Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3802, My Foe Is Dead but His Descendants Still Live


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The sudden turn of events shocked the Pseudo-Great Emperors of the Star Boundary greatly. Even if they wanted to help, they were powerless to do anything. From the beginning, their numbers had been inferior to the enemy’s, so the current situation had become incredibly unfavourable in an instant. Moreover, some of them had been seriously injured in a moment of carelessness.


“Is it finally time for us to shine!?” Wen Zi Shan’s clothes flapped in the wind from where he stood not far away from Yang Kai. Despite facing several dozen Half-Saints, his expression was calm as he laughed, “We’ve been watching by the sidelines for so long. It’s finally our turn to act!”


Ma Qing glanced sideways at Wen Zi Shan, “Don’t die.”


Wen Zi Shan replied, “I won’t die even if you do!”


Ma Qing sneered, “We’ll see who survives the longest!”


Wen Zi Shan smiled before turning to look at Gao Xue Ting, a trace of guilt and reluctance flashing across his eyes, “If we survive…”


“I’ll marry you!” A blush crept across Gao Xue Ting’s face.


He reached out and stroked her head, just like what he used to do many years ago. The image of a little girl who used to follow him around and clutch at a corner of his clothes wherever he went flashed through his mind. His vision blurred for a moment before nodding, “Little Xue Ting is all grown up now!”


“They’re coming!” Ma Qing shouted in a low voice.


“Stay close to me!” Wen Zi Shan instructed Gao Xue Ting at the last moment. Lifting his hand, an elegant longsword that glowed with a purple light appeared in his hand. He pointed forward with the longsword in his hand, Sword Qi surging violently as he shouted, “Charge!”


He was the first person to rush forward, closely followed by Gao Xue Ting. Behind them was the entire Star Boundary army. At this moment, all the remaining combat power in the Star Boundary that resided within High Heaven Palace came out in full force. Wave after wave of the army turned into a torrent of steel. They bravely faced the several dozen Demon Race Half-Saints with the solemnity and resolve of not coming back alive.


*Shua shua shua…* Numerous figures brushed past Yang Kai as thousands in the army stepped forward. At the same time, countless artifacts and Secret Techniques blasted forward with an overwhelming force.


There might only be several dozen Demon Race Half-Saints rushing toward them, but the Star Boundary instantly suffered great losses the moment both sides clashed against each other due to the huge gap in their cultivation. One after another, figures exploded into a cloud of blood mist everywhere. Not even bones were left behind. Although the several dozen Demon Race Half-Saints were surrounded by the Star Boundary army, they acted as if there was nobody around them at all. Not a single person could withstand a single blow from them.


Wen Zi Shan was severely injured in the opening clash, and if not for Gao Xue Ting’s desperate efforts to save him, he would have died on the spot. Even so, he simply grit his teeth and continued fighting with the support of the other Emperor Realm Masters to fearlessly delay the advance of the Half-Saints.


Yang Kai’s eyes turned blood-red as he stared at everything around him in a daze. He felt as though his heart was bleeding and his eyes couldn’t help but moisten. After this battle, who knew how many would be left among the remnants of the Star Boundary army that were already far too few in the first place?


Fortunately, the target of those Half-Saints was not the Star Boundary army but Yang Kai himself. That was why they did not cause unimaginable losses even though they were rampaging in the midst of the army. They were under the influence of the Great Demon God and were only single-mindedly trying to approach Yang Kai to attack him; hence, they were simply killing some people who stood in their path along the way. As long as the Star Boundary army could grasp the right timing to retreat, they could avoid death by the skin of their teeth.


Several figures dashed through the Star Boundary army and approached Yang Kai at a very fast speed, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Without the Pseudo-Great Emperors, there was nobody who could match the Half-Saints in strength. The blood that drenched the ground and the courageous deaths only served to delay the Half-Saints from moving forward for a mere moment.


*Shua shua shua…* Numerous figures appeared beside Yang Kai, surrounding him like a bunch of stars crowding around the moon. Su Yan, Xue Yue, Shan Qing Luo, Xia Ning Chang, Ji Yao, Lan Xun, Mo Xiao Qi, Lin Yun’er, Xiao Chen, Xia Sheng, Xiao Bai Yi, Yao Si, Chi Gui, Li Shi Qing, Gao Zhan, and many others had all shown up around him.


Such a line-up could be called luxurious, and in the past, nobody would have dared to look down on them. These people might belong to the younger generation of the Star Boundary, but they could also be said to be its future. They were the rising stars of the Star Boundary, and given time, they would surely shine brightly.


Nevertheless, what were the chances of victory against the Demon Race Half-Saints even if a group of young people like them gathered together? And yet, none of them showed any fear. Every one of them had a calm expression on their faces.


“You…” Yang Kai frowned at them.


Chi Gui grinned, “The old guys are desperately fighting on the frontlines, but somebody has to guard you, right? Senior Void, you are the key to the Star Boundary’s survival. Please don’t let us down.”


Despite becoming a Great Emperor, Yang Kai did not know how to answer them. All he could feel was a sense of warmth flowing across his chest, making his entire body become extremely hot as he grimly replied, “This King doesn’t dare to guarantee anything else, but he has the determination to live and die together with you!”


Chi Gui looked back with a chuckle, “That’s enough.”


“They’re coming!” Su Yan shouted.


Everybody’s expression turned grim. Glancing in that direction, they saw three figures breaking out of the Star Boundary army’s encirclement and rushing in their direction. Before those figures even arrived, the sharp murderous intent they emitted made it difficult to breathe.


“Just concentrate on dealing with Mo Sheng. Leave these three to us!” Chi Gui shouted, his body turning into a crimson light as he rushed forward to meet those three figures.


Meanwhile, a phoenix cry rang out as an enormous Ice Phoenix spread its wings, covering the entire sky. Ice Principles spread out as Su Yan lifted her sword, leading Xue Yue, Shan Qing Luo, Xia Ning Chang, and Ji Yao up to face a Strength Demon Half-Saint.


Lin Yun’er stretched out her hand and threw out Unlimited Return, which came down over the head of a Blood Demon Half-Saint.


Mo Xiao Qi formed a set of seals with both hands and shouted, “Unlock!”


The butterfly mark on her face instantly came to life and transformed into a huge dancing figure that floated behind her. The butterfly flapped its wings, fluctuating with light that seemed to contain infinite charm.


Lan Xun lashed out with the World Pagoda, slamming it into the last remaining Half-Saint, a Flame Demon. The Tower Spirit had already taken root in the Earth and vines danced in a radius of a hundred metres, turning into countless violent attacks that struck at the three Half-Saints who were rushing forward.


In an instant, the sky went dark and the ground shook. By combining the power of many Emperor Realm Masters in the younger generation, they finally managed to halt the advance of the three Demon Race Half-Saints rushing toward them. Unfortunately, that was all they could manage. They might have an advantage in numbers and countless treasures in their possession, but their cultivation was lacking. It was near impossible for them to kill these Half-Saints, so all they could do was buy as much time as possible in order to delay them from arriving at Yang Kai’s side.


Yang Kai closed his eyes, not daring to look in their direction. It could also be said that he could not bring himself to look at them. He was afraid that he would become distracted if he saw something he did not wish to see. He had always been at a disadvantage in his confrontation against the Great Demon God, and even the pure land that he managed to expand with such great effort was slowly being suppressed again.


He questioned himself in his heart, [What can I do to make a comeback in this desperate situation? My only hope is to hold on until Ruo Xi returns and joins forces with me for us to stand a fighting chance. But, the Star Boundary will have to pay dearly for that hope.]


Blood and broken limbs were only the prelude to what was happening around him as one after another, the rise and fall of mournful screams performed the elegy of life. The numbers in the Star Boundary army continued to decrease as Emperor Realm Master after Emperor Realm Master died.


Suddenly, a low chant entered his ears, “Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!”


That voice did not come from just one person, it was a combination of two voices, one man and one woman. Their voices perfectly matched, be it the tone or the intonation. Then, Time Principles began to flow out.


Yang Kai opened his eyes and glanced over to see a huge palace flying in his direction. Yang Xiao and Yang Xue stood side by side on the steps of the main hall and slammed their palms downward in unison. 


Time Flies Seal!


The Strength Demon Half-Saint that was fighting Su Yan and the others at that moment was caught unaware and received the full brunt of the attack. His figure involuntarily froze for a moment and upon seeing that, Su Yan and the others hurriedly lashed out with all kinds of Divine Abilities. Unfortunately, the most they could do was inflict some flesh wounds on the Strength Demon. They could not kill him.


On the other hand, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue immediately summoned the Infinite Hourglass after they executed the Time Flies Seal. Ten-thousand and eight grains of the Flowing Time Divine Sand blew up a fierce storm of time that swept through the Blood Sea of the Blood Demon Half-Saint. The Blood Demon’s roar sounded from within the Blood Sea as though he had suffered a heavy blow.


It wasn’t over yet, however, as those two then drove the entire Flowing Time Temple to slam into the last Half-Saint. That Half-Saint seemed to be aware of how powerful the Flowing Time Temple was; thus, he hurriedly dodged to the side to avoid the blow.


The precarious situation immediately turned around with the abrupt return of Yang Xiao and Yang Xue and many of those in the younger generation were overjoyed as a result.


It was not as if Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were clairvoyants who could predict the dangerous situation here and rushed over to help, they had simply charged forward with a group of Pseudo-Great Emperors and Half-Saints earlier. Although their cultivation was lacking, they could make up for their shortcomings with the help of their greatest weapon, the Flowing Time Temple. Hence, they were able to contribute to the battle from the side.


It was just that their situation became a little awkward when many of the Half-Saints fell under the control of the Great Demon God. Suddenly, they were completely out of their depth on that battlefield, so they had no choice but to fall back. It was not until they saw Yang Kai’s situation from afar that they immediately rushed over to help.


“It’s that old bastard’s aura!” A pair of eyes on the Great Demon God’s huge figure stared at the Flowing Time Temple with deep hatred, “So you two are that old dog’s Legacy Disciples! Very good! My enemy might be dead, but his descendants still live! I’ll kill you first!”


The second setback Mo Sheng received was all thanks to Flowing Time Great Emperor. If not for that time, Mo Sheng would have completely healed by now. He would not have needed to endure for so many years nor put so much effort into obtaining the power of the Star Boundary’s Auspicious Spirit Essence. That was why he immediately burned with hatred the moment he noticed Flowing Time Great Emperor’s aura.


While speaking, he raised a huge hand and slammed a palm down at Yang Xiao and Yang Xue. The black giant palm practically covered the entire sky and there was no place for them to dodge. Before the attack struck them, they were already feeling their vitality churn violently inside them.


“Little Aunt!” Yang Xiao paled, turning his head to look at Yang Xue.


Without saying anything more, the two of them hid inside the Flowing Time Temple with a flash of their figures. The huge palace also shrank abruptly at that moment.


There was a loud bang, and when the huge palm slapped down, the Flowing Time Temple smashed towards the ground like a falling meteor, the lights on its walls flashing wildly. An earthquake spread out when the Flowing Time Temple smashed into the ground and deep cracks formed around where it impacted.


Yang Kai felt as though his eyes were about to explode at the sight. He glanced towards the place where the Flowing Time Temple had crashed with a look of horror, his heart filled with unimaginable rage and powerlessness. Judging from the actions of the Great Demon God, Yang Kai could tell he was no match for this foe. Although he could not afford to get distracted, the Great Demon God had more than enough concentration and energy to spare to attack the others. Comparing the two, it was clear at a glance who was stronger and who was weaker.




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