years, there was no way her real combat power could compare with his. The growth rate of this young boy who came from the same homeland as her was simply astounding. Such a chaotic time in the world was precisely when the extraordinary would grow and flourish. Be that as it may, the person in front of her was clearly the best of all those existences.


[My two Disciples sure have a good eye for people.] Bing Yun mused to herself.


“Are you planning to search his Knowledge Sea?” She asked. Seeing as Yang Kai had specifically asked to keep the opponent alive, that could only mean that he planned to interrogate the opponent for information. However, Half-Saints were stubborn, so how could they possibly give up the information so easily? The only way to gain information was to search their Soul, “If so, I advise you to give up on that idea. I’ve received information that the Demon Saints have done something to these Half-Saints’ Knowledge Seas. There is a seal placed on their Soul so you will immediately suffer from the backlash if you try to search their Knowledge Seas.”


“Oh? Does everybody already know about it?” Yang Kai was surprised. He had planned to tell the others about this information when he learned about it. Unfortunately, he could not contact anybody and he also urgently needed to treat his wounds, so he had given up on the notion. [I wonder how this information got out. Is it related to that person who was spying on me from the shadows?]


“You know about it too?” Bing Yun was stunned.


A frightened look filled Yang Kai’s face as he replied honestly, “I nearly died finding out.”


If not for the fact that his Soul cultivation was more powerful than any Pseudo-Great Emperor or Half-Saint, and if not for the fact that he had the Soul Warming Lotus, he would not be standing here right now.


“But, I was not planning to search his Soul. There’s another way to learn what we need.” Yang Kai smiled and reached out to take the Strength Demon who was frozen in ice. He then turned to her and added, “Senior, please help me stand guard.”


She nodded in response, “En.”


With a shift of his body, Yang Kai instantly vanished along with the Strength Demon. All that was left behind was a longan-sized bead in his place.


Bing Yun reached out and caught the bead. After studying it carefully, she murmured pensively, “Is this the original Sealed World Bead?”


The Sealed World Bead in Yang Kai’s possession was no longer a secret. She had also seen it before from afar. Nevertheless, it was her first time holding it in her hand like this.


It was said that the World Beads that each army held were modelled after this Sealed World Bead. She herself had one of the World Beads in her possession, so she was no stranger to this feeling. However, the World Beads could not compare to the Sealed World Bead at all. Be it in terms of the interior area or World Principles, they were as different as clouds and mud.


It was hard to imagine that there was a Great World contained inside this tiny bead. Furthermore, Yang Kai controlled everything in that world as the Master of the Sealed World Bead!


[Perhaps… He might actually get some information.] At that thought, Bing Yun couldn’t help feeling a little expectant of the results; after all, the greatest shortcoming of the Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary was their lack of information regarding the Profound Heavens Temple.


She didn’t need to wait for long as only an hour had passed before Yang Kai reappeared. Handing the Sealed World Bead over to him, Bing Yun asked, “Were you hiding in this bead when you attacked earlier?”


Yang Kai laughed, “En.”


While recuperating from his wounds previously, he had hidden the Sealed World Bead inside the stomach of the giant silver wolf; after all, the Sealed World Bead would be completely exposed if he entered it. Without a person standing guard, nowhere was safe enough regardless of where he placed the Sealed World Bead. He happened across the silver wolf just as he was agonising over this issue.


Thus, he decided to make the silver giant wolf swallow the Sealed World Bead. With his current Soul cultivation, it was a simple matter for him to control a Monster King. Yang Kai had been in no hurry to exit the Sealed World Bead upon recovering from his injuries; hence, he borrowed the giant wolf to investigate his surroundings and coincidentally discovered Bing Yun’s whereabouts.


“Did you learn anything?”


“A little, but things are very different from what we thought,” He scowled.


How could the Strength Demon resist him inside the Small Sealed World? By using his privileges as Master of the world, Yang Kai had indeed managed to force some information out of the Strength Demon.




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