Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3788, The Fruit Ripens


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The changes happened so quickly that nobody could react in time. Even Cang Mo himself was still coldly watching Yang Kai and Yang Yan attacking the light barrier with the mentality of watching a good show. Who could have thought that those two would point their weapons at him in the next moment?


Caught unprepared, he was affected by Yang Kai’s Soul attack and his mind went blank for a moment. Nevertheless, he had an impressive heritage and soon recovered his senses. Roaring furiously, he punched out, his fists forming a barrage of shadows that covered the sky in front of him.


Loud explosions rang out as Yang Yan’s Three Blazing Flame Rings were sent flying, their light flashing wildly as a result. Similarly, Yang Kai’s figure was also pushed backwards and he staggered several steps. The black spot on the Azure Dragon Spear flashed and disappeared, causing a huge piece of space to collapse.


Meanwhile, Cang Mo took advantage of the explosions to fly backwards, his complexion as pale as a sheet.


Yang Kai was surprised and secretly thought to himself. [This old dog’s strength is pretty impressive, but he hastily took on two powerful Divine Abilities that Yang Yan and I shot out. I don’t think he got out unscathed either.]


Before Yang Kai could make another move, however, he heard a low voice entering his ears, “Ephemeral Allure!”


A viridescent figure flashed by at that moment, and by the time Sheng Yu Zhu appeared again, she was standing behind Cang Mo, blood dripping from the twin sabres in her hands.


Cang Mo felt as if he was struck by lightning and looking down at himself, he saw two huge wounds on his chest and waist respectively. He abruptly turned his head around and cursed angrily, “Bitch!”


He had no grudges or bad blood with Sheng Yu Zhu; in fact, he had never even met her before, hence, he could not understand why this woman was attacking him. Not to mention, she had chosen such a critical moment to make her move that he didn’t even have the chance to avoid or defend himself.


“Many thanks!” Yang Kai shouted. During his exhale, he suddenly retracted his spear and stabbed out once more like a Flood Dragon going out to sea.


*Shua shua shua…* The sounds of three objects speeding through the air rang out as Yang Yan also cast a Secret Technique with a solemn expression. The Three Blazing Flame Rings flew out and transformed into three shackles that closed in on Cang Mo.


Unable to dodge, Cang Mo was bound tightly by those shackles and his expression changed drastically. Scorching heat was coming from the Three Blazing Flame Rings, restricting his freedom and disrupting the flow of the Emperor Qi in his body. He watched helplessly as Yang Kai stabbed him mercilessly and he roared furiously, “How dare you, Yang Kai! I am part of the Star Boundary! How dare you kill me when the enemy is right before us!? You will be condemned for this!”


Yang Kai was unmoved and declared in a cold tone, “Why didn’t you think about how you are part of the Star Boundary when you betrayed Brother Feng? Don’t you think it’s ridiculous to bring up such excuses now?”


The moment his words sounded, the Azure Dragon Spear penetrated Cang Mo’s chest and caused a large amount of fresh blood to gush out.


Cang Mo’s body stiffened and he glared at Yang Kai furiously, his eyes feeling like they were about to explode from rage.


Mere metres away, Yang Kai unflinchingly returned Cang Mo’s glare, his eyes cold and ruthless.


Silence filled the viewing platform as all the other Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary were staring at this scene in shock and horror. They were having trouble comprehending what just happened in front of them.


Less than 3 breaths had passed since the start of Yang Kai’s outburst until now. It simply happened too quickly for anybody to react. They had been watching the battle on the life-or-death platform with complete focus, secretly worrying for Bing Yun’s safety, so who could have imagined that Cang Mo, who was standing beside them, would be brutally murdered before Bing Yun died?


It was not that Cang Mo was weak. For him to become a Pseudo-Great Emperor meant that he had his own series of opportunities and attainments. It was just that three people had attacked him on the viewing platform in quick succession. Furthermore, those attacks had caught him completely off guard. He was blindsided by the attacks, so how could he defend himself in time? Not to mention, his freedom had been restrained by Yang Yan’s Three Blazing Flame Rings.


Not only was the viewing platform on the Star Boundary’s side quiet, but even the viewing platform on the Demon Realm’s side was quiet. Many Demon Race Half-Saints were staring at them wide-eyed with confused expressions.


*Dida dida…* 


Fresh blood dripped onto the ground and splashed in all directions. Blood trickled out of the corners of Cang Mo’s mouth. Reaching out, he grabbed at the Azure Dragon Spear as if he was holding on to the last bit of his vitality. His eyes were full of hatred and regret as he muttered, “If I had known earlier… If I had only known… this King would have killed you in that Lower Star Field!”


Yang Kai tilted his head and looked at Cang Mo, “This King can refine a pill for regret, do you want to buy some?”


*Pu…* Cang Mo spewed blood.


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I don’t have much time left. For the sake of the Star Boundary; for the sake of the common people, please… die!”


His hand trembled and his Demon Qi flared wildly, rampaging through Cang Mo’s meridians and obliterating his vitality.


There was a look of unwillingness in Cang Mo’s eyes, but the light behind them quickly dissipated. Only then did Yang Kai pull out his spear and sweep a glance around.


Ten or so Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary were frowning and watching him warily. Even though they had gotten some clues from what Yang Kai and Yang Yan said just now, nobody could say whether they were speaking the truth. In any case, Cang Mo was dead and nobody wanted to stand up against Yang Kai and Yang Yan for a dead man. Be that as it may, they remained a little vigilant towards those two!


Yang Kai knew that his actions would most likely make the surviving Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary alienate him; even so, he couldn’t care less. Bing Yun’s survival was on the line. In the worst case, he could just explain himself to these people once he returned to the Star Boundary. He believed that the truth would be revealed quickly with Yang Yan’s testimony.


He then glanced at Sheng Yu Zhu again and nodded slightly at her. Sheng Yu Zhu had not said anything nor asked any questions, she simply extended a helping hand when she saw Yang Kai making a move. It was most likely because she had been rescued by him and owed him a life debt from that incident. He and Yang Yan would not have been able to resolve the battle so quickly if not for her. Under those circumstances, the longer things dragged out, the more detrimental the situation would become for both him, Yang Yan, and Bing Yun.


Noticing his gaze, Sheng Yu Zhu smiled slightly and pointed a finger to the side, silently sending a Divine Sense transmission to him, “Get ready.”


His expression turned solemn and the Demon Qi in his body secretly began to surge again.


On the viewing platform, Cang Mo collapsed to the ground and his corpse quickly turned into a mummified corpse.


Following that, the patterns on the surface of the Illusionary Heavens Furnace, which had been rotating slowly all this time, suddenly burst forth with a dazzlingly brilliant light. Grand Dao aura flowed freely while at the same time, the Heavenly Source Fruit hanging from the small tree inside the furnace lit up with an assortment of colours. It was flashing through an infinite cycle of seven-coloured light that illuminated the whole hall.




With the sound of something breaking, the light barriers that had been shrouding the viewing platforms on both sides suddenly shattered and disappeared.


At this moment, the eyes of the Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary and the Demon Race Half-Saints blazed with extreme heat.


*Xiu xiu xiu…* 


Numerous figures sped through the air and rushed towards the Illusionary Heavens Furnace, their target the ripe Heavenly Source Fruit.


When the light barrier was broken, Yang Kai felt a sense of relief washing over him. He could finally confirm that what Jia Long said before was right. Only three more lives were needed for the Heavenly Source Fruit to ripen completely; therefore, his plan to rescue Bing Yun was successful.


He was just about to join the competition for the Heavenly Source Fruit when his gaze involuntarily shifted towards the life-or-death platform, and what he saw at that moment made him scowl deeply.


Bing Yun was never Jia Long’s opponent so she had been deflecting or dodging his attacks the entire time they were on the life-or-death platform. However, she actually took the initiative to attack when all the barriers fell apart and the Heavenly Source Fruit ripened. A dazzling brilliance shot out from her longsword, turning into a Sword Circle that surrounded Jia Long. Judging from her actions, she seemed to be trying to tie him down.


Jia Long was furious. The greatest opportunity in the world was right in front of him, so how could he be in the mood to fight with Bing Yun? It was only natural that his priority was to join the competition as soon as possible. Nevertheless, she was still a Pseudo-Great Emperor so it was not easy to break free from her harassment if she really wanted to stop him.


In a fit of rage, Jia Long opened his mouth to inhale sharply. His chest and abdomen bulged from the air he was inhaling, then he exhaled sharply in her direction. A turbid Corpse Qi rushed at her like a Flood Dragon going out to sea. At the same time, he roared, “Get lost!”


The Ice Principles surged around Bing Yun’s body, but even that could not stop the intrusion of the Corpse Qi. She was thrown backwards by the blast and spat out blood mid.


On the other hand, Jia Long ignored her and rushed towards the Heavenly Source Fruit at lightning speed.


Seeing that Bing Yun was about to fall to the ground, a figure suddenly appeared behind her and supported her with one hand, a worried voice calling out, “Senior, are you okay?”


Bing Yun looked up and met Yang Kai’s eyes and she couldn’t help getting impatient with him, “Don’t mind me! Go!”


She had desperately attacked Jia Long in hopes of slowing him down for a moment. It was all just to give the Star Boundary a little bit more of an advantage. Who could have known that Yang Kai would come to her instead? What was the point of her previous efforts then?


After saying that, her face paled even more than before and her complexion became almost bloodless.


Yang Kai was also aware that time was running out. Seeing that Bing Yun’s life was in no danger, he immediately drew upon his Divine Sense to place her in the Small Sealed World, leaving her in the care of the two Wood Spirits. He did not dare to delay for another moment then and his body flickered, immediately vanishing from the spot.


“Get out here!” Jia Long’s roar came out and Yang Kai, who was travelling through the Void, suddenly felt a huge force slamming into him in mid-air. His figure was revealed involuntarily, still some distance away from the Illusionary Heavens Furnace.


The Illusionary Heavens Furnace was currently surrounded by numerous silhouettes scrambling to rush forward like cats chasing after a single fish. Everyone was going all out to compete for the biggest opportunity in the world.


At this point, both the Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints were mostly fighting for themselves, even though they might still have the intention of siding with their factions. Everybody around them was a competitor.


A chaotic melee broke out again next to the Illusionary Heavens Furnace as countless Divine Abilities and various artifact attacks blasted out in an extremely intense battle.


Now that the Grand Dao battle had reached the final climax, everybody was being extremely careful. Nobody wanted to be injured at a time like this, so nobody was attacking with their full power, focusing on protecting themselves while advancing forward.


The entire scene might seem extremely explosive, but the brutality of the fight was far less than the initial battle. Everybody was holding back to a certain extent in preparation to snatch the Heavenly Source Fruit. Unfortunately, nobody could approach within a hundred metres of the Illusionary Heavens Furnace since everyone was obstructing each other. Anybody with the opportunity to get any closer would instantly be blocked by an enemy.


The Demon Realm held an absolute advantage in terms of numbers among the people who entered the Profound Heavens Temple. Although the advantage was not as big as it was before, there were still four more Half-Saints from the Demon Realm than Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary. Even so, these four were enough to become the key to determining the outcome of this battle.


As time passed, the Demon Race Half-Saints gradually gained the upper hand. Working with each other, they formed a defensive line to approach the Illusionary Heavens Furnace little by little while preventing the Pseudo-Great Emperors from the Star Boundary from moving forward.


For a time, everybody was in a panic.




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